An Act to Define the Boundaries and Provide for the Organization of Lake County

[Approved May 20, 1861.]

For the area of Napa County now known as “The Clearlake Township” to be declared a separate county for the State of California.

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:
Section 1. Lake County is bounded as follows: Commencing at the southeastern corner of

Mendocino County; thence running in an easterly direction along the dividing ridge between Russian River and Knight’s Valley on the west, and Clear Lake and Coyote Valley on the east, to the highest point of Mount St. Helena; thence easterly in a direct line of the point where the second standard line north, (United States Survey), crosses the line dividing Yolo and Napa counties; thence along the line of Yolo County to the Mendocino County line; thence along said Mendocino County line to the place of beginning.
Section 2. There shall be an election held for county officers and for the location of the

county seat of Lake County on the first Monday of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, at which election shall be chosen, by the qualified electors of said county, one County Judge, one District Attorney, one County Clerk who shall be ex officio the Auditor, Recorder, and Superintendent of Public Instruction, in and for said county, one Sheriff, one County Surveyor, a County Treasurer, a County Assessor, a Coroner, and three Supervisors, and two Justices of the Peace and two Constables for each township in the county.
Section 3. William Manlove, Alexander McLean and Woods Crawford, of Lake County,

are hereby appointed Commissioners to designate additional precincts to those already established within the boundaries of Lake County, at such places as may be deemed necessary for the convenience of the voters, with such powers as a Board of Supervisors are now clothed by law.
Section 4. Said Commissioners shall meet at Major Cook’s store, in Big Valley, Clear Lake

Township, on the second Monday in April, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, and after being duly sworn by an officer qualified to administer oaths, to truly perform the duties by this act imposed upon them.
Section 9. The County Judge, elected under this act, shall hold office four years from the

first day of December, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, and until his successor is elected and qualified, and shall reside and keep his office in the township where the county seat is located.

Section 10. The County Judge shall receive a salary of one thousand dollars per annum,

which shall be paid quarterly as other county charges; he shall hold the courts required by law to be held by County Judges, at the same time, commencing the first Monday of February, May, August and November; provided, however, the County Judge may call and hold special terms of the Probate Court and Court of Sessions whenever public necessity may require.
Section 11. The District Attorney shall receive a salary of four hundred dollars per annum,

to be paid quarterly and such fees as are allowed by general law. All other county and township officers shall receive as compensation the fees allowed by law in this State.
Section 12. The Board of Supervisors shall hold regular meetings at the county seat, the

first Mondays of February, May, August and November of each year. Special terms may be held at the call of the President of the Board of Supervisors; provided, not more than two special terms shall be held in any one year.
Section 15. J.N. Pendergast, of Yolo County, Charles Ramsey, of Solano County, and

Anthony P. Buckner, of Colusa County, are hereby appointed to select two sites, which they shall deem most suitable for the county seat of Lake County, on or before the second Monday in June, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one.
Section 17. The said Commissioners shall receive four dollars per day for the time

necessarily employed in making the selection and traveling expenses to and from their places of residence, not to exceed twenty-five cents for each mile necessarily traveled; which shall be paid out of the first money received into the treasury of Lake County.
Section 18. All assessments for the current legal year, shall be made by the Assessor of

Lake County, and all taxes shall be collected by the Sheriff, who shall be ex officio Tax Collector; and the Board of Supervisors are hereby authorized to levy and cause to be collected, in the manner prescribed by the general law of this State ad the provisions of this act, as annual tax, for State and county purposes, not to exceed the sum of two dollars and twenty-five cents on each one hundred dollars’ worth of taxable property in said county.