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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the principal public service broadcaster in the United Kingdom, with its

headquarters at Broadcasting House in the City of Westminster, London. It is the largest broadcaster in the world, with about 23,000 staff. Its main responsibility is to provide public service broadcasting in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. The BBC is an autonomous public service broadcaster that operates under a Royal Charter. Within the United Kingdom its work is funded principally by an annual television license fee, which is charged to all United Kingdom households, companies and organizations using any type of equipment to record and/or receive live television broadcasts; the level of the fee is set annually by the British Government and agreed by Parliament Outside the UK, the BBC World Service has provided services by direct broadcasting and retransmission contracts by sound radio since the inauguration of the BBC Empire Service in December 1932, and more recently by television and online. Though sharing some of the facilities of the domestic services, particularly for news and current affairs output, the World Service has a separate Managing Director, and its operating costs have historically been funded mainly by direct grants from the UK government. These grants were determined independently of the domestic license fee. A recent spending review has announced plans for the funding for the world service to be drawn from the domestic license fee. History: The privately owned BBC was the world's first national broadcasting organization and was founded on 18 October 1922 as the British Broadcasting Company Ltd. The original company was founded in 1922 by a group of six telecommunications companies²Marconi, Radio Communication Company, Metropolitan-Vickers, General Electric, Western Electric, and British Thomson-Houston²to broadcast experimental radio services. The first transmission was on 14 November of that year, from station 2LO, located at Marconi House, London. The British Broadcasting Company Ltd was created by the British General Post Office (GPO) and John Reith applied for a job with the existing company and later became its employee general manager. The company was wound-up and on 1 January 1927 a new non-commercial entity called the British Broadcasting Corporation established under a Royal Charter became successor in interest. To represent its purpose and values, the Corporation adopted the coat of arms, including the motto "Nation shall speak peace unto Nation". The motto is generally attributed to Montague John Randall, former headmaster of Winchester College, and member of the first BBC Board of Governors. Experimental television broadcasts were started in 1932 using an electromechanical 30 line system developed by John Logie Baird. Limited regular broadcasts using this system began in 1934, and an expanded service (now named the BBC Television Service) started from Alexandra Palace in 1936. The European Broadcasting Union was formed on 12 February 1950, in Torquay with the BBC among the 23 founding broadcasting organizations.

BBC One is a regionalized TV service which provides opt-outs throughout the day for local news and other local programming. was launched in September 2008. CBBC and CBeebies. then carry a small-scale regular color service from 1967. BBC News. These variations are more pronounced in the BBC 'Nations'. BBC Two was also the first channel to be transmitted on 625 lines in 1964. A new Scottish Gaelic television channel. and two children's channels. y Television In the UK. Digital television is now in widespread use in the UK. Northern Ireland. though most regions still have the ability to 'opt out' of the main feed. The service is currently only available via satellite and cable television. where the presentation is mostly carried out locally on BBC One and Two. Several digital only stations are also broadcast: BBC Three.e. the Netherlands and Switzerland.Services: BBC Worldwide has six operating businesses y Channels y y y y y Content & Production Global Brands Sales & Distribution Consumer Products BBC Magazines Digital media ventures are also incorporated right across each business area. Belgium. It is also the first multi-genre channel to come entirely from Scotland with almost all of its programs made in Scotland. In these countries digital and cable operators carry a range of . i. BBC Parliament. BBC One would follow in November 1969. BBC One and BBC Two are the BBC's flagship television channels. with analogue transmission being phased out by December 2012. BBC Alba. In the Republic of Ireland. BBC Four. the BBC channels are available in a number of ways. Scotland and Wales. BBC Two variations within England are currently rare. albeit on analogue only.

9 million weekly listeners) Radio 3 (classical and jazz music) Radio 4 (current affairs. factual. On 3 November 2010. and in November 2008. In 2008. BBC Two and BBC World News. all standard BBC television channels were made available to watch online. received off-air. a high-definition simulcast of BBC One was launched. drama and comedy) Radio 5 Live (24 hour news. or via 'deflectors' ± transmitters in the Republic which rebroadcast broadcasts from the UK.BBC channels these include BBC One. The corporation has been producing programs in the format for many years. and states that it hopes to produce 100% of new programs in HDTV by 2010. sports and talk) Radio 6 Radio 7 Radio extra . the BBC began a 6±12 month trial of high-definition television broadcasts under the name BBC HD. Radio The BBC has five major national stations: y y y y y y y y Radio 1 ("the best new music and entertainment") Radio 2 (the UK's most listened to radio station. allowing members of UK military serving abroad to watch and listen to them on two dedicated TV channels. Since 1975. or from digital satellite. although viewers in the Republic of Ireland may receive BBC services via 'overspill' from transmitters in Northern Ireland or Wales. From 9 June 2006. the BBC began experimenting with live streaming of certain channels in the UK. the BBC has also provided its TV programs to the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS). with 12.

BBC Japan. as do reruns of BBC programs such as East Enders. on 28 February 2008.2 million people in the UK visit the site's more than two million pages each day According to Alexa's TrafficRank system. The cable and satellite stations BBC Prime (in Europe. BBC Canada (alongside BBC Kids). This. with Virgin Media. Internet The BBC's online presence includes a comprehensive news website and archive.TV (co-run with Foxtel and Fremantle Media) in Australasia. including a number of television stations throughout the world. The BBC claims the site to be "Europe's most popular content-based site" and states that 13.D. BBC television news appears nightly on many Public Broadcasting Service stations in the United States. amongst others. most notably the BBC Micro.News BBC News is the largest broadcast news gathering operation in the world. which monitors was made permanent. the Middle East. and Dave. BBC World News and co-runs. It was launched as BBC Online. A similar service. the UKTV network of stations in the Ceefax and BBC News Online. BBC has also launched a blog site as www. BBC America. and Asia). producers of. ceased broadcasts in April 2006 after its Japanese distributor folded. broadcast popular BBC programs to people outside the UK. In addition. the BBC developed several PCs. Desktop news alerts. before being renamed BBCi. and the 46th most popular overall. with the new site enabling the user to customize the BBC's internet services to their own needs. before it was rebranded back as BBC Online. BBC Worldwide also runs a 24-hour news channel. BBC Parliament and BBC World A new version of the BBC homepage was launched in December 2007. Commercial services BBC Worldwide Limited is the wholly owned commercial subsidiary of the BBC responsible for the commercial exploitation of BBC programs and other properties. Africa.worldhaveyoursay. television. Miscellaneous The BBC and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office jointly run BBC Monitoring. providing services to BBC domestic radio as well as television networks such as the BBC News. as well as BBC Red Button. then bbc. the press and the internet worldwide. and digital TV alerts are also available.L.O. in July 2008 BBC Online was the 27th most popular English Language website in the world. and in New Zealand on TV One. as does UK. . G. New BBC News services that are also proving popular are mobile services to mobile phones and PDAs. e-mail alerts. In the 1980s.

BBC History. This TV Licensing collection is currently carried out by Capita. formerly known as BBC Publications. an outside agency. The cost of a television license is set by the government and enforced by the criminal law. The revenue is collected privately and is paid into the central government Consolidated Fund. Income from commercial enterprises and from overseas sales of its catalogue of programs has substantially increased over recent years. Such a license is required to receive broadcast television within the UK. Additional revenues are paid by the Department for Work and Pensions to compensate for subsidized licenses for eligible over-75 year olds. attracted criticism. especially as there have been cases where such letters have been sent to premises which are up to date with their payments. costing £145.6 million from government grants. however. an obligation to pay a license fee is no longer appropriate.493. for having a threatening nature and language used to scare evaders into paying. £41. BBC Records produced soundtrack albums. however no license is required to own a television used for other means. The BBC's use of private sector company Capita Group to send letters to premises not paying the license fee has been criticized. with BBC Worldwide contributing some £145 million to the BBC's core public service business. A 50% discount is also offered to registered blind. Media and Sport (DCMS) and the Treasury and approved by Parliament via legislation. multi-channel availability.50 per year per household (as of April 2010). its income can be broken down. talking books and material from radio broadcasts of music BBC Worldwide also maintains the publishing arm of the BBC and it is the third-largest publisher of consumer magazines in the United Kingdom BBC Magazines. BBC Good Food. £775. . According to the BBC's 2008±2009 Annual Report. such as providing content to overseas broadcasters and concert ticket sales.8 million in license fees collected from householders. These letters and adverts have been criticized by Conservative MPs Boris Johnson and Ann Widdecombe. BBC Wildlife and BBC Music. a process defined in the Communications Act 2003. as follows: y y y y £3. BBC Sky at Night. The BBC uses an advertising campaign to inform customers of the requirement to pay the license fee. £294.1 million from other income. The license fee has. or do not require a TV license. It has been argued that in an age of multi stream. Funds are then allocated by the Department of Culture. publishes the Radio Times (and published the now-defunct The Listener) as well as a number of magazines that support BBC programming such as BBC Top Gear.9 million from BBC Commercial Businesses. A discount is available for households with only black-and-white television sets. Revenue The principal means of funding the BBC is through the television license. or for sound only radio sets (though a separate license for these was also required for non-TV households until 1971).The BBC has traditionally played a major role in producing book and music tie-ins with its broadcast material.

. which is providing coverage of whole world.Audio clips and television broadcasts are used to inform listeners of the BBC's comprehensive database. in short. economical social. though every current issue around the whole world. Expenditure The total broadcasting spends is given as: Department Total cost (£million) 1443 Television 218 Radio 72 BBC Online 36 BBC jam 18 Interactive TV (BBCi) Local radio and regional television 370 338 Programme related spend 315 Overheads and Digital UK 107 Restructuring Transmission and collection costs 320 Total 3237 Conclusion As we all know about a well known channel of London "British broadcasting corporation "BBC.] There are a number of pressure groups campaigning on the issue of the license fee. They are covering political. they put a world in a global village.

Muhammad ............waterver ..............probably dreaming of the 72 virgins promised by the mad prophet .i scream out to all the RELIGIONS ............ They highlighted a Muslim Osama bin laden as a terrorist....moderate muslims (again pretend muslims or complete fools) claim are hijacking islam ...... January 06..and all other religions launched many channels after having attention of different type of audience like they launched BBC Urdu for Pakistan...which many not muhammed's love . they show Muslims as extremist and one kills BIN laden ....promise is not muhammed's promise .....the seed of the devil Written by logic......the buddhists ... They showed different pictures of him in which most of the time the person is different...???? WHY SHOULD WE TOLERATE THE SON OF DEVIL ........islam ??? Or are they ??? Or are they ??? It seems only kafirs are mis-understanding ISLAM ....................have a look at the smiling proud muslim who murdered a kafir .............. They are playing with society having well planed agenda settings behind the screen..our .. it was first time when they properly started their agenda against Muslims.. Here is an example taken from the BBC website:Muhammad .... 2011 Another muslim who MISUNDERSTOOD ISLAM as a peaceful religion was butchered humanity is not Muhammed's humanity .......the hindus.why ??? while moderate muslims (the true misunderstanders of islam ) are killed .....whites..our God .............WHAT THE HELL ARE FOLLOWERS OF MUHAMMED DOING TO US ????? WHY SHOULD OUR FATE BE DEATH .. Basically they have anti Muslim propaganda in which they always try to show a bad image of Muslims like they are in a favor of war in not muhammed's God ...... they react badly on the issue of 9/11 though this secret was revealed after couple of days that this all propaganda of the American government and all the media well propagated it against the Muslims....(though a fellow muslim..the ones who are dishonoring .MUHAMMED AND HIS SONS .........browns.......yellow...the christians........... Express also adopt their strategy as they show worst image of Muslims....... No muslim has yet assasinated ......................not the bin-ladens ..our love not Muhammed's peace ......muhammed... Another impact which they tried to put in every one¶s mind is "a man with beard will be a terrorist´ and we watch in our local TV channels too that they also try to show an image of a person who has bear is a terrorist BBC highlighted the core issue of salman taseer murder............???? WHEN WILL THE TRUE KAFIRS GET THEIR REPLY FROM HUMANITY ??????????? .the first Kafir ..a bin laden or other terrorists ..but supramacist ideologies work this way) .........i scream out to the i ask WHAT IS THE FATE OF KAFIRS ........a kafir's peace ..............the jews......

Davis' self-defense theory. 2011 Another reason why I left Islam is that Quran is full of internal contradictions. educate and entertain  To serve everyone and enrich people¶s lives  To be the most creative. But the Punjab police in their subsequent investigation focused on evidence that contradicted Mr. brother of Jacob (Yaqub in arabic) is Isa in arabic. By the way. 28:8 tells that pharaoh and Haman were living at the same time and place whereas history clearly shows they were born about 1000 years apart and pharaoh lived in Egypt and Haman lived in Shushan city in Persia.7 mentions Aad was destroyed in seven nights and eight days. 19:17 shows an angel appeared to Mary but 3:42 shows several angels appeared. examples of historical blunders²19:27.28 states that Mary was the sister of Aaron. scientific errors and historical blunders in Quran.54:19 mentions Aad was destroyed in a day but 69:6. Muslims claim that Quran is µa miracle of miracles.¶ This statement is a blatant and greatest lie ever told. Another example is of Raymond Davis where an article in BBC was published as "Since both boys were armed with pistols. 86:6. This clearly tells us what they think of Muslims all over the world and what are they trying to portray. 28:40 mentions pharaoh drowned and died but 10:92 states that the same pharaoh was saved. January 11.¶ µbad translation¶ and µarabic Quran cannot be translated¶ to hide and conceal the contradictions in the Quran. the transliterated name of Jesus in Arabic Quran is Isa but even this is wrong because the name of Esau. Davis' plea of self-defense sounded credible at first.¶ Muslims tell so many lies to cover up all internal contradictions. Mr. examples of scientific errors--18:86 states that sun sets in a muddy spring of water. The correct transliterated name of Jesus in arabic is Yasu. Any sane person can become sick of Muslim apologists¶ deception and lies of µout of context. scientific errors and historical blunders." BBC Purpose: According to BBC website its has three main purposes as follows  To inform. trusted organization in the world Executive board runs the BBC by: Key Objectives: Developing strategy and policy in light of the set objectives . Here are a few samples of contradictions in Quran: examples of internal contradictions-. whereas history shows they were born about 1300 years apart.written by eddy . 15:19 mentions earth is flat. and 4:157 says that Jesus was not crucified whereas it is crystal clear in historical records that Jesus was crucified and not another man who looked like Jesus. Isa (Esau) means µhairy¶ and Yasu (Jesus) means µGod saves.7 states that semen emits from between backbone and the ribs.

The media (BBC) created and people blindly followed it without any confirmation BBC is regarded as the white elephant in media because of its truth feedings. accompanying the charter. Johan Reith developed a clear version for the BBC and its services. BBC¶s first director general. Missions and Program Policy: It is the BBC¶s responsibility to carry into the greatest number of homes everything that is best in every department of human Endeavour and achievement (Reith cited in Biumler. but inform and educate as well. 1992).1961). what he thinks the public wants is often creating a fictitious demand for lower standards which he will thin satisfy ((Reith.Operating all services within the strategic and policy framework BBC says that the board of governors ensures the serves the public interest by: Setting key objectives Approving strategy and policy Monitoring performance and compliance. The same policy is being followed by our local media. (Truth feeding) GEO which has successfully adopted the policy is becoming the giant predator in Pakistan. and very few want what they need (Reith. firstly. 1992). cited in Congdon. He knew people were fond of what media was setting. to provide a service somewhat ahead of what the public would demand were it able to articulate its demands. The current charter runs until 2006. cited in briggs.´ The BBC¶s task was to train its audience to digest material it might not otherwise attempt.´ Johan Reith clearly was talking about agenda setting. Broadcasting should be a public service which should not simply entertained. The defining characteristic of Reith¶s philosophy of broadcasting were. Simply responding to market needs was ruled out from the beginning ³He who prides in giving. It feeds the truth until people believe it completely and then includes its own agenda¶s and lies (own interests). a distinct elitism ³Few [listeners] know what they want. recognizes the BBC¶s editorial independence and sets out its public obligations. A separate agreement. Ensuring public accountability The BBC is established under Royal charter. and reporting on both in the annual report. Media in Pakistan is viewed as the untouchable because it attacks from both sides. Same policy as BBC .

. compassion and cruelty. The BBC presented the assault as an Israeli war of self defense. The context is always Israeli µsecurity¶. Israeli casualties receive more air time. There is also a marked difference in the language used to describe casualties on either side.Criticism The BBC cannot be neutral in the struggle between truth and untruth. Palestinian civilian deaths were mentioned. the BBC retreated to condemning µboth sides¶.¶ The BBC has always been impartial when it comes to Israel-Palestine. Where Israeli crimes were particularly atrocious. An exhaustive 2004 study by the Glasgow University Media Group ± Bad News from Israel ± shows that the BBC¶s coverage is systematically biased in favor of Israel. a narrative that could only be sustained by effacing the 1. tolerance and intolerance. Israeli civilian deaths were elevated to headlines. and despite the far more numerous Palestinian victims. justice and injustice.250 Palestinians (including 222 children) killed by the Israeli military between 2005 and 2008. but only in terms of their µcost¶ to Israel¶s image. it invariably inverts reality to frame these as Palestinian µprovocation¶ against Israeli µretaliation¶. and in interviews the Israeli perspective predominates. To be sure. Palestinians relegated to the bottom. freedom and slavery. It excludes context and history to focus on day-to-day events.