Casting a Circle / Creating Sacred Space

A magic circle is circle or sphere of space which contains energy and forms a sacred space, it also provides magical protection. Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed, then cleanse the area both physically and spiritually, use a broom or besom to sweep away and dust, debris etc. Use incense, or a smudge stick to purify spiritually - if you have a ritual besom this will also sweep away any undesired influences. Mark the area of the circle, this can be traced in the ground; drawn in salt, sand or chalk; use a rope to mark the area; or it can be visualised. Place your altar inside the boundary of the circle, typically an altar will contain the following: Representations of the Elements i.e. Earth, Air, Fire and Water - Example: Pentacle, Incense, Candle, Chalice of Water A bowl of Salt and Water for purification Representations of your Deities - Example: Statues, Pictures, Candles Offerings - Fruit, Nuts, Bread, Cakes, Ale Ritual Tools - Athame, Cauldron, Wand, Pentacle, Bell, Altar Candle Anything that you need for your Magickal Workings should be placed into the circle. To purify the sacred space and invite in the elemental guardians, you will need a salt/water solution, an incense censer or smudge stick, representations of the Elements (personally I prefer to use coloured candles Earth=Green, Air=Yellow, Fire=Red, Water=Blue) - place these representations in the cardinal points, if you are using candles do not light them just yet. Now you are ready to raise the energy to purify the circle and create sacred space. Creating Sacred Space Begin in the East and walk clock-wise (deosil) around the circle, sprinkling the salt-water mixture. While doing so, say "Salt and Water by casting thee, no spell nor unk nown purpose be, except in true accord with me, and as my will, so mote it be!" Next, take the incense and, beginning in the East, walk clock -wise around the circle, allowing the smoke from the incense to cleanse the circle. While doing so, say, "I banish from this circle, all unclean and evil forces". Walk the circle a third time saying "I cast this circle to protect me from all negative energy. I draw into this circle only energies and forces that are right and good for me and correct for my work" Visualise light filling the entire circle and say in a commanding voice: "I have created a sacred space. So mote it Be". Call the Quarters As you light each elemental candle in turn, say the following:

So Mote It Be!" Clap your hands loudly or ring the altar bell again to disperse the energy. Blessed Be. the summer. Blessed Be. Competitions and More« Visit us today www. I invite the powers of Fire. I do summon. I invite the mermaids. I invite the powers of Earth. I do summon. stir and call you up ." Welcoming the Deities This must be done with respect. **This is an example of creating To blow out the old and bring in the new on your winds of change. say: "O circle of power. the winter. thank the elements as you pass their cardinal point. To cleanse me of negativity and purify my thoughts. Reviews ." "Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West." "Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North. I invite the powers of Water."Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East. Physically clean up the area. I release thee. the autumn. On the third and final turn. Return to your place of power. The invitation may be as simple or elaborate as you choose. Visualise your deity as you make your invitation for them to join you. Blessed Be. you should make offerings to your chosen deity based on their correspondences.come! Be welcome in this Thousands of Magical and New Age items ± Delivery Worldwide Plus Online Book of Shadows." "Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South. the twilight. News. stir and call you up. I do summon. Blessed Be. finally replenish your energy with the cakes and ale. the noon.come! Be welcome in this rite.if you wish to republish. perform ritual magick etc. thank your deities for their protection and guidance. the spring. Cast Your Spell Now you may meditate. Thank you for your guidance. the dawn. I invi te the powers of Air. On the second turn. stir and call you up . stir and call you up .come! Be welcome in this rite. I invite the firedrakes. Closing the Circle Walk anti-clockwise (widdershins) around your circle three times. I invite the gnomes. I do summon. On the first turn. © Pagan Magic . To burn away regrets and shine your gentle rays upon me for growth. Let your renewing strength bury all ills and open new paths before me. however you must be . the midnight.come! Be welcome in this rite. please contact us for permission at info@pagan-magic. I invite the sprites. you can add or change aspects of this ritual to suit your By my will.

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