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WD TV® Live™ HD Media Player

Firmware Release Notes

These release notes provide information on the latest posting of firmware

for the WD TV Live HD Media Player.

These release notes provide information on the following:

• Version 1.05.04_V
• Version 1.04.31_V
• Version 1.04.22_V
• Version 1.04.17_V
• Version 1.04.10_V
• Version 1.03.49_V
• Version 1.02.21
• Version 1.01.24
• Version 1.01.17
• Version 1.01.11
• Firmware Installation Procedure
• Problems during or after FW upgrade

WD TV Live HD Media Player Firmware Release Notes 1

Version 1.05.04_V:

Resolved Issues:

• Supports USB hard drives greater than 2TBs.

• Resolved user interface brightness issue introduced with last release.
• Resolved Hebrew subtitles not displaying correctly.
• Resolved several Facebook user interface issues.
• Resolved several Tunein user interface issues.
• Resolved arrow keys on keyboard do not work in Network Setup.
• Resolved Scrolling text is not smooth.

Version 1.04.31_V:

Resolved Issues:

• Supports Arabic, Hebrew and Polish languages user interfaces.

• Resolved playback problems with certain .m2ts files.
• Resolved playback problems with .vob files.
• Resolved YouTube problem where user playlists don’t display.
• Resolved playback problem where the info bar does not hide in DVD on pause/resume/chapter skip.
• Resolved problem with Flingo stability.

General Info:

• We have temporarily blocked USB mounting of Advanced Format (4k sector) HDD greater than 2TBs.

Version 1.04.22_V:

Resolved Issues:

• Supports Tune-In radio application.

• Supports 7.1 channel audio passthrough.
• Supports Auto-framerate (Audio Video settings/video output/HDMI/auto/auto/Match video framerate)
• Corrected various general menu and options wording issues.
• Corrected various Facebook user interface wording and functionality problems.
• Corrected various Live365 user interface wording and functionality problems.
• Corrected various Pandora user interface wording and functionality problems.
• Corrected various Mediafly user interface wording and functionality problems.
• Resolved problem with some HD files from Mediafly becoming out of sync.

WD TV Live HD Media Player Firmware Release Notes 2

• Resolved digital audio passthrough problem playing on both HDMI and optical at the same time.
• Resolved problem with Auto-play feature not automatically playing content.
• Resolved problem with Belkin F7D2101 v1WiFi adapter not connecting to network.
• Resolved “Clear login info” from Network Share not clearing the login info.
• Resolved problem where filenames that begin with the same name as a folder will not show up.
• Resolved problem where HDMI resolution could not be forced if not supported by the EDID.
• Resolved meta-data problem where “/” character in the title makes the system reboot.
• Resolved problem of no video playback after using Netflix.
• Resolved problem with ISO playback not working – except through preview mode.
• Resolved video playback problem where the info bar does not hide on pause/resume or chapter skip.
• Resolved problem where empty folder are hidden when copying or moving.
• Resolved USB keyboard problem where the arrow keys don’t work in wireless network settings page.
• Resolved problem where a folder icon was displayed over the top of the thumbnail.
• Resolved problem where DVI output was not working for a particular DVI monitor.
• Resolved problem of DTS and AC-3 not working with passthrough.
• Resolved problem where videos can not start until after 10-90 seconds after start-up.
• Resolved problem where user could not copy a file/folder to the root directory of the drive.
• Resolved problem where an incorrect error message was displayed if invalid username/password entered.
• Resolved problem where system reset fails to erase user info.
• Resolved video playback where audio takes 5 seconds to catch up after fast-forward or re-wind
• Resolved problem where the system would reboot when special characters are entered into device name.
• Resolved a file management problem where deleting a file on a network share caused the device to reboot.
• Resolved problem where high sample rate audio was being downsampled to 48KHz.
• Removed Blu-ray DVD message “Unable to play this video menu.”

General Info:

• Known issue with playback of .VOB files over network share.

• We have temporarily blocked USB mounting of Advanced Format (4k sector) HDD greater than 2TBs.

Version 1.04.17_V:

Resolved Issues:

• Resolved USB keyboard response time.

• Resolved crashing when hot plugging USB keyboard.
• Resolved artifact lines or screen flicker while in Preview mode sometime.
• Resolved slow exiting from Flingo® app.
• Resolved inability to add to Deezer® playlist.
• Resolved Facebook® not providing upload option.
• Resolved several minor user interface issues within Facebook, Deezer, Mediafly® and

WD TV Live HD Media Player Firmware Release Notes 3

General Info:

We have temporarily blocked USB mounting of Advanced Format (4k sector) HDD greater than 2TBs.

Version 1.04.10_V:

Resolved Issues:

• Supports Facebook application.

• Supports Deezer application.
• Supports Flingo application.
• Supports AccuWeather® application.
• Supports USB keyboards.
• Resolved ability to download two files simultaneously.

Version 1.03.49_V:

Resolved Issues:

• Resolved HDMI negotiation issue found in previous firmware release.

• Resolved HDMI auto resolution selection issue.
• Resolved HDMI Video Output - 24Hz and 50Hz modes not working.
• Resolved HDMI screen flicker issue.
• Resolved playback issues related to mkvmerge.
• Improved thumbnail caching.
• Resolved MP4 problems with seeking and audio stopping.
• Resolved MP4 poor frame-rate and audio out of sync.
• Resolved File Share group name – No longer requires all group names to be the same. (Reset
to factory defaults required)
• Resolved various user interface translation issues.
• Added Mediafly application.
• Added DVD Navigation support.
• Added .MOV chapter support.
• Added wireless adaptor support for ASUS USB-N13.
• Added security when mounting a network share on password protected local drives.
• Resolved aspect ratio issues.
• Resolved subtitle encoding for Big 5.
• Resolved resume remembering previous audio selection.
• Resolved IDX +_SUB positioning issue causing video freeze.
• Resolved PGS subtitle becoming frozen while using the delay function.

WD TV Live HD Media Player Firmware Release Notes 4

• Resolved Network share intermittent detection issue.
• Resolved undetectable 4TB My Book.
• Resolved large capacity video file (.ts) unable to play issue.
• Resolved DVR-MS video stops when fast forward at 6x.
• Resolved Buffalo G300N not enumerating.

Version 1.02.21:

Resolved Issues:

• Added Play To support for Microsoft® Windows® 7.

• Added external subtitle location options (Up/Down arrows).
• Added larger subtitle font size options.
• Added Western European language input for keyboard.
• Added serial and part number to About page.
• Added support for embedded subtitles in mpg files.
• Added new category in Photo/Video to view by date.
• Added a field in network settings for changing the workgroup name.
• Added ability to play a video from the preview window without restarting.
• Added username/password feature for SAMBA security.
• Added Wireless LAN strength bar in Network info page.
• Changed default browsing by date to start with the latest files first.
• Changed video browse default to Preview mode instead of Thumbnail mode.
• Corrected several language translations issues.
• Resolved Cover-Art issue with folder.jpg & file.jpeg
• Resolved slow to source MKV files over network share.
• Resolved issues with external subtitle sync adjustment (Right/Left arrows).
• Resolved abnormal display of BMP photos through a media server.
• Resolved audio channel information showing up in AutoPlay mode.
• Resolved Blu-ray ISO subtitles not displaying throughout video playback.
• Resolved Blu-ray slow playback across SAMBA.
• Resolved camera files not enumerating correctly in mass storage.
• Resolved login issue with SAMBA after exiting screen saver.
• Resolved DVR-MS black screen problem on resume after fast-forward and rewind.
• Resolved external SUB/IDX subtitles flashbacking issue.
• Resolved playback across media server failures.
• Resolved hard drive icon from disappearing in the video list under preview mode.
• Resolved issue of HDMI becoming jittery after long-time play.
• Resolved M4V files not supporting fast-forward and rewind.
• Resolved manual network addressing issue.
• Resolved missing shuffle & repeat icon for slideshow within Flickr.
• Resolved music search not displaying playlist names.
• Resolved network devices (SAMBA) disappearing without warning.

WD TV Live HD Media Player Firmware Release Notes 5

• Resolved PTP issue of unsupported video file formats DX6490, DIMAGE Z2 & X1,
Optio555, and DMC-FX2.
• Resolved Sony Walkman not showing photos within directory.
• Resolved unsupported file formats not showing an error message.
• Resolved video playback overscan issue for CRT TVs.
• Resolved WIFI Belkin F6D4050 with RAlink 3070 chip, and Linksys WUSUB100 Ver 2.
• Resolved WIFI ZyXel NWD-270N dongle not enumerating.

Version 1.01.24:

Resolved Issues:

• Redesigned YouTube user interface to comply with YouTube requirements.

• Resolved search results in YouTube to be in the same order provided by YouTube.
• Added Flag Video feature to YouTube.
• Added seeking controls (fast-forward/rewind) in the YouTube player in 10-second
• Updated to the new YouTube Video logo throughout the application.
• Modified YouTube video timestamp format to make it more readable.
• Implemented Add to Playlist feature in YouTube.
• Added Save search queries to save users time in re-entering search terms in YouTube.

Version 1.01.17:

Resolved Issues:

• Improved the reliability of the WD TV Live firmware upgrade manager by incorporating a

more robust method of upgrading firmware over the Internet.

Version 1.01.11:

Resolved Issues:

• Added a progress indicator when searching for online firmware updates; previously there was no
feedback to the user.
• Added a “Display Resolution” field so that users can see the current resolution setting more
efficiently; previously this setting was within another menu.
• Added a warning and confirmation message before a file is overwritten using the file manager;
previously there was no warning.

WD TV Live HD Media Player Firmware Release Notes 6

• Added multiple page support for file management functions; previously only one page could be
managed through the file manager.
• Added a user selectable “on/off” for the fade in and fade out effect while browsing files; previously
this was defaulted to “on” all the time.
• Added a message when the USB device is improperly removed without being ejected first.
• Added cover art display function when viewing music files in album view.
• Added more character spaces for filenames when viewing videos in preview mode; previously the
filenames were very short before being cut off.
• Resolved overlapping filenames with “Repeat” and “Shuffle” icons.
• Resolved absence of audio when there is only a single, center channel audio stream in a video.
• Resolved irregular spacing between lines with Korean subtitles.
• Resolved UI issue when “Related Videos” is displayed in YouTube; previously a Flickr® image
would also be displayed.
• Corrected typo in the YouTube menu to “Delete all accounts;” previously “Delete all account” was
• Resolved wording issues on the network password menu.
• Resolved issue where WLAN preferences appeared even if no WLAN adaptor is connected.
• Resolved filename display issue in preview mode where filenames were being truncated to “…”
even if there were only 3 remaining characters to be displayed.
• Resolved issue with Flickr network connection dropping when the “Prev” or “Next” keys are
repeatedly pressed on the remote.
• Resolved issue of files sorting and sequencing first by capital letters, then by lowercase letters; files
previously displaying in this order: A.jpg, B.jpg, a.jpg, now display properly as: A.jpg, a.jpg, B.jpg
• Resolved playback issue where green blocks would appear on the screen when using “FF” or “Rev”
during VOB playback.
• Resolved issue of the progress indicator not automatically disappearing after “FF” or “Rev” was
used during playback.
• Resolved issue of the info bar not appearing after using a “Next” or “Prev” function during file
• Resolved issue that caused the device to hang while refreshing network settings.
• Resolved display error when streaming music files from uPNP server for next song display.
• Resolved font issue in the drive unlock password menu.
• Resolved issues with Live365 sorting parameters and row attributes.
• Changed error message from “Folder could not be accessed” to “Auto Play content could not be
accessed” when Auto Play is on and there is no playable content on the root of the drive.
• Resolved issue when trying to playback an empty folder; previously it would process infinitely with
no result or error.
• Resolved issue when displaying photos from a network share where “Prev” and “Next” are used;
previously the pictures would display out of order.
• Resolved issue where the WD TV Live Media Player would hang if a NAS device is disconnected
from the network during media playback.
• Resolved Spanish translation issues.
• Resolved issues pertaining to Pandora playback and interface.
• Removed unnecessary icon in file management page.

WD TV Live HD Media Player Firmware Release Notes 7

• Resolved issue where WD TV Live Media Player failed to refresh the attached storage when
browsing from a PC.
• Resolved issue where YouTube video could not be replayed after switching from wired network to
wireless network.
• Resolved playback issues with some AVI files where audio would de-sync from the video,
previously audio would keep playing but video would re-start halfway through.
• Resolved issue with Twonky Media server where the WD TV Live HD Media Player was being
displayed as “Generic Playback Device;” the appropriate name is now displayed.
• Resolved issue where WD TV Live HD Media Player kept trying to catalog the hard drive after it
had been ejected.
• Resolved issue in YouTube video playback where video information is still displayed in “Related
Videos” section.
• Resolved restart issue during browsing in Live365 VIP stations.
• Resolved issue in YouTube search that causes the WD TV Live HD Media Player to restart.
• Resolved playback issues with some MPEG2 video files.
• Resolved translation issues with Live365 sign-in page.
• Resolved issue where file skip (“Prev” and “Next”) doesn’t work properly when there are only two
files in the folder.
• Resolved issue surrounding “File Repeat” function after a system reset.
• Resolved issue of time-stamping files to “1/1/2000”; now timestamps are untouched by the
WD TV Live HD Media Player.
• Expanded support for user names greater than 20 characters.

WD TV Live HD Media Player Firmware Release Notes 8

Installing the Firmware Update

Firmware is an important set of instructions that tells your WD TV Live HD Media Player how to
operate and what the interactive screens look like, as well as ensures accurate functionality.
Upgrading the firmware is important because WD continues to develop tools that updated your WD
TV Live HD Media Player’s capabilities and promotes ease of use.

Important: Make sure the WD TV Live HD Media Player’s AC power adapter

remains connected during the firmware update. A power disruption during the
update process can corrupt the system firmware. Also, make sure that you do not
unplug the USB storage device

To update the firmware via a USB device:

1. Go to to download the latest firmware update compressed file for

your WD TV Live Media Player.
2. Click "Downloads" then the product name (or photo).
3. Extract the three files (.BIN, .VER, and .FFF files) to the root (top level) of a portable
USB drive.
4. Connect the USB drive to the WD TV Live Media Player's USB port.
5. Press HOME, and then select the Settings bar.
6. Select the firmware upgrade icon, and press ENTER.
7. You are prompted to perform the firmware upgrade.
8. Select OK on the firmware update prompt, and then press ENTER. This will restart the
9. After restarting, the system automatically enters firmware upgrade mode.
10. Once the update process is completed, the WD TV Live HD Media Player will restart
11. Once the WD TV Live HD Media Player restarts, the new firmware is automatically

Important product update notes:

Make sure the only USB drive connected to the WD TV Live HD Media Player contains
the product update files.

To update the firmware via the online update tool:

Once firmware is available through the online update tool, you will be automatically prompted to
update. Simply click “Okay,” and the update will be downloaded and applied.

Alternatively, users may manually check for an online update at any time by going to the “Check
for updates” section within the device settings menu, while the device is connected to the

WD TV Live HD Media Player Firmware Release Notes 9

Problems during or after firmware upgrade

Before you rollback to an earlier Firmware (KBA # 5800) or contact Product Support, please try
some of these methods to resolve the problem you are experiencing. Try each method to see if it
fixes your issue before progressing to the next method.

The WD TV does not complete firmware upgrade:

1. Retry by using the upgrade FW on a different USB drive.
2. Load an earlier FW (KBA # 5800) onto a different USB drive to downgrade, and then try
upgrading again using a different USB drive.
3. Load an earlier FW (KBA # 5800) and then try upgrading via online update.

Network specific issues:

1. Redo Network Setup: Settings/Network Settings/Network Setup.
2. Clear your Network Shares logins: Settings/Network Settings/ “Clear login info for
Network Share.” Then re-login.

All issues:
1. Reset your unit through the user interface: Settings/System/”Reset to factory defaults”
2. Hard reset by momentarily pressing a pin in the “Reset” hole on the bottom of the WD
TV unit. (This will reset the unit back to defaults without eliminating any media or
personal files)
3. Delete the “.wd_tv” folder from your USB attached Hard Drive using a PC. Re attach
USB to the WD TV

WD TV Live HD Media Player Firmware Release Notes 10