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Human Resorces Policy Manual
Revised May, 2011


Telenor has been a pioneer in the development of modern telecommunications. Based on experience from a demanding domestic market, Telenor has developed advanced solutions in satellite and mobile communications and taken these to an international market. Telenor will continue to be a driving force in the development of new solutions, primarily within mobile communications.

Vision Statement:
Telenor is committed to creating, developing and launching new solutions that simplify our customers' workday. We believe that by simplifying our own organization and routines we can achieve competitive power and value-creation.

Mission Statement:
To maximize shareholder value through profitable growth by providing innovative satellite communications solutions to selected customer segments


........ 69 Confidentiallity Agreement.................... 7 Drugs and Alcohol Abuse........... 19.................................................. 76 4 ....... ...................... 24 Training Policy. 1............ 41 Paydays.................................. 12.............. 45 Gifts and Gratitudes.......................................... 22. 25.... 12 Hiring Policy....... 23................................................. ......... 11........... 9............ . 9 Harrasment Policy.............................................. 24..................................................................................................................................................................................... 52 Exit Interviews........ 3.............. 7. 17....... 49 Personnel Records.................................................... 14....................................................................................................... 13............................................................. 15.................................................... 18................................................ 10...................................................... 62 Bulletin Boards Policy......................................................... ... 25 Complaint Policy......................................................................................................... 65 Probationary Period........................................................................................................................... 26...................................................... 20............................................................................................................... 27.......................... ....... 55 References Policy.................................................................................................................................................................................. 40 Security Policy............................................... 5................... 64 Employment of Relatives............................................. 29........ 58 Layoff Policy...... 33 Seperation Policy..........................................TABLE OF CONTENTS Page No... 19 Overtime Policy......... 63 Work Hours............................ 4....................................... 66 Performance Appraisal.................... 15 Promotion Policy.... 21.................. 31 Disciplinary Actions................. 22 Smoking Policy................................................................................................ Absenteism............................................... 8.................................................. 28................................................................................................. 16........ 44 Compensation and Benifits....... 10 Orientation Policy.................. 48 Safety and Health............. 6....... 2.. 38 Equal Employment Oppurtunity............................................................................................... 5 Leaves of Absence.....................................

All employees who do not get to work on time should notify to their manager/supervisor within 1 hour prior to when their shift time begins. ABSENTEISM: All employees are required to report to work as scheduled and on time. Each Department Head must inform the employees in their department in writing about the procedure for notifying the appropriate person(s) when the empployee is going to be late or absent. Employees not at their work stations ready to work at the scheduled time are late. the employee should give an expected date of return. will be eligble for immediate termination. 5 . When returning to work after an illness. If the absence is going to be longer then one day.1. the employee is expected to provide their manager/supervisor with a medical report. Your physician may be contacted by the company to validate your medical report. Employees who are absent 3 consecutive days without notification to the mangement.

EMPLOYEE ABSENTEEISM Name:_________________________________ Job Title:_______________________________ Department:____________________________ Date: _________________________________________ Employee National ID #___________________________ Date Hired:_____________________________________ Total Days Absent : _________ State the date of each absent day and tick to validate if the tardiness was notified. Absent on: Approved by supervisor YES Date:_________________ Date:_________________ Date:_________________ Date:_________________ Date:_________________ Date:_________________ Date:_________________ Date:_________________ Date:_________________ Date:_________________ Date:_________________ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ NO ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ LEAVES TAKEN: ( Attatch a copy of the request forms of leaves taken) FROM TO Annual Leave ________ days Medical Leave ________ days Breavemant Leave ________ days Other (explain below)________ days ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ REMARKS: __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ _____________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Approved By :_________________________ HR Approval_____________________________ 6 .

If for any reason. children. sex. relationship and the date of death of the employees immediate family member. The request for leave must show the name. or parent. employees should discuss any requests for leave with the appropriate manager to ensure that these dates are mutually convinient. The company will require medical certification to support a claim for leave for an employee's own serious health condition or to care for a seriously ill child. that are critical to the employees or their family members. the certification must include an estimate of the amount of time that the employee is needed to provide care. For the employee's own medical leave. on the death of the employee's spouse. return to their jobs refreshed.religion. All absence leaves can only be taken subject to agreement with the manager. so before any commitments are made. spouse. Any absence not accounted for will be treated as unauthorised absence. on the placement of a child for adoption or foster care with an employee. An employee shall notify the supervisor on or before th first day of such absence. the certification must include a statement that the employee is unable to perform at least one of the functions of his or her position. All employees are allowed upto 12 weeks of unpaid leave a year under particular circumstances. color. sisters. relax and therefore. LEAVES OF ABSENCE: It is the policy of this company to grant leaves to all employees on a consistent basis without regard to race. grandparents and grandchildren. or when an employee is unable to perform at least one of the essential functions of his or her position because of the employee's own serious health condition. 7 . national origin. after 5 years continuous service this will increase by 3 days to 24days and then after 10 years of continuous service this will increase by a further 3 days to to 27 days anuual entitlement. brothers. Leave may be taken: y y y y y y y on the birth of an employee's child ( Maternity Leave). Employees can take upto five (5) days of breavement leave. spouse. or parent. they must contact their manager and notify their late return as soon as possible. Requests for leave must be submitted on or before the first day the employee returns to work. It is our companys policy that all employees should be entitled to paid annual leave for 21 days every year.2. spouse. After completion of two years of continuous service. Failure to inform the appropriate person will make the employee liable to disciplinary action for unauthorised absence which may include termination. the employee knows that they will be late returning from the leave. age or disability. employees annual leave entitlement will increase by 1 day to 21 days. or parent who has a serious health condition. The purpose of this policy is to provide an extended period of leisure time during which employees can have a break from work. spouse's parents. ( Breavement Leave) when an employee is needed to care for a child. Annual leave can be added to maternity or medical leave by negotiation with the manager. For leave to care for a seriously ill child.

LEAVE REQUEST FORM Name:_________________________________ Job Title:_______________________________ Department:____________________________ Date: _________________________________________ Employee National ID #___________________________ Date Hired:_____________________________________ REASON FOR LEAVE: ( ) Personal Disability ( ) Maternity ( ) Other ( ) Family Death (name)_________________________________ ( ) Family Illness (name)_________________________________ Date From :_______________ Time:_______________ Date to :_______________ Time:_______________ Employee's Signature: ____________________________ Date:___________________________________ MANAGEMENT USE ONLY ____ Paid ____ Unpaid Remarks: Approved By:___________________________ HR Approval :___________________________________ 8 .

Any employee who is found to be in possession of or under the influence of alcohol in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action which may include termination. purchase. and the use. or possession of an illegal drug or of alcohol by any employee while on the company's premises is prohibited. As a condition of employment. information. transfer. distributes. healthy. The supervisor who is informed will contact Telenor's designated human resources officials for guidance. transfer. or transfers illegal drugs on the company premises will be discharged. An employee whose medical therapy requires the use of a legal drug must report such use to his or her supervisor prior to using it during workhours. possession.3. Telenor has the right and obligation to maintain a safe. healthy. he use. and efficient workplace for all of its employees. sale. DRUGS AND ALCOHOL ABUSE Telenor has a vital interest in maintaining a safe. and to protect the organization s property. healthy. and efficient working environment. sale. This policy applies to all departments. purchase. attempts to sell. sells. equipment. all employees are required to abide by the terms of this policy and to notify Telenor's management if any drug violation is occurring in the workplace. and efficient operations. 9 . The use. Being under the influence of a drug or alcohol on the job poses serious safety and health risks to the user and to all those who work with the user. or possession of an illegal drug in the workplace. all employees. or being under the influence of alcohol also poses unacceptable risks for safe. Any employee who possesses. operations and reputation.

and sexual orientation is prohibited under this policy. It refers to behavior that is not welcome and is personally offensive. It does not refer to occasional compliments of a socially acceptable nature. If the employee believes that the supervisor is the harasser. the employee should fill the complaint form and contact the Head of department. Harassment may manipulative and is not always evident. can be expected. All employees have a right to work in an environment free from discrimination and harassing conduct. Harassment is a form of discrimination that is offensive. Upon notification of a harassment complaint. The parties of the complaint will be notified of the findings and their options. Any employee who believes he or she is being harassed. should promptly notify his or her supervisor. Telenor views harassment to be among the most serious breaches of work place behavior. HARRASMENT POLICY The most productive and satisfying work environment is one in which work is accomplished in a spirit of mutual trust and respect. sex. marital status. If an employee is uncomfortable discussing harassment with his or her supervisor. color. ranging from a warning to termination. appropriate disciplinary or corrective action. efficiency and stability of our organization. who becomes aware of harassment. Consequently. Harassment on the basis of an employee's race. a confidential investigation will be promptly commenced and will include direct interviews with involved parties. disability. with employees who may be witnesses or have knowledge of matters relating to the complaint.4. age (40 and over). 10 . and where necessary. You will also have the choice to file an official police report. creed. arrest or conviction record. undermines the integrity of employment relationships and causes serious harm to the productivity. national origin. impairs morale. ancestry. or any employee. the supervisor's supervisor should be notified. including sexual harassment.

dates and locations.COMPLAINT FORM EMPLOYEE NAME:__________________________ DEPARTMENT : ______________________________ HOME PHONE : ____________________________ DATE:__________________________________ JOB TITLE:_______________________________ WORK PHONE:___________________________ ADDRESS:__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Name os person complaint is against:___________________ Can we use your name: Yes______ No_______ Dept. :__________________________ DESCRIPTION OF COMPLAINT ( Include names of individuals involved adn record events. and other facts and observations which are important) : __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________ ____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ How would you like to see the situation resolved? __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________ _ Complainant's Signature: _______________________ Date:_________________________ NOTES: __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Managers name:__________________ Signature:____________________ Date:__________________ 11 . statements made.

During the first week of employment. During the introductory period. provided by the Human Resources Department. Consequently. but be sure all areas are covered. review key company policies and compensation terms.5. The Human Resources Department shall place the signed form in the employee s personnel file. organizational structure. OREINTATION POLICY: New employees undoubtedly have questions when beginning a new position. The topics covered by the supervisor shall be documented on a form by the newly hired employees. promotional opportunities. explain benefit and reward systems. 12 . the Human Resources Department shall conduct an orientation session with new employees to complete necessary employment documents. the employee s supervisor shall review the company s history. TELENOR has developed an orientation program to introduce and welcome these individuals to the organization. job content. On or before the first day of employment. The orientation sessions should be timed to best match the needs of the workplace and the work done. the supervisor shall meet with the employee a minimum of once per week to respond to questions and provide constructive feedback concerning performance. Not all training can or should be done on the first day. and any other matters of operational importance needed to orient and integrate the employee into company service. The topics covered shall be documented and placed in the employee s personnel file. performance and safety standards. working conditions. and provide any other human resource related information needed to orient and integrate the employee into TELNOR's service.

Training Provide any necessary safety. Health and Safety Potential hazards Emergency Procedures Products Food and Beverages Emergency Evacuation In Case of Injury or Illness Emergency Contact 13 . Inform the health and safety specialist that a new employee has joined the company who may need safety training. Demonstrate the evacuation procedures. Explain that food and beverages are only permitted to be stored in refrigerators in the cafetaria. Explain the health.NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION CHECKLIST EMPLOYEE NAME:__________________________ DEPT. phone numbers and fax numbers of the persons who must be contacted in case of emergency. safety and wellness policies of your company. first aid kits. addresses. fire blankets. : ___________________________________ DATE:________________________________ JOB TITLE:_____________________________ SUPERVISOR: Please check off each point as you discuss it with the employee and return to the HR Department. point out proper exit routes and the designated assembly area for your Branch. Review the company's Emergency Evacuation Plan and explain the evacuation signals and procedures. as applicable. fire extinguishers. Arrange for this training and education to occur. Completed Areas to be covered Company Safety Rules Company Policies Description YES NO Explain safety rules that are specific to your company. Previous Training Ask the employee if she/he has taken any safety training. Provide a list of names. compliance or policy/procedural training. Tour your work areas and facility and discuss associated work area hazards and safe work practices. Review the reporting procedures in the event of an injury and/or accident. fire exits and fire alarm pull boxes. Show and explain how to use emergency eyewashes and showers. environmental.

( ) ( ) y y Introduce the employee to the co-workers. Introduce the employee to their new job and provide necessary training. ( ) HR DEPARTMENT:The information given above has been given or explained to the employee.y Confirm that employee has a copy of employee handbook and that he has read and understood it. ________________________________ Supervisor's Signature _______________________________ Employee's Signature HR approval:_________________________ Date: ___________________________ 14 .

hiring) If candidates from within the company are to be considered for job openings. A ll requisitions will be reviewed. Supervisors and department heads who need to fill a job opening or want to add a new job position should submit an employment requisition to the Human Resources Department for approval. a second interview should be arranged between the applicant and the head of the department with the job opening. the Human Resources Department will post the openings in accordance with procedures contained in promotion policy. If the Human Resources Department determines that the applicant is qualified for employment. The company normally will try to fill job openings above entry level by promoting from within. Unless otherwise provided in writing. the candidate becomes an applicant for purposes of the companies recordkeeping. The decision whether to hire the applicant is to be made by the department head. medical.6. the Human Resources Department will be responsible for recruiting the candidates and should use the recruitment methods and sources it considers appropriate to fill the openings. If the background. the following procedures should be implemented: y y y y y Any candidate for employment must fill out and sign an employment application form in order to be considered for hiring. if qualified internal applicants are available. (External) When candidates from outside the company are to be considered for job openings. Current employee candidates for the openings will be considered and processed. so that either party may terminate the relationship at any time and for any lawful reason. but also must have the approval of the Human Resources Department. In addition. the company normally will give consideration to any known qualified individuals who are on lay off status before recruiting applicants from outside the organization. the applicant will be refused employment or. may be terminated. 15 . if already employed. (Internal) If candidates from outside the company are to be considered for job openings. Applicants determined to be qualified for consideration for available job openings will be interviewed by the Human Resources Department and given any tests required for the job. HIRING POLICY : It is the policy of Telenor to be an equal opportunity employer and to hire individuals on the basis of their qualifications and ability to do the job to be filled. Upon completion of the application. or any other subsequent investigation discloses any misrepresentation on the application form or information indicating that the individual is not suited for the Company. employment with the company is considered to be at will. but those for new job positions will be evaluated in greater detail before being approved. The department head has the responsibility to determine whether an applicant has the technical qualifications for the open position and meets the other job-related criteria necessary to perform the job. (RE.

how recently such offense(s) was/were committed.OR PART-TIME TYPE OF SCHOOL NAME OF SCHOOL LOCATION/ADDRESS NUMBER OF YEARS COMPLETED MAJOR & DEGREE HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME? __ No __ Yes If yes. nature of offense(s) leading to conviction(s). __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _ DO YOU HAVE A DRIVER S LICENSE? Driver s license number ____________________________ __ No __ Yes Expiration date ______________________ What is your means of transportation to work? ______________________________________________________________ _________________________ 16 . ________________________________________________________________ Present Address:____________________________________________________________________________ City:____________ Postal code:___________ If under 18.APPLPICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT Name:________________________________________________ Date:_____________________ NIC( National Identity Card) no. please list age _________ Position applied for (1) ________________________ and salary desired (2) ________________________ Days/hours available to work :_______________ Employment desired: Education: ____ FULL-TIME ONLY ____ PART-TIME ONLY ____ FULL. and type(s) of rehabilitation.explain number of conviction(s). sentence(s) imposed.

Name of Employer________________________________ Address_________________________________________ ________________________________________________ City _________________ Phone no.WORK EXPERIENCE Please list your work experience for the past five years beginning with your most recent job held._____________ Reason for leaving( be specific) Name of last supervisor Employment Dates From: To: Pay or Salary Start: Final: Your last job title: List the jobs you held. skills used or learned. skills used or learned. advancements or promotions while you worked at this company. Name of Employer________________________________ Address_________________________________________ ________________________________________________ City _________________ Phone no. duties performed. advancements or promotions while you worked at this company._____________ Reason for leaving( be specific) Name of last supervisor Employment Dates From: To: Pay or Salary Start: Final: Your last job title: 17 ._____________ Reason for leaving( be specific) List the jobs you held. duties performed. Name of last supervisor Employment Dates From: To: Your last job title: Pay or Salary Start: Final: Name of Employer________________________________ Address_________________________________________ ________________________________________________ City _________________ Phone no.

I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS APPLICATION DOES NOT CREATE A CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT NOR GUARANTEE EMPLOYMENT FOR ANY DEFINITE PERIOD OF TIME. I authorize and agree to co-operate in a thorough investigation of all statements made herein and other matters relating to my background and qualifications. May we contact your present employer? __ Yes __ No Did you complete this application yourself __ Yes __ No If not. who did? (explain) _________________________________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ PLEASE READ EACH STATEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING I clarify that all information provided in this employment application is true and complete. I hereby consent to pre and post-employment drug screen as a condition of my employment if required. I have read and understood these statements and consent to these statements by my signature. I UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE BEEN HIRED AT THE WILL OF THE EMPLOYER AND MY EMPLOYMEN MAYBE T TERMINATED ANY TIME WITH OR WITHOUT NOTICE._____________ Reason for leaving( be specific) Name of last supervisor Employment Dates From: To: Pay or Salary Start: Final: Your last job title: List the jobs you held. duties performed. skills used or learned.List the jobs you held. I understand I may be required to successfully pass a drug-screening examination. Signature:________________________________________________ Date:_____________________ 18 . duties performed. Name of Employer________________________________ Address_________________________________________ ________________________________________________ City _________________ Phone no. I understand that any false information or omission may disqualify me from frther consideration for employment . skills used or learned. advancements or promotions while you worked at this company. advancements or promotions while you worked at this company.

the supervisor will assist the HR department in determining wether there are eligible candidates in the company. PROMOTION POLICY It is the policy of the company fill positions by promoting current employees rather than hiring from outside the company. the supervisor to whom that position reports will first decide whether to fill the position from within or from outside the company. The purpose of this policy to help employees experience their full potential. potential and actual performance. This policy and procedure applies to all departments and employees of the company. The company has the right to hire or promote at its discretion and in its best interests. When a position becomes available. All promotions will be based mostly on ability. Employee has to complete at least a minimum of 1 year prior to being eligible for any kind of Promotion. 19 .7. If the position is to be filled from within the company. The supervisor will be assisted by the HR department to complete the performance evaluation forms for the eligible candidates after reviewing each candidates personnel file. This decision is to be reviewed with and approved by the person to whom the manager reports. Candidates f or promotion will be selected on the basis of performance evaluation form. based on the position s requirements. All managers are accountable for identifying the staffing needs of their department and the qualifications for each posi tion within their department.

adherence to duties and procedures in Job Description and Work Instruction.0 PERFORMANCE FACTORS Quality of work: Consider: accuracy.0 Additional Comments: Work Habbits: Consider: attendance.NEW POSITION PERFORMANCE EVALUATION EMPLOYEE NAME:_________________________________ DEPT. Outstanding Exceeds Requirements Meets Requirements Needs Improvement Unsatisfactory Score / 5. attention to detail. neatness. punctuality. Does the employee stay busy. volume/quantity requirements. organization. look for things to do. : ___________________________________ _______ DATE:________________________________ JOB TITLE:_____________________________ SUPERVISOR'S NAME:_______________________________ HIRE DATE:_____________________________ OVERALL APPRAISALS Score / 5. timeliness. and follow company policies and work procedures? Outstanding Exceeds Requirements Meets Requirements Needs Improvement Unsatisfactory Score / 5.0 Additional Comments: 20 .

and become familiar with our rules and policies in the Employee Handbook? Additional Comments: Outstanding Exceeds Requirements Meets Requirements Needs Improvement Unsatisfactory Score / 5.0 Behaviour/Relations with Others: For example. respond positively to suggestions and instructions or criticism. and adapt well to changing circumstances? Additional Comments: Outstanding Exceeds Requirements Meets Requirements Needs Improvement Unsatisfactory FINAL COMMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: Approved By:______________________________ HR Approval :___________________________________ 21 .Job Knowledge: For example. shown interest in learning and improving. does the employee cooperate and contribute to team efforts. keep supervisors informed of important details. has the employee demonstrated the skill and ability to perform the job satisfactorily.

We hope you will comply with any requests to work overtime. advance notice may not always be possible. The company will attempt to give as much notice as possible in this instance. Holidays. OVERTIME POLICY Non-exempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act are eligible for overtime for all hours worked in excess of 40 in any work week. However. up to and including discharge. and sick leave days do not count as time worked for computing overtime. vacation days. Failure to work overtime when requested may result in discipline. 22 . All overtime designated by your manager is approved overtime.8.

OVERTIME REQUEST FORM EMPLOYEES NAME:______________________________ JOB TITLE:______________________________________ EMPLOYE ID # :______________________ DATE:______________________________ Overtime Request Details: Today's Date ____/_____/_____ Anticipated date(s) of overtime: Date(s): _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ Time(s): ______________AM/PM to ______________AM/PM ______________AM/PM to ______________AM/PM ______________AM/PM to ______________AM/PM ______________AM/PM to ______________AM/PM Estimated total overtime hours requested: ___________ Reason for overtime: __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ APPROVAL STATUS ____ Approved _____ Denied Notes: __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ _____________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ____________________________ Supervisors name:__________________ Managers name:____________________ Signature:____________________ Signature:____________________ Date:__________________ Date:_________________ 23 .

or chewing tobacco) is permitted in any part of the building or in vehicles owned. leased. Dispose of them properly in the receptacles provided for that purpose. whether on company premises. cigars.and tobacco-free office. No smoking or other use of tobacco products (including. or rented by the company. or rented by the company. at a customer's site. snuff. do not leave cigarette butts on the ground or anywhere else. No additional breaks beyond those allowed under the Company's break policy may be taken for the purpose of using tobacco products. Employees may smoke outside during breaks. pipes. or in vehicles owned. When smoking outside. All employees are expected to abide by this policy while at work.9. leased. SMOKING POLICY The company maintains a smoke. but not limited to. 24 .

10. y Be aware of training and development opportunities open to them and request training where appropriate to their training needs. y Fill out a training request form to specify which skills need to be enhanced and how they might be benificial for the company's productivity. you already possessed some of the skills required to perform the basic requirements of your job. The purpose of training is to equip people with the necessary skills knowledge and attitudes to meet the organisation's needs in relation to its objectives. Design and organise specific training activities. Post training feedback is likely to give better picture about the relevance of training and its impact. training programs and other independent means. but should be undertaken after a critical appraisal. When you were selected as an employment candidate. Develop a corporate training plan annually and assist with the formulation of departmental training plans. The mechanism of this feed back will need action from both HRM department and also from the respective Head of the Department. Training is not a privilege to be granted or withheld from employees. The Department of Human Resources also provides a training and career resource center containing videos. By investing in people through their training we ensure we harness their full potential and focus their energies on the needs of the organisation while fulfilling their need for personal development and job satisfaction. The Training Officer's role is to: y y y Assist Managers to identify and quantify training needs. TRAINING POLICY Every employee has room to expand upon their skills by learning from their co-workers. Employees have the responsibility to:y Identify personal training needs in relation to their personal objectives and unit service plans. y Evaluate the effectiveness of training with their manager Managers' and Supervisors' main areas of responsibility are to:y Identify training needs jointly with employees in relation to individual objectives. the employees will be required to fill out evaluation forms which will be provided by the manager and later on will be reviewed and recorded. y Make all employees aware of training and development opportunities open to them. select employees for training and brief them. and other written materials for employee professional development. This data will indicate the overall improvement in the functioning of the department. books. 25 . y Formulate training plans in liaison with the Training Officer. After attending the training program. y Evaluate the effectiveness of training events in relation to service and individual objectives with those involved.

Trainer has good presentation skill/style. 6. Training institution s staff was helpful & supportive.TRAINING EVALUATION FORM SECTION A: Introduction: 1. Trainee s Name: Trainee s Designation: Training Institution: Department: Course Title: Date & Duration: Venue: Medium of instruction (language): / Training Objectives and Course Contents: a. Agree Disagree Strongly disagree b. 8. Program duration was adequate to cover all material. Please check to what extent you agree or disagree with the following statements as they relate to this training program: Strongly agreed Objectives of this program adequately met. 2. Subject matter was appropriate for your background & experience. 4. 5. Training will greatly assist you in your profession / area of work. 3. How would you plan or in what way will you apply the benefits from the course when you return to your work place: (in detail) 26 . knowledge and grip over the subject. 7.

Overall Rating: Poor Average Satisfactory Very Good Excellent General Comments. 27 . ( if any): Employees Signature:________________________ Date:___________________________ Note: After completion please return to HR / HOD to be filed with your Individual s Training Records. (Thank you for your time).

) Training Effectiveness: How has the individual s performance changed after this training? HOD's Signature:______________________ HR:_________________________________ Date:_______________________________ Date:_______________________________ 28 .SECTION B: (To be filled in by the HOD one month after the training.

: ___________________________________ CONDUCTED BY: ___________________________ DATE:________________________________ JOB TITLE:_____________________________ VENUE: _______________________________ TRAINING DATES Date(s): _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ Time(s): ______________AM/PM to ______________AM/PM ______________AM/PM to ______________AM/PM ______________AM/PM to ______________AM/PM ______________AM/PM to ______________AM/PM Is this budgeted? Yes_______ No______ Course Objective: __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ _____________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Applied Areas: __________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Employees Signature: ______________________________ Date:____________________________ 29 .TRAINING REQUEST FORM EMPLOYEE NAME:__________________________ DEPT.

APPROVAL STATUS ____ Approved _____ Denied Notes: __________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Managers name:__________________ HR Department:___________________ Signature:____________________ Signature:____________________ Date:__________________ Date:_________________ 30 .

as appropriate. Take notes. refer the complainant to more senior management. If this is inappropriate. based on investigation and evidence collected. management will discuss with the complainant the appropriate outcomes which may include: y y y disciplinary action to be taken against the perpetrator (counselling. Listen to the complaint seriously and treat the complaint confidentially. Decide on appropriate action. sexually harassed or bullied. y y y Tell the offender the behaviour is offensive.11. contact your supervisor or manager for support along with a wriiten complaint. Ask the complainant to check your notes to ensure your record of the conversation is accurate. 4. or the behaviour persists. If resolution is not immediately possible. Listen carefully and record details. additional training for the perpetrator or all staff. Employees should feel confident that any complaint they make is to be treated as confidential as far as possible. contact another relevant senior manager. When a manager receives a complaint or becomes aware of an incident. If after investigation management finds the complaint is justified. unwelcome. discriminated against. 2. warning or dismissal). This will help us to improve our standards. or have been. otherwise speak to your manager). 31 . separately and confidentially and let the alleged harasser know exactly of what they are being accused. they should follow this procedure: 1. If you believe you are being. Mantain confidentiality If an investigation is requested or is appropriate. 3. Act promptly b. using the complainant s own words. we need you to tell us about it. and against business policy and should stop (only if you feel comfortable enough to approach them directly. Keep a written record of the incident(s). you feel uncomfortable. COMPLAINT POLICY We are committed to providing a high-quality legal service to all our clients. When something goes wrong. Give them a chance to respond to the accusation. an apology (the particulars of such an apology to be agreed between all involved). advise on the potential outcomes of the investigation if the allegations are substantiated. you should follow this procedure. Interview the alleged harasser. If investigation is not requested (and the manager is satisfied that the conduct complained is not in breach of the policies) then themanager should: a. If the unwelcomed behaviour continues.

statements made. and other facts and observations which are important) : __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ How would you like to see the situation resolved? __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________ _ Complainant's Signature: _______________________ Date:_________________________ NOTES: __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Managers name:__________________ Signature:____________________ Date:__________________ 32 . dates and locations. :__________________________ DESCRIPTION OF COMPLAINT ( Include names of individuals involved adn record events.COMPLAINT FORM EMPLOYEE NAME:__________________________ DEPARTMENT : ______________________________ HOME PHONE : ____________________________ DATE:__________________________________ JOB TITLE:_______________________________ WORK PHONE:___________________________ ADDRESS:__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Name os person complaint is against:___________________ Can we use your name: Yes______ No_______ Dept.

Before a written warning is issued. Sleeping on the job. Threatening co-worker or supervisor. or misconduct represent typical reasons for disciplinary action and are not meant to be the only permissible reasons for such action: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) o) p) Absence without calling in. policies or protocols. The following types of infractions. or habitual tardiness. offenses. Possession or drinking of alcoholic beverage or illegal use of drugs on the job. DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS It is the policy of this company to provide a well-defined system of discipline that sets forth standards of conduct and guidelines for disciplinary actions and which will be applied to all employees equitably. termination may result. but not limited to: y y y Failure to perform his/her job in a satisfactory manner. This verbal warning will be recorded. The supervisor must complete a Checklist for Effective Discipline. Reporting to work when intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Use of abusive. regulations. In such cases signature of the employee is needed to acknowledge the Disciplanary Warning Notice. Late for work without valid reason. unsatisfactory performance as to one or more of the requirements of the job.12. Distracting other employees. which can be obtained from the HR department. before taking any action. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for disciplinary action. policy or procedures as established either by the HR department. co-worker or supervisor. If improvement is not made within the time period granted in the earlier warnings. Disregard or violation of safety rules. a written warning will be issued. Falsifying attendance or leave records. If the employee fails to improve by the date on the given warning. departmental rules. Unauthorized or unsafe use of company property. that is. Copies of the warning should be forwarded to the senior office of the employee's department and to the HR department for follow up. Infraction of rules. equipment or vehicle. The need for disciplinary action may arise as a result of different kinds of action on the part of the employee. Offenses or misconduct which violate general rules of behavior or are specifically prohibited by law. Copies of the warning will go into the personnel file and to the employee. Incompetence or inefficiency in the performance of assigned duties. Fighting on the job or engaging in any intentional act that may inflict bodily harm Documentation of all verbal and written warnings are important set of your termination documents and is proof of earlier warnings. 33 . a verbal warning may be given to the employee. After completing the checklist the supervisor issues a Disciplinary Warning Notice. obscene or harassing language to an employee. such as. Leaving work area or job without permission. Failure to follow instructions. Giving falsified information or refusal to give testimony.

34 . Such suspension may be with or without pay.In cases where an investigation may have to be made of the employee s conduct or of the seriousness of the offense. an employee should be placed on indefinite suspens which may later ion be changed to termination depending on the results of the investigation.

SUPERVISOR'S CHECKLIST FOR EFFECTIVE DISCIPLINE (Complete before taking action) EMPLOYEE NAME:__________________________ DEPT. no opinions. ___________________________________________ _______________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ ____________________________ _ Has the employee had a chance to tell his/her side of the story? Yes___ No___ Explain:___________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________ Did you talk to the employee in private? Was the employee aware of the rule or procedure? Was the rule published and communicated to all employees? Yes___ Yes___ Yes___ No___ No___ No___ 35 . : ___________________________________ DATE:________________________________ JOB TITLE:_____________________________ INCIDENT Employee(s) involved: _________________________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________ What hapened? Provide an accurate statement about what happened. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ How did it happen? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ What are the facts? be specific.

What needs to be corrected? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Did the employee have any previous warning? What is the employee's past record? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ What is the appropriate disciplinary action? ___ Verbal warning ___Suspension ___Written Warning ____Termination Yes___ No___ What follow up action is necessary? __________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________ ___________________________________________ Supervisors name:__________________ Signature:____________________ Date:__________________ NOTE: Give this checklist to the HR department after completion. 36 .

Action Taken on this Notice: Final Warning ___ Terminantion___ Other (specify) ___ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Supervisor's Remarks: __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _ Employee's Comments: __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _ I have read and understand the nature of this warning.DISCIPLINARY WARNING NOTICE EMPLOYEE NAME:__________________________ DEPT. : ___________________________________ DATE OF VIOLATION: ____________________ DATE:_________________________________ JOB TITLE:______________________________ TIME OF VIOLATION : ___________________ Nature of Violation: Tardiness ( ) Safety Careless ness ( ) Disobedience Other___________________________ This is your y y y ( ( ( ) ) ) Conduct ( ) Absence ( ) Verbal Warning ____ First Written Warning ____ Final Warning ____ NOTE: Subsequent violations may lead to termination. Employee s Signature : _____________________________ Date: __________________ Supervisor's Signature:______________________________ HR:____________________ 37 .

6. An employee may be separated from the service of the company by any one of the methods as described below. No annual leave may be taken during this period of time. the department director will contact the Human Resources Director and review that employee s human resources file. Resignation. on or before the effective date of termination of service. COMPULSARY RESIGNATION: An employee who. if it was paid. without valid reason. an employee will give notice in writing to the department director or appointing authority at least 1month prior to seperation date. 38 . 2. 5. failure to comply with this rule shall be entered on the service record of the employee and result in a denial of re-employment rights. Retirement. 3. or misconduct ( See the Disciplinary Actions policy for typical permissible reasons). offenses. infractions. ( see Retirement Policy for details). Death. Separations and/or terminations from positions in the company service shall be designated as one of the following types: 1. SEPERATION POLICY All employees separating their employment will personally go to the Human Resources Department to process out. fails to report to work for three (3) consecutive workdays without authorized leave shall be separated from the payroll and reported as a compulsory resignation. Normally. A person must have separated their employment with the company (or have a foreseeable separation date) to apply for retirement benefits.13. surviving spouse. or to the estate of the employee as determined by law or by executed form in the employee s human resources file. RESIGNATION: To resign in good standing. Compulsory Resignation. 4. TERMINATION: These are are involuntary terminations of Telenor employment made mainly as a result of poor performance. All compensation due to the employee as of the effective date of separation shall be paid to the beneficiary. Prior to any proceedings to dismiss an employee. Terminationl or Unsatisfactory Service Separation. Human Resources shall grant all employees leaving the employment of the company an exit interview. DEATH: Separation shall be effective as of the last day paid prior to the employee s death or the date of death. RETIREMENT: All full-time and part-time employees are covered by the our Retirement System. Telenor pays the entire contribution. Failure to complete this separation process and return all issued Telenor property will result in the final pay check being held. Disability.

TERMINATION FORM Name:_________________________________ Job Title:_______________________________ Department:____________________________ Separtion Reason: ( ) ( ) ( ) Voluntary Resignation Compulsary Resignation Retirement ( ) ( ) ( ) Involuntary/ Discipline Death Relocation Date: _________________________________________ Employee National ID #___________________________ Date Hired:_____________________________________ If this is a resignation. check all that apply as the reason for resignation ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) Career Development WorkingConditions Personal Health Job Eliminated ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) Marriage / Divorce Education Maternity Other (explain):______________________ ___Yes ___No Is this emplyee transferring to another department? If yes what department? ________________________________________________ Dows the employee get a rehire status? ___Yes ___No LEAVES TAKEN: ( Attatch a copy of the request forms of leaves taken) FROM TO Annual Leave ________ days Medical Leave ________ days Breavemant Leave ________ days Other (explain below)________ days ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ Total Number of unused leaves: Remarks: _______ _____________________________________ _____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Authorized Signature:_____________________ Date:___________________________________ HR Approval:____________________________ Date:___________________________________ 39 .

respectful and flexible work environment. c) Ensure that employees at all levels are suitably qualified or have the potential to meet the requirements of the job. respectful and reasonably flexible way.14. b) Remove any potentially discriminatory practices that may be identified. and are advanced and rewarded on merit. gender or disability. d) Ensure that employees are allowed to realise their full potential. The objective of Equal Opportunity Policy is to improve business success by attracting and retaining the best possible employees. non-discriminatory practices which respect the rights and dignity of all its employees irrespective of colour. Telenor will take active steps to: a) Ensure fair. and delivering our services in a safe. In keeping with its policy of fair and equitable employment practices. Telenor reaffirms its commitment to comply fully with the spirit and requirements of the Employment Equity Act to the strategic advantageof our business. within the capacity of the company. Telenor endeavours to provide a culture that values diversity and supports the affirmation of those who have previously been unfairly disadvantaged within our society . EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY This policy applies to all staff including contractors and covers all work-related functions and activities. The goal of employment equity action inTelenor is to create an equitable organisation and to build an environment that supports and enables those who have been historically disadvantaged by unfair discrimination to fulfil their maximum potential and to enhance organisational performance. 40 . providing a safe. race.



It is the companies policy and responsibility to protect and safeguard all employees, materials and processes within the office premises. Given below are the procedures to be followed by all employees to ensure security. And all queries with this policy are to be addressed to the office HR head. Use of Identity (ID) Cards: All employees are provided with an identity card (ID) which, contain employee particulars. This ID card is given for: 1. 2. 3. 4. Identification of the employee Entry and exit from the office Attendance recording For enjoying facilities and benefits available to him / her as an employee of the company.

The employee shall carry his ID card on him/her at all times when inside the office and present it while entering or leaving the office or on demand by the security guard, supervisor or the HR department. The ID cards shall be the property of Telenor and should be surrendered to the HR department in case of seperation from employment. In no case should the employee surrender his ID card to anybody or authority outside the office. If any employee is found doing so he / she would be liable for disciplinary action. Loss or damage of the ID card should be notified to the HR department immediately and a request for a duplicate card will have to be applied for in the Duplicate ID Card Issue Form. Entry And Exit: Entrance and exit from the premises shall be through prescribed gates only and every employee shall show his/her ID card to the security on duty while passing through such gates. An employee who is not on duty shall not remain on the premises without permission from the manager or his/her authorised official. Visitors entering into the office must be first verified via the intercom to check if the person they wish to meet is available and where they are, then the visitor has to register at the security office and obtain a visitors pass. While leaving, the Visitor should sign in the visitors register again at the security office mentioning his time of exit and return the visitors pass duly signed by the person visited before leaving the office premises. Visitors are liable to be checked by security personnel while entering and leaving the office premises. Movement Of Materials: Material being brought into the office premises should be shown at the security gate before carrying it into the office premises. Suspicious materials that come into the office will be stopped at the main gate and thoroughly investigated before being sent into the office.


Material being taken out of the office should be accompanied by a gate pass signed by the appropriate authority. Employees found taking out any material(s) belonging to the company without authorization are liable for disciplinary action. To Ensure Secrecy: No employee shall take any paper, book, CD, Flash drive, photographs, instruments, apparatus, documents or any other property of the company to any unauthorised person, company or corporation without the written permission of the manager. If any employee is found doing so he/ she would be liable for disciplinary action or may be suspended/terminated from employment.



Employee Name: ___________________ ____________________
First Middle


National ID Card no. ______________________ Date of Birth: ______ /______ /______


Employee ID card lost or stolen since : ______ /______ /______ Description: __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _

Employees Signature:_________________________ Employee Instructions:


1. Submit this request to the human resources representative for approval and signature. 2. Your copy of this approved and signed form, accompanied by NIC or valid photo ID, serves as your temporary identification.

Managers name:_________________

Signature:___________________ Date:_______________

HR Department:__________________


Date:______ ________


16. PAYDAYS All employees are paid monthly. When a payday falls on a holiday. Delivering a check to anyone other than the employee is prohibited unless the employee has authorized such delivery in writing. The Finance Officer will periodically distribute payroll checks to individuals in each department and maintain a log of such distributions. 44 . Employees will receive their checks on the first of every month and the Finance Department will have the paychecks ready by 11:00 AM. The company posts on all bulletin boards a notice of the company's regular paydays and the time and place of payment. Salary advance will only be granted to employees who have worked for the company for 3 years or more. employees will be paid on the last working day before the holiday.

spouse. The employees will have to apply in the Loans and Advances Forms 15 days in advance.e.000/15 Years . COMPENSATIONS AND BENIFITS It is the policy of this company to provide the employees with the appropriate compensation and benefit packages. The salary. Repayment of such loans will be in 20 equal instalments and will be deducted from the wage. Provident Fund: Employee s contribution i. These advances are interest free. Employees who have taken salary advance from the company will have to repay the advance to be eligible for a loan. These Long Service Awards will be given as gift vouchers to these tenured employees as follows: y y y 05 years . 1500/.Rs 10. and Emergencies such as accidents. 45 .000/- Salary Advances: Salary advances are provided for the purpose of difficulties that the employee hospitalisation and death in the family (Self. Special Incentive: Special incentives will be given for employees who have worked in the office for five year or more without a break.Rs 20.Rs 15. All regular full-time employees are eligible for benefits provided by the company. These advances are provided for permanent employees who have worked for 3 years or and an employee who has availed only one day in any month leave will be eligible for an attendance incentive of Rs. 1000/.000/10 Years . 2. Accidents. Loans: Telenor provides loans for general purpose such as: 1. All employees shall be covered under this policy from the very first day of joining the Company. These loans are interest free. Attendance Incentive: Employees who have worked on all days without any leaves being availed in any month will be eligible for an attendance incentive of Rs. The employees will have to apply in the Loans and Advances Forms 15 days in advance. for the month will only be given as advance. children and parents) These loans are provided to permanent employees who have completed 5 years of service. in part or in full. 12% of the earned basic salary will be deducted from the employee and an equal amount will be contributed by company and will be deposited in to employees Provident Fund account.

Employee Signature:______________________ Date:_____________________________ ___Recommended / ___ Not Recommended Manager's Name:___________________ Signature:___________________ Date:_______________ 46 .TO BE FILLED BY THE EMPLOYEE: Loan / Advvance Details (kindly provide the relevant details) Type of loan / Advance requested Amount Applied For No. I authorize the company to recover any outstanding amount under this policy from my salary as the case may be.LOAN / SALARY ADVANCE APPLICATION FORM Name:_________________________________ Job Title:_______________________________ Department:____________________________ Date: _________________________________________ Employee National ID #___________________________ Date Hired:_____________________________________ SECTION A . Of installments ( for payment) Purpose of Loan ___ Education ___Home improvement ___ Child's Education ___ Marriage in family ___ Travel ___Home/ Office renovation ___Medical expenses ___ Loan Transfer ___ Investments ___Other (Explain below): __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _ List of documents attatched with the application: __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Do you have any outstanding loan prior to this loan? If so please provide the details: Type of Loan:_______________________________________________________________________ Amount Taken:_________________________ Date on which availed:________________________ I have read all the provisions of company policy on Loans/Advances and undertake to comply by them.

SECTION B TO BE FILLED BY THE HR DEPARTMENT: Amount of loan/advance approved:___________________________ ___ Date:__________________ ______________________________________ Authorized Signature SECTION C TO BE FILLED BY THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT: Approval received on: ________________________________________________________________________ Documentation completed by employee on:______________________________________________________ Previous loan checked on :____________________________ by:_____________________________________ The amount of loan / advance given :____________________________________________________________ First installment due:_________________________________________________________________________ No. Of installments to payoff loan / advance:______________________________________________________ The source of transfer is y y Cheque Bank Transfer Cheque No.____________________ Bank Name_____________________ ___________________________________ Authorized Signature Date:__________________________________ 47 .____________________ Dated__________________________ Account No.

48 .18. The following systems will be followed : The outside party may present sweets to the concerned employee but it should be received only in the office. it should be viewed negatively and respective employee should deposit the gift in the HRM Department or keep his/her Department Head informed as to nature of such gift. If still any employee visits the residence without informing the concerned employee. so that the appropriate use of it may be decided. GIFTS AND GRATUITIES It is the policy of this company that no employee should send gifts at the residence of any of the company's employees. there is a practice to receive/send gifts. In view of the Pakistani customs. It should be refused and politely be conveyed directly or indirectly to the sender.

assess all risks before work starts on new areas of operation. For a serious injury also call an ambulance. 49 . The manager must report serious injuries to higher authorities immediately. provide information and training for employees. If unable to control such practices and conditions. The first priority is medical attention. irrespective oftheir position. and hygienic eating areas).19. Teleor demands a positive. provide employees with adequate facilities (such as clean toilets. report these to their manager. proactive attitude and performance with respect to protecting health. cool and clean drinking water. Ultimately. If there is an injury: 1. SAFETY AND HEALTH Telenor will provide a safe work environment for the health. experiences a safety incident must report the incident to their manager. All employees are accountable for identifying practices and conditions that could injure employees. 3. everyone at the workplace is responsible for ensuring health and safety at that workplace. contractors. Telenor will: y y y y develop and maintain safe systems of work. 2. and a safe working environment. and controlling such situations. 4. safety and the environment by all employees. safety and welfare of our employees. members of the public or the environment. To do this. visitors and members of the public who may be affected by our work. and regularly review these risks. for example buying new equipment and setting up new work methods. Telenor will let the injured employee know in writing that the company has received notification of any injury or illness reported in the Register. Any employee who is injured on the job. The injured worker or nearest colleague should contact the HR Department or Department Manager.

broken. (i.ACCIDENT / INJURY REPORT FORM Name:____________________________________ Date: __________________________________________ Job Title:___________________________________ Employee ID ____________________________________ Date and time of incident:______________________ Date Hired:_____________________________________ Location of accident: ______________________________________ Name and title of injured peson: ____________________________ Name and titles of all witnesses: Name: _____________________________________ __ Name:________________________________________ Name:: _______________________________________ Phone:: ____________________ Phone: ____________________ Phone:: ____________________ Description of Injury/ Illness __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ If Medical Attention was received.) __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________ Has the employee sustained injury before on the same body part? ___ Yes ___ No 50 . what type? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ ____________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________ Describe the exact body part(s) affected and the type of injury/illness sustained to each. right leg strained.e. left and cut. etc. pulled muscle..

__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Property Damaged __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Location of Inident:___________________________ Was the police notified? ___ Yes Damage Estimate: Rs.Describe any equipment/materials being used at the time of injury/illness.__________________ ___ No Date:_______________________________ Date:_______________________________ Supervisor's Signature:________________________ Employees Signature:__________________ _______ FOR HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT USE ONLY: Comments: __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Authorized Signature:_____________________ Date:___________________________________ 51 .

Copy of reports of training programs attended. iv. Supervisors and managers should not mantain seperate files in their desks. Employee may review their personnel file by requesting the HR Manager. Leave records. iii.20. The following documents will be recorded in the personal files of each employee: y y y y y y Application form of employment. PERSONNEL RECORDS Basic information of all employees will be collected and mantained by the HR department in seperate personnel files. Personnel Information cannot be released outside the company without employee approval. 52 . The HR Deparment only keeps that information which is required for business and legal reasons. ii. vi. If any changes occur in any of the following catagories listed below. Non disclosure agreement. All records concerning employment are company property. Name Address Telephone Number Marital Status Beneficiaries Number of dependants. please notify the HR Department by filling a form for Personal Data Change and submit back to HR so that your records maybe updated: i. Original certificates of academic qualifications Copy of National Identity Card. except to verify employment or to satisfy legitimate legal requirements. v.

______________________ Date of Birth: ______ /______ /______ Department:_________________________ Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________________ SECTION B CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Date Effective:____________________ day/month/year _____ same as section A Mailing Address: ______________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ___ Also update address of my ___ spouse ___benificiary(ies) SECTION C CHANGE IN SPOUSAL RELATIONSHIP: Date Effective:____________________ day/month/year ___ Single ___Divorced ___Widow(er) ___Seperated SECTION D CHANGE IN NAME : Date Effective:____________________ day/month/year Name: ___________________ First ____________________ Middle ______________________ Last 53 .CHANGE IN PERSONAL DATA SECTION A CURRENT INFORMATION: Employee Name: ___________________ First ____________________ Middle ______________________ Last National ID Card no.

Full Name Relationship Portion (out of 100%) Birthdate (day/month/year) Benefciary 3 . I authorize TELENOR to complete the changes as identifed.Full Name Relationship Portion (out of 100%) Birthdate (day/month/year) Please attach applicable acceptable documentation My signature indicates that I hereby revoke all previous designations and appointments of benefciaries and name the above to receive any amount payable from the Public Employees Pension Plan in the event of my death. Employees Signature:_________________________ Date:_________________________________ 54 .SECTION C DESIGNATION OF BENIFICIARY Benefciary 1 .Full Name Relationship Portion (out of 100%) Birthdate (day/month/year) Benefciary 2 .

As soon as the resignation is received. EXIT INTERVIEWS It is the company's policy to conduct exit interviews for all voluntarily terminating employees. 55 . The HR head will later convey the feedback to all appropriate management personnel in order to improve and update the policies and procedures. The HRM head would conduct the exit interview to know the strength and weaknesses of the organiztion and also have an informal discussion on how to improve those defeciencies. Its purpose is to enable the company to identify the conditions which contribute to formalize the reasons for termination. the manger should contact the HR department to fix the exit interview.21.

EXIT INTERVIEW Employee Name:________________________ Job Title:_______________________________ Date Hired:_____________________________ Date: _________________________________________ Department:___________________________________ Termination Date:________________________________ Why are you leaving Telenor? __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________ What circumstances would have prevented your departure? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ What did you like most about your job? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ What did you like least about your job? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _ What did you think of your supervisor on the following points: Almost Always Was consistently fair ( ) Provided recognition ( ) Resolved complaints ( ) Was sensitive to employees' needs ( ) Provided feedback on performance ( ) Was receptive to open communication ( ) Followed Telenor s policies ( ) Usually ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Sometimes ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Never ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 56 .

resources. facilities) Company's performance review system Company's new employee orientation Rate of pay for your job Career /Advancement opportunities Physical working conditions Was the work you were doing approximately what you expected it would be? ___ Yes ___ No Comments: __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ What suggestions do you have to make Telenor a better place to work? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _ HR Head Signature:__________________________ Employees Signature:_________________________ Date:_______________________________ Date:_______________________________ 57 .How would you rate the following: Excellent ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Good ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Fair ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Poor ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Cooperation within your division/program Cooperation with other divisions Personal job training Equipment (materials.

22. A reference check may be made by telephone. All contacts from outside parties regarding current or former employees must be referred to the Human Resources Department for handling. REFERENCES POLICY Telenor maintains strict confidentiality for our current and former employees. For that reason. 58 . must refer the inquiry to that HR Dept. It is impossible to tell who a caller is or why they are really calling. will handle the inquiry from that point. It is the policy of Telenor to verify all information regarding their qualifications and previous employment(s). Thank you. job reference information must be handled with careful attention to proper procedures. In this case the details are recorded and kept in the employee's personnel file. whether by phone or in person. employees receiving such contacts. The proper response for an employee not in the Human Resources Department receiving a request for information about a current or former employee is "Please let me refer you to our Human Resources Department for information." The HR Dept. Reference letters may be mailed to selected employers listed on application for verification. Falsification of any information on employees application may be considered as a reason for disciplinary action or temination.

Sincerely. Thank you for your cooperation with providing this information. [STATE] [ZIP CODE] Dear [EMPLOYER NAME]: We have received an application for employment from [APPLICANT NAME]. It would be helpful to us if you would provide the following information regarding [APPLICANT NAME]. a [CURRENT/PREVIOUS] employee of [EMPLOYER]. A form authorizing your release of this information by [APPLICANT NAME] is also enclosed.REQUEST FOR REFERENCE ___/___/___[DATE] [COMPANY] [EMPLOYER NAME] [MAILING ADDRESS] [CITY]. Please let us know whether the information you provide should be kept confidential. seeking the position of [JOB TITLE] with our company. y y y y y Dates of employment with your company Rate of pay and description of job duties Evaluation of performance Reason for end of employment Any other relevant information A form to complete this information requested follows this page. your assistance is appreciated. [STATE] [ZIP CODE] [EMAIL ADDRESS] [PHONE NUMBER] 59 . [YOUR NAME] [COMPANY NAME] [MAILING ADDRESS] [CITY].


AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION I have been notified that [COMPANY NAME] is seeking information about my employment with [EMPLOYER]. [APPLICANT NAME]. I. SIGNATURE NAME DATE 61 . authorize [EMPLOYER] to release without limitation information about my employment to [COMPANY NAME].

but are not limited to: y Lack of funds. In order to diminish the impacts of layoff. the successful performance of its employees is what ensures the organization s success. with the primary focus placed on excellence in performance. vision. It is the company's policy to avoid layoffs when possible but critical business situations may cause conditions for laying people off or eliminating jobs . or organizational change. but the company retains the right to make the final decision based on business and economic needs.23. performance and seneority into consideration in a layoff. These actions include. 62 . LAYOFF POLICY Telenor is committed to attracting and retaining a workforce that significantly contributes to the organization s mission. Telenor will consider the viability of alternative actions. before initiating a layoff. While commitment to the organization is valued. In the event of either layoff or job elimination. Reasons for layoff include. the company reserves the right to retain those employees with the best performance rather than those with most seneority. y Availability of fewer positions than there are employees. The company will take job importance. but are not limited to: Voluntary employee transfer Voluntary leave without pay Voluntary reduced schedules All employees being laid off will receive atleast a 30 days notice before being seperated. If jobs are eliminated they will be those jobs that the company least needs to effectively run the remaining operations. whenever practical and when actions do not disrupt business operations. values and goals. y Lack of work.

Items needed for placement of bulletin boards must be approved and distributed by the HR manager. Employees are not allowed to put post anything on the bulletin boards without consulting their designated manger. internal re organizations. promotions. and other staff data will be posted on all bulletin boards along with other items of interest to employees. 63 . BULLETIN BOARDS POLICY Organizations bulletins announcing the names of newly hired employees.24.

No particular work schedule or number of hours is guaranteed to any employee. Temporary Employees: Under some circumstances. seasonal. on an ongoing basis. The work schedules of such employees will vary according to Company needs and may be subject to change at any time. or in some cases. WORK HOURS To allow the employees to handle their personal hours and work hours with ease the company will assign employees to work schedules that will remain constant from week to week. No additional pay will be owed for time worked unless the employee actually works more than 40 hours in the workweek. 64 . Normal working hours and lunch periods may vary from one work location to another. Telenor may need to change an employee's usual hours of work at times and for periods that may be hard to predict. For that reason. Part-time Employees: Regular working hours of part-time employees are established at the time of employment and may be changed only after permission has been obtained from the supervisor and the president. and by accepting employment with Telenor.25. or as-needed employees. Telenor reserves the right to modify the hours of work for any employee at any time. the Company may hire temporary. employees agree to be available for whatever hours of work the needs of the Company may require. Full-time Employees: A normal work week consists of five eight-hour days for a total of 40 hours per week. Normal pay includes a 40 -hour workweek. However. to meet the needs of its customers and the demands of a changing workplace. unless the employee and the Company agree to other hours.

The Board of Directors and their immediate family members are excluded from following this policy. or whose relationship with the employee is similar to that of persons who are related by blood or marriage. the parties may be separated by being reassigned or terminated from employment. even if there is no supervisory relationship involved. safety. EMPLOYMENT OF RELATIVES The employment of relatives in the same area of an organization may cause serious conflicts and problems with favoritism and employee morale. For the purposes of this policy. In other cases where a conflict or the potential for conflict arises. security. 65 . a relative is any person who is related by blood or marriage. personal conflicts from outside the work environment can be carried into day-to-day working relationships. or morale.26. Telenor refuses to place one relative under the direct supervision of the other spouse where such has the potential for creating an adverse effect on supervision. In addition to claims of partiality in treatment at work.

the probation period may be extended for a specified period. cleaning staff? 3 months for office staff and mangerial levels Any significant absence will automatically extend the probation period by the length of absence. new employees are not eligible for any company benefits. All new and hired employees work for on a probation basis after their date of joining such as: y y 2 months for workers (e.g. If company determines that designated probation period does not allow sufficient time to thoroughly evaluate the employee s performance. complete a final probation appraisal and advise the employee of the result. employees may be be eligible for companyprovided benefits.27. During the probation period. However passing the probationary period is not a guarantee of future employment. PROBATIONARY PERIOD The purpose of a probationary period is to provide a framework for identifying and sorting out any early difficulties which may occur in the performance of the job and to provide for early termination of employment if such difficulties are not resolvable during this period. At the end of the probation period. Upon satisfactory completion of the probation period. 66 .

2. 5 5 5 5 5 5 67 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 Max. 4. 3. Knowledge and Abilities Min Overall Grading 1 2 3 4 5 Max a) Assessment in terms of competencies required to do this job COMPETENCIES ASSESSMENT Sense of Responsibility Professional Commitment Crisis Management Leadership/Managerial Skills Team Play Learning Approach Min.PROBATIONARY APPRAISAL FORM Name (Appraisee): Final Qualification: Date of Joining: Salary Grade: Position: Year of Passing: Joining Salary Rs. 6. b) Assessment in terms of responsibilities assigned PERFORMANCE: Please comment in terms of Job related Skills. Appraisal Period: a) Major Responsibilities assigned during the probation period 1. 5.

Self Development Overall Grading 1 2 3 4 5 a) Relative Job Worth (impact on the system) In terms of present responsibilities 1 2 3 4 5 In terms of future roles 1 2 3 4 5 a) Appraisee s Comments/Remarks Signatures a) Human Resource Comments: Date Human Resource Signatures Date 68 .

69 . 5. The manager and the employee will agree any objectives and outcomes for the next appraisal period. All employees will undergo a formal performance review with their immediate supervisor at least two times a year. The procedure tobe followed is as follows: 1.28. It should include informal and formal review. 2. employees are encouraged to raise any issues they have when they arise. The manager and the employee agree on the date for a performance appraisal meeting to allow time to prepare. that is. Notes should be taken of the meeting and copies of the appraisal form must be kept in the HR Dept. employees can also give management feedback on performance. It is an ongoing process. Outside of this formal process. 4. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL The purpose of performance appraisals in Telenor is to improve thecompanys overall performance. We encourage a two-way process. The manager and employee will meet and openly and constructively discuss performance over the appraisal period. 3.

performance must prove to meet expectations of position.EMPLOYEE APPRAISAL FORM Employee Name:________________________ Job Title:_______________________________ Review Period: ___________ to ____________ Date : _________________________________________ Department:___________________________________ Supervisor's Name:______________________________ PART (A) .Consistently fails to meet job requirements. Immediate improvement required to maintain employment. 4 = EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS Frequently exceeds job requirements. 2 = NEEDS IMPROVEMENT Occasionally fails to meet job requirements. this is the highest level of performance that can be attained. performance clearly below minimum requirements. 70 . 5 = SUPERIOR Consistently exceeds job requirements. all planned objectives were achieved above the established standards and accomplishments were made in unexpected areas as well. 3 = MEETS EXPECTATIONS Able to perform 100% of job duties satisfactorily. Normal guidance and supervision are required.MARKING INSTRUCTIONS: The following rating scale guide is being provided to assist the evaluator in assigning the most appropriate measurement of the employees key responsibilities and important performance factors 1 = UNACCEPTABLE .

and specify areas for improvement. Please complete the sections below each major job responsibility. and provide some examples of the duties performed. Major job responsibility ( describe performance outcomes) Level of Performance ( ) 1) 1 2 3 4 5 Describe ares for improvement: Major job responsibility ( describe performance outcomes) Level of Performance ( ) 2) 1 2 3 4 5 Describe ares for improvement: Major job responsibility ( describe performance outcomes) Level of Performance ( ) 3) 1 2 3 4 5 Describe ares for improvement: 71 .PART B KEY JOB RESPONSIBILITIES A position s key job responsibilities can be found by identifying the major job functions in the job description. Please list each major responsibility in the numbered boxes below.

Major job responsibility ( describe performance outcomes) Level of Performance ( ) 4) 1 2 3 4 5 Describe ares for improvement: Major job responsibility ( describe performance outcomes) Level of Performance ( ) 5) 1 2 3 4 5 Describe ares for improvement: Major job responsibility ( describe performance outcomes) Level of Performance ( ) 6) 1 2 3 4 5 Describe ares for improvement: Major job responsibility ( describe performance outcomes) Level of Performance ( ) 7) 1 2 3 4 5 Describe ares for improvement: 72 .

help others willingly? 1 2 3 4 Comments: c) Initiative Consider how well employee seeks and assumes greater responsibility. adhere to time frames.PART C ADDITIONAL PERFORMACE FACTORS a) Dependability Consider the amount of time spent directing this employee. Does employee monitor projects and exercise follow-through. 2 3 4 Comments: 1 d) Adaptability Consider the ease with which employee adjusts to any change in duties. thinks logically. supervisors or work environment. 73 . procedures. determines appropriate action for solutions. and follows through appropriately. is on time for meetings and appointments. respond appropriately to constructive criticism and to suggestions for work improvement? 1 2 3 4 Comments: e) Judgment Consider how well employee effectively analyzes problems. and responds appropriately to instructions and procedures? 1 2 3 4 Comments: b) Cooperation and Teamwork How well does employee work with co-workers and supervisors as a contributing team member? Does the employee demonstrate consideration of others. and exhibits timely and decisive action. monitors projects independently. How well does employee accept new ideas and approaches to work. maintain rapport with others.

Does the employee listen. 1 2 3 4 Comments: h) Punctuality Consider work arrival and departure. and respond effectively? Are customers treated with respect and courtesy? 2 3 4 Comments: 1 g) Attendance Consider number of absences. communicate. 1 2 3 4 Comments: Supervisor's Remarks: __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 74 .1 2 3 4 Comments: f) Customer Service Consider how well employee communicates with both internal and external customers.

I have been advised of my performance ratings. My comments are as follows (optional) Employee's Comments: __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Employees Signature:_____________________________ Date:___________________________________ Supervisor's Signature:____________________________ Date:___________________________________ 75 . I have discussed the contents of this review with my supervisor.

76 . in whole or in part. Each new employee will be presented with a Confidentiality Agreement to sign and be witnessed upon employment. This signed document of the employee's agreement to uphold the provisions of this policy will be kept on file in the employee's personnel file. Since all employees have free access to confidential information and trade secrets.29. all employees will be required to sign an Acknowledgment of Confidentiality Statement. CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT It is the policy of the Practice that all employees agree to sign and adhere to a Confidentiality Agreement.

Moreover. addresses. I agree to abide by this Confidentiality Agreement. phone numbers or salaries will not be released to people not authorized by the nature of their duties to receive such information. and if inadvertently they gain access to confidential information. _____________________________________ _____ Name (print) ___________________________________________ Signature ___________________________ Date ____________________________________________ Witness _____________________________ Date 77 . Other employees will not access such information. reports. The policies and procedures in this handbook constitute the guidelines of the Board of Directors and are in no way to be interpreted as a contract between the company and its employees. The Signature below acknowledges that employee has received and will be held accountable for information included in this manual. the Board of Directors expressly reserve the right to modify. Information about our employees or clients will not be released to people or agencies outside the company without written consent. they will immediately exit from the document or program and will keep such information confidential. Employees who are authorized to work with confidential information on the company's computers are to keep such information confidential. The only exceptions to this policy will be to follow legal or regulatory guidelines. Personal or identifying information about our employees (such as names. All memoranda. or other documents will remain part of Telenor s confidential records.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT The nature of services provided by Telenor requires that information be handled in a private. add to or rescind any of the policies in this handbook. notes. without the consent of management and the employee. and confidential manner.

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