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AIX Experience: 3+Years (Aug 2007 to Till date) Mobile: +91 8431242981 E-mail: (AIX Administrator 3+) Confident, créative and qualified AIX Administrator professional with 3+ years of experience to take up a chellenging carrer in the world of Operating Systems Administration with the best skill sets in an esteemed organization and Proactive manager, team builder and tactical planner with ability to attract and secure key players in building a strong and lasting business relationship. Expert presentation and communication skills with keen abilities in planning, goal setting, strategic implementation and followup. Recongnized for decisive leadership, proven ability to face challenges and achieving targets. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ACADAMICS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------B.Sc., 2006 (Kakatiya University, Warangal). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TECHNICAL SKILLS -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Operating Systems : AIX,Solaris. Script : Shell script Cluster : HACMP, VIO ,LPAR,DLPAR. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Worked on IBM p5 and pseries Administration and Support for AIX 5L V5.2, V5.3 and knowledge on V6.1 worked with live environment where commitment desired is 24/7, implementing Packages and monitoring OS. SKILLS IN AIX • • • • • • • AIX System Administration File System and Disk Storage Management Using Logical Volume Manager. Rlogin, Telnet, Ftp and other. AIX Installation. Performance Tuning HACMP on AIX. LPAR and DLPAR configurations and operations
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1) Atos Origin Project Duration Role Team Size : Internal Infrastructure Project. running bosboot. part of Atos Origin Service Delivery team that provides services & Support to maintain the intranet servers. Running snap utility to gather server information.  Coordinating with other team members (database and SAP team ) and work closing with them if any changes performing in the machine.  Creating new logical volumes. Page 2 of 4 . server restore using mksysb image. changing file system size (increase or decrease).  Audit system monitoring and system Recoverability. installing any customer requested software and any third party tools on the server.  Using maintenance method to fix booting related issues.• • • VIO server creation and configuration AIX Installation from NIM server Using BMC remedy tool for resolving user calls. : Jun2009 to Till date : System Admin :6 AIX Roles. Patch and Security Management. Configuring NIM clients.  Error Analysis using errpt.  Management of Health checking issues and actions. Installing OS on LPAR using NIM. Problem determination. checking server for any hard and soft errors and fixing related errors with IBM support Engineer. savevg and other file or directory level backup using backup utility. working with file system changes such as changing mount point. creating NIM resources for network installation on clients.  Handling booting related issues. configuring SMS menu with NIM Master details to network with and trouble shooting any NIM related issues. root password recovery etc. creating file systems. repairing jfs or jfs2 log devices. Activities played as part of Roles:  User.  Patching servers – installing TLs on the server. running fsck on rootvg file systems.  Configuring NIM Master..  Stable APAR management on AIX/ operating system.  Scheduling and Monitoring and Backup and Restoration of data on pSeries machines.  Taking server backups such as mksysb.  Troubleshooting hardware and operating system problems.

 Create partitions. configuring and using system profiles. Power on/off partitions. troubleshooting activation errors. and activating and shutting down partitions. and I/O slots. moving resource dynamically. 2) NESS TECHNOLOGIES Duration : Aug-2007 to Jun2009 Role : System Admin Team Size :4 AIX Roles. Working resource groups. creating shared volume groups and performing different operations on that. processor resources.  Configuring two node cluster.. creating LPAR. configuring HACMP Networks.  Working with dedicated and shared processors.  Working with system dump facilities.  Managing Log files errpt Daily Management Activities and Health checks.  Configuring new managed machines on HMC. DLPAR machines. Monthly incremental and complete backups. Memory and Disk utilization using topas. moving. Cron and At access. Weekly. understanding these logs and fixing problems.  Worked on Patch Management  Files System Management – Creation. configuring starting and stopping scripting in HACMP application group. vmstat & iostat. and removing memory. and system profiles. Deletion. partition profiles.  Troubleshooting HACMP related issues. Page 3 of 4 . sar. CPU.  Monitoring System. going through different log files and  LPAR operations including: scheduling operations. Allocating resources. Files Systems Changes-Grow and Shrink ftp access. Alternate disk installation for reducing the down time. Heart beats. dynamic operations for adding.  Backup – Daily. Activities played as part of Roles:  User Management – Creating Maintaining and removing users and groups. Activate partitions. configuring and taking system dump. and Schedule operations for partitions. processing unit. virtual processors. Security setting on user account and groups.  Disk Storage Management in AIX – Logical and Physical Volume Configuration and Maintenance. and allocation of processing power from the shared processor pool etc. Creating new resources and bringing them to cluster control.

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