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Korff AATIP Memo

On December 16, 2017, the world’s most prestigious newspaper, the New York Times
(NYT), published a shocking story titled “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The
Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. [sic!] Program.” Written by not just one, but three
journalists — Helene Cooper, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean, their expose revealed
the stunning news that the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) inside the
Pentagon’s “C” Ring in Washington DC, was running a secret “Black Budget” funded
operation called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). In
short, its mission was to collect and study reports of encounters and alleged physical
evidence of purported UFOs.

“This was so-called black money,” former Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Senator
Harry Reid, admitted to the NYT. Reid should know, since it is he who decided to
waste millions of dollars in taxpayer money spending it on this loopy escapade. Reid’s
idea to open up this UFO related program, wasn’t even his own. Instead, he boasts that
it was his longtime friend and campaign donor, billionaire developer Robert Bigelow,
who actually approached him with this plan. Reid says that after agreeing to Bigelow’s
idea, he later met in secret “in a secure room in the Capitol” with two of his fellow
Senators, Republican Ted Stephens from Alaska and World War II combat hero and
Medal of Honor recipient, Democrat Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii. “Stevens knows
about it, Inouye knows about it. But that was it, and that’s how we wanted it,” Reid
explained, trying to somehow ‘justify’ why it is that he would then give his donor and
longtime friend, Bigelow, nearly $22 million dollars in taxpayer monies over a period of
five years from 2007–2012 to “study UFOs.”

The question now becomes: What could any private citizen, even a Robert Bigelow,
possibly tell the Pentagon about “aliens” who are supposedly visiting the Earth that the
U.S. government (or at least one or more of its agencies) doesn’t already know? After
all, if “aliens” are indeed buzzing about in our atmosphere in what people popularly
describe as “flying saucers,” surely the Air Force, CIA, NRO, NASA, NSA, Pentagon,
DIA or some other three lettered agency would know all about this, since it would be
pilots and other personnel who would see and report them; sophisticated equipment
such as RADAR, satellites and aircraft would track them. Obviously, no private citizen,
not even one as rich as Bigelow, has such rival resources neither nationally, globally,

in space to compete with the U.S. Government. What Reid did was give one of his
closest friends tens of millions of taxpayer dollars for no logically justifiable reason.

“I’m not embarrassed or ashamed or sorry I got this thing going. I think it’s one of the
good things I did in my congressional service. I’ve done something that no one has
done before,” Reid boasted.

Reid has been interested in UFOs since at least 1989, according to Las Vegas based
Journalist and TV broadcaster, George Knapp, whose conversations with Reid about
them date back nearly 30 years. “If China, Russia, Japan, other countries are doing this
[studying UFO reports] and we’re not, then something is wrong because if the
technology, as described and the way people see this movement [of the object] took
place in anything we have available to us, it would kill everybody. They couldn’t
withstand the G-forces. Something sitting there, whom, down it goes,” Reid told Knapp
in an on camera interview on December 19, 2017.

“Are you glad the story is out?” Knapp asked Reid.

Reid: “I’m very glad, because now we have scientific evidence.”

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid — Democrat, Nevada. Reid wasted some $22 million
U.S. taxpayer dollars by spending “Black Budget” money to “study UFOs” by giving the bulk of
these funds to one of his closest friends and longtime donors, billionaire real estate developer
Robert Bigelow. A longtime “believer” in aliens visiting Earth, Reid is now trying to get more
taxpayer dollars spent on UFO related issues and collecting alleged “alien evidence.”
Predictably, the Democratic National Party isn’t going to hold Reid accountable.

“Scientific Evidence”
According to the NYT expose, “Under Mr. Bigelow’s direction, the company [Bigelow
Aerospace] modified buildings in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other
materials that Mr. [Luis] Elizondo and program contractors said had been recovered
from unidentified aerial phenomena. Researchers also studied people who said they
had experienced physical effects from encounters with the objects and examined them
for any physiological changes. In addition, researchers spoke to military service
members who had reported sightings of strange aircraft.”

Knapp also writes that, “At its peak, the study had 46 scientists working at the Nevada
facility, writing reports and analyzing data that came in from the military. Rapid

response teams were dispatched to the scene of UFO events. Over five years, the project
cost a total of $22 million. It wasn’t a money maker for Bigelow.

“I’m sure the reason it helped is that he [Bigelow] gave the best cost. He was willing to
build the infrastructure and build everything on his own because he liked the topic,”
Reid says.

We are now starting the fourth year since Harry Reid made his ‘UFO disclosure’
remarks to the public. So just exactly where is all of this “scientific evidence” that he
speaks glowingly of so that the public and media can independently examine it? In
reality, it almost certainly doesn’t exist. Who are these alleged “46 scientists,” and what
are their names? Where are their reports? Most importantly, if Reid and his ilk really
“wanted to know about UFOs,” why didn’t they just ask the different relevant
government entities for answers? Obviously, for decades the Pentagon has openly
collected UFO reports from pilots and other military personnel. There is no known
evidence that Reid bothered to do this, taxpayer money need not have been spent. What
Reid did demands investigation and accountability as per laws.

“For nearly the next decade, I ran sensitive aerospace identification program focusing
on unidentified aerial technologies, it was in this position that I learned the phenomena
[aliens visiting Earth] is indeed real,” claims Luis Elizondo, a career Intelligence Officer
who led the Pentagon’s UFO program. Elizondo has since resigned his position, but
claims a successor was appointed. If true, this means that the study of UFO reports via
an official project (taxpayer funded) continues.

The questions now become: Why didn’t the NYT demand to see the “physical
evidence” of these supposed “alien artifacts” purportedly “recovered” from a UFO, and
those “special facilities” that were created to house and study them? How many of
these “46 scientists” did the NYT bother interviewing? Even the influential NYT must
not be allowed to get away with saying words to the effect that aliens are real and
visiting Earth, there’s even special facilities to house artifacts from them, paid for by
U.S. taxpayers using “Black Budget” money — Have a nice day! How could the NYT
and the rest of the media outright miss the most obvious point here, that whatever
“evidence of aliens” either Reid’s group, the Pentagon, any branch of the government,
even the materiel Bigelow supposedly has if it was from the military as Reid claims, this
all belongs to the American people. The same is true for the official autopsy files and
photos of JFK’s autopsy after his assassination. They were paid for by the U.S.
Government, ergo the American people. Where is all of this “UFO evidence” which
rightfully belongs to every American citizen, since their tax money paid for it?

The NYT piece contains several errors, as well as deliberate omissions of relevant data,
facts which point away from the “alien” explanation for some key cases. Here are just a
few of them.

Bigelow did not “win” the tender for AATIP. Instead, after Reid had promised Bigelow
the money, the process of going through the formal motions to submit a bid was then
executed, not only was Bigelow the only “competitive bidder,” the awarding of his
“study contract” was a foregone conclusion, a “done deal” as they say.

Another fact deliberate omitted by the NYT reporters is that the individual who wrote
the “winning bid” was none other than Dr. Harold Puthoff, a man who is a
controversial figure because he is infamous for wasting millions of dollars in taxpayer
money as part of the flawed “research” Stanford Research Institute did in the 1970s on
people like Uri Geller. During that time Puthoff was all hot and bothered over
Scientology’s “e-Meter,” and was pushing Scientology back then. Puthoff is not
considered to be credible by top UFO researchers and has been Bigelow’s “go to” guy
for many years. Puthoff even brokered the sale of Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch, which is
yet another overhyped “paranormal mystery” location that is now owned by
Mormon Brandon Fugal and is being exploited for profit and all the hyperbole it can
muster currently at the History Channel.

Getting back to those “Navy UFOs” the NYT hyped, in the most famous video where a
pilot is chasing a supposedly mysterious object, when one bothers to listen to the
AUDIO of what the pilot is saying, he clearly says that the object he is chasing is a
drone. He says this twice. One would never know this from the NYT, since their “ace
troika” of UFO reporters not only never mention this, the version of this video they put
on their Internet site had no audio track. That was not coincidence. In fact the NYT
“seeded” their hyped Pentagon-Navy UFO story online first, then only ran with it in
print form later. Clearly, they were testing the waters, seeing what reaction they might
get, a reflection of the schizophrenia in the NYT and the wars among its Editors which
have been documented by the media ever since this newspaper admitted it had “blown
it” in its coverage of the 2016 US Presidential election where it declared all but certain,
that Hillary Clinton would win. Instead, she lost, someone named Donald Trump won.

Another problem with this “UFO” video is that the numbers indicate that it was flying
at just a few hundred km an hour. That is consistent with drone speed, naturally. The
speed is clearly indicated on the video, there is no “sudden acceleration” of tens nor
hundreds of “Gs,” it does not exist in these videos. What the NYT has claimed is easily

Then there is still another problem with yet another of these three “Navy UFO” videos.
In a clip provided by the NYT, which of course was filtered through Bigelow connected
people, the purported “sudden acceleration” is really a visual illusion, created by
simply cropping the image and enlarging it! When doing this, the object wrongly
appears to “move fast” when all one did was enlarge it. Anyone can pull this editorial
trick, Hollywood uses it all the time.

Leslie Kean Problems

Leslie Kean is well known in UFO circles as being a hardcore believer. Arguably, her
“will to believe” has led her to not only engage in the will to deceive, she outright
avoids mentioning issues which completely destroy her claims of having “evidence”
worthy of studying. Not only has Leslie Kean endorsed hoaxes, her “explanations” for
doing so are demonstrably loopy.

One infamous case she fell for was a purported “UFO video” from Chile. While Leslie
Kean droned on about how this object was moving around in the sky unlike any known
craft on Earth and that it was captured by several different cameras, in reality the
“UFO” image was caused by an insect which was flying close to a camera lens! You
can’t make this up! Yet neither the Huffington Post nor Kean seemed to care, since they
ran with this story and were easily fooled. This would not be the first time that HuffPo
ran nonsense UFO stories pushed as being credible.

A brief review of Kean’s brazenly unscientific and ignorant remarks about Basic Science
101, are in order here. In her piece for HuffPo she wrote: “Each video included three
different, mainly horizontal loops flown by the UFO within seconds of each other. The
object made elliptical passes either near or around each of three sets of performing jets.
It flew past the Halcones, F5s and F16s at speeds so fast it was not noticed by the pilots
or anyone on the ground below.”

“This extraordinary machine was flying at velocities too high to be man-made.

Scientists have estimated the speed, depending on the size of the object, to be at least
4000 - 6000 mph.”

In reality, NONE of this ever happened. Not only is there no video of this, nor are there
“seven videos,” the one video which Kean did push which was released, was not only
edited and manipulated, it actually shows an insect! No wonder those “pilots” never
reported seeing this “disk” since a single insect is hard to see when flying a jet aircraft.

Just look at how Leslie Kean literally lets her imagination run away with her
supposedly objective reporting. Here’s another embarrassing statement from her
HuffPo piece which even fooled its editors.

Kean claims, “Images show it as a dome-shaped, flat-bottomed object with no visible

means of propulsion. The rounded top reflects the sun and appears metallic; the
bottom is darker and flat, emitting some form of energy which is visible in photo
analysis. Infrared studies show the entire object is radiating heat, just like the jets.”

Her last statement is especially revealing and proves that Leslie Kean is not qualified
to analyze UFO cases properly. The reason is obvious, except to Leslie Kean and
HuffPo: regular standard video cannot dated “infrared” anything. It isn’t sensitive to
the Infrared part of the light spectrum and cannot detect it. This is why infrared film
exists, to capture infrared. It is not possible to “reveal” infrared anything on normal
video. If anyone doubts this, just take your own video camera or smartphone and
try this. It’s like saying one can call the Moon on your iPhone. That’s news to both
scientists and Apple!

This infrared claim has been floating around for decades. UFO believers who are not
objective researchers, as Kean has proven, say things like this all the time. The myth
of “infrared detection” and “heat plumes” was literally invented by Billy Meier UFO
Sex Cult promoters faked such “analytical computer enhancements” when they were
printing books and selling videos promoting the Meier UFO hoax.

It seems that Leslie Kean is in good company, she keeps the company of hoaxers!

In her book listing top UFO cases, Kean includes at least TEN incidents which were
simply objects re-entering Earth. What is also extremely damaging for the NYT is that
Kean co-wrote her “investigative expose” piece with fellow UFO believer Ralph
Blumenthal. He was the second of the three NYT writers. Their HuffPo piece talks
about the UFO flying at speeds of “6,000 mph” when it is not possible to
determine the object’s speed unless one knows the distance it was from the camera or
in relation to different points visible in the background. Since no such data exists, the
figure is not accurate and not based on science.

One would never know reading either HuffPo or listening to Blumenthal and Kean.

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