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• Pakistan Services Limited (“PSL”) was incorporated in 1958 as a Public Limited company

• Quoted on Karachi Stock Exchange since 1964

• Primary business of PSL is hospitality

• Hashoo Group acquired PSL in 1985 it changed the name of the Hotels to PEARL


• Located on Sharah-e- Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore

• It is offering matchless services and facilities stands tall among the small hotels surrounding its

• 487 exclusively appointed bedrooms

• 193 Standard rooms

• 238 Atrium Deluxe rooms and

• 49 Luxurious Suites

• Only 2 Presidential Suites in the hotel


“We’ll open the doors; you’ll see what’s in store”

We feel pride in making efforts to position Pakistan in the forefront of the International arena


“Our mission is to be the hotel recognized as the leader in the industry in any aspect. We
are committed to train and develop all our staff members allowing them to grow in their
careers and provide services and standards which exceed guest expectations”

• Manager Human Resource

• Director Human Resource

• Human Resource Executive

• Administration Officer

• Administration Super-Visor

• Office Assistant


• Job analysis

• Recruitment

• Selection

• Orientation

• Training

• Review benefits


• Personnel planning

• Recruitment

• Selection

• Interview

• Orientation

• Training

• Performance appraisal

• Benefits & Compensations

• Health & safety

Training & Development

• Ability/Desire to learn new things

• Knowledge

• Leadership qualities

• Quality Consciousness

• Discipline

• Attitude

• Flexibility

• Personality

• Strengths

• Weakness

Performance Appraisal

• Appearance

• Conduct 15
• Professional Work

• Leadership & Teamwork

• Planning & Organization

• Initiative & Creativity

• Communication

• Training Skills

• Business Attitude & Operational Performance

• Achievements of Objectives

Health & Safety

• Health and safety laws

• Security Measures

• Social security fund

• In-house doctor and Dispensary

• Contract with Services Hospital

• Provide instructions regarding the recent issue of bird flu

• Hygiene of employees

• Fire preventions

• Energy conservation


• Immediate promotion depends on situation to situation

• For instance recently H R director of PC is required and no one is there to promote from junior
rank so they have to out sourced the vacancy

• PC’s HR department not has their specified questions while conducting the interview

• The main top managers of the HR and the concerning department take the unstructured interview

• No question is asked on a specific pre- determined questionnaire format

• They ask on-time questions from the interviewer


• Internal as well as external challenges to ensure the achievement of its mission

• Appreciate the significant competitive

• Legal and social issues

• Managing a Dynamic Environment

• Conflict Management

• Managing Workforce Diversity

• Global Competitive Environment

• Economic Challenge

• Loyalty of Employees

• PC is a huge name in the hotel

• HRD is working dynamically to pursue its organizational goals

• Project has given us the realistic view of how Human Resource practices are followed in any


• Smoke, eat, drink, chew gum, whistle, hum or sing in the lobby or any public areas

• Stand in groups and casual conversation with co-workers

• Shout or talk in the public areas

• Allowing of personal friends to visit employees at the hotel

• Spit in any area

• Say anything negative about the hotel

• Entering in other departments, public areas, or guest floors

• PC should send its managers/employees to abroad for training purpose for it will ultimately
improve the organization’s overall performance

• Internees should be paid for their services

• More flexible benefits plans should be introduced for employee so they can choose which suit
them the best

• As PC doesn’t have any special program to bring the outside talent in, so they need to take this
area under consideration

• More incentive programs should be introduced to maintain employee motivation