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All Dolled Up block from

Cute Quilt Patterns
By Kristin Roylance

Requirements: *Scraps of bright, fun fabric…Riley Blake is a great choice! *Assorted small beads *1/3 yard of mini rick rack *1/4 yard of ¾” wide ribbon *Assorted buttons for the flower center, flip flops, belt, and hair *Applique Materials such as Heat ‘n Bond Light 1. 2. Using the applique patterns provided, and your favorite method of applique…prepare the applique shapes. The patterns have already been reversed for using iron on fusible applique materials. Applique the flip flop soles, the bag, and the doll body, in that order, onto the center of your block.


For the skirt, cut one piece measuring 8” x 2 ½”, one piece measuring 4” x 2”, and one piece measuring 2 ½” x 2”, from three assorted fabrics. Press one long side of the piece measuring 8” x 2 ½” under ¼”. Fold over ¼” again, and topstitch in place. Attach a piece of miniature rick rack on top of the stitching. Make a loose gathering stitch ¼” from the edge on the remaining raw long edge, and evenly gather this edge until it measures 4” long. With right sides together, sew the piece just completed onto a 4” side of the next skirt section. Press the seams away from the gathered fabric, and topstitch. Gather the remaining 4” side until it measures approximately 2 1/2'”. With right sides together, sew the edge just gathered onto the 2 ½” side of the remaining section. Press the seam away from the gathered fabric, and topstitch. Gather the remaining 2 ½” edge until it measures approximately 1 ½” long. Topstitch the gathers to secure. Cut the skirt so that it matches the skirt template, and applique both sides and top onto the doll, using a tight zig-zag stitch, leaving the bottom open. Applique the shirt, doll hair, and belt, in that order. Using small beads and clear thread, sew a bracelet, necklace, and flip flop straps onto the doll. Sew some mini rick-rack horizontally along the width of bag. Make the purse flower by cutting ¾” ribbon into 5 pieces measuring 1” long. Fold each piece of ribbon in half, wrong sides together, and sew them together ¼” from the raw edge with a loose running stitch. Pull the ends together tightly, and secure using a knot. Sew this flower onto the right side of the bag, with the rick rack stem centered beneath the flower center. Secure colorful buttons to the flower center, flip flops, hair, and left side of the belt, as desired. Embroider, or trace with permanent marker, the face onto the doll.

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