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"Anastasia" invites All Art lovers worldwide! "Anastasia" is an enlightening initiative in the

world of Art & Culture & hopes to resurrect & encourage a novel & vivacious spirit from around

the world. This inspirational initiation is the mutual conception of Sanjoy Goswami and

Moitrayee Basu with a vision to reminisce and rejuvenate the genesis of creativity.

This name, also inspired by the beauty of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia,

actually stands for a new "Resurrection" in the world of Art & Culture, as referred from the

following explanation in online Dictionary:

‘Anastasia fem. proper name, from L.L. fem. of Anastasius, from Gk. Anastasios, from anastasis

"resurrection," lit. "a rising up," from ana "up" + istanai "to make stand."’

Contact Details: Mr. Sanjoy Goswami, 59/1 B, Hindusthan Park, Kolkata: 700 029; Voice #

0091-9903895089; 0091-9903784776.

1. Painting Exhibition
Exhibition Promoting Painters from
from Art College & Shantiniketan

Friday, 22nd January 2010 by Renowned Industrialist &

– Inaugurated on Friday,


2. Photography Exhibition – Hands Of Hope Of Sewa Bharat Inaugurated By
“More Than One National Award Recipient,
Recipient, Shiromoni & Tajratna
Honoured Eminent Painter”
Painter” SHRI SUNIL DAS & “Ramon Magsaysay
Award winner
winner renowned writer & social activist”
activist” SMT. MAHASWETA
DEVI on Tuesday, 16th March 2010

The occasion was blessed by the graceful presence of

Famous dance choreographer Smt. Tanusree
Tanusree Shankar, Deputy Head of Mission & Head
UKTI India – British Deputy High Commission Mr. Mustaq Birader, Director of the
American Library Dr.
Dr. Sush
Sushanta Banerjee,
Banerjee, Honorable Justice Pranab Kuma
umar Deb of
Calcutta High Court & Several Other Eminent Guests.

HANDS OF HOPE is a photography exhibition which illustrates the lives of poor women
workers in India, their various forms of labour and livelihood, their struggle, dreams and
hopes for their next generation.

3. Painting Exhibition marking the inauguration of India’s 1st Floating Art

Gallery at Floatel with Anastasia as curator on Friday, 28th May 2010
featuring renowned artists

√ Jogen Chowdhury
√ Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya

√ Lalu Prasad Shaw

√ Kartick Chandra Pyne

√ Samir Aich
√ Subrata Gangopadhyay
√ Chitrabhanu Majumdar
√ Provash Chandra Banerjee



Moitrayee Basu is a self-motivated and qualified professional with enriched corporate experience

of 11 years. Moitrayee has a long and illustrious career in Corporate-Communications, Business

Development, People-networking professional with extensive contacts.

Presently launched the Anastasia Art Gallery and also serving as the Vice-Chairman of the

NGO-Aeonflux – operating from Hindusthan Park, Kolkata, India.

Currently also working as a free-lance project consultant, having ties with high end contacts

from cabinet minister level, government officials, foreign delegates, industrial and corporate

heads, police and intelligence bureau, political leaders.

Registered to several blogs as a professional blogger, e.g.,

and also composed a book available online at


Proven track record in successfully integrating organizations following acquisition, organization

development and establishing Business and Operational infrastructures within project-oriented

site businesses. Played a key role in organizations like Lovelock & Lewes under PWC, Talbot

under Vision Comptech, MSR IT, and is Passionate about re-enforcing the linkage between the

people and the business and have been pivotal in leading projects that have had significant

positive impact on the organisation by building strong relationships with business leaders. In

addition to being a software and marketing professional, also completed five years diploma in

Visual Arts from Birla Academy of Art & Culture. Schooling completed from South Point High
School and graduated in Bachelor of Science with Honors in Zoology from Scottish Church




Sanjoy Goswami is a hard working young entrepreneur who is also ready to work at the end of

the eight-hour day, when everyone else leaves for home and will often continue to work into the

evening, developing new business ideas. He enjoys creating business strategies and thrives on

the process of achieving their goals. Once a goal is achieved, he quickly replace it with a greater

goal and strive to exert whatever influence can over future events and have a compelling need to

do his own thing in his own way. He is self-confident and is always in control of what he is

doing and working alone. He is at his best in the face of adversity, because of his self-

confidence. He has a never-ending sense of urgency to develop their ideas. Inactivity makes him

impatient, tense, and uneasy.

He has completed his Schooling from South Point High School and Graduated from University

of Calcutta in Commerce. Later on he was certified in Oracle 9i.

Sanjoy says what he means and assume that everyone else does too and tend to be too trusting in

his business dealings with other people. He is a natural leader and is usually the first to identify a

problem to be overcome. He occupied various senior positions in his career spanning over 14

years in Multinationals like Lexis Nexis, Oxford University Press etc. He has co-launched

Anastasia Art Gallery with Moitrayee Basu and is also the founder Secretary of the NGO named

Aeonflux. He is also involved in creation and composition of various online projects.



A. Lawrence Haskins was born in Tacoma, Washington on October 14, 1970. His father and

mother, examples of strong and consistent work ethic, sacrificed continually to take care of their

nine children; an undertaking they accomplished with unparalleled success.

It was from this example that Haskins developed the character of perseverance and endurance

that helped him walk successfully through the darkest days of his life.

For as log as he can recall, the creative space has always provided an outlet and escape for

Haskins. He wrote his first short story when he was nine years of age and in one fashion or

another, has been expressing himself with the written word ever since.

Today, Haskins is grateful for every experience he has had during his life’s journey as he realizes

that were it not for these precise combination of events, he would not possess the drive to

approach the literary tapestry with the passion, joy and appreciation he now does.

He also serves as the President & CEO of a web and graphic design firm he founded with his

wife in 2006. However, at his core, A. Lawrence Haskins is a loving son, proud father,

supportive brother and a forever grateful and devoted husband. He is presently at work on his

next novel.

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