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Hi, Oracle ACE Director

I am pretty new to OBIEE, and I am learning it by generating some simple reports. The concept, which is still not clear to me, is drilling down the
reports. How can we achieve drilling functionality in OBIEE? Is there a good help document, which I can read? Oracle ACE Member

Oracle Employee ACE
Deepa Re: OBIEE Drill Up/Down Repl
k Patil y
Posted: May 31, 2007 11:02 AM in response to: Deepak Patil Java Champion
Posts: 57 I got it guys..
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Helpful Answer (5 pts)
Custom drill-downs simplified
Navigation—or drill-down—in Siebel Analytics is usually determined by the configuration of the
business model in the Analytics Server. However, Siebel Analytics Answers provides developers Correct Answer (10 pts)
with a handy feature that allows for the creation of custom navigation.
How it works
Let’s assume that you have created a report, let’s call it Report 1, in Siebel Answers and you would
like to drill-down to a second report, let’s call it Report 2, by clicking on a specific column. Follow
these steps to achieve the desired results:
· Create a source report (Report 1) in Siebel Answers. This is the report from which you will drill
· Create a target report (Report 2) in Siebel Answers. This report will be the destination report used
when drilling down from the source (Report 1). In addition, the target report (Report 2) will be
filtered by the value passed when clicking on Report 1. Make sure that both reports use common
column names or variables.
· In Report 1, click on the “Format Column” button for the column from which you would like to drill
down. Next select the “Navigate to another request or Dashboard” option, browse to locate the
target report (Report 2) and save your changes

· In Report 2, click on the “Add Filter” button for the column you would like the filter to be applied.
In the “Operator” list choose “Is Prompted” and save your changes.

Lucien Re: OBIEE Drill Up/Down Repl

e y
Posted: Jun 5, 2007 7:11 AM in response to: Deepak Patil
Posts: 211 Hi!
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If you want to drill down in the hierarchy of the dimension, you must create the dimension and the
hierarchy in the business model of the Administration tool. There you can enable the actions of
drilling down or rolling up in the dimension, and you can also choose which attribute of each level
will be displayed when you navigate in the hierarchy. It's simple to do this, but I suggest you take a
look at the documentation in order to see the right way to configure a dimension (set the keys of
each level, how to create parent levels...).
When the dimension is correct, the Answers will automatically show the link where there is a
hierarchy (in a table, pivot table or chart). In this case you don't need to do anything in the Answers
in order to navigate, because the default action is drill down with a click. If you don't want to
navigate, you can disable this action.
I think the exercises of Oracle By Example are pretty good to know the features of the tool.


user5821 Re: OBIEE Drill Up/Down Repl

23 y
Posted: Jun 26, 2007 4:28 PM in response to: Deepak Patil
Posts: 1 We are implementing OBIEE as an interface to our Data Warehouse. We understand the hierarchies
Registered: 06/26/07 & dimensions for Time and Location and have had success implementing them. However our main
fact is a count of App ID's and we need help setting up aggregate drill in for this fact.

For example, say we have two data elements: AppId and the language and in Answers we create an
analysis with these data elements. If we set the AppID Aggregation default to "Count" in the
Business Model, then the Answer's result table displays the languages and the AppID counts for
each one. This is good and what we want. What we want to add is when someone clicks on the
AppID count value for each language, we want to drill into a table listing the language and every
AppID that makes up this count.

The question is do we have to manually set this up with two reports in Answers as described in the
previous post or is there a more elegant way to set up the Business Model so this behavior is
automatic - like the Time dimension hierarchical drill in behavior? The complication here is there is
no hierarchy for App ID, just Counts and Unique IDs.

danish_ Re: OBIEE Drill Up/Down Repl

k y
Posted: Nov 4, 2008 6:11 PM in response to: Deepak Patil
Posts: 2 Hi
Registered: 10/18/99
I am able to build navigation, but my called report shows results for. It doesn't takes passed key. I
have named columns in both reports as same and added filter on column with operator "Is

Any help is appreciated.

user10425 Re: OBIEE Drill Up/Down Repl
64 y
Posted: Sep 1, 2009 1:40 PM in response to: Deepak Patil
Posts: 6 Hi,
Registered: 09/01/09
can any one help me in this scenario:

I have a report which have multiple records (row_id, employee name, total amount etc), I want to
drill down on employee name and want to see only that employee details.

what I have donw so far is that created 'report 2' (with employee details what I want to see after
drill down) and given this 'report 2' location in 'main report' employee column format properties.
When I click on employee name from the main report the second report displaying correctly but I
need only drill downed employee details.

hope you understand. please help me in this situation.


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Christia Re: OBIEE Drill Up/Down Rep

n Berg ly
Posted: Sep 3, 2009 1:24 AM in response to: user1042564
Posts: 1,385 1.) Don't post into age-old threads. If you have a question, start a new thread and point to this one, i.e. "I have
Registered: 01/11/08 read thread XYZ but still can't resolve my issue."

2.) You're better off posting this into the specific forum: [

3.) Add afilter to the second report for "Employee Name" = "is prompted".


user10425 Re: OBIEE Drill Up/Down Repl

64 y
Posted: Sep 15, 2009 10:04 AM in response to: Christian Berg
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thank you.

user11165 Re: OBIEE Drill Up/Down Repl

15 y
Posted: May 21, 2010 1:05 PM in response to: user582123
Posts: 2 Hi,
Registered: 05/21/10
drill up not possible in OBIEE but it is possible in Hyperion Essbase.

user11165 Re: OBIEE Drill Up/Down Repl

15 y
Posted: May 21, 2010 1:08 PM in response to: user1042564
Posts: 2 kanna
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