Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. is India’s largest commercial enterprise, with a sales turnover of Rs.2,85,337 crore and a net profit of Rs.2,950 crore for the year 2008 – 09. Indian Oil is also the highest ranked Indian company in the prestigious Fortune Global 500 listing ( 116 th position in 2008). Indian Oil Company Ltd. established as an Oil marketing entity on 30 th june 1959, and was renamed Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. on 1st September 1964 following the merger of the refining entity ,Indian Refineries Ltd. Since then, the Indian Oil people with their dedication and determination have nurtured the integrated downstream petroleum company into India’s No. 1 company and the country’s largest commercial enterprise . It is the ceaseless efforts of several generations of the Indian oil family that has today placed the corporation firmly among the world’s largest corporate , with the distinction of being 18th largest petroleum company in the world . Set up with a clear mandate for achieving selfsufficiency in petroleum refining ,pipelines transportation and marketing operations for a nascent nation set on the path of economic growth and

2 MMPTA. 1. To achieve the next level of growth. meeting the energy needs of millions of .upstream into oil Exploration & Production and downstream into petrochemicals and diversification into natural gas marketing. Indian Oil has successfully combined its corporate social responsibility agenda with its business offerings. Indian Oil is proud to account for nearly half of India’s petroleum consumption today . As the leading public sector enterprise of India. The Indian Oil Group of companies owns and operates 10 of India’s 20 refineries with a combined refining capacity of 60. i.AN INTRODUCTION prosperity .spanning about 9. meets the vital energy needs of the consumers in an efficient.2 barrels per day.300 km and the largest in the country.4 % refining capacity and 69 % downstream sector pipelines capacity in India . Indian Oil and its subsidies account for 49% petroleum products market share .e. Indian Oil is currently forging ahead on a well laid – out road map through vertical integration . economical and environmental – friendly manner. besides globalization of its downstream operations . 40.IOC . The Corporation’s cross – country network of crude oil and product pipelines .

IOC . traversing a diversity of cultures .AN INTRODUCTION people everyday across the length and breadth of the country .friendly products & services for the benefit of its consumers. . difficult terrains and harsh climatic conditions . The corporation takes pride in its continuous investments in innovative technologies and solutions for sustainable energy flow and economic viable and environment.

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