Coal gasification technology in China: Application and development

Fuchen Wang
Key Laboratory of Coal Gasification of Ministry of Education

Coal gasification technology Application Research & Development IGCC in China

Coal gasification technology

52 billion tons .2007 Output of coal in China is about 2.

1. Coal gasification technology Coal gasification is the key and core technology .

Entrained Bed Texaco Shell Prenflo Fixed Bed Lurgi Fluized Bed HTW Conoco Phillips GSP Entrained bed is the trend of coal gasification technology. .

Type Fixed bed Representative patent supplier Lurgi UGI Max Size(t/d) 500 Features High requirements for coals、low gasification temperature、difficulty in gas processing High requirements for coals、low gasification temperature 、low conversion rate of coal Fluidize d Bed HTW KRW 840 Entrain ed flow bed Texaco Shell Prenflo OMB 2000 2000 2600 1150 high temperature. high pressure. full mixing and high conversion rate (95%~99%) .

t/y Around 25 units of 3.Large-scale equipment is a requisite for the development of related technologies Syn-gas CO+H2 Gasification 25 mil.000t/d gasification facility are needed Gasification investment takes 55%-60% of total . t/y Coal In-direct liquefaction Oil 50 mil.

Application .

which is high energy consumption and high pollution.Ammonia Industry Ammonia industry is the biggest consumer of gasification technology in China. . Coalbased synthetic ammonia accounts for about 75% of total output. Most of them use anthracite lump coal and fixed bed gasifier. Ammonia output 51 Mt in 2007. Consume 55 Mt coal per year.

MTO. Coal liquefaction.Methanol industry and downstream products The methanol ouput in 2007 is 10. IGCC power generation . Most is Fixed bed. DME. which will consume 12 Mt coal/a since coal-based methanol accounts for about 80% of total output. Most is Fixed bed. MTP. It is estimated most will be the entrained bed in 3 years. Fuel gas Fuel gas consumes 50 Mt coal/a.72 Mt/a.

22~0.Predicted the increased coal in 2020: 0.S. dollor Coal gasification technology is regarded as the key research field in “National plan in Sci & Tech development for medium and long term” .36 Bt coal Production value of related industry: ~300 B yuan/a Patent fee for introduce all tech: ~2 B U.

Research & Development .

. capacity 200t coal/d The research and development of gasification technology by East China University of Science and Technology in 20 years.Investigation on coal gasification technology in China start in early 1960’s 1966-1976 all study works were interrupted Early 1980’s pilot gasifier( Texaco CWS entrained gasifier) built up in Lintong Fertilizer Research Institute 1990’s pilot fluidized bed gasifier built up in Institute of Coal Chemistry. Chinese Academy of Sciences 2001 commercial fluidized bed gasifier began to operate. and is demonstrated in Yankuang group 2005 .

1. ECUST Gasifier R&D History Innovation & Pilot Plant 22TPD 1996~2000 Industrial Demo.. Integrated in Poly-gen. 1150TPD 750TPD 2001~2005 Scale up 2000TPD. IGCC 2006~2010 .

Pilot plant 1) Coal slurry OMB gasifier Time: 2000 Capacity: 22 t/d Pressure: 1.0-4.0MPa .

Pilot experiment results of CWS OMB gasifier Gasifier Capacity t /d CO+H2 % Oxy Consump. loading ~60% Huating coal. kg coal 1000Nm 3 (CO+H 2 ) 1000Nm (CO+H 2 ) 3 Carbon Conver. % >98 PS. loading ~65% Shenfu coal. loading 61.4 - - - same coal to above.6~63. Nm O 3 2 Coal Consump. loading ~62% ~400 ~83 ~410 ~590 ~95 Shanghai Coking Plant ~500 ~80 ~410 ~640 ~95 Weihe Fertilizer Plant ~800 ~80 ~410 ~630 ~95 . OMB gasifier (pilot plant) ~22 ~83 ~380 ~550 Coal mixtures.6% same coal to above. loading~61% pilot plant Lunan Fertilizer Scale Plant Plant Scale Plant ~15 80~81 ~410 ~600 ~95 Same to above ~400 81.

2) Pulverized coal OMB gasifier Time: 2004 Capacity: 15-45 t/d Pressure: 1. CO2 is used as the pumped medium in the pilot plant.) .0MPa (In 2005.0-4.

Pilot experiment results of Pulverized coal OMB gasifier Oxy.) Pulverized coal CWS 90 ~83 (Oct. Nm3O 2 1000Nm3 (CO+H 2 ) Coal Consump. % Coal Present coal used in Lunan gasifier (Ash 9.2003) (Jun~Dec.14%) Former coal used in Lunan gasifier (Ash 7.2003) .14%) OMB gasifier (pilot plant) Pulverized coal CWS 89~93 98~99 300~320 530~540 83 >98 380 550 Shell (Shell China Co. kg coal 1000Nm 3 (CO+H 2 ) Gasifier feedstock (CO+H2) Carbon % conver. 2004) >99 340 590 Texaco (Lunan Fertilizer Plant) ~399 ~644 (Jun~Dec.67%) Ash 18% Present coal used in Lunan gasifier (Ash 9. Consump.

2005 Final Product: MeOH. HAc 3 • Yankuang Lunan Fertilizer Plant • 1 gasifiers • 1150 TPD • 4. Power.5 MPa Startup on Jun.0 MPa • Startup on July 2005 • Final Product: MeOH.0 MPa • Startup on July 2008 • Final Product: MeOH. • 3 gasifiers (2+1) • 1150 TPD • 4. NH3 .Ltd. 1 gasifier 750 TPD 6. NH3 2 • Yankuang Cathay Coal Chemicals Co.Industrial Applications 1 • • • • • • Hualu Hengshen Chemical Co. Ltd.

and become one of players in the world. and Siemens’ monopoly in large-scale gasification technology. . Shell.The first coal-based polygeneration plant in China The first patent owned large-scale coal slurry gasifier in China Broken GE.

3 ZL02266704.5 ZL01112880.3 ZL02111205.5 ZL98110616.5 ZL00119799.0 专利名称 带有旋流器的三通道组合式水煤浆气化喷嘴 多喷嘴对置式水煤浆或煤粉气化炉及其应用 煤基两段组合式气化工艺及其装置 碳氢化合物为原料煤气生产装置中的含渣废水热回收方法 一种复合床高温煤气冷却洗涤设备及其工业应用 以含碳氢化合物为原料气流床生产煤气的初步净化装置 一种高温煤气冷却洗涤设备及其工业应用 干煤粉加压气化过程中干煤粉的加料方法与装置 带有内分布器的三喷口天然气部分氧化制合成气烧嘴 三相气流床生产甲醇的方法和装置 一种以合成气为原料循环气流床生产二甲醚的方法和装置 多通道天然气部分氧化制合成气烧嘴 高温气体脱氯剂及其制备方法 煤灰型碱金属蒸汽吸附剂 一种吸附碱金属蒸汽的吸附剂 一种在三相淤浆床中合成二甲醚的方法 一种在组合床中催化合成二甲醚的方法 能够调节控制和均匀分配煤粉流量的装置和操作方法 双通道内旋组合式喷嘴 (共同专利权人) 五通道负荷可控式水煤浆气化喷嘴 顶部设有喷嘴的多喷嘴对置式水煤浆或煤粉气化炉 以含碳氢化合物为原料气流床生产煤气的排渣装置 气流床生产煤气装置中回收含渣废水热量的热水塔 一种用于煤粉加压气化装置控制粉煤加入量的气密式加料器 一种射流型洗涤冷却水均布器 ZL200320108896.Technology features 申请号 ZL95111750.7 ZL01112702.6 一种粉煤部分氧化制备合成气喷嘴 ZL200420114033.9 ZL03115820.1 ZL01112700.0 加压气化反应器 ……………………………………… (2)Grading purification of syngas (1) OMB CWS Gasification Process ·OMB gasifier (3)Direct heat exchange in the ·Pre-film CWS Burner treatment of slag water ·Complex chilling chamber 50s authorized patents ·Cross-flow chilling water distributor 30s among them is related to gasification .1 ZL02136724.8 ZL01126381.8 ZL01239008.X ZL02151238.9 ZL01112701.4 ZL02139941.8 ZL97235458.9 ZL01239007.1 ZL01210097.0 ZL02216472.1 ZL00111437.8 ZL03115227.0 气相介质气化喷嘴 (共同专利权人) ZL200420041535.X ZL94214422.3 ZL02151143.7 ZL02139942.8 ZL0310108386.5 气液混合相气化喷嘴 (共同专利权人) ZL200420041457.9 气化喷嘴的滑动密封装置 (共同设计人) ZL200420114032.2 设有定位块的洗涤冷却水均布器 ZL200420041534.

168 h Practical Assessment by Sino Petro Chem Association in Dec 12-19. 2005 .

Features High carbon conversion and low oxygen/coal consumption because of proper flow pattern in the gasifier Easy to scale up (like 2000-3000 ton coal/day) because of multi-burner High efficient of syngas primary purification section. low process pressure lost and low flyash in syngas(1mg/Nm3 syngas) because of “Step-by-Step” concept High heat recover efficiency and stability in slag water treat section because of direct heat exchange between grey water and vapor from high pressure flash of slag water .

DME MeOH MeOH. 2008 Start up on Jan. Ltd.5 4. Ltd..Plant Hualu Hengsheng Chemicals Co.5 4. 2010 .. Jiangsu Sopo Group Shenhuang Ningxia Coal Group Ningbo Wanhua Co. DME Remarks Started up on Dec.0 6.Ltd. 2009 Start up on Quarter 1st .5 6. 2010 Start up on Quarter 3rd .. 2009 Start up on Quarter 1st..Ltd. Yankuang Cathay Coal Chemicals Co.0 6. 2010 Start up on Quarter 2nd .5 4. of Units (Operating + Spare) 1 3 (2+1) 1 3 (2+1) 2 (1+1) 3 (2+1) 3 (2+1) 3 (2+1) 1 6 (4+2) 3 (2+1) 2 (1+1) Capac ity (TPD) 750 1150 1150 1500 1800 1500 2000 1200 2200 2000 1500 2300 Final Product MeOH.0 6. NH3 MeOH. Anhui Huayi Chemicals Co. Ltd. 2009 Start up on Mar.0 4.5 4..0 6. Ltd Press ure (MPa) 6. 2008 Start up on Nov. Hangzhou Banshan Power Plant Shandong Jiutai Co. Power MeOH MeOH.5 6. NH3 NH3 MeOH MeOH MeOH、CO、 H2 IGCC MeoH. 2005 Start up on July. Yankuang Lunan Fertilizer Plant Fenghuang Fertilizer Plant Jiangsu Linggu Chemicals Co. 2010 Start up on Quarter 4th. Ltd.5 Num. Shandong Shengda Co. 2009 Start up on Quarter 3rd . 2004 Started up on Oct.

ECUST Down: Dr. Up left: James Childress. ICCT was invited to give a report in the 2006 gasification conference. the author of “Gasification” . Chairman of Gasification Organization Up right:Expert of ICCT.Aroused the focus and appraisal of international gasification field OMB gasification technology aroused the focus of international gasification field. Higman.

.Christopher Higman gave a positive appraisal on the technology in his review report “Turning promise into reality” in Modern Power System.

Chinese Academy of Sciences : Ash Agglomerating Fluidized Bed Coal Gasification Technology Pressure:0.2.4 m Capacity:100 t/d Syngas output: ~9000 Nm3/h CO+H2 con.:68~72% .03 MPa Gasifier Dia.:2.Other gasification technologies in China Shan Xi Institute of Coal Chemistry.

Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute: Pilot plant of twostage dry feed entrained flow gasifier National “Tenth five” 863 program Pilot plant: 36 t/d Pressure: 2~3MPa Tem:1300~1400℃ .

IGCC in China .

capacity 300MW 2006 Small IGCC (80MW) plant start operation in Shandong Yankuang Group.1995 begun to discuss first IGCC power plant 1999 Yantai IGCC power plant project authorized. . Fuel Gas from OMB gasifier.

National Hi-tech Research and Development Program (863 Program) 2000 TPD CWS gasification technology 2000 TPD Pulverized coal gasification technology Yankuang Group 1Mt/year F-T plant 200MW IGCC plant Luan Group 1Mt/year F-T plant 200MW IGCC plant Huaneng Group(Tianjin city) 250MW IGCC plant Huadian Group(Hanzhou city) 200MW IGCC plant Coal-based Poly-generation .


. The fast development of society and economy in China present a precious opportunity and a large market for coal gasification technology.Conclusion Coal gasification is the core technology in the clean and high-efficient utilization of coal. Coal gasification technology is of significance to the sustainable development of energy and the resolution of environment problem in China. It is predicted more other gasification technology would be applied in China in the future 10 years.

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