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(When finalised and approved by the Post Manager(s), e-mail to HQPC00)

Date of Classification (1): 14.10.2010
Position No : 10012350

Position Title: Water and Sanitation Officer Position Grade: P.3

Position Location : N’djamena

Supervisor Position No., Title & Grade: 10009967, Snr. Public Health Off. P.4 CCOG Code (1) : 1.b.06.i

Job Code (1) : 000821 Job Profile (1) : 00000821 Job Function (1) : CNR

(1) To be completed by PCU

2.1 ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXT. Define the role of the position within the team, describing its leadership role, if
any, it’s external/internal work relationships or contacts, the contextual environment in which it operates and the scope of
supervision received, and where applicable, exercised by the incumbent.

The Water and Sanitation Officer will work under the overall supervision of the Assistant Representative of
Operations and under the direct supervision of Senior Public Health Officer or the designated officer and in co-
ordination with the other colleagues working in the Field, in particular on engineering, health and community
services, and with technical backstopping from Public Health and HIV section of Division for Programme Support
and Management (DPSM)at the UNHCR HQ Geneva.

With the collaboration with his supervisor, the staff member will also work in coordination with the technical
departments and delegates of the Chadian hydraulic and sanitation to ensure that national and international standards
are progressively met. In addition the staff member will ensure coordination in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
(WASH) sector with other UN agencies, Partners and other organisations operating in the area.

2.2 FUNCTIONAL STATEMENT. Focusing on the deliverables and the achievements expected from the job, describe
the functions to be performed by the incumbent of the position. Describe also the engagement and the degree of relationships with
clients/partners, and the impact of actions.

Under the direct supervision of Senior Public health Officer, N’djamena the incumbent will perform the following
duties in the Chad’s refugee camps and if possible in surrounding villages:

• Consolidate and provide technical guidance and support to IPs on all water, sanitation and hygiene
promotion related issues, to ensure quality, cost-effectiveness, sustainability and environmental soundness
in their implantation and in accordance with UNHCR policies and priorities.
• Implement and continue the UNHCR Plan Stratégique UNHCR 2008 – 2010 and assure the transfer of
competences, technologies and projects at UNHCR national level.
• Act as a focal point on water, sanitation and hygiene promotion issues within UNHCR and liaise with UN
related agencies and governmental and nongovernmental counterparts.
• Review performance, monitor development and evaluate approaches adopted by partners in water, sanitation
and hygiene promotion and related sectors i.e. natural resources management, environment assessment,
technical capacity of implementing partners etc. and formulate appropriate designs and corrective measures
as deemed necessary.
• Ensure regular, up to date assessments of beneficiary needs related to water and sanitation services are
undertaken and formulate project submissions to respond to these needs in collaboration with appropriate
authorities, implementing partners and UNHCR program and technical sectors at all levels.
• Ensure that mechanisms to promote and monitor the performance of UNHCR's partners on water, sanitation
and hygiene promotion activities in the refugee camps/ host community are in place and that there is a
coordinated delivery of WASH services to beneficiaries that meet UNHCR standards of assistance.
• Review on a regular basis the quantity and quality of water and sanitation services offered in the camps and
host community and ensures the maintenance of records of water, sanitation and hygiene promotion
performance indicators for all locations.

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• Put measures in place to ensure that regular and accurate reports that analyse the challenges encountered in
providing water, sanitation and hygiene promotion services for beneficiaries are prepared and circulated and
that periodic reports required by UNHCR at all levels are submitted in a timely manner.
• Make provisions for the installation of WASH services in any new camp or camp extension identified for
the settlement of refugees.
• Supervise and monitor the implementation of water and sanitation projects administered by UNHCR,
directly by the office or indirectly through NGOs partners and facilitate the implementation of appropriate
strategies, with particular attention given to sustainable exploitation of groundwater and mitigating potential
impacts from the existing wells or others systems through various alternative actions.
• Assist in on-the-job development/capacity building of UNHCR colleague’s implementing partners/agencies.
• Provide other duties as required.

2.3 REQUIRED COMPETENCIES, which illustrate behaviours that are essential to achieving deliverables described
above, and that are critical to successful performance. All jobs require the staff to abide to the Values and Core competencies of
UNHCR. Where applicable, select a maximum of six Managerial and three Cross-Functional Competencies. Up to a maximum
of six Functional Competencies can be selected.

Code Managerial Competencies Code Functional Competencies

1. M001 Empowering and Building Trust 1. PG14 Providing Programming Support and Advice
Assessing Beneficiary Needs and
2. M002 Managing Performance 2. PG04
Availability of Resources
Assessing and Developing Partner
3. M003 Judgement and Decision Making 3. PG05
4. M004 Strategic Planning and Vision 4. PG06 Developing Proposals and Budgets
Incorporating Technical Inputs and Special
5. M005 Leadership 5. PG11
Projects in Programme Development
6. M006 Managing Resources 6. TS02 Providing Technical Support & Advice
Code Cross-Functional Competencies
1. X001 Analytical Thinking
2. X002 Innovation and Creativity
3. X003 Technological Awareness
4. X004 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
5. X005 Planning and Organizing
6. X006 Policy Development and Research
7. X007 Political Awareness
8. X008 Stakeholder Management
9. X009 Change Capability and Adaptability


REQUIRED. Define the educational background, the relevant job experience and the language(s) that are essential to
perform the work of the position.

Advanced University Degree in Civil engineering, Public Health engineering, Environmental Studies, Hydrology or
water resources development.
Experience in emergency
Minimum 5 years of previous relevant professional working experience; it will be an added advantage if the person
has previously worked in drilling project
Understanding of GIS
Strong interpersonal skills;
Self-motivated and demonstrate a dynamic ability to work with people of different cultural and national background;
Excellent knowledge of English and French ( written and spoken).

2.5 DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS & COMPETENCIES. Describe any experience or knowledge that
would be an asset, such as: UNHCR Learning Programmes, other training, additional languages, Field/HQs experience, etc.

Computer Literate
Modelling software
Good Communication

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UNHCR aims for workforce diversity. Women are encouraged to apply for positions
How to Apply:

A full curriculum vitae, including nationality and references, should be sent to: UNHCR, Vacancy
Management Unit (quoting ref. 10012350), case postale 2500, 1211 Geneva 2 Dépôt, Switzerland, or
by fax (+41 22) 739 7322, or preferably, by e-mail:

Closing date for receipt of applications: 15 November 2010

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