Project:Building an e-commerce website


Master in Business Administration Class:MBA “IV” Session: - 2008 – 2010 Submitted by:S.JAWAD GILLANI M.WAQAS Submitted to:Mr. Khurram Siddique Department of Management sciences “Minhaj University Lahore”

 Introduction  Business Model  Home Page  Catalog  System Analysis  Business Objectives  Business Functionalities  Information Requirement  System Design  Logical Design  Physical Design  Building the Website  Software Configuration  Hardware Configuration

 Cost Table Introduction of website: “” Three Star toys:
You are here to buy a toy, for your children? Let’s introduce you then one of the best sites where you can buy the any toy you wants for your children. We have everything and every toy you choose it will be at the best price. So you can find the best place to buy any toy for your children. Compare prices on internet and come back here to buy toys. We have also best courier services for delivering your purchased toys at your home.

Type of E-Business:
It is (B2C) Business to Consumer type of Website. We will sell our toys to the consumers and customers.

Business Model:
Our business model is E-tailer. Our website is a B2C type of business.

Revenue Model:
Our business has two types of revenue models. 1) Sale 2) Advertisement
1) Sales revenue Our main business sells toys through online business to costumers and gain profit. 2) Advertising Fee

We provide a place for advertising and charge a fee.

Home Page: Select by category, Home how to purchase/contact us about us Links

Imaginary Play

Tiny Tots Toys and 1st Toys

Educational Toys

Music Toys


Art Craft and Accessories :

Physical Play

Party Bags Construction Toys

Select by Item:
Construction Toys:Happy Birds Construction Train Airplane Tap Art

Educational Toys:Counting Tower Rainbow Numbers Posting House Stacking Rings

Physical Play:Trolley and Blocks My First Bike Tower Slope Soldier Skittles Skipping Rope

Imaginary Play:Space Ship Mini Vehicles My Pinky House Giant Doll's House Animal Clinic

Musical Toys:- Harmonica - Drum

Tiny Tot's Toys:Ring Rattle Bell Ball Rattle Tots Tree Tops My First Red Car

Puzzles:- Magnetic Fun Bugs - Shut the Box

Art Craft and Accessories:Flower Press Finger Puppets Pet Money Box Photo Frames

System Analysis:
Assuming that a new system is to be developed, the next phase is system analysis. Analysis involved a detailed study of the current system, leading to specifications of a new system. Analysis is a detailed study of various

operations performed by a system and their relationships within and outside the system.


Business Objective.

2. System Functionality.

Information Requirement.

Business Objectives
 

  
  

Build awareness of your organization Build awareness of a particular brand or service Produce good quality products. Personalization. Customization. Build relationships. Develop a new marketing strategy Distribute information

Website Functionalities
 Product Catalog  Advertisements  Member Registration

 About Us  Shopping cart  Shipping product method  Payment method

Information requirement  Dynamic text and graphic catalog.  Customer ID.  Maintain the record of customer  Order data base  Information about inventory

System Design:
There are two types of system design. • Logical Design • Physical Design

Logical Design:

Website HTML Custome r Database Verify Login Deliver Product

Home Page

No Selection Catalog Database

Catalog Payment Method

Choose Product Order Database

Del Product


Shopping Cart


Order Product

Physical Design: HTML



Apache Web Server

Oracle Database Server

Online Catalog

Shopping Cart

Email Server

Ad. Media Server

Building a Website:
There are three methods of building a website these methods are: 1. In-house method.

2. Out sourcing. 3. Co-location.

Out sourcing
We use the out sourcing method to develop our website.

Software configuration:

Operating system

Window Xp

Web Server Website Applications


Catalog & Database Advertisemen t & Mailing Shopping Cart

Web Application server

Catalog Server Shopping Cart Server Email, ad. Media Server Oracle db Server

Hardware Configurations: Processor

Intel 4.6 GHz



Hard Drive

300 GB

Cost of Website:
Software’s Cost: Software Name Cost
Window xp $250.90 21,577

Apache Web Server (DELL) Catalog Server (DELL) Shopping Cart Server (DELL) E-Mail Server (Qmail)(DELL) Ad Server (Ad. Media) Oracle Database Server (DELL)

$35 $20.25 $120 $15.20 $31

Free 3010 1742 10320 1307 2666 40622

Software Cost Hardware cost: Hardware Name
Processor Intel 4.6 GHz RAM 2 GB Modem Card 56Kb Hard Drive 300 GB

6000 2000 2500 14000 24500 1333 2150 4300

Hardware cost
ISP cost: ($15.5/m)

Domain Name cost: ($25/year) Uploading cost: Abacre up loader on goggles ($50/m)

Total Cost: