Garbage and Linen Chutes


Garbage and Linen Chutes
Uni- Metal chutes are very convenient, simple and low cost method of controlling and disposing of refuse and linen in multi storey buildings. Uni-Metal chutes meet the most stringent requirements of environmental health and safety. The inclusion of chute cleaning systems, sanitizing and disinfecting units,sound damping and fire control equipment, within the overall design of chutes have greatly increased their usage throughout the world. UniMetal chutes are fabricated to conform to: British Standards 1703: 1977, BS 5906: 2005, and VDI 2162.

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This catalogue is designed to be helpful to engineers and contractors in the application and selection of channel products for construction and maintenance. If a unique application requires a special product not included in this catalogue, SFSP engineering personnel are ready to furnish design consultation and realistic cost estimates.

Garbage and Linen Chutes


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Garbage and Linen Chutes


SFSP is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of steel and aluminum products which are used in the support of equipment for industrial, commercial, utility, and OEM installations. Our customers have access to the most complete support systems offered in the industry, including metal framings, cable trays, pipe hangers, slotted angles,fasteners and others. An in-house hot dip galvanization section at SFSP.

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Garbage and Linen Chutes

Uni-Metal trades in-house produced steel construction products, all designed and manufactured in the SFSP plants located in KSA ,UAE ,Egypt and Jordan.

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B.Galvanized C. As per: EN 10327 / DIN 17162 / BS 2989/ ASTM A 527M / ASTM A 653M / JIS G 3302.Austenitic Stainless Steels AISI 304 & 316.Galvanized Hot–Dip Zinc Coated Steel DX 51D + Z.ASTM A276 Aluminium FINISHES G. 527. Hot Rolled Steel Plates. BS 729 / DIN 50976 2. ASTM A570M / ASTM A572M.Zinc Electroplating After Fabrication.2 Stainless Steel Wire BS 1554 . Cold Rolled Steel DC 01. As per: EN 10025 -2 / DIN 17100 / BS 4360 / ASTM A 653M / ASTM A 1011/ ASTM A 1011-01a JIS 3101 / JIS 3106 / GB 700 / GB / T1591. S355 JR.Hot–DIP Galvanization After Fabrication. As per: ASTM B633 / EN 12329 / ISO 4042/ BS 1706 / BS 3382 / DIN 50961 3. As per: ASTM A 240 /EN 10088-2/ DIN 17400 / BS 1449:2 / ASTM A480 / ASTM A666 / ISO 3506 / EN 10028-7 /JIS G 4304 F.Powder Coating Epoxy / Polyester / Epoxy & Polyester BS 3900 / ISO 2409 / ISO 1519 / ISO 1520 For more details see pages at the end of the catalogue . Continuously Pre. Electro Galvanized Steel (Electrolytic Coating) DC01 + ZE.com 7 Garbage and Linen Chutes MATERIALS Mild Steel .AluZink Steel DX 51D + AZ. ِAs per: EN 10215 /m n EN 10143/ DIN 55928 / ASTM A 792 Stainless Steel F.Aluminium 5052 & 6063 1.Plain A. Part 2 / BS 1449:1 / ASTM A366 / ASTM A 1008 / JIS G 3141 / GB 699.SFSP www. 528/ ASTM A146 D.sfsp-ikk. As per: EN 10130 / DIN 1623. ASTM A 907 / ASTM A 1018M. EN 10131 / ASTM A568M Mild Steel . Sheets and Coils S235JR. As per: ASTM A 123 / ASTM A 153 / ISO 1461. As per: EN 10152 / DIN 17163 / ASTM A591 / JIS G 3313 / JIS G 3141/BS 1449:1 EN 10131 AluZink Steel E. EN 10326/ EN 10142 / ASTM A 526.1 Stainless Steel Fasteners EN 3506 F.

we recommend the following: Number of Storeys 1-10 Storey All Material Thickness 1.5 mm 1-30 1-45 Material Choice SFSP provides refuse and linen chutes to customer requirements from the following high quality materials: Material Stainless Steel Type 304 Stainless Steel Type 316 Galvanized Steel Type IB2 Aluminized Steel CR4 Aluminized STC (H2) 1.5 mm * * * * * Standard BS 1449:2 BS 1449:2 BS 2989 ASTM A527M ASTM A463:2 BS 1470 Useful Weights Material Carboard stacked flat or baled.0 mm 2.0 mm 1.5 mm 1-20 1-9 10-20 1-6 7-20 21-30 1-9 11-30 31-45 2.0 mm 1.5 mm * * * * * 1.5 mm 3. Usage of 1.0 mm 2.5 mm * * * * * 1.0mm (11 Gauge) (when specified).5mm (16 Gauge) • 2.Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 8 www.0 mm 1.5 mm 3.0mm (14 Gauge) • 3. folded newspaper Food Waste.5 mm thickness material is recommended for buildings up to 10 storeys high. For buildings over 10 storeys. well compacted Vegetable waste. uncompacted Empty Bottles Mixed general refuse. similar to domestic General office waste and paper Waste paper loose in sacks Kg/m3 500 600 200 300 150 50 20 .sfsp-ikk.com ►Material Specifications Material Thickness & Gauges SFSP provides the following material gauges: • 1.

the most common size of refuse chutes were 375 mm and 450 mm. Uni-Metal chutes can either pass through the floor slab of the building or be fixed within a vertical shaft. Anywhere.sfsp-ikk. Please contact our technical department for further advice. hotels. However we strongly recommend the use of 600 mm diameter chutes. the choice of refuse chute diameter is shown on this page. particularly useful when a refuse chute has to be provided after the building has been finished or where it is not possible to replace in the same location.30 31 . both in size and material choice. commercial complexes and shopping centers. in fact where refuse needs controlling. Swaged Joint Long Hopper Choosing the Correct Size of Chute SFSP provides a comprehensive range of refuse chutes.50 liters 40 . Reccomended Chute Diameter 500 mm 550 mm 600 mm 700 mm 800 mm 900 mm Plastic Sack Capacity 20 liters 30 liters 40 . factories.com 9 Garbage and Linen Chutes ►Technical Information Original Equipment Uni-Metal refuse chutes are specially designed for use in flats. Historically. apartments.40 40 + 40 + 45 + 50 + Floor Support Frame & Clamp Band Fire Sprinkler (optional) Hopper (EXISTING CHUTES ONLY) Automatic Fire Shutter Door with Fusible Link . The choice of materials to be used are covered thoroughly elsewhere. hospitals. Appreciating that design and space considerations sometimes lead to compromises. External refuse chutes can be single or double skinned. as in practical terms this diameter is the least likely to cause any long term problems. the table opposite is given as a guide to assist you in choosing the correct diameter of chute.SFSP www. of Apartments per Chute 21 . Weatherproof Terminal Incorporation Bird & Insect Screen Ventilation Fan Indoor Chutes The majority of refuse chutes are fitted internally within a building.60 liters No. moving and disposing at low cost. Top Cover and Spigot Flushing Head Spray Keyed Access Door Controls (can be remote) Disinfecting & Sanitizing Unit Cleaning System Hopper Outdoor Chutes Uni-Metal refuse chutes can be fixed externally to most types of building. condominiums.50 liters 45 .55 liters 50 . offices.

550mm (22”). or from as small as 1 meter up to a maximum of 165-170 meters. We will make square section chutes to customers special requirements. SFSP provides chutes within the range of 1. 450 450 Height 600 600 mm hole through floor slab for 500 mm chute 500 mm diameter 410 690 650 650 mm hole through floor slab for 550 mm chute 550 mm diameter 460 740 Varies according to individual building design. mechanical rolled into an accurate cylindrical from. Uni-Metal refuse chutes therefore have a circular cross section.B We will also manufacture to customers special requirements. Refuse Chute Trunking 600 700 Cut to shape from flat metal sheet. 800mm (32”). The entry sections of Uni-Metal chutes are designed and manufactured within the constraints of BS1703:1977/ BS 5906: 1980 to ensure complete satisfaction. to prevent air or falling refuse already present in the chute from accidentally blowing back when any refuse hopper is opened. to give smooth.Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 10 www.sfsp-ikk. If it is not designed and manufactured correctly there is a probability the refuse chute will not work satisfactorily.45 storeys. Uni-Metal refuse chute entry sections have our specially designed Inner baffle. the best shape has proved to be circular. Shape 450 or 500 600 700 mm hole through floor slab for 500 mm chute 600 mm diameter 510 880 650 800 mm hole through floor slab for 500 mm chute 700 mm diameter 560 930 600 To give an unimpeded free flow of refuse within a chute. . 600mm (24”) 700mm (28”). the entire inner surface area of the trunking is smooth and free from any projections that will impede the free flow of refuse within the total vertical length of the chute. 900 900 mm hole through floor slab for 500 mm chute 800 mm diameter Chute Tube 1000 1000 mm hole through floor slab for 500 mm chute 900 mm diameter Entry Section Joint ring Tipping Hopper Intake Throat Sound Insulator Wall after Chute installation Supporting Frame This could be described as the most critical component of a refuse chute. Over this height two chutes should be provided. vertical seams being welded or lockseamed. horizontal are mechanically jointed or welded. the first terminating at a mid building level refuse collecting room. Vertical seams are according to material type and gauge either lock seamed or welded.com ►Variation 360 590 380 620 Refuse Chute Sizes Uni-Metal chutes are available with the following standard internal diameters: 500mm (20”). the second chute to start at mid-building level and terminating at ground floor or basement level. 900mm (36”) N. Flat metal sheet is accurately cut and shaped by highly skilled craftsmen. watertight sealed joints.

Authority Uni-Metal refuse chutes are manufactured to conform to (where applicable): British Standards 1703: 1977 and BS 5906: 2005 where applicable and our standard design.25 m3 0. whilst not having the same qualities as stainless steel. to ensure chute stability.015 m3 0. Galvanized steel and aluminized steel. welded construction. shaped and drilled from 35x35x3mm or (38x38x5mm) mild steel angle with a rigid. cut shaped and rolled from 25x25x3mm m.010 m3 0. For economy.005 m3 0. Angle ring joints are firmly bolted together and sealed during field erection. Stainless steel has no applied coating to wear off and most important has very high impact strength. Slip Joints Mechanically swaged into the trunking.0075 m3 0.3 m3 0. acid and alkalis contained within refuse.05 m3 0. angle. German Industrial Code VDI 2162. Type of use / user Household/Residential Offices Hotels Total hotel waste based on number of rooms Restaurants Fast Food Oultlets Canteens Major Shopping Centers Major Supermarkets Secondary Supermarkets Department Stores Shops Hospitals Industrial Units 4/5 star hotel-per bed 2/3 star hotel-per bed per cover (dining space) per sale per cover per m of sales area 2 Formula 2 person/1 house/1 flat Per Person/10m2 Volume Per Week 0. Angle Ring Joints Used to join certain section of trunking.010 m3 0.sfsp-ikk.SFSP www. The frame holds a metal clamp band. due to the softness of the material.005 m3 per m2 of sales area per m2 of sales area per m2 of sales area per m of sales area 2 per bed excluding clinical waster per m2 of floor space . These joints are sealed during field erection with factory supplied sealant. The frame is rustproofed for internal use and hot dip galvanized for external use.010 m3 0. Rustproofed for internal use and hot dip galvanized for external use. Stainless steel has the advantage of being resistant to the humidity. are still used extensively for refuse chutes. SFSP also provides chutes from both galvanized steel and aluminized steel (Aluminized Steel to American Standards).s. A factory fitted joint. the slip joint gives up to 75mm tolerance.10 m3 0.35 m3 0.75 m3 0. We can also manufacture chutes in aluminum though.15 m3 0.com 11 Garbage and Linen Chutes Floor Support Frames Cut. we would only recommend its use where low weight is a key factor. Material Specification & Choice SFSP strongly recommends the use of stainless steel for the manufacture of refuse chutes.

Standard Vent with fan Insect Screen Weathering Cowl Insect Screen fan Access Door Roof Deck Standard Vent with fan Standard Vent without fan . Flashed to roof by others.2m) above roof.com ►Accessories Vents & Fans Automatic Foul Air Exhaust Fan installed at the top of the chutes. An exhaust fan can be fitted to any full diameter vent pipe. It extends 4 feet (1.sfsp-ikk. Class H tropicalized continuously rated.Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 12 www. 50/60 Hz. The full diameter of the Uni-Metal refuse chute is used to vent any foul air in the chute. Electric Supply: 220/240 volts or 110/120 volts. complete with inspection door. through refuse hoppers or into the refuse room. 1300 RPM. The screen keeps out any insects or birds attracted to the vent pipe. usually above roof level this ventilator maintains a smooth flow of fresh air within the refuse chute. N. The foul air exhaust fan helps prevent the escape of any bad odors or explosive gases released by aerosols etc. Fan motor.B. Standard Vent Technical Specification Air displacement 200m3/hour. Full Diameter with Insect Screen Recommended on chutes if a foul air exhaust fan is not being specified. For use with vent pipes of (9”) 230 mm diameter or above. Normally changing the air approximately 50 times per hour.

at least 1800 mm above spray head.SFSP www.P. The water supply to the flushing head spray is manually controlled by a conveniently placed gate valve. the electric motor and the built in safety overloads. The nylon brushes scrape and clean the internal surface as they move down and up the chute. Disinfecting and Sanitizing Unit Designed to give manual or automatic flushing of the internal surface of Uni-Metal chutes. are all individually controlled by a robust electric logic control circuit. a disinfectant or sanitizing unit is recommended for use with every chute installation. is manually lowered and raised on a high geared winch which has a ratchet to give operator safety. to clean the total vertical length of the internal surfaces of Uni-Metal chutes. Flushing Spray Head Water Supply Non Return Valve Chute Top Cover Manual Cleaning System Designed.com 13 Garbage and Linen Chutes Cleaning Equipment Automatic Chute Cleaning System Specifically designed to clean the total vertical length of the internal surface of all chutes. ready for immediate on-site connection.normal header tank pressure or 1/2 bar recommended (approx. Fitted above the topmost entry section of the refuse chutes as part of an automatic or manual cleaning system or on its own. particularly as it overcomes one of the problems associated with the use of chutes-strong odors. The water supply for flushing the chute. 50/60hz. Manual cleaning is recommended on buildings up to 5 storeys high. 15 mm Flush Head Spray 10 Liter Tank Disinfecting Unit . The specification given above can be changed by using a smaller volume stainless steel tank within an automatic chute cleaning system. 1800 mm height) Automatic Brushing Device Electrical Specification Supply 380/415 volts. Water supply normal header tank pressure. A cylindrical housing. The system is factory fabricated as an integral unit ready for immediate on site connection. A cylindrical housing with replaceable stiff nylon brushes is automatically lowered and raised by a geared electric motor. with replaceable stiff nylon brushes. Water Supply Water supply . This manually operated system is factory fabricated as an integral unit. continuous.sfsp-ikk. Simple to operate and maintain. like the automatic cleaning system. 3 phase Motor 1/6 HP 1600 R.M.

The Automatic Fire Shutter Door also has a manual closing facility and can be used in certain location as both a fire shutter-door and a manual cut off door. 68°C (165°F).Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 14 www.sfsp-ikk. Pertinent international standard requirements call for this sprinkler to be incorporated in every second chute intake opening.com Automatic Fire Sprinlker Automatic Foul Air Exhaust Fan Glass bulb sprinklers are recommended for fire protection inside the chute. In case of excessive heat (or fire) the link gets fused at 165°F (68°C) causing the door to roll shut. Floor to Floor Height Compactor or rubbish container Chute Diameter + 8. Solenoid Valve Fire Shutter Doors Type ’C’ Automatic Fire Shutter Door Normally this type is widely used in both garbage & linen chutes.5 hours fire rated. Sprinkler : 1/2” IPS. Minimum requirement would be one sprinkler at the head of the chute in each chute. The discharge is 1.25 cm Chute Diameter x 2 . Glass Sprinklers can be used in conjunction with a normal water supply at a pressure of up to 8 bar. Smoke Detection System: This system shall be provided by the fire alarm subcontractor. This type has a horizontal rolling door held by springs on each side connected to a fusible link.

sfsp-ikk. Suitable for use with 600mm and 800mm linen chutes. Floor to Floor Height Linen Container Spring Counter Balance with Fusible Link Discharge Sections Offsets Reinforced Steel Adjustable Support Factory fabricated from the same material as the refuse chute. Manual Cut-off Door Shuts or cuts off chute for cleaning. Offsets should not be less than 45° from the horizontal. In case of fire the door drops shut and is held closed by two retaining catches. removal of containers or maintenance of refuse compactors or shredders. but without the same degree of operator safety. Offsets are fabricated to all diameters of refuse and linen chutes provided by SFSP.com 15 Garbage and Linen Chutes ►Accessories Type ’D’ Top Hung Automatic Fire Door Designed for use where it is not possible to fit a standard automatic fire shutter door. but in a heavier gauge to withstand the impact of falling bags.5 hours fire protection.SFSP www. Chute Diameter 500 mm 550 mm 600 mm 700 mm 800 mm 900 mm Lengths 1000 mm 1100 mm 1200 mm 1400 mm 1600 mm 1800 mm Width 550 mm 600 mm 650 mm 750 mm 850 mm 950 mm 45° min Shut off gate / long form Shut off gate / short form . The top hung door gives the same 1. (Safety fencing is recommended) Operation is by the top hinged counter balanced door pulling against a fusible link.

Operation Hopper door pivots on an anti vandal hinge and is counter balanced to be self closing and self sealing against a fire resistant seal. in certain circumstances.8 kg/m2 Non flammable Hoppers General Uni-Metal refuse hoppers are supplied with uni-metal refuse chutes or supplied for separate fitting as independent or replacement hoppers.sfsp-ikk.0%±1% by volume 380 Kreb gram units Good thermal insulator Beige 1.com Sound Damping Introduction All metal refuse chutes can produce. (except refuse. Door facings in stainless steel. Finish Base and side cheeks from epoxy powder coated mild steel sheet.Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 16 www. The double skinned satin stainless steel facings have a special fire resistant core giving a 1 1/2 hour fire rating. Designed to eject loose or bagged refuse directly into a refuse chute or a container. and 900mm internal diameter or as independent replacement hoppers. uncomfortable levels of noise. . Internal surfaces not coated Application Factory applied at the same thickness as the metal substrate or more and over the total area of the exterior surface of the refuse chute. 700. 600. A factory applied coating of a proven sound dampening compound will dramatically reduce noise level produced by resonant vibrations in metal refuse chutes. hopper face and side hung door faces) Stainless steel hopper faces not coated Exterior Surfaces Coated Sound Damping Paint Typical Properties Density Total solid content Viscosity Thermal conductivity Color Actual spreading rate Flammability 1. 800. Uni-Metal hoppers are specially designed to prevent blockages inside refuse chutes Application For use with refuse chutes of 500. Materials and manufacture Factory fabricated with a robust welded steel construction. 550.2 kgs/litre 42.

The lock is operated via a green illuminated pushbutton. Chute Tube Outside sound damping compound Red light. a feedback contact preventing opening of other doors. Door control is made at the central switchboard so that when one door is open.When work is going on in the collection room.com 17 Garbage and Linen Chutes Hoppers comply with BS 476 and BS 5588 Smoke resistant Fire resistant Flush fitting Self closing : meets BS 476 section 31.5 : hopper door quietly and safely self closes after every operation in accordance with BS 1703 6.SFSP www. although not required by law. smoke and fire alarms so that the doors remain closed in an emergency situation. they can be coupled to warning light indicators. chute busy Elecrtic lock covered to avoid damage Bottom Hinged Door Tipping Hopper Application Electric latches can be incorporated in tipping hopper and side-hinged door fixtures. signal light indicators.3. for instance. Supply requirements & specification .Electro magnetic solenoid bolts. In the door leaf a falling latch is incorporated which can be opened in an emergency by a simple allen key.All doors shall be locked when the chute cleaning systems are in operation.3.Doors can only be opened individually. 2. a red indicator lamp signaling that the chute has no access.Delay on/off.3.220/240 volts.4 Hopper doors are made out of stainless steel or primed enameled steel. Chute Tube Outside sound damping compound Red light. Range 5/200 seconds. 4. 10 Amps max. 50/60 Hz.sfsp-ikk. or 120/240 volts.3.When all doors are locked it may be that the smoke detectors or fire alarms have been triggered. Design Electromagnetic door locking systems are fitted under the filler frame on tipping hopper and bag intake doors. Coupled with timers they can be used to control and dictate operating hours of the chute system. 50/60 Hz 5 Amps max. an indicator lamp on the switchboard indicates that a door is open. all others remain closed.Pre-set timer. All components of a door locking system and the operating controls are connected during installation and the final connection to the power unit is done by the main contractor. . 3. personnel safety should be ensured by closing all doors to the system via the switchboard.Low power factor . .1 : meets BS 476 part 22. This arrangement prevents injury to operating personnel by a falling bag should the chute be used simultaneously at two different levels in disposal. . section 6 : in accordance with BS 1703 6. they considerably improve and ensure proper operation of intake doors. Electric supply as above . Chute hopper doors are available in different sizes but commonly used ones are: Chute Diameter 500 mm 550 mm 600 mm 700 mm 800 mm 900 mm Lengths 450x450 mm (18”x18”) 450x450 mm (18”x18”) 500x550 mm (20”x22”) 600x900 mm (24”x36”) 600x900 mm (24”x36”) 700x950 mm (28”x36”) Width 450x450 mm (18”x18”) 450x450 mm (18”x18”) 450x450 mm (18”x18”) 600x900 mm (24”x24”) 600x900 mm (24”x24”) 700x950 mm (24”x24”) Electromagnetic Door Lock (Electric Interlock) Introduction Electromagnetic door locking systems are used to enhance the safety of garbage and linen disposal chute systems. chute busy Side hinged door Elecrtic lock covered to avoid damage Tipping Hopper Operating instructions 1.

Labels can be attached bearing the message ’LINEN ONLY’ in english and/or the local language. Clamp Band with 3 mm Rubber Insent Linen Chute Sizes Available in either 600mm or 800mm diameters though in practice the 600mm diameter is adequate for most purposes. Angle Ring Joint Floor Support Frame Technical Information Uni-Metal linen or laundry chutes have the same basic specification as refuse chutes. Linen Chute Doors SFSP normally recommends the use of a 450 x 450mm door for use with linen chutes and would also recommend the use of electric interlocks. A full specification for Uni-Metal linen chutes can be found in this section. with either separate or master keyed locks. Side hung doors with large openings are therefore the normal standard on linen chutes. . Stainless steel Trunking Self Closing Stainless steel Side Hinged Door Application Original equipment installed in hospitals and hotels for the vertical movement of loose and bagged soiled linen. For details on the construction. Fire Safety To meet British Standards of fire safety an automatic fusible linked fire shutter door with a 1 1/2 hour fire rating should be fitted to the bottom of the linen chute. Linen chute doors are side hung on stainless steel hinges. The increasing cost of using lifts and maintaining labour in hotels and hospitals reinforces the decision to install a linen chute. of soiled linen per bed per day and a similar figure can be used for hotels. Hospitals generate about 3. material specification and choice please see previous pages. Fire sprinklers are also recommended to be fitted at every second floor.Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 18 www. in the linen collection room.com ►Linen Chutes Technical Information Introduction Uni-Metal linen chutes are the most efficient method of quickly and economically disposing of soiled linen in multi storey buildings. Electric Interlocks To give increased operator safety we strongly recommend the use of ”time delay” interlocks inside hung door linen chutes.sfsp-ikk. The sprinklers are fitted inside the chute entry section and do not interfere with the loading or fall of the soiled linen. The dirty linen is usually bagged before loading into the chute. trolleys and containers for carrying bagged or loose linen-the range can be seen in the containers section. The doors are fully self closing on an efficient hydraulic self closer.0 kgs. Accessories The majority of accessories are available with linen chutes as are deceleration tracks.

curved and helical deceleration tracks. dependent on size and the manner in which they are packed. Illustrated are standard types.sfsp-ikk. N. a short deceleration track should suffice. Drawings show deceleration tracks with cut-out Straight Short Deceleration Track Deceleration Track Delivering Bagged Linen to Sorting Table Curved Deceleration Track .S. when fully loaded. to achieve the same result in less space. Made from stainless steel and jointed by R. Other lengths and models are available to customer specification to match height and width of the linen chute. For buildings of up to 5 storeys. painted ready for bolting to floor or wall. angle. the higher the building the longer the length of deceleration track. can weigh between 25 to 50kgs. Appreciating that floor space is always at a premium. Obviously. Deceleration tracks can also be used to bring the bagged linen directly onto a sorting table.B.SFSP www. A 50kgs solidly packed bag of soiled linen achieves a reasonably high terminal velocity and it is in this type of situation that SFSP recommends the use of deceleration tracks. Support stands are made from R.S.com 19 Garbage and Linen Chutes Deceleration Tracks Soiled linen bags. SFSP offers. angle rings.

Floor support frame F. Automatic chute cleaning system D. C. Angle ring joint. Disinfecting and sanitizing unit C. Floor opening to be infilled by contractor G.Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 20 www. E. Floor support frame F. G.com Refuse Chutes Examples 360 590 A B 450 410 690 A 450 or 500 Floor to floor height B C D Floor to floor height C D E F G 700 mm hole through floor slab for 600 mm chute 600 mm hole through floor slab for 500 mm chute E Floor to floor height Floor to floor height F G H 750 Floor to floor height All dimensions in mm A. Fire shutter door J. Sprinklers I. Floor opening to be infilled by contractor. All dimensions in mm A. Full diameter vent and cowl (or as specified) B. D. H. Flashing of vent pipe to roof by other. Enclosing walls built after chute installation H. NB.sfsp-ikk. Automatic exhaust air fan with access door. Cowl with insect screen. Enclosing walls built after chute installation. B. Discharge section Floor to floor height H . 1 1/2 hour fire rated hopper E.Fire shutter door. 1 1/2 hour fire rated hopper.

01 Included. shall be lock seamed or welded. YES NO *2. which are to be removable for cleaning. *3. Under no circumstances shall the chute be used for construction waste. rivets or other projections inside the chute.04 Floor Support Frames. *1. The provided equipment shall meet the requirements of BS 1703: 1977 and BS5906: 2005. Design and components currently used in Uni-Metal refuse chutes shall be considered the standard for quality. provide experienced technicians to install the chute. The manufacturer shall where instructed. Class H continuously rated. A factory fitted disinfectant and sanitizing unit shall be provided. Sections shall fit inside the section below and there shall be no bolts. The unit shall be automatic in operation capable of injecting odour counteractant into the supply of the automatic brush cleaning system.04 Service and Parts.03 Authority. Supply and installation of refuse chute system. All vertical chute trunking.09 Sound Damping. The chute shall be installed in compliance with the manufacturer’s standard instruction and shop drawings. chute entry sections and vent pipes shall be manufactured from mm stainless steel .05 Manufacturer. fully automatic currentless *1. a geared electric motor. or 110/120v. Electric supply 220/240v.02 Material Trunking. Part 2: Products *2. The manufacturer shall inspect the area of installation. Shall be provided to storeys of the refuse chute and manufactured as follows: The hopper door face will have maximum size of x mm and be designed to ensure that refuse inserted into the hopper cannot cause a blockage in the chute. with two bands of stiff nylon brushes firmly attached. capable of a 200m3/hour air displacement. *3. The manufacturer shall provide sealant to ensure all joints are watertight and further provide all other equipment necessary to execute the contract. The manufacturer shall provide a Factory fitted foul air exhaust fan. *2. YES NO *2. The hopper shall be self closing and sealing. terminating 1.05 Testing and Commissioning. the fan to be fitted internally in the refuse chute above roof level. *2.sfsp-ikk. on successful completion of this work.03 Inspection prior to installation. *3.10 Chute Construction. to be fitted above the topmost entry section.com 21 Garbage and Linen Chutes Complete Standard Refuse Chute Specification for a Storey Building Part 1: General *2. An access door will be provided for servicing the fan. *2.06 Submittals. verify any dimensions and advise of conditions detrimental to proper and timely completion of the work. water taps. The fan shall be protected above and below by lightweight Mesh screens. *1. The chute shall extend through the roof. Fire shutter shall be automatic in operation and be capable of cutting off the chute and its shaft from the refuse room. + 966 2 6374482 Fax. The manufacturer shall provide No 35 x 35 x 3mm R. for a period of three years from the date of manufacture. *3.08 Ventilation. The cleaning system shall consist of a cylindrical housing.06 Chute Cleaning. *3.05 Discharge.04 Installation. *2. *1. The hopper door shall be bolted in place on the entry sections and checked to ensure proper alignment with the inner baffle plate. The manufacturer shall maintain the ability to supply spare parts and components. YES NO *2. Stainless Steel faced lockable access door.06 Acceptance. *2. frames with welded clamp bands. or to give a coating of not less than the thickness of the substrate. The chute shall be fully factory assembled and all joints except those required to separate the sections for shipment and installation. The fan motor shall be 1/6 HP. Following receipt of order the manufacturer shall provide fully dimensioned shop drawings for approval prior to manufacture.03 Hoppers. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.02 Construction waste. The provision of floor drains.SFSP www.A. infill floor slabs and erection of enclosing walls or the connection of electric or water supply to any equipment in this section. *Optional Items-Please Specify Where Required . The manufacturer shall provide a factory fitted electrically powered automatic chute cleaning system. +966 2 6361963 (or other equal and approved). Tel.01 Equipment. Immediately upon delivery on site the equipment shall be stored in a safe and weatherproof location. As detailed on drawing a mm internal diameter refuse chute system as manufactured by Specialized Factory for Steel Products (SFSP) *2. performance and appearance. Shall be protected at all times from physical damage. The total vertical length of all exterior surfaces of the refuse chute shall have a factory applied coating of Sound Damping Compound. Products for use in this section shall be provided by: Specialized Factor for Steel products (SFSP) Jeddah. to impede the free flow of falling refuse. with certain accessories and ancillary equipment as specified.07 Disinfectant and Sanitizing Unit. *2. 1.8A.11 Automatic off/ on sprinkler.S. flushing head spray and the manufactures standard electric logic control installed to ensure efficient cleaning of the internal surfaces of the chutes. The coating shall be applied at the rate of 1. Part 3: Execution *3.02 Not Included.2m above roof level complete with a weathering terminal or as specified. 0. 50/60 Hz. have a 1 1/2 hour fire rating. The manufacturer shall provide a stainless steel discharge to be connected to the underside of a fire shutter door. All fixing nuts and bolts to be rustproofed after manufacture. Stainless steel used in this section shall be type 304 stainless steel to BS 1449 or as specified. stabilizing weight.081 Exhaust Fan. *1. The chute cleaning system. electrical isolator boxes.8kgs/m2.cable. shall have its own separate housing and side hung.01 Supply. The manufacturer’s technician shall test and commission the refuse chute system after repairing or replacing any damaged parts. The manufacturer’s certificate of acceptance shall be signed by the main contractor or client.

1/2” sprinkler head to be fitted every other entry.Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 22 www. F. 2 hour fire rated side hung door entry. Chute support mounted on structural floor. B. Fire shutter door fixed to underside of floor slab. E. E. Floor opening to be infilled by builder. D. F. . D.com Linen Chutes Examples 410 500 A 410 600 A 450 600 B Floor to floor height Floor to floor height 700 700 mm hole through floor slab for 600 mm chute B 900 900 mm hole through floor slab for 800 mm chute C C D D Floor to floor height Floor to floor height 600 E 800 750 E 750 750 750 F Floor to floor height Floor to floor height G F H H G All dimensions in mm A. C. B. Support fixed to shaft wall by special gallows bracket. 150mm diameter vent (or as specified). Electrically interlocked side hung doors. Reinforced angle discharge.sfsp-ikk. H.r. Full diameter stainless steel vent (or as specified). G. H. Tubular Support All dimensions in mm A. Master control panel for interlocks (1500 mm off floor level). Enclosing walls built after erection of chute. G. Fire shutter door fixed to underside of floor slab. Short deceleration track. C. Face wall built after erection of chute.

provide experienced technicians to install the linen chute. water taps. (Optional) Part 3: Execution *3.2 meters above the roof with a terminal and weathering cravat. The linen chute shall be fully factory fabricated and all joints except those required to separate the sections for shipment and installation. electrical isolators. The chute shall be installed to the manufacturer’s standard instructions and shop drawings. above the entry section on the top floor and/or at every other floor. . fully opening. with one indicator lamp. a top cover plate with sufficient mm diameter to pass through the roof space vent pipe of terminating 1. *2. The timer shall be preset to allow single use of the chute at any given time. from the top entry section on the th storey. The manufacturer shall provide with each side hung door.04 Acceptance. shall be welded or lockseamed tight. The manufacturer shall provide sealant and all other necessary equipment to successfully execute his contract.01 Equipment shall be protected at all times from physical damage. rivets or other projections inside the chute to impede the fall of the linen. As a fire precaution the Manufacturer shall fit a 15mm sprinkler to the top cover plate. Immediately upon delivery on site the equipment shall be stored in a safe and weather proof location.05 Sprinkler. Under no circumstances shall the chute be used for construction waste. Specialized Factory for Steel Products SFSP. automatically closing side hung doors. *2. close to the linen chute discharge point. The manufacture shall provide. *1. + 9662 6374482 Fax. The master control box for the interlock system shall be mounted in the laundry room. *2.04 Discharge. The manufacturer shall provide a 2mm stainless steel angled discharge. Tel.03 Ventilation.02 Not Supplied or included in this section. *3. All chute sections shall fit inside the section below and there shall be no bolts. mm internal diam- *1. with a tubular leg for additional support or a deceleration track. or as specified.SFSP www. Part 2: Product *2. the provision of floor drains. fire shutter door complete with 165°F fusible link. (or other equal and approved) *1. The manufacturer shall provide No. *3. key to pass and have a 2 hour fire rating. the doors shall be self sealing. The interlock system shall operate off a 120/240v electric supply reduced to 24v for safety and shall have a manufacturer’s factory fitted preset timer.sfsp-ikk.01 Material. after repairing or replacing any damaged or non functioning parts. with a lockable handle. The side hung doors and electric interlocks shall be factory fitted and tested. green indicating ready for operation and Red indicating system in use. All vertical chute trunking entry sections and vent mm stainless steel Type pipes shall be manufactured from 304 BS1449 or as specified. (As specified) *2. The manufacturer shall supply detailed shop drawings for approval prior to manufacture (following receipt of order). The manufacturer’s technicians shall test and commission the linen chute system. *1.04 Submittals. *3. infill of floor slabs and erection of any enclosing walls or the connection of electric or water supply to any equipment in this section.03 Manufacturer. on successful completion of this work.01 Supply as detailed on drawings a eter linen chute as provided by SFSP.07 Construction. an electro-magnetic solenoid bolt. The electric interlock system should be mounted in the panel above the entry section. 9662 6361963 .02 Construction waste. The manufacturer shall. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The discharge section shall pass through a 1 or 2 hour fire rated.com 23 Garbage and Linen Chutes Complete Standard Linen Chute Specification for a Storey Building Part 1: General *2. The manufacturer’s certificate of acceptance shall be signed by the main contractor or client.600mm x 600mm stainless steel.06 Electric Interlock. where required. (Optional) *2.02 Doors. Operation shall be push button.03 Installation.


310 kg (body 2mm steel) .Total weight: 1500 kg Options: .Owner-stamping in the lid . This lever is welded with a spindle which connects the brake equipment of the two steering wheels. Lateral order of the lever-short way of the worker of the vehicle to the activity-lever.Slot-opening in the fore lid .Locking device for the rear lid for controlled collection with rear lifts .Formstability through box-profile framework .5 Capacity: 2.5 m3 Material: DIN 30738 hot-dip galvanized steel Specifications: .2 fixed wheels 200 mm diameter at the front .Galvanized sliding lid .sfsp-ikk.2x360O swivel wheels with direction fixing device at the front 200 mm diameter .2x360O swivel wheels at the back with single wheel stop 200 mm diameter .com 25 Garbage and Linen Chutes Type MGD 2.transportation . Essential advantages of this system: 1.Towing gear with heavy-duty-wheels for collective.SFSP www. bottom reinforced with stable wheel cases .Horizontal sliding grip at the rear .Weight: approx.Central brake for the rear swivel wheels .Strengthening ribs at body.Hot dip galvanized body .Capacity: 2500 lid . 2.Skids instead of wheels . Trouble-free activity of the interlocking device under optimal place utilization of the receptacle (House-walls or alike) 470 1610 200 280 490 248 100 200 995 1280 .Interlocking device on the rear steering wheel .Lateral and rear sliding lid .RAL color painting on zinc coating primer 2050 1830 1600 120 1370 Interlocking device of the rear swivel wheels: Interlocking device of the rear steering wheels.Locking device of the fore lid .Reflex warning-foil at the corners . The operating lever is optional to the waste disposals at the receptacle left or right behind.

Interlocking device on the rear steering wheel .Horizontal sliding grip at the rear .Weight: approx.Galvanized sliding lid .Skids instead of wheels .RAL color painting on zinc coating primer Lid locking device Conical stabilizing beads Screwed pocket Fixed wheel Folded pocket edges 360 degree swivel wheel 2050 1840 2080 470 200 280 1790 1600 120 490 995 1280 250 .5 Capacity: 4.sfsp-ikk.4x360O swivel wheels instead of 2 fixed wheels at the front.Reflex warning-foil at the receptacle-corners .Locking device of the fore lid .Content : 4500 Iid . with direction fixing device at the front wheels .com Type MGD 4. 420 kg (body 2mm steel sheet) Options: .Hot dip galvanized body . bottom reinforced and stable wheel cases .Formstability through box-profile frameworks .Locking device of rear lid for controlled collection with rear lifts .Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 26 www.Slot-opening in the fore lid .2 fixed wheels at the front 250 mm diameter .Lateral and rear slide grips with steering handles .5 m3 Material: Galvanized steel Specifications: .Towing gear with heavy-duty -wheels for collective-transportation .2x360O swivel wheels at the back with single wheel stop 250 mm diameter .Strengthening ribs at container body.Owner-stamping in the lid .

.com 27 Garbage and Linen Chutes Type MGC Capacity: 1.Top edges surrounded by U shaped channels (3mm thick).SFSP www. .sfsp-ikk.53 m3) type MGC as above shape.Continuous inside welding.53 m3 Material: Galvanized or stainless steel Specifications: . 2mm thick.Two coats of epoxy primer and two coats of final color on request.Four heavy duty swivel caster wheels of 8” diameter two with brake and two without brake. 1000 mm 1550 mm 850 mm 1000 mm .Container without cover.Made to be lifted by the refuse compactor. reinforced at front top edge by 30mm diameter round bar. . .All made of high tensile steel ST52-3.Refuse container capacity 2 cubic yard (1. . . .

4 HM 1 2950 1100 800 1870 HM 2 3370 1500 840 1850 HM 3 4100 1700 1100 1850 HM 4 4100 2000 1100 1840 HM 5 2950 1300 1880 .Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 28 www.sfsp-ikk.com ►Tipping Truck Container Skips Type HM A 1040 D B C 885 1100 1600 A C 885 B 2200 1600 Type Capacity Dimensions A B C D HM 1 4 HM 2 7 HM 3 10 HM 4 12 HM 5 4.

Compactor ram pushes refuse through shearing teeth and then through compaction chamber into heavy guage container. 000 lbs. Pump: Pressure balanced. Operating Pressure: 40. 7. 8. 3.000 lbs pressure. Other Feature: Repeat hammer action and automatic attendant alarm. Hydraulic Power Pack: Pre-packed fully connected integrally mounted system to develop over 3000 PSI. Operation: Automatic hydraulically operated. Capacity: 750kg/Hr. 11. Fits empty container. . Electrical control: Housed in a keyed access cabinet.sfsp-ikk. 2. external oval gear type. 6. 10. 13. 12. Construction Compactor: Strengthened 10mm steel plate. Motor: 40 Second cycle. 9. 5. 4. Compaction: Compacts refuse 15-20% of original volume. When the compactor is full the attendant unlashes container from compactor and wheels the container away. The compaction cycle commences Refuse is automatically sprayed for with strong disinfectant to protect against insects and reduce any airborne smells. Compacting Ram: The compacting ram is made from 6mm plate with the face of the ram increased to 25mm plate to effectively handle the 40. Compaction Chamber: 0. Normal operating pressure 1000 PSI (Approximately).SFSP www.20 M3 with a machine cycletime of 40 seconds giving a theoretical compaction volume of 18M3/hr. 14.com 29 Garbage and Linen Chutes ►Garbage Compactor Type H 150 1. Packaging: Packages refuse directly into heavy gage plastic sacks or containers. Compaction chamber: Shall have hardened steel shearing blades. Refuse fed manually or falling down the chute directly into the compactor trips the photo electric cell. Time 4 kw-1450 RPM.

Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 30 www.1 10.1 8.2 9.1 3.2 10.sfsp-ikk.4 9 9.com ►List of Equipments to be Supplied YES 1 2 3 3. of Pieces x mm .1 16.2 17 18 19 20 21 Chute Vent Exhaust Fan Access Door • Material • Size Soleniod valve Chute Vent Cleaning equipment /Brushing device Sanitizing / Disinfecting unit Chute Tube • Material • Diameter • Thickness • Length Intake Throat Cylinder • Material • Diameter • Thickness Hopper Door • Material • Size • Electric Lock • Light Supporting Frame Deceleration Track Fire Cut off Door Cleaning Sprinkler Control Panel Container • Material • Type Sorting Table Smoke detection element Control panel for smoke detecting element Central flushing unit NO No.2 4 5 6 7 8 8.1 9.3 10.3 8.3 10 10.4 11 12 13 14 15 16 16.2 8.

235 = Minimum yield strength in N/ mm2 or MPa JR = Flat products. sheets and strips. 33 = Minimum yield stress RP 0.Fittings are manufactured from steel meeting the minimum requirements of ASTM A907 SS. SS = Structural Steel.K.7 g/m2 on each side Medium oiling : 0. .sfsp-ikk. is gradually being replaced by EN 10025 BS 1449 steel plates. longitudinal charpy v-notch impact strength class 27 J @ 20 oC .8 – 1.510 510 . Grade 33. SQ = Structural Quality .0045 ≥ 235 ≥ 355 360 .2 Japan Japan China INDIA International JIS 3101 SS 400 SS 490 JIS 3106 SM 400 A SM 490 A GB 700 (GB / T 1591) Q 235 B (Q 345 B) IS IS 226 IS 961 ISO E 235 B (E355C) Mechanical properties Name Grade Number Yield Stress Re N/mm2 Tensile Strength Rm N/mm2 Impact Strength KV J t oc S 235 JR S 355 JR 1.Temporary anti corrosion protection. esters and additives) .680 27 27 20 20 Notes: . SS Grade 33 : SS = Structural Steel. C & D ASTM A 1011 – 01a CS SS Grade 33 SS Grade 50 S 235 JR S 355 JR E24 -2 E36 .Tolerances are set down in EN 10151:1992 . DS = Drawing Steel.SFSP www. S355 JR A. Hot Rolled Steel Coils and Plates / S235 JR.4 – 0. Covers hot rolled heavy –thickness carbon – steel sheet and strip of structural quality in coils beyond the size limits of specification A570 / A570M CS = Commercial Steel .2 = 33 ksi = 230 MPa = 230 N/ mm2 (To convert from ksi (kilo square inch) to MPa (Mega Pascal) or N/ mm2 or multiply by 6. (made by oiling) Slight oiling : 0.BS 4360.97) .2 g/m2 on each side Heavy oiling : 1.0 g/m2 on each side (Oiling is done by: mineral oil.ASTM A 1011 (formerly ASTM A570 and ASTM A572).2 St 52 -3 BS 4360: 1996 40 (A) B 50 B NF A 35-501 ASTM A283M (A633M) Grade C & D Gr.com 31 Garbage and Linen Chutes ►Materials MILD STEEL Sheets and Coils (Flat products of ordinary quality) Non alloy steels EN 10025-2: 2004 / S235 JR. .0037 1. S355 JR Designations and comparisons between designations Euro Norm Euro Norm Euro Norm Germany U.Standard for dimensions : EN 10162 . France USA USA EN 10025-2 EN 10025:1990 + A1 : 1993 S 235 JR G2 S 355 JR EN 10025: 1990 Fe 360 B Fe 510 B DIN 17100 : 1983 RST 37 .3 – 2.S235 JR : S = Structural steel .ASTM A907 / A907M-96 withdrawn in 2001 and replaced by A 1018 / A1018M.

NFA & UNI are replaced by Euro Norm Mechanical properties Name Grade Number Yield Stress Re 2 N/mm Tensile Strength Rm N/mm2 270 . .0330 140 . .Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 32 www.Bright finish Surface treatment P PC PO C CO O U Phosphated Phosphated & Chemically Passivated Phosphated & Oiled Chemically Passivated Chemically Passivated & Oiled Oiled Untreated Notes : .K. ASTM A568. BS. Part 2 3 5 BS 1449: Part 1 GR ( General Purpose) FF ( Full Finish) N FA 36-401 X Z UNI 5866 MA MB ASTM A366 CLASS 2 CLASS 1 A = normal surface quality. France Italy USA Japan India China EN 10130 DC01 DIN 1623.88 Gr.Commercial quality by steel (CS).Dull finish or matte .sfsp-ikk.410 Fracture Elongation A 80 % ≥ 28 DC 01 1. Surface finish .K. 08/08F DIN.280 Surface Quality Euro Norm Germany U.com B. France Italy USA EN 10130 A B DIN 1623. B = best surface quality.Tolerances to DIN EN 10131. ASTM A366 and ASTM A1008 CS type B. Cold Rolled Steel / DC01 Mild unalloyed steel grades for cold forming Designations and comparisons between designations Euro Norm Germany U. Part 2 St12 (Fe P01) BS 1449: Part 1 CR4 N FA 36-401 F12 UNI 5866 Fe P01 ASTM A366 (SAE 1010) JIS G 3141 SPCC 513/94 O GB699 .

However. and a maximum material thickness of 1.com 33 Garbage and Linen Chutes GALVANIZED STEEL C. Errors on surface can occur Improved surface.2 % .500 Fracture Elongation A 80 % 140 ≥ 22 Surface finish Euro Norm EN 10142 /147 Germany DIN 17162/1 U.2 N/mm2 Tensile Strength Rm N/mm2 270 .K. One error free side (Skin passing) . BS 2989 France NFA 36.SFSP www. Flattened minimized spangle This zinc coating finish is obtained by restricting the normal zinc crystal growth followed by the application of a skin pass process. It is available for zinc coatings mass up to Z275.0226 Grade 0.K. This finish is recommended for applications where a high gloss paint finish is required. the zinc appearance has no effect on either the quality or corrosion resistance of the coating. and results in the formation of a coating which exhibits either no spangle or zinc crystals of different sizes and brightness. Small errors are allowed (Skin passing) Best surface. Strips and Coils for Cold forming(Forming & Drawing Quality) (Lock Forming Quality LFQ) Designations and comparisons between designations Euro Norm Germany DIN 17162 /1 U. Continuously Pre-Galvanized Hot–Dip Zinc Coated / DX51D + Z Steel Sheets.421 Italy UNI 5753 USA USA ASTM (amendment) A 653 . or a maximum thickness of 1.sfsp-ikk.60 mm if passivation is not required. Quality Normal surface.20 mm if passsivation is required.LFQ Japan JIS G 3302 India EN 10327 (EN DIN / EN BS) DX 51 D + Z ASTM (old) IS St 02 Z (Fe P02 G) Z Z2 GC Fe P02 G A 527 M SG CD1 D Mechanical properties Grade DX51 D + Z Steel Number 1. BS 2989 France NFA 36-421 Italy UNI 5753 USA ASTM Japan JIS G 3302 A146 NA MA MB MC NA MA B C Spangle N Minimum Spangle M NA MA B C Regular Spangle Minimized Spangle Regular Spangle Minimized Spangle - Regular Spangle Minimized Spangle Smooth Extra Smooth XS Skin passed - Skin passed - Appearance N = Normal rose pattern M = Reduced (minimized) rose pattern Zinc coating surface finish Normal or regular spangle This finish is obtained during normal solidification of a hot-dip zinc coating on steel.Proof Stress RP 0.

5 mm are by experience sufficiently protected by the cathode protection against corrosion in almost dry atmosphere.However the former specifications likely to ASTM A526. . or under permanent condensation. A528 are also used.6 oz/ft2 coating thickness) (to convert from oz/ft2 to g/m2 multiply by 306) Zink layer Coating designation Surface treatment Minimum coating mass g/m2 Triple spot test Single spot test 85 90 120 170 195 235 300 Coating thickness µm 7 8 10 14 16 20 25 C O CO U Chemical passivation Oil Chemical passivation and Oil Unoiled and unpassivated Z100 Z120 Z140 Z200 Z225 Z275 Z350 100 120 140 200 225 275 350 -The coating weight of an area of 1 m2 including both surfaces -Coating thickness (µm) is calculated from triple spot test values.Hot rolled substrate Due to the nature of the hot rolling process.Garbage and Linen Chutes Coating thickness Euro Norm Germany SFSP 34 www. the specification of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet was unified as ASTM A653. Zn (anode) Fe (cathode) Zn (anode) Fe (cathode) Zn (anode) Zinc Salt Parts can be used in dry atmosphere without influence of aggressive particles. Either under a heterogeneous film of water.Wet storage corrosion “white rust” Normally light white staining on galvanized steel is not a reason for concern. Neither of these defects will affect the functionality of the materials.com U. A527. up to 1.27 to 2. it is produced to the requirements of EN 10327. can occur on materials with a thickness of greater than 2. Period for first maintenance Pre-galvanized Hot-dip Zinc Coated steel -typical period (years) to first maintenance Mass g/m² including both surfaces 275 350 Coastal 2-5 2-5 Industrial and Urban 2-5 2-5 Suburban and Rural 5-10 5-10 .0 mm) steel substrate.Hot – dip galvanized steel is produced on continuous zinc coating lines from either cold rolled (thickness range 0.01 to 3. The cut edge of these sheets with a thickness of approx.K. . . EN 10143. France Italy USA Japan Z100 Z120 Z140 Z200 Z225 Z275 Z350 100 200 275 350 G100 (100 g/sqm) G200 (200 g/sqm) G275 (275 g/sqm) G350 (350 g/sqm) Z100 Z200 Z275 Z350 Z100 Z200 Z275 Z350 G40 G60 G90 - Z 12 (120 g/sqm) Z 18 (180 g/sqm) Z 27 (270 g/sqm) Z 35 (350 g/sqm) (G60 means 0.EN 10327 supersedes EN 10142 .0 mm) or hot rolled (thickness range 2. surface blemishes such as surface scratches and coil breaks which may be high lighted by the zinc coating.DX 51D Bending and profiling quality in ASTM is CS Type B (Commercial Steel Type B) . EN 10326. ASTM A 653M (Grade 33) . It is a precipitation of basic salts of zinc Zn (OH)2 that combines with CO2 to form a protective layer called Zinc Hydroxycarbonate. Performance in dry atmosphere crack Zn (anode) Fe (cathode) Formation of Zinc Hydroxide which fills in the crack.In case of ASTM specification. white rust appears on the surface of the steel sheets. and is for one side only Notes: .01 mm.sfsp-ikk.Bending Quality of EN specification is called Lock Forming Quality (LFQ) in JIS or ASTM. EN 10142. .

6 9.0330 140 .7 4.92 Fe P01 ZE DIN 17163-88 St 12 ZE BS 1449 /1 CR 4 NF 36-401 C UNI 5866 Fe P01 ASTM A146 A591 .1 g / m² 12 29 47 65 E16 ZE 25/25 E24 ZE 50/50 E40 ZE 75/75 ZE 100/100 Marking (to convert from g /m2 to oz / ft2 multiply by 0.0 7.0 g / m² 18 36 54 72 Minimum Zinc coating values for each surface Thickness Mass µm 1.5 10.Normal surface. Errors on surface can occur B.280 Tensile Strength Rm N/mm2 270 .SFSP www. Aluzink Steel / DX51D + AZ Steel for forming Euro Norm Germany USA Surface Treatment C O S CO Chemical passivation Oil Antifinger print (ALC – Surface) Chemical passivatin and Oil ASTM A792 EN 10215 / 10143 DX 51D + AZ DIN 55928/8 Aluzink layer Weight class Aluzink weight g / m2 .5 5.sfsp-ikk.00327) *After BSEN 10152:1994 Surface treatment P PC PO C CO O U Phosphated Phosphated & Chemically Passivated Phosphated & Oiled Chemically Passivated Chemically Passivated & Oiled Oiled Untreated Surface finish : m = normal r = rough Surface quality A = normal quality / standard B = best quality / full finish Notes : .Improved surface.410 Elongation A80 % ≥ 28 Coating thickness (EG) Coating Designation* Nominal Zinc coating values for each surface Thickness Mass µm ZE 25 / 25 ZE 30 / 30 ZE 50 / 50 ZE 100 / 100 2. annealed. Electro Galvanized Steel (Electrolytic Coating) / DC01 + ZE Designations and comparisons between designations Euro Norm Euro Norm Germany U.1 6.CQ JIS G 3313 SECC JIS G 3141 SPCC Mechanical properties Name Grade Number Yield Stress Re N/mm2 DC 01 + ZE 1.K. lightly temper – rolled strip USA Japan Japan EN 10152 DC 01 + ZE EN 10152 .ZE = Pure Zinc electrolytic coating ALUZINK STEEL E. sum of both sides Triple spot test Single spot test Appearance M = Normal rose pattern AZ 100 AZ 150 AZ 165 AZ 185 AZ 200 100 150 165 185 200 85 130 150 160 170 Quality A. France Italy The base material for electrolyticaly coated steel is cold-rolled. Small errors are allowed .Tolerances : on dimensions and shape to DIN EN 10131 .com 35 Garbage and Linen Chutes D.

part2 -EN 10028-7 replaces BS 1501. but provide additional reserves of strength.180 grain Notes : -Type 304 – the most common grade.com STAINLESS STEEL F.0 0.2 DIN Steel number 17440 1.10 X2 CrNi 19 – 11 X5 CrNi MO 17 – 12 – 2 X2 CrNi MO 17 – 12 . annealed and pickled after cold rolling skin .0 0. Austenitic Stainless Steels /AISI 304 & 316 EN 10088-2/ ASTM A240/ ASTM A480 / ASTM A666 Designations and comparisons between designations USA Euro Norm Germany UK France Italy Japan ASTM A240 AISI 304 * 304 L 316 * 316 L Steel name EN 10088-2 X5 CrNi 18 .part3 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 Elongation 2 Ultimate Tensile Strength Elongation % 0.2 % Proof Stress Rp (N/mm2) 210 185 220 200 Ultimate Tensile Strength Rm (N/mm2) 520 – 720 485 – 650 520 – 670 500 .4404 BS 1449: Part 2 304S15 304S11 316S31 316S11 AFNOR Z6CN 18. 0 20 40 Effect of cold working in grade 304 Stainless Steel .4401 1. annealed and pickled Heat treatment.94 g/cm3 -EN 10088-2 replaces BS 1449.09 Z2CN 18.10 X2 CrNi 18 – 11 X5 CrNi MO 17 – 12 X2 CrNi MO 17 – 17 . Localized cold working arises during the forming of angle and channel sections. -Type 316L – the 316 grade but specially modified for welding.2% Proof Strength Strength N/m m 60 40 20 0 60 Effect of Cold Work The working of austenitic stainless steel significantly increases the Proof Strength. 1 2B No.2% Plastic Strain Strain Some Stainless Steel finishes ASTM No.4301 1.sfsp-ikk.2% Proof Stress (Rp) 97 97 Stress-Strain Curve (Stainless steels differ from mild steels in that these stainless steels do not exhibit a well defined yield point when exposed to tensile load) 0.12 EN 10088-2 X5 CrNi 18 .Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 36 www. -Type 304 L – the 304 grade but specially modified for welding -Type 316 – the second most common grade (after 304). alloy addition of molybdenum prevents specific forms of corrosion. Also referred to as “A2” in accordance with ISO 3506.4306 1.92 to 7.11 Z2CND 17. The benefits of this cold working are not taken into account in SFSP’s designs. -Modulus of Elasticity 193.4-3.670 Tension / Compression (N/ mm2) 140 133 146 146 Shear (N/mm2) 93 89 Stress Typical Stress/Strain Curve for Stainless Steel 0.3-6. the classic 18/8 stainless steel.10 Z6CND 17.000 (N/mm2) -Density 7.12 JIS G 4304 SUS304 SUS304L (SUS316) SUS316L Mechanical Properties Working Stress AISI 304 304 L 316 316 L Minimum 0.passed Polished with abrasive mesh of 150 .0-5. also referred to as “A4” in accordance with ISO 3506.0 Description Hot rolled. 4 EN 10088 – 2 1D 2B 2J Thickness (mm) 3.

this may result in the corrosion of the base metal while the ‘noble’ metal is protected. Part 1 covers bolts.Property class 50 represents the steel in the annealed condition . be used together. Mechanical Properties Property Class Bolts.p. bi-metallic corrosion may occur. in certain circumstances. screws and studs 0.Property class 70 represents a “cold drawn” for the bar stock from which the fasteners are made. These specifications now replace BS 6105. Aluminium Bronze Aluminium X X X X X X √√ √ Mild Steel Phosphor Bronze Cast Iron Stainless Steel Copper Metals Stainless Steel Mild Steel Aluminum Bronze Phosphor Bronze Copper Cast Iron Aluminum Zinc √√ X √ √ √ X X √ X √√ X X X √ X X √ X √√ √√ √√ X X X √ X √√ √√ √√ X X X √ X √√ √√ √√ X X X X √ X X X √√ X X √√ Can be used in contact under all conditions √ Can be used in contact under dry conditions (within a cavity above d.1 Stainless Steel Fasteners Grade A2 = 304 Grade A4 = 316 Stainless steel fasteners are specified to BS EN ISO 3506. Part 2 covers nuts. level except where the cavity is used for free drainage) X Should not be used in contact Zinc √ X X X X X √ √√ . Tensile 1/10 of 700 MPa Type F. ASTM A276 Bi – Metallic Contact When two dissimilar metals are in contact in the presence of an electrolyte. screws and studs.2% Proof Stress RP 0.All tensile stress values are calculated and reported in terms of the nominal tensile stress area of the thread.SFSP www.sfsp-ikk.2 (N/ mm2) 50 70 210 450 Tensile Strength Rm (N/ mm2) 500 700 Nuts Proof Load Strength Sp (N/mm2) 500 700 Shear Strength of bolts in clearance holes Psb (N/mm2) 311 384 Designation: A2 70 Austenitic Stainless Steel Notes: .2 Austenitic Stainless Steel Wire BS 1554 : 1991 min 18/8 .c.com 37 Garbage and Linen Chutes F. . The table indicates which metals may.

5052 Aluminium 5052 is the alloy most suited to forming operations. as it has only a fair machinability rating. Protective coatings such as paint finishes are employed along with electroplated finishes. Formable to net shapes. Along with enhanced appearance. and can be easily welded.Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 38 www.com ALUMINIUM G. High strength – to – weight ratio combined with extraordinary corrosion resistance and flexibility make aluminium a desirable solution to product design. Low scrap value. metal cannot always be located where best used in design.sfsp-ikk. A huge array of finishes can be applied including mechanical and chemical prefinishes. Aluminium Extrusions vs. Some Aluminium Alloys: 5052 Aluminium 6063 Aluminium G. 5052 has very good corrosion resistance. reflectivity.7 – 97. high grams per cubic centimeter. and extrusions provide for the placement of metal where it’s needed. Easily formable and extruded in a wide variety of complex shapes including multi-void hollows. Grade Designation: Aluminium 5052. usually requires protective coatings for corrosion service.5 Specifications: 5052 – H32 Aluminium Minimum Properties Chemistry Ultimate Tensile Strength . a wide variety of aluminium alloys have been developed. Good Very Good Excellent it can be further increased. but possesses high electrical conductivity. routinely reprocessed to generate new extrusions. 5052 is not a good choice for extensive machining operations. Fair. Formability Finishing Recyclability Pure aluminium.1. ISO AlMg 2. Readily formable. For this reason. anodic coatings. N/mm2 Yield Strength. paints and electroplated finishes. thinner cross-sections than aluminium extrusions. Through anodizing or other coatings. N/mm2 Aluminium (AL) 230 195 95.7 % . and corrosion resistance. High scrap value. Roll Formed Steel Aluminium Extrusions Strength (Tensile) Density Strength-to-Weight Ratio Corrosion Resistance Very good mechanical properties Light weight: about 1/3 that of copper or steel Roll Formed Steel Very high mechanical properties High density.Aluminium 5052 & 6063 Aluminium is one of the most abundant metals and therefore cost – efficient. UNS A95052. with good workability and higher strength than that of the 1100 or 3003 alloys that are commercially available. has little strength.

com 39 Garbage and Linen Chutes G.sfsp-ikk.7 97.5 g/cm3 % Conversion From MPa GPa N/mm GPa MPa ksi lb/in3 2 To N/mm2 N/mm2 Multiply by 1 1000 145 psi ksi psi psi g/cm3 145 145 1000 27.7 Surface Finish Natural metallic finish .900 12 68. it has a surface finish that is far smoother than the other commercially available alloys. 6063 is rated “Good” for forming and cold working operations. and “Fair” for machining.SFSP www.5 Werkstoff – Nr : 3. “Excellent” for anodizing.2-6063 Aluminium 6063 is often called architectural aluminium for two reasons – first. Also corresponds to the following standard designations and specifications: AA6063 GS10 A-GS ASTM ASTM MIL MIL QQ B361 B483 G – 18014 P – 25995 A – 200 / 9 BS H19. ISO AlMg 0.7 97.5 N/mm2 N/mm2 240 215 68.9 50 Modulus of Elasticity Elongation at Break Fatigue Strength Machinability Shear Modulus N/mm2 % N/mm2 % N/mm2 N/mm2 Shear Strength Density Aluminium (Al) Content 25. its strength is significantly less (roughly half the strength of 6061).900 12 68. making it suited for applications where strength is not the foremost consideration. DTD 372B DIN AlMg Si 0. Grade Designation: . and second.5Si. UNS A96063.9 ------------2.3206 ASTM B210 ASTM B241 United Kingdom Germany Mechanical Properties 6063 – T6 Ultimate Tensile Strength Tensile Yield Strength 6063 – T52 185 145 68.Aluminium 6063-T6.800 150 2.

Pure zinc Zinc-iron alloys Steel Hot dip galvanization Process Minimum zinc weight / Comparison on various standards Standard Products to be Galvanized Nature International Standard ISO 1461 Steel Minimum Zinc Weight On each Specimen g/m² 250 325 395 505 259 381 549 610 325 360 430 540 250 325 395 505 300 350 400 450 360 470 540 Section:through galvanized coating showing pure metal zinc and zinc-iron alloy layers which are the normal coating developments on rimmed or aluminium killed steel.4 e≥6.D.Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 40 www. are equally protected against corrosion. Coating is zinc-iron alloy which appears gray.12%. such as cutting.G) After Fabrication ISO 1461 / ASTM A 123 H.76≤e<1.com ►Finishes 1-Hot dip galvanization (H. magnesium. smooth.2 3. and silicon.sfsp-ikk. The greatest effect is produced by silicon in concentrations higher than 0.G process consists of dipping steel in melted zinc at 450° Celsius temperature at which iron and zinc share great affinity. uniform -Appearance – free from uncoated areas. Due to the difference of electrochemical potential between zinc and steel (cathodic protection). What considerably affects the appearance and gauge of galvanization is the contents of alloyable elements that are generally present in steel: Carbon. flux deposits and gross dross inclusions as well as having no heavy zinc deposits that interfere with intended use -Adherence – the entire coating should have a strong adherence throughout the service life of galvanizedsteel . Thickness (mm) e<1 1≤e<3 3≤e<5 e≥5 0. the coating gauge also increases and it becomes matte grey. blisters.6≤e<3. a zinc coating can protect steel in such a way that vigorous forces.D.5 1.Dip Galvanizing at SFSP Calvanizing ice preparation Inspection United States ASTM A-123 Steel United Kingdom BS 729 Germany DIN 50976 Steel Causticing Cleansing Cooling and Molten Flux Rinising Solution Zinc Bath cleaning Pickling Steel European Standard CEN Steel France NFA 91-121 Steel Italy UNI 5744 Steel ASTM A 123 / A 123 M Requirements -Coating Thickness / Weight – dependent upon material category and steel thickness -Finish – continuous. and allowing an alloy to form where pure zinc prevails to the outside. If the contents of these elements increase.2≤e<6.4 1≤e<2 2≤e<5 e≥5 e<1 1≤e<3 3≤e<6 e≥6 e<1.6 1. scratching or piercing. ISO 1459 withdrown Zinc-iron alloys Steel Section:through galvanized coating on silicon containing steel.5≤e<3 3≤e<6 e≥6 e<1 1≤e<3 3≤e<5 e≥5 1≤e<3 3≤e<6 e≥6 Thickness (µm) 35 45 55 70 37 54 77 86 45 50 60 75 35 45 55 70 42 49 56 63 50 65 75 Hot .

8 mils (46 µm) – pipe & tubing 2.casting (if centrifuged) 2.0 mils (76 µm) – pipe & tubing 3.3 mils (85 µm) local – steel 3.8 mils (70 µm) – castings 1.3 mils (85 µm) – castings (ASTM A 153) 1.3 mils (85 µm) – castings (ASTM A 153) < 6 mm (~¼˝) & ≥ 3 mm (~⅛˝) < 3 mm (~⅛˝) & ≥ 1.2 Coating Thickness Grade The values in micrometer (µm) are based on the Coating Grade.0 mils (51 µm) – wire 2.7 mils (43 µm) In comparing the two standards. strip & bar 3.8 mils (70 µm) – steel & castings 1.1 mils (54 µm) 2.8 mm 75 75 75 60 >4. 1µm = 0. The other values are based on conversions using the following formulas: mils = µm x 0.8 1.8 2.6 mils (61-65 µm) – wire 3.8 mils (45 µm)–w/o threads over 3 mm diameter 1.6 to < 3.5mm (~1/16˝) ISO 1461 vs.3 3.9 mils (99 µm) – structurals .2 to 4.4 mils (35 µm) .” is a general galvanizing specification.4 mils (35 µm) .8 to < 6.6 mils (65 µm) .4 2.8 mils (46 µm) . oz / ft² = µm x 0.00327 1 mil = 0.8 mils – w/o threads 0.9 2.02316.0 1. g/m² = µm x 7.8 mils (45 µm) – castings (if centrifuged) 2.03937 .1 ISO 1461 vs. ASTM A 123/A 153 Coating Thickness Comparison ISO steel thickness ≥ 6 mm (~ ¼˝) ISO minimum average coating thickness 3. ISO 1461 and ASTM A123 and ASTM A153.3 1.8 mils (45 µm) – steel 1.0-3. strip & bar 2.2 Coating Thickness Grade Coating Grade 35 45 50 55 mils 1. mils = µm x 0.pipe & tubing 3.4 mils (35 µm) – w/ threads 1.001 mm = 0.sfsp-ikk.4 mils (36 µm) – wire 1.4-2.0 3. there are no major differences.structurals.3 mils (85 µm) – castings (ASTM A 153) 1.1 Minimum Average Coating Thickness Grade by Material Category All Specimen Test Steel Thickness Range (Measured). strip & bar 3.7 1.4 mils (35 µm)–w/o threads under 3 mm diameter ASTM average minimum coating thickness 2.8 mils (45 µm) 1.4 1.9 oz / ft² 0.5 1. oz / ft² = g/m² x 0.8 mils (45 µm) – castings (if centrifuged) 2.03937.8 mils (20 µm) 1.SFSP www.4 mm 100 100 75 80 Table.structurals.0 2.00003937 inches Table.4 mm 85 85 75 65 ≥ 6.1 mils (79 µm) – wire 3.8 mils (70 µm) – castings 2.2 mils (55 µm) – steel 1.castings (if centrifuged) ASTM average minimum coating thickness 3.5mm (~1/16˝) < 1.com 41 Garbage and Linen Chutes Table.3 µm 35 45 50 55 60 65 75 80 85 100 g/m² 245 320 355 390 425 450 530 566 600 705 Comparison between ISO 1461 & ASTM A 123 International Standards Organization (ISO) 1461. titled “Hot Dip Galvanized Coatings on Fabricated Iron and Steel Articles-Specifications and Test Methods.067.3 mils (85 µm) – castings (ASTM A 153) 3. ASTM A 153 Coating Thickness Comparison – Fasteners only ISO steel diameter ≥ 20 mm (~¾˝) < 20 mm (~¾˝) & ≥ 6 mm (~¼˝) < 6 mm (~¼˝) ISO minimum average coating thickness 1.1 mils (54 µm) – over ⅛˝ diameter 1.001 inch.8 mils (46 µm) – pipe & tubing 1.1 mils (80 µm) – castings 1.2 mm 65 65 45 50 3.2 2.6 3.4 1. in (mm) Material Category Structural Shapes and plate Strip and Bar Pipe and Tubing Wire <1.2 1.7 mils (43 µm) – under ⅛˝ diameter 1. strip & bar 3.0 2.6 mm 45 45 45 35 1.0 mils (76 µm) . This specification is essentially equivalent to the “American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) A123 and A153” 60 65 75 80 85 100 Table.1 3.3 mils (76-85 µm) – structurals.

15 % anc 0. therefor generating a range of zinc coating thicknesses.04%.e. as well as a phosphorus level less thsn 0.0 3. the thickness of coating shall be made on a portion of the article that doesn’t include any threads. strip.com Table. Service duration chart for Hot-Dip Galvanized coatings Service duration chart for Hot-Dip Galvanized coatings In an industrial environment < 1 16’’ Diameter wire / > 3 8’’ Diameter fastener / > 1 4’’ Thick pipe or tube / > 1 4’’ Structural shapes and plates Castings / 10 90 Service duration* (years) 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 1.0 units.0 4.7µm /oz/ft2 = 175g/m2 Details: Steel chemistry and surface condition determine the metallurgical reaction between zinc and iron (steel). Magnetic thickness test the sample.5 2. Steel containing elevated amounts of silicon and phosphorus tend to exhibit thicker coatings.0 3. group enough articles to form at least 1.5% Each area shall not exceed 10 cm Min 12 mil (30µm) more than that required by coating requirements Renovation Shall be 1 in (25 mm) or less in its narrowest dimension < ½ of 1% of the surface area or 36 m2 (900 m2 ) per ton of piece of weight.0 1. and wire Bath Composition – 98% Zn by weight Adhesion testing – stout knife testing suggested The average of three specimen coating thickness. Doesn’t distinguish steel into material categories (i.5 5. pipe.5% Zn minimum / 1. Cost: The initial cost of hot-dip galvanized steel is equal to the final cost. SA ≤ 160 m2 (single specimen).0 2.5 3.000 mm2 surface area for an individual reference area. whichever is less 50% higher than table 1. It is recommended that steels have a slilicon content below 0.0 4. < 1.04% or between 0.000 mm2. Renovation Methods: Thermal zinc spraying zinc rich paints and zinc alloy stick. one (at least) reference area. per ASTM A 123.0 2.sfsp-ikk. wire) Bath composition – 98.000 mm2/min) No thickness coating grade Designates coating thickness for castings No Wet Storage stain mentioned Ash not form of rejection Does categorize material by pipe.Weighing before/after galvanizing Microscopy Renovation Methods: Shall be by zinc thermal spaying or by a suitable zinc rich paint. Reference Area SA > 2 m2 (large articles) at least 3 ref areas on each article in the control sample 10.000 mm2 – 10. Threaded components.Calculation and Magnetic Method Testing Methods: Magnetic Method. average of all specimens coating thickness grades is the average coating thickness for the sample.000 mm2 (SA) requires one +eference area. Has coating grade No coating designation ASTM A 123 Renovation Uncovered areas by galvanizer shall not exceed 0.0 Key Rura Suburban Temperare Marine Tropical Marine Industrial ASTM Minimun Coating Thickness 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 2. . Table 1.5 B1 5.000 mm2 (SA) on each article in the control sample. Reference Area SA > 160 m2 (100. resulting in a maintenance-free performance for approximately 85 years.22%.9 mils (99 microns) of zinc coating. Use of zinc alloy stick is possible.2 g/ cm2) Dispute: New sample taken randomly from the lot. no more than 4.000 mm2 ) (multi specimen) the average of the 3 specimen coating thickness grades comprising each test article is the average coating thickness for that test article.0 5.Stripping Method. strip.Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 42 www. B1 and B2 : 1/2-inch thick steel often has a zinc coating of four mils or more. 1.5 Service duration* (years) B2 A2 A1 4.0 Average Thickness of zinc (mils) *Service duration is defined as the time to 5% rusting steel surface 1 mil=24.5 4.5 3. A2: 1/4-inch thick steel will be protected for approximately 72 years in an industrial environment before any touch-up or repair will be required to extend the life of the steel in use. Notes: A1: 1/4-inch thick steel has at least 3. Dispute: Mean masses of HDG coating per unit area using gravimetric method and nominal density of the coating (7.2 Differences between ISO 1461 and ASTM A 123 ISO 1461 Includes mention of Wet Storage – Not a Basis for rejection Includes mention for ash as a basis for rejection when affecting intended use.5% additives by weight No adhesion testing suggested except visual inspection Mean coating – average value on 1 large article or on all the articles in the control sample…5 test readings per ref area (1. which has twice the % of the test articles.7µm /oz/ft2 = 175g/m2 Average Thickness of zinc (mils) *Service duration is defined as the time to 5% rusting steel surface 1 mil=24.thus there are no maintenance costs from year 0 to year 72. Testing Methods: Microscopic Method.5 6.

6 to 8. But zinc plating will not provide adequate corrosion resistance and will rarely provide more than 12 months protection in most of the coastal population centers. ZN25 Passivate codes: A = clear passivate. Numerical thickness in micrometers * * Where service conditions are valid only for coatings with chromate conversion coating.0002˝) 8 (0. the part to be zinc coated is immersed in a solution of zinc ions. D = Olive drab BK = Black Comments Superseded BS 1706:1990 BS 7371-12:2008 Superseded BS 3385 Part 2 BS EN ISO4042:2000 Replaces BS7371-3:1993 . Zinc plated parts typically have a zinc coating of 0.and the pas sivate type or an supplementary treatment is called up by using the appropriate code. Standard for imperial fasteners.9 µm >0.ating thickness is dependent up on thread dia and passivation is called up by the appropriate code. F = Black passivate Supplementary treatment codes: T1 = Application of paints.001˝) Zinc plated products have an attractive appearance when new as the zinc coating is bright and smooth. D = Olive drab passivate. C = Colour passivate. B = Bleached pas sivate.126’’ to 0.com 43 Garbage and Linen Chutes 2-Zinc Electroplating after fabrication /ASTM B633 In the electroplating process. the minimum zinc thickness is specified as a number e. Screw thread dia Batch av thk (µm) 1.060’’ to 0. where a hot-dip galvanized coating has a duller and less smooth surface. ZN = Zinc coat ing 8 = 8 µm min deposit and A = Clear passivate.SFSP www. British standards for specifiying zinc plating Standard BS EN 12329:2000 Notes Coating requirements may are specified by referencing the following codes or service conditions. varnishes.5 mil (5µm to 25 µm) and are recommended for dry indoor use.ZN8. p. B = Bleached Class 2 : C = Colour.0 mm 5 10 to 16 mm 8 18 to 22 mm 10 > 22 mm See the table in the specification Passivate codes: Class 1: A = Clear. upon screw thread dia and passivation called up by the ZN5 = 5 µm appropriate code: Screw thread dia Batch av thk (µm) 0. There is typically about 10 times as much as zinc applied to small parts in the hot-dip galvanizing process as with zinc plating. * Iron or steel with zinc electroplate.8 to 51 µm 0.4 µm 0.2 to 0.D = Olive drab BK = Black Standard for fasteners.75’’ See BS EN 12329 Passivate codes: A = Clear. An electric current causes the zinc to be deposited on the part. thickness is depandent or service conditions.250’’ 5.500’’ to 0.6 µm 0.0003˝) 12(0.g.4 to 7. FE = ferrous substrate.0 to 2. Thickness classes for Coatings for Zinc Plating Classification* Fe / Zn 5 Fe / Zn 8 Fe / Zn 12 Fe / Zn 25 Service Condition** SC1 (mild) SC2 (moderate) SC3 (severe) SC4 (very severe) Thickness Minimum µm (inch) 5 (0. B = Bleachd C= Colour.500’’ 6. Typical thickness codes:ZN5.1 to 6. ZN5 = 5 µm minimum thickness of zinc.125’’ 3. where.sfsp-ikk. T2 = Application of organic or inorganic sealants T3 = Dyeing T4 = Application of grease or oil or other lubricants T5 = Application of wax Example of full coating classification: Zinc plate to BS EN 12329:2000 FE//ZN8//A Which means.5 to 8.0005˝) 25(0.750’’ 7.250’’ to 0. Type II for SC4 and SC3 and type III for SC2 and SC1. ZN12.0 mm 3 2. powder coatings or similar coatings materials.

The resultant powder films are far more resistant to yellowing and less liable to “ go chalky”. One disadvantage is their tendency to “ go chalky” and turn yellow under external factors Polyester coating powder (SP) (25 µm) / External Polyester coating powders are weather proof and do not “go chalky”.1986 Classification Gt0 – no loss of adhesion 1 H – 3H 10 – 60 kg cm 5 – 10 mm Depending on colour and type 0. 20 % -Phosphoric acid.20 – 1. Technical Properties Item ISO Test Standard UK China Test Index GB/T9286-1998 GB/T6739 -1996 GB/T1732 -1993 GB/T9753 -1988 GB/T6742 .sfsp-ikk. 30 % -Acetic acid.5 – 2 mm Adhesion (Cross Cut) Pencil Hardness Impact Test Erichsen Test Flexibility ISO 2409 ASTM D3363 ISO 6272 ISO 1520 ISO 1519 BS 3900 : Part E6 ------BS 3900 : Part E4 BS 3900 : Part E1 Chemical Resistance Excellent resistance against: -Sea water -Tap water -Sulphuric acid. 30 % -Sodium hydroxide. Polyester / Epoxy coating powder (SP / EP) Epoxy coating powder types (EP) (5-15 µm) / Internal EP coating powders possess very good chemical resistance and excellent mechanical values such as high elasticity or impact resistance. The range of colours includes the whole of the standard RAL pallet and many others. which means that such later processes as sawing. so they can be used out – doors. DIN 50961 ASTM B633 3-Powder Coating . They have good mechanical properties such as blow and impact resistance and good adherence. drilling. NF A91-052. and also have excellent mechanical qualities. 20 % -High alcohols Limited resistance against -Hydrochloric acid Concentration -Nitric acid 30 % -Petrol -Aromatic solvents RAL Colors RAL 1013 RAL 1003 RAL 3020 RAL 8014 BEIGE BEIGE RAL 9003 YELLOW YELLOW RAL 7004 RED RED RAL 5015 BROWN BROWN RAL 6005 WHITE BEIGE GREY GREY blue BLUE GREEN GREEN . Epoxy powders are used for corrosion – resistant applications. Epoxy Coating powder types (EP) . or machining are also possible. Polyester / Epoxy coating powder (SP / EP) / Internal & External The mixing ratio between epoxy resin and polyester resin varies between 60 / 40 and 10 / 90.90 g/cm3 depending on colour and type. Polyester coating powder (SP) . -Specific Gravity: 1.com Standards BS EN 12329:2000 FE / ZN SA BS EN 12329:2000 FE / ZN 12A & 12/C BS 1706 FE ZN 8c2c BS 1706 FE ZN 5c2c BS 3382 parts 1&2 1961 Thickness 5 µm 12 µm 8 µm 5 µm 10 µm Related Standards: ISO 2081-NEQ.Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 44 www. They have no physiologically negative characteristics.

centimeter (cm ) sq.048000 x 10+1 2.0764 x 10+1 1.280840 3.831685 x 10+16 3.451600 x 10-4 9.280840 x 10-6 Area To Convert From inch (in2) foot (ft2) inch (in2) foot (ft ) 2 To = = = = = = square meter (m2) square meter (m2) square.5315 x 10-5 6.5315 x 10-17 6.540000 x 10-2 3.638706 x 10-5 2. centimeter (cm ) sq. liquid) cubic meter (m3) Force To Convert From pounds-force (lbf ) = To newtons (N) x Multiply By 4.540000 x 10+4 3.micrometer (µm ) 2 square inch (in2) square foot (ft ) 2 = = = = square inch (in ) 2 square foot (ft2) square inch (in ) 2 Volume To Convert From inch (in3) foot (ft3) inch (in3) foot (ft ) 3 To = = = = = = cubic meter (m3) cubic meter (m3) cubic centimeter (cm3) cubic centimeter (cm ) 3 Multiply By x x x x x x x x x x x x x 1.048000 x 10-1 2.451600 9.550003 x 10-1 1.937008 x 10+1 3.638706 x 10+1 2.290304 x 10+2 6.micrometer (µm3) sq.0764 x 10-9 1.32)1.micrometer (µm2) square foot (ft ) 2 = = 2 2 square meter (m2) sq.01024 x 10-2 3.01024 x 10+4 3.micrometer (µm ) 2 foot (ft2) square meter (m ) 2 square.5315 x 10+1 6.micrometer (µm2) sq.0764 x 10-3 1. centimeter (cm ) sq.550003 x 10+3 1.937008 x 10-5 3.com 45 ►Converters Length To Convert From inch (in) foot (ft) inch (in) foot (ft) inch (in) foot (ft) meter (m) meter (m) micrometer (µm) micrometer (µm) = = = = = = = = = = Garbage and Linen Chutes To meter (m) meter (m) centimeter (cm) centimeter (cm) micrometer (µm) micrometer (µm) foot (ft) inch (in) foot (ft) inch (in) x x x x x x x x x x Multiply By 2. centimeter (cm ) sq.SFSP www.448222 x 10° Temperature To Convert From degree Fahrenheit degree Celsius = = To degree Celsius degree Fahrenheit x x Multiply By t°C = (t°F .micrometer (µm ) 3 square inch (in3) square foot (ft ) 3 = = = = = square inch (in ) 3 square foot (ft3) square inch (in ) 3 gallon (U. centimeter (cm2) square.sfsp-ikk.540000 3.01024 x 10-14 3.S.290304 x 10-2 6. centimeter (cm ) 2 Multiply By x x x x x x x x x x x x 6.785412 x 10-3 inch (in ) 3 cubic micrometer (µm ) 3 foot (ft3) square meter (m ) 3 cubic micrometer (µm3) square foot (ft ) 3 = = 3 3 square meter (m3) sq.048000 x 10+1 3.290304 x 10+10 1.451600 x 10+8 9.831685 x 10-2 1.550003 x 10-7 inch (in ) 2 square.638706 x 10+13 2.8 t°F = 1.8t°C + 32 .831685 x 10+4 1.

= Deflection S.102374 x 10+4 2.sfsp-ikk.ft x x x x Multiply By 1.242797 x 10-2 3.785797 x 10+1 6.488164 1.in N.450377 x 10-4 1.129848 x 10 -1 7.ft lbf.599741 x 10-1 Mass Per unit Volume lb/ft3 lb/in3 kg/m lbs/ft 3 = = = = = kilogram per cubic meter (kg/m3) kilogram per cubic meter (kg/m3) pound per cubic foot (lb/ft ) 3 x x x x x 1. = Feet o.894757 x 10+3 6.355818 1.535924 x 10-1 3.F.c.ft lbf.882428 2.048161 x 10-1 Pressure or Stress lbf/in2 (psi) kip/in (ksi) 2 = = = = = = pascal (Pa) pascal (Pa) megapascal (MPa) pound-force per square inch (psi) kp per square inch (psi) lbf/in2 (psi) x x x x x x 6. = Inch Metric symbols m= Meter cm= Centimeter mm= Millimeter µm= Micrometer kg= Kilogram lb = pound ft = foot N= Newton kn = Kilonewton Pa= Pascal MPa= Megapascal Pre-galv.m = = = = To newton meter (N.834952 x 10-2 4.450377 x 10-4 moment of inertia I(in4) modulus of elasticity E (psi) section modulus S (m ) 3 I (m4) E (Pa) S (in ) 3 moment of inertia I (m4) modulus of elasticity E (Pa) I (in3) E (psi) Bending Moment or Torque To Convert From lbf.m N.Garbage and Linen Chutes Section Properties To Convert From section modulus S (in ) 3 SFSP 46 www.375621 x 10 -1 8.728000 x 10+3 kg/m3 3 pound per cubic inch (lb/inch3) pound per cubic inch (lb/inch ) 3 Mass Per unit Area lb/ft2 kg/m2 = = kilogram per square meter (kg/m2) pound per square foot (lb/ft2) x x 4.com To = = = = = = S (m ) 3 Multiply By x x x x x x 1.719689 x 10-1 5.894757 x 10+6 6.894757 x 10+3 6.601846 x 10+1 2.612730 x 10-5 1.527396 x 10+1 2.m) newton meter (N.450377 x 10+2 lbf/in (psi) 2 pascal (Pa) pascal (Pa) megapascal (MPa) Abbreviations Defl.767990 x 10+4 6. = On Center PVC = Poly Vinyl Chloride In.894757 x 10-3 1.162314 x 10-7 6.402510 x 10+6 1. = Pre-galvanized Steel psi = Pound per Square Inch . = Safety Factor Ft.450377 x 10-7 1.638706 x 10-5 4.204622 Mass Per unit Length lb/ft lb/in kg/m kg/m = = = = kilogram per meter (kg/m) kilogram per meter (kg/m) pound per foot (lb/ft) pound per inch (lb/in) x x x x 1.850748 Mass To Convert From ounce pound kilogram (kg) kilogram (kg) = = = = kilogram (kg) kilogram (kg) ounce pound To x x x x Multiply By 2.m) lbf.

sfsp-ikk.com 47 Garbage and Linen Chutes ►Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ .SFSP www.

sfsp-ikk.com ►Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ .Garbage and Linen Chutes SFSP 48 www.

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