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Name and Address: Juvenile Rides Car Wash,

P. O. Box 4012,
Dar es Salaam,
Tele (Office): +255-22-2126447
Tele (Mobile): +255-786-552-266/+255-755-241-634
Fax Number: +255-22-2126298

Contact Details:
Name: Peter Redson Mboma
Tele (Mobile): +255-787-000-808/+255-653-661-426

Name: Alfayo Ghati Wangwe

Tele (Mobile): +255-715-966-910/+255-784-166-690

Name: Jacqueline Umuhoza

Tele (Mobile): +255-785-775-438

Juvenile Rides is a prominent hand and machine car wash serving Savei, Mlalakua,
Mwenge, and University of Dar es Salaam in the Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam community. The
car wash will be located beside the DDC Mlimani bar and restaurant that is opposite to the
Mlimani City Mall. Juvenile Rides will be run by Peter Mboma, Alfayo Wangwe, and
Jacqueline Umuhoza. The car wash business is a joint venture that aims to meet the needs of
the target market. The three of us, Peter, Alfayo and Jacqueline will be taking the advantage
of high demand and experience to quickly gain market penetration.

Juvenile Rides is a car wash and detail business located besides the DDC Mlimani Bar
and Restaurant that is just opposite to the Mlimani City Mall in the Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam
community. Juvenile rides is bordered by Mlimani City Mall in the north, Savei and the
University of Dar es Salaam in the East, Mwenge in the West and Mlalakua in the South and
South West. The location of the car wash business looks very much fruitful for business as
many cars do pass the location. Juvenile Rides is located beside the Sam Nujoma road that has
been expanded recently and thus, receiving many cars. This indicator acts as an opportunity
worth exploiting on our side.
The location of Juvenile Rides is intended to cater the needs of the people within and
outside the community who regularly conduct their daily or non-daily activities in our locality
or target areas. Currently, the amount of car wash establishments in the area mentioned are
inadequate as compared to the cars available that are passing, that is, demand is greater than
supply, according to our marketing research analysis and data presentation. So, the need is
there and seems to be very high and Juvenile Rides intends to fulfill them through reaching
our target customers. Our target customers are: New car owners, old luxury car owners, sports
car owners, lifetime car owners, dealerships and local business car owners.
The biggest challenges that Juvenile Rides will tend to face are competition from our
already and yet to come rivals, and the sustainability of our services and products in the long
run. Despite the challenges, Juvenile Rides has several plans upfront to combat them with
among them being adequate capabilities and competence that will eventually give a
competitive edge and advantage.
Once the business is established, awareness creation will be done through advertising
and promotion on posters, newspapers, etc.
Juvenile Rides intends to purchase and provide services using modern and highly
sophisticated equipments with the highest and efficient customer care available for our target
market are people of high class and financial capabilities and our location is convenient to
achieve those objectives.
The initial capital for the establishment of the business including everything else will
be raised by all three partners, Peter, Wangwe and Jacqueline @ TSH 8,373,333.3 Tsh
totaling to Tsh 25,120,000 and yearly, we expect to receive a total of at least Tsh 52,920,000
as Gross Income.
Juvenile Ride’s prospects is to later on if all goes according to plan to further
modernize the car wash and open new branches in other busy areas for our car wash business
primarily aims at satisfying high income earning people. So, our locations when expanding
will be guided by the nature of people and businesses around those areas. Also, later on in the
beginning when the business starts to flourish and customer attendance increases, small sub
establishments will be built to increase our customer’s satisfaction such as a bar, internet cafe
and entertainment such as pool tables, chess, TV, draft, etc.
Therefore, looking at the dynamics of Juvenile rides, it shows that it will clearly be a
successful business for according to our research data, demand of car washes is greater than
the supply of car washes. At the beginning, the car wash will be able to serve three cars at a
go, but a big space or area has being reserved for the increase of cars. So, as cars increase so
will the sections for our total capacity or sections will be able to serve ten cars at a go and
there is no current car wash business able to handle such a number of cars. Therefore, this is
an opportunity worth venturing into for it is a hot business waiting to be cooled by Juvenile


Economy Analysis
Dar es Salaam is the most prosperous region in Tanzania. It is the economic capital of
Tanzania. Many economic activities and major investments are done in Dar es Salaam and
projections show that the trend is and will be expected to rise especially now the country is
very much integrating with other nations who are nearby by and beyond.
From economic reports, Tanzania is economically stable and still experiencing
economic growth as investment is increasing now and then and still figures show that the
trend will continue. Last year’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP in US $) was $12 Billion,
GDP per capita was $316. Numbers of workers according to last year’s statistics or reports
were 19,339,900 and it is expected to rise since the economy is growing. The employment
rate according to last year’s report was 5.1% which shows improvement in employment rate
as compared to other previous years (Increasing trend). From the economic status of
Tanzania, Dar es Salaam contributes the most in the nation’s Gross National and Domestic
The targeted areas that Juvenile Rides tend to serve are economically fit or well off in
the sense that, many people own cars and that will ensure a lot of customers who will desire
car wash services. The establishment of the Mlimani City Mall will be big boost to our
investment because it is visited mostly be well off people and it also attracts a lot of other
people even beyond Dar es Salaam. The University of Dar es Salaam is also a contributing
factor, Mlalakua and Mwenge having a lot of business units that foster frequent trading will
boost Juvenile Ride’s business growth.
Therefore, from the economic analysis of the area, it clearly shows how ideal
establishing a car wash business is. Better yet, the country is still undergoing tremendous
changes and growth so, it means that the business will be sustainable for at least fifteen years
according to data forecasts of the country.
Juvenile Rides will mostly be using modern machines and equipments in serving
customers so as to be able to provide quick services for we expect to have a lot of cars and
time will be the businesses’ constraint.
Legal Concerns
Juvenile Rides tends to be registered as a company and ensure that all legal obligations
will be met with full corporation to the government and all other concerned parties/bodies.
Furthermore, to ensure and enhance sustainability, business ethics will be adhered to as
required by law.
Industry Demand
From the feasibility studies done on the area, Juvenile Rides although facing
competition from different sources/areas will have a good market share and hence start out
well. The amount of cars available are inconsistent with the available car washes and services.
So, engaging in the industry will yield promising results.
As pointed out, competition is not stiff in the area for there are many cars from
different areas which are inconsistent with the available car wash businesses. In Juvenile
Ride’s area of business, the number of car wash establishments are three and the number of
cars passing each day are more than one hundred. This figure shows a great gap in the car
wash market. The establishment of Juvenile Rides will penetrate very fast in the market due to
modern tools that will be used as compared to most of our competitors who currently wash
cars traditionally through not using machine, rather hands. Despite the price difference, our
business will be profitable due to many customers being well off and interested to wash in a
more attractive, well appealing and fast service car wash.

The objectives for Juvenile Rides Car Wash are:
1. To be viewed as a premium car wash in Savei, Mlalakua, Mwenge, and University of
Dar es Salaam in the Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam community.
2. Maintain a very high gross profit margin.
3. Maintain a modest, steadily growing net profit margin.
4. Expand to two locations after third year of operation.
5. To provide high quality and time saving services that will ensure maximum customer
value and satisfaction.
The mission of Juvenile Rides is to provide top-quality car washing for all types of
cars in the areas identified and defined. Juvenile Rides will work to keep employees satisfied
in order to maintain impeccable customer service.

Juvenile Rides has a vision of being the car wash of choice than any other car wash
available or yet to be established.
Background of the Venture (Management)
The strength of Peter’s, Wangwe’s and Jacqueline’s experience, equity and assistance
is Juvenile Rides' competitive edge as well as a significant asset. All three partners have been
involved in the car wash business for the last ten years. They have worked their way through
the organization and have been managers for the last five years overseeing operations of
Tsh1.2 Billion annually. Before the venture, all three partners, Peter, Wangwe and Jacqueline
have received their Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management from
Mount Meru University.
Juvenile Rides is positioning itself as the premier machine and equipment car wash
serving Savei, Mlalakua, Mwenge, and University of Dar es Salaam in the Kinondoni, Dar es
Salaam community. The partners have forecasted a 40% market share for starters and later
strive to gain more and become the dominant force in the market. The business will generate a
very high gross margin and a modest net margin after year one and comfortable margin after
year three. By year three the business will have developed a respectable yearly net profit.
The Business and Personnel
Juvenile Rides will be providing customers with three services: exterior car washing,
interior cleaning, and detailing. Juvenile Rides has no true competitors that are trying to offer
a high quality service for a reasonable rate. Most are trying to compete on price alone.
Juvenile Rides' ability to provide a high quality service, both in regards to the actual washing
as well as customer service is all based on their ability to find the best employees. Hiring the
best employees is cost effective because it decreases Human Resource costs associated with
turnover and other employee costs. Hiring the best employees and making sure that they are
well taken care of ensures that they in turn take care of the customers. Study after study
proves that a happy employee is far more likely to provide the highest level of customer
service compared to an employee who is not happy and feels that they are being taken
advantage of.
Collateral Services
Juvenile Rides intends to initiate other establishments within the car wash
establishment. The establishments are:
1. Small Bar: This will enable our dear customers to get refreshments (beverages). Food
will also be served due to growth patterns and trends. The other aim of the bar is to
market the car wash for it will allow even other people to get to know how well we
serve our customers and provide excellent quality car wash services
2. Internet Surfing Cafe: An internet cafe is a service that will enable our customers and
non-customers to surf the web while waiting for their cars to be washed.
3. Entertainment such as pool and snooker tables, music (every genera), draft, chess, etc
will be provided also.
The major aim of establishing small services in near future once the business mixes
well and becomes popular is to act as a means to controlling queues and maximizing customer
satisfaction because such services are hidden needs and sometimes very much convenient to
people especially business people who are among our target market.
The Customers
Juvenile Rides will target three main groups of customers: individual car owner and
leasers, car dealerships, and local businesses. The surrounding area is quite affluent, 40% of
the residents earn over Tsh20 Million per person in a year. Consequently, they have nice cars
and want them to look nice. There are five different car dealerships within a three-mile radius
which will require car washing services for the various fleets. Lastly, there are many different
local businesses that have company cars and that require clean appearances.
The Queue Control System
One of the weaknesses that Juvenile Rides might have in the mix of its business is
long queues that might make the business lose customers. The control system to curb queues
will be implemented from building adequate sections to accommodate the flow of cars.
Apart from section building, small establishments will build such as bars, internet
cafes and entertainment establishments so as to compromise the customers with the queues
that will inevitably exist.
Juvenile Rides thus hope that the control systems and many more will be helpful in
controlling queues and maximize customer satisfaction. The strengths that Juvenile rides hope
to have in making their customers put up with queues are from the provision of excellent

The Establishment Layout
Below is an illustration of Juvenile Rides layout:

From the above layout, Juvenile rides will have basically two sections which are
divided into three each; the washing section where cars will be washed using pressure
washers and the drying and dust removal section where vacuum cleaners will be used.
When cars arrive, they will first enter the washing section where they will be washed
with water and after being cleaned, they are taken to the vacuum cleaner section to be dried
and remove small remaining dirt.
At the middle of the two sections, an electric lift will be installed or fixed in each
section’s division. The aim of the electric lifts is to clean cars from beneath incase a
customer’s wishes to. The location of the electric lift is to enable both wash pressure and
vacuum cleaner pipes to easily reach the cars as shown on the above illustration.
An office will also be placed behind the section that will have all the required and
necessary equipments and gadgets.
The layout will also be having a store to store unused and contingent equipments,
machines and so on. Also, the store will be used to store newly bought machineries,
equipments and other things that will be of value to the business.
The Machinery and Equipment
Equipments and Machineries deployed in the establishment are:
1. Pressure washers
2. Vacuum Cleaners
3. Electric Lifts
4. Water Storage Tanks
5. Consumables such as Washing Guns
6. Computers (Monitor and CPU)
7. Printers
8. Scanners
9. Tables
10. Chairs
11. Office Stationeries and Gadgets
12. Electric Equipments (Luku, tube lights, electric wires and other settings)
13. Telephone (Landline)
14. Internet Services and Connections
The machineries and equipments will not be bought from a single or fixed, instead
they will be bought from several suppliers in different locations such as from Zanzibar, Dar es
Salaam (General Motors and BMTL) and Dubai.
Cost of Equipments and Machineries (Tanzanian Shillings)
The costs will be as follows:
1. Pressure washer @ 2,000,000/=
2. Vacuum Cleaner @ 1,500,000/=
3. Electric Lift @ 1,700,000/=
4. Water Storage Tank (5Litres) @ 700,000/=
5. Washing Gun @ 50,000
6. Table @ 120,000/=
7. Chair @ 90,000/=
8. Flat Screen Computer (Monitor and CPU) @ 1,200,000/=
9. Printer, Fax, Scanner and Copier (4 in 1)@ 400,000/=
10. Stationeries and Gadgets(Initial) 50,000/=
11. Internet Services (TTCL Internet) @ 300,000/=
12. Miscellaneous 300,000/=
Future Capital Equipments
Future equipment needs will be determined by the progress of the business initially. It
is planned that more modern and efficient equipments and machines will be bought depending
on the progress and success of the business and of course, the positive response of our target
At present in regard to future capital equipments, the business will mostly prepare or
put aside resources or money to purchase repair equipments and meet other contingencies.
Process of Purchasing Equipments
The purchasing process will depend on where the equipments and machines will
ordered from. Process of purchasing from Dubai will be through online purchasing and
shipment. From Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam, equipments will be ordered and transported to
the required destination directly by us partners or through transport agents.
Store Facilities
The business will also be having a store to store unused and contingent equipments,
machines and so on. Also, the store will be used to store newly bought machineries,
equipments and other things that will be of value to the business.

Market Analysis Summary and Segmentation
The car wash will be based beside the DDC Mlimani Bar and Restaurant, Mlalakua,
Dar es Salaam. The area has a number of benefits in terms of the market that it will provide
for the business. Over 40% of households in the immediate neighborhood earn over TSH
20Million per person annually. Many people in the neighborhood own and/or lease new cars
and place great value on their cars and how they look. There are a large number of car
dealerships in the area--five within three miles of the proposed location for Juvenile Rides.
Juvenile Rides segments its customers by type of car ownership. We believe that the
type of car that a person owns says volumes about their driving, and, therefore their car
washing and detailing requirements.
1. New car owners: Owners of newer cars are most likely to use a machine car washing
service. These owners take great pride in their cars and will bring them often to the
wash and detail service. The goal with these customers is to promote regular use of the
wash and detail service. The aim is to inform these customers that Juvenile Rides will
keep their car looking as good as it did the day they drove it off the lot.
2. Older luxury car owners: These people have either owned their high-end luxury cars
for several years or are unable to afford the expense of a new luxury car but want the
feel of relaxed driving. Both of these groups want to keep their cars in the best shape
possible. Those who have bought second-hand cars will often spend many hours in
their cars and will place high importance on keeping their cars looking good. These
owners will bring their cars in for regular washes and occasional details.
3. Sports car owners: These people are often younger or middle-aged men and will
regard the look of their car as important. They will also pride themselves on the look
of their car and will have their car washed (at least) weekly. These drivers will have an
occasional detail, but will keep their cars so clean the detail will not be necessary very
4. Lifetime owners: Many of these people have owned their cars for more than five or six
years, and are more likely to be women. They are attached to their cars as friends and
though it may be more sensible for them to purchase a new car, they will bring their
car in for a wash occasionally, just when the car is dirty. They like their cars to look
presentable, and want to keep it in good shape but are not tied up in the look of their
car. For this reason, they will not have a detail carried out on their car unless they are
selling it.
5. Dealerships: There are many new and used car dealerships within three miles of the
proposed location of Juvenile Rides. These dealerships often use outside car wash
services to detail their vehicles before they are put up for sale. In addition, there are
more than fifteen other car dealerships within a seven mile radius of Juvenile Rides.
6. Local businesses: Some local businesses have fleets of cars and small vans that must
be kept clean to maintain their company image. These businesses will be looking for a
cost and time effective, efficient car washing service to perform this service, and will
prefer to use a car wash service during the week rather than during weekends, like the
general public.
The strategy behind Juvenile Rides target segmentation is to attract customers who
will be repeat users and will frequent the business in the typically quiet times for a car wash
business. It will not be difficult to attract customers during the summer months and on the
weekends, the weekdays however, especially during the rainy season, people will not think
about having their cars washed. For this reason, Juvenile Rides will target people who will
tend not to be restricted to these busy times.
1. Business owners (new car owners) tend to be very busy people, but are often able to
make their own hours.
2. Retired people (older luxury car owners) are not restricted by typical work schedules
so will be able to frequent the car wash during the week.
3. Dealerships will need cars detailed and washed regardless of the time of the day and
week. This will supply a constant flow of traffic.
4. Businesses will need their fleet cars washed during the week during regular business
Marketing Research Evidence
The segmentation was obtained and discovered through marketing research that was
conducted for quite some time and thankfully, it has brought positive results that will make
the establishment more fruitful and sustainable. The research involved obtaining data from
different business and non-business units and other car owning people.
Marketing Decision Strategies
Juvenile Rides tends to engage in various activities so as to get the attention of the
target market. Amongst them is through intensive advertisement within our sphere of
influence and abit beyond to reach other target markets such as the car dealers. Advertisement
will be through street sign boards, television and brochures, and etc, depending on business
Also, the sales and marketing focus will be on a one-to-one basis, with the emphasis
on gaining loyal and repeat customers as "friends" of the business. Juvenile Rides, therefore,
will depend on word-of-mouth advertising for the immediate community.
The major aim is to link our services through our service mix to meet customer
solutions that will fulfill their satisfaction mix (customer solution, customer cost,
communication and convenience).
Our philosophies will be to make our firm to competitive and the car wash of choice
through meeting the needs profitably, finding the wants of our customers and fill them.
Another philosophy that will adopted will be “LOVING THE CUSTOMER MORE AND
Service Business Analysis
The car washing business beside DDC Mlimani Bar and Restaurant consists of many
small competitors. Everything from local children raising money for their youth group on a
Saturday by cleaning cars, to the automatic car wash machines, are competition for Juvenile
Rides. However, these two alternatives aim to meet the needs of the price-conscious
individuals who are choosing the service simply so they do not have to clean the car
themselves. Juvenile Rides on the other hand, targets the quality-conscious individuals who
value their car enough to spend 5,000 – 10,000 per week to make it look good.
Competition and Buying Patterns
There are several other hand car wash businesses around Mlalakua and Mwenge.
Some are quite new and others are not and they are trying to compete with machine car
washes by offering low prices. However, it is not targeting the customers who seek quality
The customers who Juvenile Rides is targeting have their cars washed based on the
quality of the job. They do not mind spending a little more each week to have their car
washed and waxed in order to keep the paint work in excellent shape. The businesses that
Juvenile Rides targets will be more cost conscious despite the technology that will be
employed. The purpose of Juvenile Ride’s to mostly to provide best quality services at
affordable prices at the expense of having a very fast profit turnover. The businesses focuses
more on long term benefits and profits than short-term that can kill the business if competitors
of our own nature enter the market. We believe creating customer value and loyalty is very
much important and should be of outmost concern for they will bring revenue, progress and
prosperity to our business.
Competitive Edge
Juvenile Rides' competitive edge will be the business quality service provision using
modern equipments and highly competent work force for delivering high quality customer
services and the reputation of the partners, Peter, Wangwe and Jacqueline in the Dar es
Salaam Community. As mentioned, the partners have been in the car business for quite some
time (years), and have an excellent reputation and a myriad of both business and personal
contacts. In addition, the partners have put a great deal of emphasis on creating a system that
is both fast and efficient, which will keep costs, in terms of time spent per car, to a minimum.
Sales Strategy
Sales strategy is on a one-to-one basis. All customers will feel they are a valued friend
of Juvenile Rides, and that all employees care about the care and upkeep of each vehicle. We
must be aware that there are low switching costs in the car washing industry, so we will have
to work hard to develop and keep repeat customers.
Sales Forecast and Forecast for Services
We will aim to flatten sales across the sales cycle by targeting segments that will want
to keep their cars clean and looking good year round.
If stipulated plans and objectives go as planned, Juvenile Rides forecasts great
progress and development in terms of capacity and competence that will enhance our
competitive advantage and deliver customer value. The success will also give room for
massive expansion of establishing multiple chains and improved service delivery through
installing more modern, cost and time effective and efficient equipments.
Full Wash 15,000/= 450,000/= 5,400,000/=
Exterior Wash 6,000/= 180,000/= 2,160,000/=
Interior Clean 6,000/= 180,000/= 2,160,000/=
End User Detail 70,000/= 2,100,000/= 25,200,000/=
Car Dealership Details 50,000/= 1,500,000/= 18,000,000/=
TOTAL 147,000/= 4,410,000/= 52,920,000/=
Table above shows the total sales forecast per day, month and year respectively. The
figures further shows how much revenues the business will be receiving per person from a
single service listed above.
From the location of Juvenile Rides, it is expected the total number of cars received
per day will be not less than thirty or even fifty according to our market analysis and research
data. Thus, if expected not less than thirty cars per day, the total revenues expected by
Juvenile Rides will be 4,410,000.00, 132,300,000.00, and 1,587,600,000.00 per day, month
and year respectively.
From the sales forecast, it is very much believed that Juvenile Rides will be very
successful and expansion very much rapid.
The high prices are in view of our capable, competent, and time efficient services and
not forgetting the customer care and queue controlling system for a lot of cars are expected to
demand our services. Further more like stated already that most of our target customers are
financially well and such a service to distinct them in the society so to make them look top (it
is inevitable in the society) will attract their attention.

Juvenile Rides will be a partnership venture that will consist of three people; Peter
Mboma, Alfayo Wangwe and Jacqueline Umuhoza.
Since it will be a small establishment, the line of authority will be structured in a
military organizational structure layout whereby line of authority is straight, going from the
top management to the subordinates. Responsibilities will be assigned as stipulated in the
personnel planning section above.

Being a business venture, risks are inevitable and below are the likely risks to be
encountered by the business during its operations:
1. Entrance of competitors; from our market analysis, segmentation and research, the
market looks very attractive and if success matches the business’s plans, it will very
much likely attract more competitors. So, it is something to be prepared for.
2. Government policies can also pose a threat to our business such as taxes that may

cause the business to raise the price of services. Also, land security can pose a serious
threat especially since the law states that land is owned by the Government despite
compensating settlers.
3. Future uncertainty; Research shows that the business will be very successful if little
changes occur, but if major conditions that may be contrary to our plans occur, it will
in a big part affect the prosperity of the business.
4. Apart from just known and easily predicted risks, even unpredictable risks should be
put into account such as new car washing technology that might out beat our present
and future equipments.

1. Provision of efficient, effective, unique and superior customer services so as to retain
loyal customers and attract new customers even if new rivals enter the industry and try
to penetrate the market.
2. Regular business appraisals so as to constantly be aware of the business’s strengths
and weaknesses.
3. Internal and external analysis such as PEST and SWOT analysis so as to identify
forces existing within and outside the market that may hinder our business operations.
4. Service differentiation that will aid in customer attraction and retention.
5. Being partners with the government and helping in community development in ways
possible so as to gain good image that will safeguard short and long term interest of
the business.
6. Establish business collaboration and alliances may also help safeguard interest and
enhance the business’s competitive edge or advantage.
7. Research will be included to try and be above our competitors and also able to tackle
and curb unforeseen situations and circumstances. In business, it is advised that an
entity should try to prepare for unpredictable situations that might completely wipe
them out.

The following plan outlines the financial development of Juvenile Rides. The business
will be initially financed by the three partners, Peter, Wangwe and Jacqueline and will finance
growth through equity, credit funding or both depending on the business trend. This will mean
that the company will grow fast and ensure that all three partners retain control over the
direction of the company. In year three, it is hoped that the company will be able to open a
second location. It is envisioned that an outside loan or equity funding will be sought at that
Number Particulars Quantity Amount (@) Total Amount
(Tsh) (Tsh)
1 Pressure Washer 3 2,000,000 6,000,000
2 Vacuum Cleaner 3 1,500,000 4,500,000
3 Electric Lift 3 1,700,000 5,100,000
4 Water Tank (5 Ltrs) 2 700,000 1,400,000
5 Washing Gun 6 50,000 300,000
6 Tables 2 120,000 240,000
7 Chairs 2 90,000 180,000
8 Flat Screen Computer 1 1,200,000 1,200,000
9 4 in 1 Printer 1 400,000 400,000
10 Stationeries & Gadgets 50,000 50,000
11 Internet Services 300,000 300,000
12 Miscellaneous 300,000 300,000
13 Monthly Rent 500,000 500,000
14 Tax 200,000 200,000
15 Insurance 500,000 500,000
16 Legal 400,000 400,000
17 Consultants 200,000 200,000
18 Research 450,000 450,000
19 Advertising 300,000 300,000
20 Building Materials 2,000,000 2,000,000
21 Building Labour 500,000 500,000
22 Bills 100,000 100,000
TOTAL 25,120,000


Peter Mboma 8,373,333.3
Alfayo Wangwe 8,373,333.3
Jacqueline Umuhoza 8,373,333.3
Other 0
Additional Investment Required 0
From the above financial plan, all three partners will inject equal amount of capital at
first and later on if the business goes well according to plan, loans will be advanced despite
the high revenues and profits expected to be earned.

1. Savei: This is an area that is between the University of Dar es Salaam and Mlalakua.
Savei is a residential area occupied by different classes of people involved in variety
of economic activities such as retail, wholesale businesses, bars, restaurants, hotels,
pubs, lodges, entertainment centers, internet cafes, stationeries, and so much more. So,
it is an advanced residential area filled with a lot of economic activities that Juvenile
Rides tend to turn into gold
2. Mlalakua: This is also a residential area that is located along the Sam Nujoma road
extending from corner to Mlimani city all the way to Mwenge. Mlalakua is
increasingly growing as many business establishments are being built to cater the
needs of the people in the area. There are also a lot of bars, restaurants, car
dealerships, restaurants, hotels, lodges, pubs, offices, etc to mention a few that shows
how prominent Mlalakua is especially in vehicle abundance. So, Juvenile Rides tends
to come to the rescue.
3. The University of Dar es Salaam: The University of Dar es Salaam is the biggest
university in Dar es Salaam that accepts and registers more than one thousand students
each year. This minimum number highlights the sort of activities that take place and
better yet, car wash establishments are not built within the campus. So, people tend to
go as far as Savei, Mlalakua or even mwenge sometimes just for a wash, such an
observation is worth exploiting and that is why Juvenile Ride’s location is very much
attractive and convenient to our target market.
4. Mwenge: This location is known by many as among the busiest bus stands in Dar es
Salaam, but it is also a residential and business area. Among the areas mentioned
above within Juvenile Ride’s sphere, Mwenge is the biggest and busiest for its income
per day totals more than ten million shillings a day as a very minimum rate. So,
Juvenile Rides tends to divert some of the income.
5. Mlimani City Mall: This is a recent establishment that has attracted a lot of people to
flourish within the area especially high class people who are among Juvenile Ride’s
targets. So, such an opportunity is also worth venturing in especially that it is located
just opposite to Juvenile Rides car wash.