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Around 6 months, most children can

Turn to a voice

The child needs extra food after illness

If you or anyone in your family sees any
Mother Regular checkup is essential during
of these danger signs, take the pregnant

Feeding, playing and communicating with the children helps them grow and develop well

Around 1 year most children can


What children can do

and woman to the hospital immediately

If the child seems slow, increase feeding, talking and playing. If the child is still slow, take the child to a doctor
Reach out for objects
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th



when held upright

Hold head steady

Say papa/mama

Stand well without



3 - 6 months
Register with the health centre in the

What children can do

first trimester

Talk to & respond to your

child. Get a conversation
objects for your child to

see and to reach for

What you can do
Have large colourful

going with sounds or

Bleeding during pregnancy, Severe Anaemia with or
ANC excessive bleeding during without breathlessness

thumb and finger

Have at least 3 antenatal checkups.

Around 9 months most children can

delivery or after delivery

Pick up with

Sit without support

Sit up from lying position
Blood pressure Have blood pressure checked at each visit.

Track a ribbon bow

Always use iodized salt for the family

Around 3 months, most children can
What children can do
Weight Have weight checked at each visit. Gain at

Begin to make sounds

Family Identification High fever during Convulsions or fits, blurring

Smile in response
least 1kg every month during the last 6 of vision, headaches,
Mother's Name Age months of pregnancy pregnancy or within one
month of delivery vomitting, sudden swelling
Father's Name of feet

Tell the child names of things & people.

Mother's Education: illiterate/primary/middle/high school/graduate T.T.Injection Take two T.T. injections;First dose during the

items to handle and things to

0 - 3 months
2nd trimester, and the second dose one
Birth Record

What you can do

Play games like peek-a-boo.

month later.

Give your child clean safe

Child's Name
Birth T.T.Injection

Provide ways for the child to

Date of birth

make sounds with.

/ / Weight gms

Smile at your child, look into

child's eyes and talk to your

see, hear, feel and move

What you can do
Iron Tablets Take one tablet a day for at least 3 months.
Girl Boy Birth Registration No: Take at least 100 tablets Labour pain for more Bursting of water bag with
Pregnancy Record than 12 hours out labour pains.
Date of the last Menstrual period / /
Expected date of delivery / / Preparation for Home Delivery After Delivery
Do you have problems seeing in the dark: yes / no

Continue breastfeeding during illness

No of pregnancies/ previous live births Use Family Planning
/ Any other problems during pregnancy

*½ katori
Clean hands

‹At 6 months, start with small amounts of

soft mashed cereal, dal, vegetables and
Clean surface &
Last delivery conducted at: Institution Home

‹Understand child's signals for hunger


‹Increase the quantity, frequency and

‹Exclusively breastfeed for 6 months-

Care During Pregnancy

‹Sit with the child and feed the child

Clean blade

‹Breastfeed as many times as the `

Trained person Untrained person

this means do not give any other

thickness of the foods gradually

‹Start breastfeeding immediately
Clean umbilical cord
Institutional Identification

foods, drinks, not even water

Clean thread to tie the cord

6 to 12 months

and respond accordingly

0 to 6 months
SHC / Clinic Emergency
PHC / Town

Hospital address

child wants
after birth
‹ Consume a variety of foods ‹Take at least two hours of

Anganwadi Sub-centre ‹ Consume more food rest during the day

Reg. No. Reg. No.
more often Save money Arrange for transport Identify hospital
Referral ‹ Use only iodised salt in emergency in advance