The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.

: 1860-1954), Wednesday 12 September 1934, page 2



Story Confirmed Large



story related by a picnic of the Sunday appearance of a strange creature in the River Derwent, about two miles upparty

In the build of the creature caught yesterday, except that, whereas the sea lion had a rather blunt-shaped head and protruding eyes, the latest specimen had a long nolnted nose, a slightly larger and mouth, smaller eyes. It ia felt that their appearance in the river 1B apt to epoil the trout Ashing, which has not been good during the last few days.

Norfolk, was cona number assisted In the capture of a large seal. After it had been Injured by a gunshot, the creature reared on the side of a boat, up and gave a youth an uncomfortable It was time until beaten off with

stream firmed of men



yesterday, when




a was sharp lookout kepi for the unusual visitor during Monday W by Messrs. Mathews and C. Rhodes, who reside at Atherfield estate, on the Salmon Ponds two Road, about miles from New It was Norfolk. not seen. .Early yesterday morning Mr. A. Smith, health inspector for the New Norfolk municipality, Trooper G. C. Sproule, and Messrs. C. Wilby and C. Smith, who in were the locality, saw the strange object bobbing up and down in various of the river. parts Several shots were fired at the crpature from the shore, but they had no effect Later in the morning Messrs. W. A. Devine. Prentice. C. Richardson, and C. Fitzgerald rowed from New Norfolk in three boats to for hunt It the creature, and was not long before they located It lying on a sandy patch of the shore, near where it was first been. Several were shots fired at the seal from a distance, but not they were of sufficient force to Injure it seriously.








After others had temporarily given the hunt, Messrs. up H. A. Andrews, C, Richardson, and W. H. Devine mnde another effort to locate the visitor, and when at last It showed its head out of the water within a few yards of the boat Mr. it. Andrews shot The s<>al although badly injured, made off downstream, and when a youth, Clyde Fitzgerald, was It chasing in a Bmall punt it made a lurch out of the water and landed partly In the boat. The lad

Struck It with a paddle, and soon afterwards Messrs. Devin» and Richardson a who had much larger boat, grasped the double flaps of its tail. A rope was then placed round Its dead, and It was dragged ashore and killed. was The 8ft. sea) about and long, Its large bulky weighed roughly 4cwt. body was in covered with small patts It was barnacles. considered that probably it had visited the streamy part of the river In an endeavour to relieve itself of some of the parasites. seal The waB afterwards taken to New Norfolk Ion the side of a was car, and viewed by a large number of persona in the main
street. A sea lion was In the River captured Derwent about a mile below New Norfolk township early In this January was There year. practically no difference In the build of the creature caught

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