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My Doll - by Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts

Fabric Requirements: I have included the minimum amount of fabric to make the block, but you will have a little extra to make more. You can always use your stash for this block as well! Background block: 1/3 yard Peach (flesh): 1/4 yard Red (hair): 1/8 yard Blue (shirt): 1/8 yard Dark blue (vest): 1/8 yard Green (shoes): scrap Skirt - 8 different fabrics cut twice each at 9 x 1 inches. Rick rack: 1/4 yard Fusible web: 1/2 yard Stitch in tear: 1/3 yard **Instructions: 1- Sew the 9 x 1 inch strips together for the skirt using a 1/4 inch seam allowance - you should have 16 strips from 8 different fabrics. Press all the seams down and then out. 2- Copy the doll templates to card stock and cut out all the pieces. Trace each template to the paper side of fusible web - I used heat - n - bond. Iron the fusible web doll templates to the wrong side of each fabric. Iron the skirt template on an angle as shown in the picture above - leave enough fabric to cut out a 1 inch strip for the corner strip on the finished block. 3- Cut out each doll template. 4- Cut a 12 1/2 high x 10 1/2 wide rectangle out of the background fabric. Iron the doll (peach) fabric template in the middle of and on top of the background block. Machine applique the template using the same color thread as the doll template. Use a satin stitch - like I did - or use a blanket stitch. 5- Now iron the skirt on top of the doll - then cut out two strips of rick rack for the bottom of the skirt as shown in the picture sew a straight line across the rick rack to hold it down. Now machine applique around the skirt making sure to sew on top of the edge of the rick rack. 6- Now iron the shirt down, then the two sides of the vest and machine applique. 7- Iron the hair down and machine applique. 8- You can leave the face blank or draw a face like mine - just use the picture for reference. 9- Last step - cut out a 1 x 9 inch strip on an angle of the leftover skirt fabric. Pin in place and sew to the top right corner of the block as shown.