Malladi Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd is one of India 's most tradition conscious and ethically sound Pharmaceutical Company.

Malladi Drugs was founded in 1980 by late Mr. M L N Sastry, a pioneering microbiologist with expertise in fermentation technology. Today, Malladi is the leading manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) in the Cough and Cold segment along with a dominant presence in other therapeutic segments like Anti-histamines, Anti-convulsants, Anti-depressants and Anxiolytics (CNS) of the global pharmaceutical industry. Some of our noteworthy achievements are • • • The first company in India to manufacture Ephedrine & Pseudoephedrine salts through a fully indigenous process. The first Indian company to acquire an API manufacturing facility out of India – Novus Fine Chemicals in New Jersey, USA. We currently market our products in over 60 Countries and are supported by highly motivated and talented partners.

At the heart of this pharmaceutical company there is desire to heal and contribute to the wellness of mankind. We are constantly innovating; Providing Value added services and always ensure that we have excellent relationships with everyone which encompasses our businesses and beyond.

Malladi offers the following: Products
• • •

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Steroids & Hormones and Molecules under Scale Up Speciality and Intermediate Product List

Services Contract Manufacturing • • • • GMP compliant manufacturing Collaborative and non-competing business model Exclusive project working relationship for grams – kilos- commercial Intellectual Property Protection

Custom Synthesis • • • • Non-infringing processes Synthesis of API's and Complex Advanced Intermediates Biosynthesis of API's, Intermediates and Performance Chemicals Intellectual Property Protection

Contract Research • • • • New Chemical entities – Global patents Non-infringing processes Competently staffed- Doctorates in Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmacology and Microbiology In-house process development and technology driven.

cGMP compliant. We have validation capabilities across the Product Development Cycle and facilitate quick and efficient DMF compilation with dedicated QA and QC teams for identified projects. Our units have Zero effluent discharge and an impeccable safety record. establish a benchmark for other manufacturing units in the Industry. We undertake Contract Manufacturing and Custom Synthesis API's. . We also have expertise in Fermentation-based products and can also offer our customers exclusive project working relationships and utmost confidentiality and protection of IPR. ours is the only facility in the United States of America for manufacturing Pseudoephedrine HCl. Our reaction conditions range from -70C to +230C. Advanced Intermediates and Clinical supplies. We ensure that our manufacturing units are completely safe for the environment as well as our workers.Manufacturing facilities: We have FIVE manufacturing units in India and ONE in the USA In fact. EDQM. audited by the USFDA. which are ISO 9001:2000. TGA and other big Pharma Majors. Our manufacturing units.