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Platinum 7

Advanced Automotive Telematics & Vehicle Recovery System

Technical Information
Hardware Components
GSM Quad-band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Integrated SIM Card reader
Sleep Mode
SMS and call ring monitor plus integrated microphone for silent monitoring
GPS 50-channel engine with over one million effec�ve correlators
Under one second �me-to-first-fix for hot and aided starts
Supports AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline A-GPS services
Supports antenna disconnect detec�on
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR qualified module for IPod chip management
Supports up to 10 paired devices
Digital Input/outputs Six external digital inputs; ten external digital outputs
Six External audio inputs; six external audio outputs
External key holder, Dallas and seven LAN signals
Echo Cancela�on Superior acous�c echo cancella�on of up to 60dB
Excellent noise suppression of 13-18dB for noisy environments (low SNR)
Communica�on Communica�on Bus single wire protocol, up to eight external devices
RS-232 for configura�on/diagnos�c of the unit

Electrical Characteristics
Opera�ng Voltage 12VDC [9-28VDC]
Sleep Mode Current Consump�on 0.5mA
Backup ba�ery 3.7VDC internal rechargeable LI-Polymer ba�ery rated at 2200mA

Physical Environment
Temperature Range and -40°C to 85°C
Opera�ng Condi�ons Meets, or exceeds automo�ve industry standards for humidity, corrosion, salt
mist/fog test; salt spray, dust, drip water, and constant humidity under opera�on

Other Characteristics
Dimensions (L x W x H) 152mm X 120mm X 35mm
Weight 431 grams
Casing Water resistant ABS POLYLAC PA-707 plas�c box

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Automotive Telematics

Platinum 7
Advanced Automotive Telematics & Vehicle Recovery System

Platinum 7 Key Features

Vehicle Security
• Online tracking via GPS/GPRS with tracking op�ons in
Standby mode: vehicle the� recovery begins with the� pre-
ven�on, with or without the owners knowledge
• Supports remote immobilizing by internal or external relay
and addi�onal RIM device for added protec�on
• Unique vehicle alarm and integrated telema�cs for 24/7
the� preven�on and alarm no�fica�on alerts
• Access security features via cell phone, Web applica�on or
customer service center
Pla�num 7 is an advanced GPS/GPRS automo�ve • Remote door lock/unlock
telema�cs and integrated vehicle alarm system
that meets increasing customer demand for a Personal Safety & Roadside Assistance
unique digital driving experience. With a specially • Service center support for commercial and private users
designed rear view mirror unit, RF keypad • Automa�c accident detec�on generates emergency calls for
and Personal Naviga�on Device (PND) touch medical, mechanical, and legal assistance
screen naviga�on and communica�on center, • Ac�ve monitoring if threatened enroute
Pla�num 7 addresses five main areas of consumer • SMS and system alerts for parking, mo�on, accidents, etc.
concern, including Vehicle Security, Personal Safety
& Roadside Assistance, Convenience & Naviga�on Navigation & Convenience
Services, Communica�ons and a growing range of • Over-the-air delivery of routes and driving direc�ons
Infotainment services. • Advanced management via Web or mobile applica�ons
• Immediate voice link to naviga�on and convenience services
With user-ini�ated alarm ac�va�on via RF keypad, • Generate reports for up to 700 user-defined parameters
SMS, or service center, Pla�num 7 detects a�empts including vehicle maintenance and diagnos�cs
at vehicle intrusion at the earliest stage, and inter- • Vehicle loca�on, tracking, geo-fencing and checkpoints
dicts the�s with an audible warning and vehicle
immobiliza�on with simultaneous service center Communications and Emergency Services
alerts and SMS no�fica�ons. The Pla�num 7 Stolen • Car kit and hands free system includes Bluetooth or internal
Vehicle Recovery (SVR) capabili�es come with a modem with phonebook support
proven track record. • Emergency help on demand or triggered automa�cally
when a sudden decelera�on or an accident is detected
Pla�num 7 service centers provide emergency • SMS, calls, and message services via PND
medical and roadside assistance in case of acci-
dents, mechanical failures, and accompany users Infotainment
to provide ac�ve emergency management sup- • High quality MP3 music streaming to vehicle audio system
port. • Text to speech synthesizer
• Bluetooth connec�vity to cell phone with voice recogni�on
In addi�on to over-the-air delivery of routes and and phonebook support
direc�ons to the PND, Pla�num 7 features a grow-
ing list of online convenience, Web and SMS ser- Hardware
vices, embedded voice and data communica�ons, • Over the air firmware upgrade via GPRS
voice recogni�on, text-to-voice and phonebook • Integrated jamming and hot wire detec�on
support for hands free opera�on. • Backup ba�ery with smart ba�ery management and alerts

Pla�num 7 supports any Bluetooth compa�ble

device such as a cell phone, MP3 player or iPad to
stream sound through the vehicle's audio system
with CD quality sound. Internet access for RSS
feeds, news, weather and local points of interest. E-Drive Technology
Automotive Telematics,
Fleet Management and
Fuel Management Systems