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{994}{1076}An Old Egyptian poem|goes as follows: "Nile,
{1082}{1194}Nile, Nile,|impetuous and turbulent river
{1201}{1287}you're like our queen,|the source of life.
{2717}{2824}Our story begins|in a distant past, in Alexandria,
{2832}{2892}or at Alexandria, both are possible...
{2898}{2998} Egypt, at the palace|of the queen of queens.
{3004}{3081}The legendary and elegant Cleopatra.
{3186}{3294}I'm saying Egypt's culture|isn't all that great...
{3303}{3379}There were good times of course.
{3385}{3450}I'm just saying the current people are decadent.
{3478}{3532}And that Egypt is merely a Roman province.
{3538}{3600}A "province"!|- Yes...
{3619}{3684}Until further notice, o Caesar...
{3690}{3754}'s not the Romans|that build the great pyramids.
{3793}{3853}Those pointy things?|- And the sphinx?
{3863}{3927}And the tower of Pharos? What do you think of that?
{3937}{3994}That's old news.|- Yesterday...
{4004}{4100}...or today, my people are superior.|- In fact your people are...
{4106}{4185}...Greek, and I know better|true Egyptians.
{4284}{4361}I can prove to you, o Caesar...
{4367}{4439}...that my people are still brilliant.
{4445}{4510}Yes? How? Painting portraits?
{4530}{4602}No, by building a palace.
{4612}{4654}I already have a palace in Rome.
{4664}{4766}You'll get one in Alexandria too.|So when you visit the "province"..
{4772}{4884}'ll have somewhere to sleep.|But it will be bigger...
{4890}{4973}...and more luxurious|than all other palaces.
{4998}{5085}Bigger than "Caesar's Palace"?|I'd like to see that...
{5091}{5122}You will see.
{5145}{5226}Rome wasn't built in one day.|When will it be finished?
{5247}{5272}Three centuries from now?
{5282}{5305}Three months.
{5358}{5401}Three months?|- Three months?
{5411}{5437}Three...|- ...months?
{5449}{5511}Within 3 months you'll have your palace.
{5517}{5577}It'll never be finished in time.
{5601}{5644}But fine,|I accept the challenge.
{5653}{5711}If you make it, I'll publicly admit...
{5717}{5819}...that your people|is still brilliant. But I have my doubts.
{6015}{6063}See you in three months...
{6073}{6129}He really gets the most of me.
{6405}{6480}Oh no...why is the floor already finished?
{6486}{6585}First the water pipes.|Now we have to break up the floor.
{6591}{6697}Malococsis,|I'm not an architect. I'm a tiler.
{6703}{6768}What's that door doing there?|- No idea.
{6774}{6863}Ask Edifis, the architect.|- Architects...
{6869}{6947}Along with cart wrights|they're the most incompentent.
{6999}{7070}Edifis...|- I'm happy to see you.
{7098}{7141}How are you?|- Terrible!
{7153}{7192}W...w...What's the problem?
{7202}{7251}The door in the ceiling?|- That?
{7261}{7370}I anticipate. Should you want a|second floor, no problem.
{7382}{7457}And the tiles. Beautiful, huh?|Feudartifis, come see.
{7474}{7543}Are they beautiful or what?|- Beautiful.
{7674}{7715} me...
{7721}{7773}...I'm not a cart wright.|- You're worse.
{7790}{7877}You're running two months behind.|Watch it, I have connections.
{7883}{7955}People in high places who could|cause you a great deal of problems.
{7985}{8031}Preferably from Alexandria...
{8069}{8106}Architect Edifis?
{8158}{8218}No, that's...What's it about?
{8227}{8288}I had to laugh because of the Alexandria joke...
{8294}{8404}...because people in high places|makes me think about monkeys in a t
{8410}{8461}You don't have to get angry.
{8542}{8608}My little one...Wake up. Breakfast.
{8733}{8759}What's that?
{9049}{9131}Artifis... clean the water.|It stinks.
{9184}{9221}I don't smell anything...
{9230}{9300}I was just doing|what I always do.
{9309}{9373}That's your problem.
{9381}{9416}You always do like you always do.
{9422}{9470}Yes, I always do.
{9491}{9577}The floor is weird. I don't feel it.
{9586}{9619}Where is it?
{9684}{9711}Good day.
{9779}{9868}Edifis, is Egypt|the most powerful empire in the world?
{9877}{9959}Yes. No one in the world has more power.
{9968}{10050}Of course I don't know everyone.
{10059}{10137}The Romans and Caesar|have their doubts.
{10146}{10233}I'm going to show him what we can do.|- Ok.
{10242}{10332}I'm building him the most magnificent palace.|- Ok.
{10341}{10403}And you, Edifis, will be the architect.
{10457}{10513}I'll be the architect. Meaning?
{10543}{10574}I'll have to...
{10620}{10669}Al my other architects are busy.
{10678}{10737}No, I'm not busy.
{10746}{10786}He's not busy.
{10871}{10933}Edifis, you're the only one available.
{10967}{11055}I have no time. I have to|finish my work for Malococsis.
{11064}{11110}Only the tiles, but anyway...
{11119}{11204}My Queen, as your architect|I offer you my services.
{11246}{11298}When the crocodiles|have fresh water, I could...
{11304}{11373}No, you're good, but too conservative.
{11396}{11458}Conservative... What does that mean?
{11467}{11538}I want something new, something refreshing.
{11547}{11643}But... help Edifis. Find some land.
{11708}{11737}As you wish.
{11746}{11840}Go, Edifis, you've got three months.
{11874}{11939}Three months? What margin?
{11945}{12050}Because three months,|that's merely enough for the plans...
{12056}{12141}...and with the foundations,|that's three times four, nine...
{12150}{12186}Three months, that's...
{12195}{12245}I don't think that's enough.
{12254}{12362}Edifis! You've got three months.|Exactly!
{12659}{12718}If you succeed, I'll cover you with gold.
{12761}{12839}If you fail,|I'll feed you to the crocodiles.
{13542}{13583}Where's the sweet little lamb?
{13621}{13668}They ate the little lamb?
{13796}{13863}I should build that palace.
{13869}{13925}Then I,|neither Cleopatra, the rain...
{13931}{13973}...the hail nor the locusts...
{13979}{14099}...would be Egypt's worst nightmare.
{14179}{14266}17, 18, 19, 20, 21...
{14502}{14595}474, 475, 476, 477...|- Boss!
{14693}{14766}Boss! I rushed myself...
{14772}{14833}I was thinking about some sort of machine...
{14842}{14912}...that would enable us|to reach the top of the pyramid.
{14918}{15004}Otis... can't this wait?
{15039}{15117}What are you counting, boss?|- I'm measuring.
{15190}{15248}Cleopatra wants a palace for Caesar.
{15254}{15313}Here. On this stroke of land.
{15319}{15404}From there... to there.
{15444}{15481}That would be a big palace.
{15487}{15533}It has to be modern and daring.
{15542}{15613}That's great. You can stop now...
{15619}{15660}...leave it to the experts.
{15666}{15721}No time, we've got 3 months.
{15727}{15774}Fine. And how much extra time?
{15780}{15856}None. We've got 3 months,|not a day more.
{15875}{15939}Impossible.|- That's obvious.
{15945}{15998}However urgent jobs|can be interesting.
{16004}{16050}It's not urgent, it's suicide.
{16056}{16141}If I fail,|I'll be fed to the crocodiles. And I saw them...
{16147}{16199}A crocodile is fast.
{16205}{16269}Not good.|I can't finish my machine.
{16275}{16361}Did you hear me|did you hear me?
{16375}{16462}Yes, no, but...|- Sorry, but I can be eaten.
{16471}{16505}Three months starting when?
{16585}{16644}The clock is ticking.|- They've been working on the gardens for ye
{16650}{16723}And there's nothing. Completely nothing.
{16729}{16764}We need magic.
{16773}{16869}We need to be magicians. Gods.
{16910}{16992}Exactly...|We need magical powers.
{17001}{17067}Yes, it's not good news,|but that's it.
{17175}{17217}When I was little...
{17234}{17334} dad told me|about this druid. Geta-Getabemix.
{17459}{17495}Something ending in ix?
{17562}{17618}It starts with Geta...|and ends in ininekix.
{17624}{17678}How about Pommederainettepommedapix.
{17710}{17749}A druid.
{17758}{17828}A Gallic druid with a magic potion.
{17834}{17880}It gives people enormous strength.
{17886}{17987}Using that potion I'll|finish in no time and stay alive.
{17993}{18083}Imhotep, I didn't expect it,|but suddenly I'm freed.
{18132}{18168}...magic potions don't exist.
{18177}{18268}Only on children's papyrus|drawings.
{18283}{18339}Get us some workers.|Let them start the foundations.
{18345}{18446}There will be a lane with big statues.|Called "Big Statue Lane".
{18452}{18554}And there gardens with olive and|orange trees, willows, ....
{18560}{18632}Yes, and there the palace, luxurious and magnificent.
{18641}{18727}With a huge court yard|and lots of dancers.
{18738}{18852}And there a small geranium,|yes, that will be beautiful.
{18858}{18903}That will be really beautiful.
{18909}{18968}You have to picture it.|- Yes.
{18977}{19063}I'm leaving. See you in a month.|- A month?
{19072}{19143}Max. The time to find Getabemix|and come back.
{19152}{19190}Go, Cannabis.
{19220}{19261}Go, Cannabis!
{19273}{19315}Let's go!
{19375}{19437}You're not moving, Cannabis.
{19446}{19482}Move it! Go, Cannabis!
{19488}{19520}Where does that Mix live?
{19526}{19618}Up north.|He lives up north.
{19624}{19714}Go, go Cannabis.
{19827}{19898}The year is 50 B.C.
{19904}{20013}Gaul is entirely occupied|by the Romans. Well, not entirely...
{20019}{20147}One small village of invincible Gauls still|holds out against the
{20152}{20263}And life is not easy for the Roman legionaries|who garrison the fo
rtified camps of
{20269}{20376}Totorum, Aquarium, Laudanum|and Compendium...
{20382}{20437}En garde, Gaul. Defend yourself!
{20459}{20504}One moment please.
{20621}{20673}What was that?|- Are you new here?
{20682}{20719}Yes, we've just been transferred.
{20728}{20836}I understand.|This potion is a magic potion...
{20845}{20945}...made by our druid|and it makes us stronger.
{21177}{21271}Getamanix! Getamenixme!
{21292}{21342}What kind of country is this?
{21366}{21459}Incredible, it's minus 8000 degrees here.
{21668}{21758}I don't have to drink it,|I fell in when I was a little boy.
{21764}{21843}It gives me extraordinary power.
{21982}{22026}Nice, huh?
{22053}{22105}Good day.|Where's the Gallic village.
{22125}{22244}If you follow them|you'll get there
{22253}{22339}I'm not going with you, ok? I'm staying here.
{22345}{22390}I'm going to think a little.
{22427}{22515}Those Romans are good,|they fly better than the others.
{22521}{22607}It's because of their new helmets.|They're more aerodynamic.
{22719}{22783}Landing could be better.
{22805}{22869}Excuse me? Are you Asterixme?
{22874}{22947}Rix. Asterix. And this is Obelix.
{22953}{23009}And the dog is Dogmatix.
{23018}{23129}Do you know Getabamenix? A druid.
{23289}{23401}Getafix, excuse me for disturbing,|but you have a visitor.
{23454}{23523}Sir?|- It's me!
{23571}{23621}He obviously doesn't know you.
{23627}{23720}I, I, I'm Edifis.|I'm Tumeris' son, your old friend.
{23759}{23835}What a pleasant surprise.
{23855}{23903}You must be frozen.
{23912}{23959}I'm very happy to see you.
{23981}{24063}He's from Alexandria. Come warm yourself.
{24118}{24203}That's the magic potion?|- No, chestnut soup.
{24375}{24451}I can't sell you any potion.
{24516}{24605}Not all of it. One cauldron.
{24678}{24739}He won't budge, it's the principle.
{24748}{24776}A small cauldron.
{24861}{24908}A flask.|- No.
{24976}{25028}A small flask.|- Nee.
{25037}{25135}A cup. A small cup.|A small cup, that's all.
{25166}{25269}It's a secret among druids|and not for sale.
{25363}{25408}A little cup is not much.
{25430}{25463}I'm sorry, Edifis.
{25600}{25642}Ok then.
{25684}{25736}You were my only hope.
{25759}{25830}The small chance of survival.
{25855}{25895}But I understand.
{25921}{25950}You have other things to worry about.
{25980}{26067}Caesar, the Romans. Who I'm not fond of.
{26111}{26153}Maybe I'm going to die...
{26159}{26201}But it was nice knowing you.
{26468}{26497}But what's wrong?
{26570}{26662}Edifis, wait.|I've been planning to consult some manuscripts...
{26671}{26723} Alexandria's library. I can't promise anything...
{26753}{26808}...but I'll join you.
{26844}{26918}Thanks. Thanks a lot, Getamanix.
{26927}{26991}My ship is waiting, there's enough room|for everyone.
{26999}{27063}There's no time to loose.|- Let's go, Dogmatix.
{27068}{27141}You're not going to take him are you?|- Why not?
{27147}{27250}He's too small for such a big trip.|And Egypt is the land of cats.
{27256}{27334}Pack your bags and don't talk about any longer.
{27358}{27448}"Don't talk about it..."
{27693}{27782}Accompanied by the arctic wind,|on board of the Napadelis...
{27788}{27888}...a long journey to Egypt begins,|the land of Ra, the Sun God.
{27894}{27977}Cleopatra's kingdom would|soon welcome...
{27983}{28037}...Asterix, Obelix and Getafix
{28046}{28100}And Dogmatix?
{28186}{28277}I bark. I'm not allowed|to talk anymore, so I bark.
{28286}{28359}Fine. Take him out, before he suffocates.
{28365}{28449}But it's empty.|- "It's empty".
{28506}{28592}Such a smart dog. My baby.
{28598}{28658}How nice.|He wanted to be with me.
{28664}{28718}He got in there himself.|- We were just saying...
{28727}{28778}...three months is a little short.
{28787}{28828}Artifis is a real hyena.
{28837}{28908}Do you know hyenas? Just the same.
{28917}{28949}He wants me dead and he has many talents.
{28958}{29020}Like what?|- No, he's rich.
{29026}{29100}He's got many golden talents.|The Egyptian coin.
{29106}{29170}In Gaul not the ones with most|talents are the richest.
{29179}{29267}Do we have to fear anything else?|- No, nothing.
{29276}{29321}Red Beard! Red Beard!
{29698}{29798}Men, last time we weren't|very lucky meeting those Gauls...
{29830}{29894}...with their magic potion,|and that big dog.
{29941}{30031}Completely outnumbered we|had no other option than to...
{30040}{30059}Run away.
{30084}{30131}No, not really.
{30137}{30201}We had to abandon ship|as soon as possible.
{30210}{30266}Swimming in that ice-cold water.|- No, it was nice.
{30275}{30321}It was ice cold.|- Fine.
{30342}{30456}To prevent further trouble,|we'll avoid the Gauls.
{30462}{30530}But for any others, no pity!
{30686}{30757}Ship at starboard!
{30853}{30911}Ready to board, daddy.|Raise the oars.
{30920}{30957}Calm down, my girl.
{30966}{31010}Besides you're not making any sense.
{31026}{31073}That's what I thought.
{31082}{31140}How many ships, Boy?
{31146}{31222}Just one, Captain, a small one.
{31250}{31285}Egyptian, Captain.
{31294}{31379}Egyptian.|- Egyptian. Sounds good.
{31385}{31489}This will get us back on track.|- "Ipso facto et manu militari".
{31550}{31651}Man your posts. Bosco, Gambler,|Mullet, hoist the sails!
{31660}{31732}Rackham, Worley, Husk,|blow the horns.
{31803}{31836}Get ready to board.
{32063}{32139}I'm king of the world!
{32318}{32374}Help, pirates!
{32453}{32520}Look, pirates. Quick, we have to have to get out of here.
{32557}{32584}The pirates.
{32689}{32717}It's us!
{32796}{32872}The G... The Ga... The Gau...
{32881}{32907}The Gauls!
{32937}{32963}This can't be happening.
{33033}{33134}Is there an axe here? Watch out. Pardon me.
{33233}{33298}Calm down there.|- What are they doing?
{33540}{33613}Cheater!|- It's not fair.
{33763}{33817}Good. Sink it yourselves.
{33823}{33861}They know who we are.
{33867}{33969}They're old friends.|We've met them many times at sea before.
{34052}{34131}You see,|"Abyssus abyssum invocat."
{34197}{34294}Enough of those|Latin proverbs.
{34507}{34565}What's that at the horizon?
{34571}{34604}The lights of Alexandria.
{34610}{34671}Let the butterflies of my youth strand.
{34719}{34757}I don't know why I just said that.
{34766}{34821}I'm hungry.|- We'll be there in the morning.
{34830}{34918}That's the tower of Pharos,|a beacon for ships.
{34927}{35012}A beacon for ships.|Egyptians are mad.
{35018}{35136}It's one of the seven wonders of the world.|The biggest constructi
on ever made by man.
{35145}{35185}I'm hungrier than a barracuda.
{36037}{36075}You wanted to see me, Edifis.
{36084}{36184}My Queen, the palace is getting along|nicely but there is not enou
gh time .
{36193}{36277}That's why I asked some Gallic friends,|a druid and 2 warriors...
{36286}{36331} help me with my task.
{36340}{36402}I'm here to ask your approval...
{36408}{36460}...for their help.
{36469}{36556}If it's ok with you.
{36586}{36629}I wasn't sure.
{36635}{36673}You can ask anyone for help.
{36682}{36764}Finish the palace|in time. That's all I ask.
{36792}{36909}Caesar mocks me every day.|I can't afford to loose this bet.
{36918}{36963}He's completely full of himself.
{37561}{37599}...make sure you finish in time|and everyone shall receive gold.
{37608}{37648}I would like that.
{37657}{37717}Else... the crocodiles.|- I wouldn't like that.
{37844}{37876}Now go.
{38096}{38160}He's cute with that moustache.
{38171}{38204}A little old.
{38210}{38291}No, the other one.|- No, too fat.
{38297}{38323}You do it on purpose?
{38391}{38504}She's probably got an evil personality,|but a lovely nose.
{38519}{38583}She'll feed me to the crocodiles.|- Very lovely.
{38589}{38634}Lovely nose,
{38640}{38704}and with a little braid on the side.
{38725}{38791}I'm going to be crocodile food|and he's dreaming about her nose.
{38797}{38855}Do crocodiles taste nice?
{38873}{38937}Could you show a little|more interest in me?
{39017}{39070}A big ant.
{40409}{40437}What a crowd!
{40446}{40555}Looks like the biannual|cattle market of Lutetia.
{40564}{40651}All new breeds of|cows are presented there.
{40657}{40697}A great show.
{40706}{40760}Which kind of cows do you have?
{40783}{40865}Yes, continue. There's nothing going on.
{40871}{40938}Yes, still a lot of work to be done.
{40944}{40979}And only 2 months left.
{40985}{41100}About that magic potion,|when I visited you in Gaul...
{41106}{41189} told me you would|take care of things. Now I would like to
{41195}{41250}I said I would see if I could help.|- How do you mean?
{41256}{41335}Where did all that sand come from?|- That was already here.
{41360}{41444}All those stones were|delivered by the Nile Express.
{41453}{41501}Hitting those slaves is very violent.
{41510}{41577}They're not slaves. They're construction workers...
{41583}{41647}...they do this voluntarily|and they get paid.
{41655}{41720}And those whiplashes are for fun?|- No.
{41726}{41802}Yes... I don't know.|We haven't had any complaints so far.
{41812}{41895}"Istou"?|- Maybe it means "continue".
{41949}{42007}The signal that the soup has arrived.
{42013}{42088}No. They're relieved.
{42097}{42164}Tradition calls for|them to exchange hair.
{42173}{42266}Now they're bonded by hair.
{42275}{42327}It's a different culture.
{42333}{42403}Do you remember that menhir|I threw at Caius Bonus?
{42409}{42470}I bet it weighed just as much|as that bunch of stones.
{42476}{42565}You should ask him.|He's best positioned to answer.
{42758}{42786}It's a different culture.
{42936}{43015}Another bill. I hate|paperwork.
{43021}{43103}Otis, my writer.
{43145}{43185}Writer, that's a comfortable position...
{43194}{43291}I don't think there are|any good or bad positions.
{43300}{43402}If I have to summarize my life,|I'll start with my encounters.
{43408}{43523}The people that stood up for me,|when I was all alone.
{43532}{43612}It's strange that coincidence|determines your faith...
{43618}{43706}...because once you've had|a taste of the good life...
{43715}{43806}'s sometimes hard to find|someone to speak to.
{43812}{43870}The mirror that helps you forward.
{43876}{43976}But not in my case,|cause I succeeded. I thank life...
{43982}{44059}...I sing, I dance. I'm love...
{44068}{44177}...and when people ask me|why I'm so humane...
{44186}{44272}...I tell them it's|the taste of love.
{44281}{44341}Which today leads me to this kind of|mechanical construction.
{44347}{44433}But tomorrow might lead me to be of|service to the whole community
{44439}{44517}...and I'll give myself.
{44621}{44698}What's for dinner this afternoon?|- Lentils.
{44810}{44856}I'll be back.
{44990}{45070}This is the place where|soon Caesar's Palace will be.
{45076}{45128}To be finished in 58 days.
{45241}{45272}What are you looking for?
{45278}{45334}I've lost my lentil.
{45539}{45606}Have we gone back to the days of the pharaoh's?
{45663}{45730}Slaving away|and getting whipped?
{45778}{45802}And for whom?
{45826}{45877}For Caesar...
{46016}{46089}Let him build his palace in Rome.
{46098}{46167}Everyone at his place|and the hippos will be fine.
{46176}{46216}That's true...
{46471}{46574}Friends,|you are being exploited.
{46589}{46697}You're being exhausted and...
{46736}{46767} be honest...
{46891}{46925}He's right.
{46961}{47032}And there two huge statues.
{47038}{47094}But not too huge.|15 meters high is enough.
{47100}{47180}And at the edge|of the sphinxes, a big kitchen.
{47186}{47279}Next to the bedrooms,|that's maybe not ideal.
{47285}{47377}Because of the noise and odour?|- Could become annoying.
{47383}{47418}Didn't think about that.
{47440}{47495}Why are those grapes so big?
{47501}{47589}They're dates, Obelix.|They grow on those trees.
{47690}{47738}Crunchy on the inside.|- That's the stone.
{47744}{47784}Not bad.
{47895}{48000}Lunch break is over. Get to work!
{48030}{48094}I hardly said anything.|Only that lunch break was over.
{48102}{48166}We're not satisfied! We're not satisfied!
{48243}{48289}Please?|- Yes...
{48298}{48332}We're not satisfied! We're not satisfied!
{48453}{48529}We refuse to work any longer|under these conditions.
{48538}{48617}It's unbearable.|- We're not satisfied!
{48626}{48678}Calm down, calm down.
{48710}{48752}We're not satisfied!
{48761}{48817}Who's in charge?
{48826}{48863}Ok fine.
{48869}{48924}I'll speak for all of us.
{48951}{49008}I'm Itineris.|- I'm listening.
{49017}{49086}You have two new messages.
{49103}{49210}First of all: we're working more than|18 hours a day or 36 hours i
n 2 days.
{49216}{49273}We want it lowered to 35 hours.
{49279}{49325}That'll never work. It'll cause problems.
{49334}{49405}Secondly,|and sorry for interrupting you...
{49411}{49467}...we want a decrease of at least 50%.
{49473}{49521}An increase you mean.|- No.
{49530}{49583}A decrease of the number of whiplashes.
{49592}{49634}We get too many whiplashes.
{49643}{49713}Some people get headaches|from the noise.
{49722}{49777}Their head is ready to burst.|- Yes...
{49783}{49888}...and concerning the food...|Some wild boar alongside the lentils
would be nice.
{49906}{49974}The less whiplashes,|the slower you work.
{49983}{50053}Then the palace doesn't get finished in time,|and I'll be fed to t
he crocodiles.
{50059}{50113}Enough, Edifis. Itineris is right...
{50122}{50186} not allow that.
{50309}{50394}I'm sure they would be|happy with some wild boar.
{50574}{50602}It's Ready.
{50756}{50845}No, you fell in when you|were little.
{50851}{50915}Come on, Dogmatix.
{50923}{50972}Give them a demonstration, Asterix.
{50998}{51057}Be careful, it might be a bit too strong.
{51217}{51286}It's a little too strong.|- No, it's very good.
{51551}{51590}Dogmatix, do a trick.
{51648}{51675}Do a trick.
{52346}{52397}It's a miracle...
{52604}{52647}Is there enough for everyone?
{52653}{52689}I'll make some more.
{52708}{52782}No, Obelix, you...|- Fell in when I was little....
{52788}{52829}Yes, alright.
{54294}{54361}No! Obelix, no.
{55252}{55323}Hohis. That's his name.
{55392}{55470}No, Hohis. With an h.
{56198}{56233}Can I help you?
{56239}{56306}An Imhotep.|- Two.
{56361}{56423}I have a job for you.
{56429}{56462}No problem. Who do you want me to kill?
{56471}{56508}No, we're not killing anyone.
{56566}{56604}Here you go, two Imhoteps.
{56654}{56724}The construction of the palace has to stop.
{56758}{56843}They're waiting for stones from the south.
{56852}{56916}Make sure they don't arrive.
{56924}{56982}No stones, no construction.
{57010}{57077}No construction, no palace.
{57089}{57114}No palace...
{57166}{57210} palace.
{57256}{57336}Here's some gold to cover your expenses.
{57361}{57399}You give back whatever's left.
{57697}{57744}Nice tunic.
{58288}{58390}I came, I saw, I conquered.|Veni, vidi, vici.
{58396}{58469}The usual stuff.|And sign with:
{58524}{58597}"Cesare" or "Caesar"?
{58648}{58729}Caesar. It sounded cool, but...
{58735}{58765}Engrave 4 plates.
{58816}{58862}Ave Caesar. Power and prosperity...
{58868}{58932}Power and prosperity, Caius C+.|Good news?
{58937}{59004}I came, I saw, I conquered.|As usual
{59010}{59090}Veni, vidi, ok. Vici is a little premature.
{59096}{59130}What do you mean?
{59143}{59196}Gaul for example...
{59202}{59238}What about Gaul?
{59275}{59343}Gaul is vici. It's completely occupied.
{59349}{59426}No it isn't. One small village of|invincible Gauls still holds ou
{59432}{59478}...against the invaders,|yes I know.
{59487}{59540}I've heard it over and over.
{59557}{59606}And Cleopatra, they stopped construction?
{59612}{59681}No, it's going fine.
{59690}{59790}It's beautiful.|They even... on the inside...
{59814}{59860}No.|- Excuse me.
{59869}{59955}Don't touch me...|- They'll finish in time.
{59969}{60033}Impossible.|- The Gauls don't know the meaning of the word.
{60041}{60151}Edifis got 3 of them to help him.|One of them is the druid Teachix
{60189}{60247}Yes, I knew it sounded like that.
{60253}{60360}Also a little clever one|and a big brute: Aikix and Journalduhix.
{60421}{60461}Or Malcomix.
{60480}{60545}Keep an eye on them for now.|I'll decide later what to do.
{60551}{60656}Si vis pacem, para bellum.|If you want peace, prepare for war.
{60674}{60785}The little Gaul has the|name of a hero: Brucewillix.
{60954}{61024}In the mean time,|the ruthless Nexusis...
{61030}{61122}...sent by Artifis,|was completing his mission.
{61132}{61197}Cut off the supply of stones...
{61206}{61304} bribing|the foul convoy supervisor.
{62044}{62140}There the buildings can form|a "C", from Cleopatra.
{62163}{62198}It's Caesar's palace.
{62204}{62253}That's possible too.|- What do you mean?
{62267}{62326}The stones have arrived.
{62506}{62622}The supervisor says there are|no more stones in the quarries.
{62645}{62718}Funny language.|- He wants to be paid.
{62728}{62804}He's lying.|- No, he really wants to be paid.
{62813}{62883}No, about the quarries.|There have to be more stones.
{62889}{62941}I could make him talk. Can I?
{62947}{63011}Ok. But don't overdo it,|he needs to be able to talk.
{63093}{63131}How do you say "talk"?
{63140}{63228}In the sense of|"I don't speak Egyptian very well"...
{63234}{63314}'s "medou ene ere comete".
{63320}{63414}If it's "talk a little slower",|then it's "medou ere keteb".
{63420}{63466}"Medou ere keteb".|- No, "ketebece".
{63472}{63534}"Ketebece".|- "Keteb". "Ketebece", when they're 8 of them.
{63543}{63597}"Ketebece".|- No, not "ketebece".
{63603}{63653}No, sorry.|- No one understands you.
{63659}{63702}"Keteb" open, "keteb" generious.
{63959}{64004}No? Not "ouchebe"?
{64071}{64143}No, Obelix, not so furious.
{64154}{64269}He says Artifis paid him|to throw the stones into the Nile.
{64396}{64463}There are enough stones in the quarry.
{64545}{64662}Ai... Ai... He says...|- Yes, ai, I understand that part.
{64668}{64759}He says "ai" because he's|in pain. I'm in pain.
{64765}{64834}Not the moustache. Not the moustache.
{64889}{64911}He's finished.
{64920}{64976}We'll go with him.
{64982}{65085}I'll stay here to keep an eye on things.|Otis will accompany you t
{65136}{65185}Yes, to...
{65191}{65252}Here. Amulets.
{65274}{65330}Lucky charms to protect you.
{65442}{65491}Amsterisque.|- Rix.
{65497}{65541}Risque.|- Yes, rix...
{65620}{65690}The faith of Egypt is in your hands.
{65696}{65762}Isn't that a little exaggerated?
{65785}{65868}My faith is in your hands.|- That's better.
{65964}{66034}Go, Amsterisque!|- Rix.
{66193}{66257}So our Gallic friends|and Otis went on their way...
{66262}{66339} the quarries|to get the stones.
{66401}{66458}What's wrong with your dromedary?
{66464}{66510}It's my stomach.
{66516}{66584}While I pack up the boat,|you can visit the sphinx.
{66590}{66673}There will be many restaurants.
{66679}{66762}You can stuff yourself with|all kinds of things...
{66768}{66813}...steamed fish, meat in sauce.
{66872}{66918}I knew it, nothing to eat.
{66924}{66966}Nice, those little sphinxes.
{66984}{67050}I could make little menhirs.
{67056}{67089}Sphinx!|- Never mind.
{67098}{67138}Sphinx!|- No, thanks.
{67284}{67356}Stranger,|a portrait with the sphinx as souvenir?
{67365}{67409}A statue in 30 minutes?
{67427}{67496}Yes why not?|It would look nice at my place.
{67505}{67602}Do you accept sestertius?|- Sure. Stand in profile please...
{67611}{67644}...shoulders up front.
{67674}{67701}Not to far.
{67711}{67823}We have to be more alert.|Artifis is a snake.
{67832}{67894}Besides the transport he could attack|the construction site.
{67900}{67954}We must organise a guard.
{67960}{68030}What do you think, Obelix?
{68056}{68139}Now where did he go? Obe?
{68145}{68186}Obe. Obelix!
{68264}{68312}Not to short?|- No no.
{68386}{68458}So you're from Gaul?|- Yes.
{68471}{68550}Been pretty hefty|there lately...
{68686}{68768}Obelix...|- Hé! Hé! Asterix!
{68825}{68885}Obelix, I'm sure that's forbidden.
{68942}{68989}Come down at once.
{69325}{69376}How nice...
{69385}{69441}Come down. You're being childish.
{69448}{69494}You look so small down there.
{69503}{69569}Don't be stupid. Get off that sphinx.
{69616}{69674}I'm going to take a walk on his head.
{69711}{69763}Wise guy.
{70304}{70349}Broken nose.
{70439}{70507}Great. Remarkable.
{70577}{70615}Congratulations, Obelix.
{70700}{70744}You've outdone yourself this time.
{70750}{70793}We could attach it again.
{70799}{70859}Really? That's a great idea.
{70865}{70923}With what? Did you see the size|of that thing?
{70929}{70993}Yes, it's a rock. A cliff.
{70998}{71090}What am I saying? A peninsula.
{71096}{71195}Stop making everything so complicated|and find a solution.
{71201}{71263}You're so clumsy, Obelix.
{71303}{71339}Luckily no one saw us.
{71345}{71410}He said: "Let the Greek|balm you."
{71416}{71456}Imhotep.|- Tep.
{71967}{72010}Help me, I only have two arms.
{72175}{72234}Was that lightning?
{72476}{72537}I told you I saw lightning.|I'm not crazy.
{72710}{72789}No one will find it there.
{72814}{72856}Fine, let's get out of here.
{72865}{72899}Come on, Dogmatix.
{72929}{72991}Not a word about this to Getafix.
{72997}{73040}Nothing happened.|- No.
{73202}{73254}Hey, my pyramids...
{73387}{73477}Seeing the palace is|progressing faster than planned...
{73483}{73556}...we demand, which is perfectly normal...
{73562}{73645} extra day off.
{73651}{73712}You understand me,|put yourself in my place Adis.
{73718}{73750}My name's Edifis.
{73756}{73811}What did I say?
{73944}{74000}Itineris, I don't understand anything.
{74011}{74050}Try to move a little.
{74056}{74107}Now?|- No. How about now?
{74113}{74160}And now?|- Try it.
{74166}{74244}Do you understand me now? Because...
{74250}{74338}...I've been having that|problem a lot lately.
{74423}{74467}Are you alright, Obe?|- I'm hungry.
{74534}{74585}How could the build such a thing?
{74594}{74644}Stone upon stone.|- Indeed.
{74688}{74775}Feel like visiting the pyramid?
{74781}{74818}For free.
{74827}{74888}Not sure if we can learn anything.
{74894}{74986}They say it's extraordinary.|We're not in a hurry.
{74995}{75059}Stay here, Dogmatix. Guard Getafix.
{75068}{75112}If you're good, I'll give you a bone.
{75427}{75542}Don't loose track of me.|You won't get out of this labyrinth alive
{75555}{75627}Watch it, the corridors are very narrow.
{75633}{75717}You can't be too fat.|- No one is fat.
{75764}{75822}On your right, Anubis.
{75828}{75908}Touching.|- The god of the dead.
{75998}{76034}Through here.
{76060}{76128}Come, distinguished guests, go in here.
{76138}{76245}These hieroglyphs|are beautiful.
{76272}{76350}After you. Enter.
{76485}{76519}No! No!
{76604}{76660}You'll never get out of here.
{76723}{76831}This tomb will be your tomb!
{76904}{76966}No way out. We are stuck.
{76975}{77037}"This tomb will be your tomb!"|Nice one.
{77043}{77121}I'm too good.|- I knew it. A free visit.
{77160}{77225}Anyway, enough things to read.
{77231}{77298}Hieroglyphs all look alike.|- No.
{77304}{77405}Look, Obelix, the colours... are beautiful.
{77414}{77463}That's all really nice, but...
{77469}{77530}...if we don't find a way out soon...
{77536}{77597}...we'll have all eternity|to figure them out.
{77638}{77703}That's that.
{77709}{77760}If they get out of here...
{77766}{77859}...I swear I'll never shave my head|again.
{77868}{77956}First of all we have to get that door open.
{77962}{77989}But considering the size...
{78006}{78039}Here, Obelix...
{78075}{78160}...for the first time you can have|some magic potion..
{78169}{78220}Really?|- That's what we said didn't we.
{78316}{78367}One, two, three drops.
{78376}{78432}That's enough.
{78985}{79049}That didn't seem to|do anything.
{79373}{79400}No, it's Geta.
{79488}{79526}Yes, I'm here.
{79729}{79787}We're running in circles.
{79800}{79862}The pharaoh's had splendid architects.
{79872}{79948}We're in a serious situation here.|- Very serious.
{79957}{79995}I'm starting to get hungry.
{80019}{80076}What do those hieroglyphs mean?
{80111}{80197}There's no time to find out,|we have to get out of here.
{80206}{80291}We must set our priorities straight.
{80297}{80378}I'm reporting to mister Asterix|that's I'm hungry.
{80384}{80478}I keep myself busy|to forget I'm hungry.
{80487}{80585}I forgot mister Obelix's stomach|was more important.
{80591}{80666}Wild boars and fights,|that's all he needs.
{80675}{80749}Mister Asterix knows everything better.
{80758}{80822}Yes, maybe.|- I'm reporting to mister Asterix...
{80831}{80931}...who wanted to visit the pyramid|that this wouldn't have happene
d in a menhir.
{80989}{81045}2 Sestertius for that logic.
{81154}{81189}What's keeping them?
{81219}{81313}The stones are loaded.|We have to leave.
{81399}{81481}I was excited.|I was just saying something. Mea culpa.
{81487}{81558}No, I said mea culpa.
{81569}{81633}It also could have happened in a menhir.
{81638}{81726}In any case, I can't get us out of this place.
{81742}{81850}My friends, I fear this is the end|of our adventures.
{81999}{82042}Could someone light a torch?
{82048}{82144}No, I have the amulets,|but that's not going to help.
{82150}{82200}I'm sorry for Edifis.
{82206}{82276}I'm sorry for Dogmatix.
{82282}{82342}Or not, Dogmatix?|- Dogmatix?
{82348}{82443}Yes, so? Don't blame me for|bringing him!
{82449}{82504}His sense of smell lead him to us.
{82510}{82572}So he can get us out of here.
{82578}{82637}That's true! Dogmatix, listen very carefully.
{82643}{82760}If you get us out of here,|I'll give you a pile full of bones.
{83183}{83259}Yes! That's good... Dogmatix!
{83268}{83325}Excuse me,|we're fortunate you brought him.
{83331}{83428}Sometimes I think he|understands everything I say.
{83539}{83595}And they returned to the construction site...
{83601}{83678}...aboard ships loaded with stones.
{83694}{83754}We're going slowly.|- Very slow.
{83763}{83795}Too slow.
{83805}{83886}At this speed we won't be|back in time for the wild board banquet.
{83892}{83929}...lentils aren't that great...
{83935}{84017}The Nile is an unpredictable river...
{84023}{84090}...sometimes impetuous, sometimes quiet.
{84096}{84190}I wonder if you know this|nice Egyptian poem.
{84196}{84282}It goes like this: "Nile, Nile, Nile..."
{84460}{84501}What's he doing?
{84813}{84862}We're seaworthy again.
{84871}{84905}Hip hip hip...|- Hurrah.
{84914}{84954}Hip hip hip...|- Hurrah.
{85320}{85356}Watch out!
{85687}{85778}By Toutatis, I know he fell...
{85787}{85845} a cauldron of magic potion...
{85851}{85915}...but he'll never cease to amaze me.
{85973}{86057}Hip hip hip... hurrah...|- Stop it.
{86073}{86135}And construction was ready to start again.
{86141}{86229}Edifis knew he would be|finished in time...
{86235}{86293}...which, in the field of construction,|was rare in those days.
{86307}{86412}One sip a person.|Just one sip a person.
{86421}{86491}Fake potion is being spread.
{86500}{86611}Same consistency,|same colour, but it's pumpkin soup.
{86620}{86704}The only real potion,|is the one you get from the druid...
{86710}{86739}...around the cauldron.
{86753}{86829}Thirty minutes from here.
{86878}{86924}I closed the door and yelled:
{86930}{87000}"This tomb will be your tomb."
{87006}{87042}Not bad.
{87048}{87130}I was also thinking:|"Jackals, die like jackals".
{87136}{87178}But that's jackals twice.
{87234}{87308}What? They say hyenas?
{87314}{87360}Locked up in the pyramid?
{87369}{87399}I don't understand.
{87408}{87511}They're magicians. You need supernatural|powers to get out of ther
{87517}{87558}They're tuff, those barbarians.
{87564}{87641}I need an idea.
{87683}{87773}Got one. I have a terrible idea.|Two. Even three.
{87779}{87877}I've got a whole bunch of ideas.|I'm so good.
{87964}{88046}I don't like that laugh.|It frightens me.
{88052}{88090}Get to work!
{88220}{88310}That's not even close to the luxurious|garden we need.
{88355}{88459}Getamanix, you don't have any|potion to speed things up?
{88468}{88552}Like seeds for example...
{88558}{88627}...that grow into palm trees|within no time?
{88633}{88705}No, potions aren't the solution|to everything.
{88714}{88763}Some things can't be changed.
{88772}{88872}Nature needs time to|turn the seed...
{88881}{88964}...with sun and water, into a bud...
{89005}{89052}...and then...
{89110}{89180}...that bud...|- Please.
{89724}{89776}It can't go any faster.
{90050}{90096}Yes, fantastic!
{90307}{90357}Can someone get me down from this tree?
{90552}{90593}They started again?
{90602}{90674}I'm not happy either.
{90683}{90783}I also want Edifis to fail,|for personal reasons.
{90789}{90883}I was thinking I could|be of some assistance maybe.
{90889}{90993}After we've struck|a fair deal...
{91021}{91091}Not here. In my tent.
{91220}{91259}I'm listening.
{91265}{91384}Honourable Caesar, if I see to it|the construction of the palace f
{91390}{91484}'ll appoint me and I'll|finish the job in 2 months.
{91490}{91584}That way you win the bet|and Cleopatra is humiliated.
{91628}{91682}Alright, if you finish it|after 4 months.
{91688}{91723}Three, I can't work any slower.
{91729}{91817}Fine, but not any sooner,|or you'll have to pay a compensation.
{91863}{91940}That's a deal, honourable Caesar.
{92048}{92130}How were you planning to sabotage|the construction.
{92168}{92212}With this.
{92478}{92547}What shall I wear tonight?
{92556}{92617}Careful, it's very, very tepid.
{92879}{92922}A gift for|the queen of queens.
{92977}{93069}"As a token of honour to the queen|of queens. The 3 Gauls:
{93075}{93177}Getafix, Obelix and Asterix."|How sweet.
{93220}{93265}Can I open it?
{93321}{93358}Oh, that's tepid.
{93416}{93446}A cake.
{93455}{93493}Tonight's desert.
{93502}{93570}Modest meal, 40 dancers...
{93579}{93640}...80 musicians|and 300 simple dishes.
{93649}{93703}I don't like crowds either.
{93778}{93849}Ah wild boar...|- Finally some normal food.
{93855}{93919}Yes.|- With lentils.
{93925}{94021}That's not really allowed.|It's pork more or less.
{94030}{94103}We'll pretend we don't know.|- Nobody moves.
{94112}{94155}We're here to arrest the Gauls.
{94164}{94222}Come on, for three wild boars.
{94231}{94298}I'll beat them up|and then we'll eat.
{94307}{94415}No, wait. Wait! You're going|to fight the whole garrison?
{94421}{94524}Why not? That's illegal too?|You can't do anything around here.
{94533}{94583}Edifis is right.|We're going to see Cleopatra.
{94589}{94658}Yes, nice opportunity to see the palace.
{94664}{94762}I'll stay here to keep an eye on the fire.|It tends to go out.
{94768}{94836}That's why I want to stay.
{95142}{95223}Everything is tasted beforehand.
{95232}{95280}Your scheme failed, Gauls.
{95289}{95365}My taster was poisoned by|your cake.
{95378}{95431}We didn't send any cake. What cake?
{95440}{95504}That cake. I don't see fifty others.
{95513}{95573}The wild boars, ok, but for that...
{95582}{95641}Silence!|You tried to kill me.
{95650}{95726}You will die.|- By Toutatis! We are innocent.
{95735}{95804}You have some nerve.|- Ridiculous. We work...
{95813}{95868}...all day, breath dust...
{95874}{95922}Eat lentils...|- Yes, no...
{95928}{95966}Yes we do, lentils.|- Yes, but...
{95975}{96048}We didn't send you any poisonous cake.
{96057}{96146}A cake like that we would have eaten ourselves.
{96229}{96299}This is ridiculous.|- If she doesn't want to hear it...
{96305}{96353} don't say anything. For now.
{96359}{96392}Take them away.
{96401}{96470}And give the crocodiles an appetizer.
{96661}{96704}I'm hungry.
{96797}{96862}I'm hungry. Hungry!
{96903}{96972}When I said hello,|she turned her head.
{97001}{97082}We used to laugh,|said cuckoo... and now...
{97088}{97120}...all of a sudden...
{97129}{97219}...she won't look at me anymore.|I'm a stranger to her.
{97225}{97271}Cleopatra and you said cuckoo?
{97280}{97391}He's not talking about Cleopatra,|but about a courtesan.
{97405}{97450}The one with the nice braid.
{97485}{97553}Wouldn't surprise me|if he were in love.
{97562}{97596}I'm not in love.
{97616}{97683}I want to tell her|I had nothing to do with it.
{97692}{97761}It's a juridical thing.
{97770}{97816}Juridical, yes.
{97822}{97850}Of course.
{97887}{97924}Stop.|- Cuckoo, I love you.
{97966}{98048}It's great to look so stupid...
{98149}{98261}Sometimes you can be really nice,|and sometimes we think you're...
{98270}{98332}...a fat idiot...|- Who's an idiot?
{98341}{98412}No idea.|- Drink. A sip of antidote.
{98446}{98502}Obelix, not everything. A sip.
{98508}{98538}Yes, a sip.
{98547}{98609}Now... Obelix, open the door.
{98615}{98711}I didn't drink it all.|Get out of my way.
{98717}{98803}Yes, and when you come back|you'll bring me a suit...
{98823}{98932}Egyptians are mad. We ask them to|get out of the way but they don'
t move.
{99065}{99126}And?|- I'm ready.
{99175}{99239}I'm sick of standing in profile all the time.
{99245}{99316}Can't you sketch my front|for a change? Like this...
{99364}{99404}Modern art...
{99539}{99561}Can we?
{99596}{99634}I'd better leave.
{99643}{99723}Gauls, since you|want to see my demise...
{99729}{99804}...I'll, by Osiris,|show you how a queen dies.
{99813}{99877}No, by Toutatis, listen to us first.
{99885}{99931}Where are your courtesans?|- Why?
{99937}{100022}No reason. I'm sure the|cake wasn't poisoned.
{100028}{100069}I think it's very tasty even.
{100119}{100188}Obelix, cut 3 pieces of cake.
{100311}{100339}We said three piece.
{100422}{100484}Go on.|- Two.
{100528}{100563}And three.
{100822}{100889}And? You can see it's not poisoned.
{100902}{100977}Tell your courtesans.|Especially the one with the braid.
{100986}{101052}Her name is Guimieukis.|- Guimieukis.
{101305}{101364}I had a dream last night.
{101397}{101458}I'd won a million sestertius.
{101464}{101565}I bought, shoes.|Too big, and ugly too.
{101571}{101655}Unbelievable. And weird, because...
{101664}{101730}That Egyptian architect and|his proposition...
{101739}{101776}Ilemauris?|- Artifis.
{101785}{101851}Yes.|- Incompetent. He hasn't achieved anything.
{101874}{101958}Send one of ours,|to spy and snoop around.
{101984}{102056}Thinking of someone|in particular, o Caesar?
{102062}{102121}Someone sneaky...
{102130}{102197}Cartapus!|- Yes.
{102220}{102275}Caesar, meet Cartapus.
{102284}{102322}Our best spy.
{102331}{102395}Ave Caesar. Power and prosperity.
{102411}{102500}Cartapus is a professional.|The queen of camouflage.
{102526}{102586}If I look that way, you can see me.
{102603}{102636}When I look this way, you don't.
{102656}{102734}You can. You can't. You can.
{102743}{102802}Can't. Can't. Can.|- Incredible.
{102808}{102864}You can't. Can't. Can.
{102870}{102945}You can. Can't.|You can a little.
{103124}{103190}Amazing.|- Yes.
{103211}{103239}She wasn't even trying hard.
{103394}{103439}They mock me.
{103567}{103609}Four months...|- Don't rush me.
{103618}{103696}I've been waiting four months.|- My mother will kill me.
{103702}{103777}I have connections.|- Come one, stay calm.
{103783}{103840}Don't touch me!|Impossible to stay calm.
{103846}{103914}Malococsis,|tomorrow I'll finish everything.
{103920}{104005}I'll even give you a discount.|I'd like that.
{104011}{104048}He'd like that.
{104054}{104158}If you're not there tomorrow,|I'd rather not be in your place.
{104369}{104418}The magic potion gives them incredible strength.
{104424}{104520}I drank it and now|I'm superman. Superwoman.
{104596}{104636}You don't believe me, o Caesar?
{104642}{104692}We shall see.
{104701}{104795}Malivestus!|Slap her.
{105704}{105768}Caesar will personally deal|with this matter.
{105773}{105862}The dice is cast.|Alea jacta est. Excuse me.
{106028}{106156}In the name of Caesar! We know|the Gauls are hiding here.
{106165}{106255}I demand that Appendix,|Olympix and Mannekepix...
{106264}{106318}No, their names are Asterix...
{106327}{106371}Their names don't matter!
{106386}{106470}If they don't surrender immediately|we'll attack.
{106479}{106543}We're here to help Cleopatra.
{106552}{106603}By Toutatis, we're not leaving|until the work is finished.
{106612}{106698}Don't be so aggressive.|Maybe we can talk!
{106707}{106756}We'll kill you all.
{106765}{106799}I knew it.
{106805}{106909}Jeanclaudus. Prepare the troops.|And show no mercy.
{106969}{107016}My name is Antivirus.
{107242}{107319}Arm yourself. One, two, three...
{107325}{107381}...four, six...five...
{107395}{107432}Come on.
{107561}{107582}Get in line.
{108016}{108105}Here. Put him in some shade.
{108126}{108212}So, amateurs,|coming to see the professionals at work?
{108218}{108268}Yes, alright.
{108408}{108521}Yes, if you're not used to it,|it's rather impressive.
{108544}{108631}Getamanix, magic potion for the workers.|- It's their day off.
{108764}{108887}This is the palace, there are the gardens.
{108896}{108961}And there is the temple with the sphinxes.
{108967}{109025}That's not a good drawing.
{109031}{109083}No, I'm merely sketching.
{109089}{109163}In perspective it's more like...
{109169}{109227}I would have drawn it more|in profile.
{109233}{109285}Yes, you do it all the time...
{109571}{109632}Those Romans are mad.
{109721}{109761}Because of the violence in the next scene...
{109767}{109857}...we prefer to broadcast|this documentary.
{109897}{109943}In contrary to common belief...
{109949}{110026}...the langoustine feeds|exclusively on shellfish.
{110042}{110128}Which doesn't bother his|humanity.
{110448}{110517}One got through.|Dogmatix, attack!
{110822}{110901}Leave me alone. I've been beaten already.
{111051}{111143}Sir, we don't allow such|speeding here.
{111149}{111203}We're not in Rome.
{111323}{111396}Ave Caius C+, they withstood the attack...
{111405}{111461}...but some managed to get|very close to the enemy.
{111467}{111529}Bravo, brave soldiers.
{111541}{111588}They shouldn't have challenged me.
{111594}{111619}And what's that?
{111657}{111726}We got right up to them...
{111732}{111768}...but they were nice.
{111777}{111852}They let us go|without beating us too much.
{111866}{111958}What will we do now?|I'm asking, as an amateur.
{111964}{111995}Attack again!
{112001}{112107}Caius C+, I'm not sure|that's a good idea.
{112113}{112183}The Gauls are invincible...
{112189}{112253}...I think we better give up...
{112258}{112365}I'm very disappointed|by your attitude, centurion Antiquarus.
{112371}{112446}Antivirus. My name is Antivirus.
{112472}{112577}No one humiliates the Roman empire.|If it's attacked...
{112605}{112669}...the empire counterattacks.
{112683}{112771}He's mad.|He hurt my throat.
{113172}{113225}It's too quiet.
{113253}{113320}I don't like that.
{113344}{113458}I prefer a little|commotion.
{113784}{113811}War machines...
{113820}{113864}Take your positions.
{113900}{113939}How low can you go.
{114065}{114114}Beautiful landscape.
{114135}{114182}Not good, not bad either.
{114191}{114234}Fire! Destroy the palace!
{114275}{114317}Ready?|- Ready.
{114335}{114392}When I lower my arm...
{114454}{114476} fire.
{114650}{114696}There... bingo.
{114705}{114727}My palace!
{115358}{115449}I wonder why|all this violence is necessary.
{115483}{115507}No, it's fine.
{115919}{115969}Fine. Excellent.
{116190}{116264}With such equipment it's easy.
{116279}{116363}It's not about the equipment.|- Oh yes it is.
{116369}{116406}No.|- Yes.
{116418}{116472}No.|- Yes.
{116618}{116693}My palace is turned into a ruin.
{116734}{116837}Go on, Romans, fire.|We no longer care.
{117075}{117147}You missed. You shoot like girls.
{117305}{117344}We're still here.
{117357}{117436}We must inform Cleopatra.|She could force...
{117442}{117500}...Caesar to stop.
{117580}{117631}No. No.
{117693}{117722}No.|- Yes.
{117786}{117865}Yours sincerely...
{117985}{118081}I have an idea.|Dogmatix will bring the message.
{118090}{118149}Dogmatix will bring the message.
{118156}{118220}That dog? You want me to die?
{118228}{118324}Edifis is right.|I mean... it's a dog.
{118333}{118365}He got us out of the pyramid.
{118383}{118401}Go on, Dogmatix.
{118418}{118482}Take this message to Cleopatra.
{118501}{118573}He's too young to understand.
{118800}{118850}I'm hit.
{118862}{118896}Never mind, I'm fine.
{119028}{119113}Men! We're seaworthy yet again.
{119119}{119187}Aboard our trusty old|dragon boat.
{119193}{119317}It's an extraordinary mast,|subtle as a bird. Hoist the sail.
{120063}{120101}Too far.
{120269}{120297}I'm amazed.
{120359}{120399}It should hold.
{120479}{120526}A big sip. I'm leaving but I'll be back.
{120532}{120611}Hurry and be careful.
{120738}{120782}Hold on, Dogmatix.
{120839}{120916}Run, Asterisque, run!
{120973}{121042}I know that one. He's a grumpy man.
{121275}{121318}Why isn't he stopping?
{121524}{121555}The magic potion!
{121657}{121729}Citebus,|Trolleybus, get him! Quickly!
{121735}{121796}Go on!|- But that's not my name.
{121875}{121933}Obelix is alone. Go help him.
{122032}{122075}I'm strong now?
{123210}{123258}...prepare your sarcophagus.
{123716}{123763}Double evasion.
{124032}{124076}Pryadonis, violence...
{124089}{124140}...never solved anything.
{124149}{124172}Stop talking.
{124271}{124339}Wait, I didn't drink any magic potion.
{124934}{124995}You lost.|- Are you sure?
{125004}{125026}Very sure.|- Ok.
{125485}{125549}No, no! I beg you, no!
{125765}{125854}I'm Artifis,|and I beat Edifis...
{126142}{126202}The magic potion has worn off.
{126208}{126274}Cleopatra will never get the message.
{126492}{126566}Your family is fine?|- Yes. Imhotep.
{126575}{126657}And your father?|- Fine, Imhotep. And your sister.
{126663}{126692}Everything's ok. Imhotep.
{126701}{126758}What has become of your nephew?
{126764}{126795}He's doing fine, Imhotep.
{126804}{126862}And how's business?
{126871}{126914}Sorry, I'm borrowing this cart for a moment.
{127189}{127253}Many customers?|- Enough, Imhotep.
{127516}{127550}How useful.
{127559}{127643}We can't catch him.|- He's got one with 2 horses.
{127649}{127688}I can't go any faster.
{127856}{127912}Why does everyone always shout " ja, ja"?
{127950}{127995}Catch me if you can.
{128462}{128502}How will you get up?
{128541}{128582}Like this.
{128629}{128726}Fighting is ridiculous.|Let's work together.
{128735}{128800}A lion doesn't cooperate|with a cockroach.
{128864}{128944}A lion, you know,|doesn't cooperate...
{128953}{128982}...with a cockroach.
{128991}{129047}I understood: "an ion...
{129056}{129120}...doesn't calculate.
{129129}{129173}That means nothing to me.|- No.
{129485}{129541}When I said lion I meant myself!
{129547}{129590}I knew that.
{129724}{129750}What's going on?
{130102}{130147}The lion doesn't cooperate|with the cockroach.
{130435}{130489}Who's the lion now?
{130514}{130584}Say it to my face,|if you're a man.
{131317}{131341}Everything ok?
{131553}{131606}By Jupiter, a moment ago he was still here.
{131612}{131710}We're going home. Gone is gone.
{131763}{131822}I've had it with Edifis.
{131828}{131862}Where are we going?|- To Cleopatra.
{131868}{131912}I'm scared.|- Yes, play it smart.
{131921}{132019}I know Cleopatra very well.|Watch me.
{132025}{132080}I'm afraid I have no choice.
{132100}{132191}One, two, three, four, five.
{132197}{132238}Antelope and lion.
{132244}{132287}What does the prediction say?
{132293}{132348}A message and a loved one.
{132395}{132444}My queen...|- Malococsis.
{132453}{132545}Come on in.|- Go, Dogmatix. Give her the message.
{132637}{132705}That's the message.|- And there's the loved one.
{132788}{132868}My queen, as you may know|I'm building.
{132889}{132987}In fact, it should have been|easily finished four months ago.
{132996}{133027}What?|- Easily.
{133057}{133098}He can't get away with that!
{133107}{133185}Thank you, my queen,|that you care so much.
{133194}{133255}By Isis, he's a sore looser.
{133264}{133314}This is typical of Caesar.|But this time...
{133323}{133432}...he'll have to accept his defeat.|We will finish in time.
{133441}{133510}No, the construction|isn't finished. That's exactly the problem.
{133516}{133558}I'll see to it.|You can go now, Gaul.
{133597}{133676}Guimieukis, show him the way.|I'll be right there.
{133727}{133773}Pardon me, old man.
{133809}{133891}Come, my Dogmatix.|- Come, my Gaul.
{133909}{133973}I believe you don't understand|my problem.
{134062}{134107}It's that way. Straight ahead.
{134113}{134167}Be careful.|- Yes.
{134491}{134537}Everything will be destroyed.
{134546}{134637}Everything will be fine Tranquilum.
{134645}{134692}That attack was a good idea, wasn't it?
{134698}{134769}Yes, not bad.
{134939}{134977}Asterix is coming back.
{135100}{135142}When I lower my arm...
{135338}{135389}Don't know. A reflex.
{135798}{135833}How did it go?
{135842}{135891}Cleopatra got the message.|- Great.
{135897}{135954}The magic potion took|this long to wear off?
{135960}{136005}Well, it's like this...
{136041}{136147}You had a taste of|the best magic potion there is.
{136192}{136249}Good. Come, my dog.
{136318}{136387}Dogmatix just came back|and he succeeded.
{136396}{136439}I was sure he could do it.
{136524}{136565}There's a little pink...
{136625}{136673}Ave Caesar.
{136682}{136736}Somebody wishes to see Caesar.
{136742}{136799}Who?|- Someone.
{136841}{136883}I understand.
{136999}{137067}My queen,|what a pleasant surprise.
{137076}{137149}Enough!|I rushed over here...
{137155}{137239}... without changing,|when I heard about what's going on here.
{137255}{137283}What happened?
{137309}{137379}When you accept a bet|you have to play fair.
{137440}{137498}The Gauls may help me.|- I never said...
{137519}{137546}If I may say something...
{137555}{137607}Just one...|- This is not conquered territory.
{137703}{137813}I demand the Romans|leave the construction alone...
{137819}{137878}...and repair all damages.
{137887}{137956}But...|- Silence! Immediately!
{138195}{138259}So what do we do now?
{138264}{138348}What she said. We leave|and repair the damages.
{138354}{138407}Of course, naturally.
{138429}{138500}I wouldn't want her to sniff|her nose at me.
{138526}{138577}No matter how lovely it is.
{138757}{138821}The Romans are leaving.
{138872}{138943}That's good news.|- They're leaving already?
{138949}{139065}Incredible that each of those Romans|leaves his footprint in the
{139114}{139162}Excuse me, I couldn't help myself.
{139168}{139211}That's alright.
{139230}{139335}For the first time Romans and|Egyptians were working together...
{139341}{139433}...on the construction of the palace.|And just in time...
{139439}{139481}...when the last grain of sand fell...
{140395}{140440}What are you going to do now, Edifis?
{140446}{140537}I still have to finish my work|for Malococsis...
{140543}{140600}You don't have to worry about the|crocodiles any longer.
{140606}{140639}That's why it could take a bit longer.
{140645}{140720}Not too lang. Can't become a habit|in this line of business.
{140999}{141065}Caesar admitted his defeat...
{141074}{141133}I bow to the most beautiful queen of all...
{141142}{141233}...and to the Egyptian people|that after the Ro...
{141299}{141399}And I bow to the Egyptians who|are the greatest people of all.
{141516}{141576}Cleopatra kept her promise|to Edifis.
{141585}{141626}Let him be covered with gold!
{141635}{141705}That was the deal.|Cover me with gold.
{141770}{141806}The queen gave Getafix...
{141815}{141909}...valuable manuscripts|from her library in Alexandria.
{141918}{141965}Your nose...
{141980}{142062}Your Majesty is too good, by Belenos...
{142267}{142345}Otis also gave the palace|a modern touch.
{142351}{142379}What's this little chamber for?
{142647}{142689}It's Otis' invention.
{142747}{142797}It's the "no-effort".
{142803}{142861}We chose that name|when we noticed...
{142867}{142938}...that people can go up and down|with no effort.
{142947}{142987}Speak for yourself.
{143251}{143329}Oh it tickles when it stops.
{143470}{143523}By Jupiter.
{143531}{143608}I want to explore every room|of this miracle with you.
{143614}{143658}The palace is huge, Caesar.
{143664}{143726}It consists of 162 rooms.
{143740}{143818}It could take a while.
{143859}{143920}What do you think Cleopatra and Sesam are doing?
{143926}{143992}Caesar.|- Cae-sar.
{144021}{144050}Nothing unpleasant.
{144951}{145008}As an exception to the rule...
{145017}{145100}...the banquet,|that concludes all of Asterix's adventures...
{145109}{145179}...didn't take place in Gaul|but in Egypt.
{145327}{145359}Those big shrimps are nice.
{145365}{145417}Homarus.|- Obelix.
{145477}{145538}And the guy says: "That's the pha-ra-o."
{145627}{145685}Because his name is O.
{145779}{145880}His name is O and comes from Phara.
{145886}{145978}It's O from Phara.
{146010}{146052}The guy's name is O.
{146058}{146125}He says he's from Phara.
{146134}{146214}from Phara. Like the pharaoh.
{146220}{146265}The boss... our boss.
{146404}{146438}You have a lovely moustache.
{146444}{146492}Is it real?|- Yes.
{146498}{146549}It's nothing.
{146555}{146623}You just let it grow.
{146633}{146676}Like your braids...
{146689}{146782}...which are nicer then Obelix's.
{146788}{146867}Thanks.|You know how to please a woman.
{146873}{146951}That's a local custom.
{146964}{147003}In Gaul.
{148082}{148144}Good evening.|Your name, please.
{148153}{148185}What for?
{148191}{148255}It's a private party.|I've got a list.
{148260}{148294}I'm Julius Caesar.
{148358}{148414}Sorry, impossible.
{148447}{148511}There must be a problem, because...
{148516}{148568}Excuse me. Make some room.
{148629}{148677}A warm evening?|- Are you alone?
{148683}{148769}We're with two, four,|six, eight. It's crazy.
{148775}{148824}Good evening.|- There's a problem...
{148830}{148866}...I have to be on that list.
{148876}{148961}How do you spell your name?|- C, A, E, S, A, R. Julius.
{148994}{149094}Cetaparis, Seinesaindenis,|C+, but I can't find any...
{149100}{149161}C+, that's me.|- Are you C+?
{149167}{149213}Why didn't you say so?
{149219}{149262}Nice harness.|- Thanks.
{149268}{149343}I'll see you inside.|- Are you ok? Have a good time.
{149349}{149409}Can you look for Julius?
{149418}{149478}J, U, L, l, U, S.|- Sir, I'm not...
{149484}{149517}I work here.
{149523}{149605}I don't know, but I know...|There's one of my amphorae inside.
{149614}{149648}With a J?|- U, L, l, U, S.
{149667}{149766}Yes, that's right. Julius Caesar.|At the queen's table.
{149849}{149886}Good evening.
{151090}{151177}Is it in Alexandria|or at Alexandria?
{151183}{151270}Because in the south of Gaul|there's a city called Avignon.
{151276}{151364}There's a beautiful bridge.|And people say "at Avignon".
{151465}{151503}Are you a courtesan?
{151509}{151574}Yes, and I used to do other|things too.
{151580}{151627}I can talk without|moving my lips.
{151633}{151683}It's funny,|the way...
{151689}{151768}I have another one... here.
{151837}{151924}Every part of your face hides|something beautiful.
{151992}{152049}A rose out of your ear...
{152101}{152162}A sphinx from your nose.
{152618}{152739}The guy says:|"That's the pharaoh."
{152764}{152824}O is his name.
{152830}{152880}And he's from Phara.
{152886}{152994}That's where he comes from.|Where he was born.
{153000}{153061}The pharaoh,|because his name is O.
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