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Ujala supreme: Ujala is synonymous with the genesis of Jyothy Laboratories Limited and has created history in more ways than one. Ujala - the flagship brand of Jyothy Laboratories Limited marked the beginning of our endeavor to offer innovative and value for money products to the Indian consumer. The product category for a liquid fabric whitener was literally non-existent prior to the advent of Ujala. While the ³HAVE YOU CHANGED OVER TO UJALA´ punch phrase captured the imagination of people throughout the country, Ujala ushered in a revolution, with consumers shifting from powder blue to liquid blue. Positioned on the platform of whiteness and brightness, Ujala is a market leader in its category - the growing market share is a testimony to the brand¶s popularity. Ujala Supreme - used as a post-wash application for brightening white clothes has an instant whitening system that assures uniform and consistent results. Ujala Supreme is available in 9ml, 30ml, 75ml ,125ml and 250 ml bottles.

Ujala washing powder: Ujala Super Washing Powder ± launched with an innovative formula is a reflection of the constant endeavour of the R&D centre at Jyothy Laboratories Limited. Ujala Super Washing Powder, with its advanced cleaning power ensures superior cleaning at a reasonable cost. While its special action penetrates deep into clothes to dislodge stubborn dirt, oil and stains, Ujala Super Washing Powder has pleasant fragrance, leaving clothes fresh and clean. Absolutely soft and safe on hands, Ujala Super Washing Powder is tough on grime and provides superior cleaning at an affordable cost. Ujala Super Washing Powder is available in 25gm, 500gm and 1kg packs.

Stiff and shine: Ujala Stiff & Shine is a shining example of the product development initiatives of the R & D division at Jyothy Laboratories Limited. Positioned uniquely to address the need to keep ensure that clothes retain the crisp feel and a sparkling appeal, Ujala Stiff & Shine is specially formulated to maintain clothes at their crisp and shining best. It is suitable for clothes of all fabric type and colours. A post-wash liquid fabric enhancer, Ujala Stiff & Shine helps provide the stiffness for that crisp look without the white patches and bad odour commonly associated with starch. What¶s more, unlike the inconvenient and messy experience of using starch, Ujala Stiff & Shine is handy and easy to use. Ujala Stiff & Shine gives that special sheen to clothes, making them as good as new - offering premium quality and utmost care for your laundry.

This active compound dissolves the most stubborn and deep-seated dirt and grease in seconds. 100ml and 200ml bottles. Ujala techno bright: Ujala Techno Bright has a unique 3 Power System with Nano Enzymes that penetrates deep into the fibres and cleans out the toughest stains. y y y Active Wheel Lemon & Orange Active Wheel Lemon & Jasmine Active Wheel Gold Key Facts y y y The largest selling detergent brand in India. And leave behind a refreshing fragrance. White clothes become whiter. Used by over 1 in 2 households in India Famous for using Bollywood stars as its Brand Ambassadors. So. BACTERIA OUT! Ujala Techno Bright Detergent comes equipped with anti-bacterial agents that neutralize harmful bacteria and fungi. . your clothes become disinfected and hygienically clean! ODOUR OUT! Ujala Techno Bright has anti-odour agents that keep away bad odour from clothes. and coloured clothes become brighter. So. there is no trace of stains.Ujala Stiff & Shine is available in 20gm sachets. y y y Powders Bars Laundry Soaps The powder is available in three variants with delightful fragrances. Even bacteria and bad odour are Clean Out! STAIN OUT! BACTERIA OUT! ODOUR OUT! STAIN OUT! Ujala Techno Bright has advanced micro-stain-fighting technique with Nano Enzymes. Competitor brands Active Wheel: The brand is available in three formats.

a specialist washing machine powder.clean clothes not only help us form great impressions on the people we meet but also provide us confidence to realize our ambitions. meri saari se safed kaise´ in the 90s to ³Safedi ka Shehanshah´ with Amitabh Bachchan. Sold as Brilhante (Brazil). Key facts y y y The world¶s largest fabric conditioner brand. launched in July 2008 Sold in developing markets in Africa. Rin understands this need and strives to deliver best in class whiteness through continuous innovation and product improvements supported by memorable campaigns like ³Uski saari. It makes the clothes soft. Hence. Dugni Chamak´ as compared to ordinary powders. making it the largest fabric conditioner brand in the world. fragrant and also retains the colour of the garment wash-after-wash. Easy to see why it¶s trusted by millions of women across the globe. (approx. Biwi ghar pe kapde ghise´. thus requiring intervention. is based on the insight that ordinary powders do not deliver under machine wash conditions. Rin powder was launched in 1994 as Rin Power White Rin Matic for washing machines. machine aur Rin Matic ka kaam´. In 2008 Rin has been re launched and now provides ³Dugni Safedi.500 crore) Comfort is the number 1 in 14 of the 23 countries in which it is sold! From our range Comfort Lilly Fresh Comfort Blue Rin Sparkling white . launched in July 2008. . Rin (India) and under other local brand names. Rin introduced the first ever shade in the laundry category. Asia and Latin America. Worldwide sales of over Euro 750 million. Rin Matic.Comfort fabric conditioner Comfort Fabric Conditioner understands this and has addressed this need by formulating a fabric conditioner that not only refreshes the clothes but also makes the wearer feel cared for. Now with Rin Matic consumers can delegate laundry back to machine. 4. Key Facts y y y y y Rin was launched in India as a bar in 1969 with the iconic lightning mnemonic. because ³Chamkti safedi hai. leading to a situation aptly articulated in the tagline ³Machine kare maaze. In 2007. offering proof of whiteness to consumers with the ³Kya Saboot Hai´ campaign with Boman Irani.

given the acute water scarcity in most of India. That¶s why its patrons haveelevated it to the status of the No. It is a significant benefit. Surf Excel has constantly upgraded itself over the years. Today Surf Excel offers outstanding stain removal ability on a wide range of stains. Bengal and Kerala Key Facts y y First Brand of unilever in India No 1 brand in Kerala and West Bengal From Our Range Sunlight 1kg Sunlight sachet Surf Excel A pioneer in the Indian detergent powder market. Key Facts Surf Excel was introduced in 1959 .it reduces water consumption and time taken for rinsing by 50%. to answer the constantly changing washing needs of the Indian homemaker. Surf Excel quick wash is powered with a path-breaking technology.From Our Range Rin Bar Rin Powder Rin Jasmine Powder Rin Matic Sunlight Sunlight keeps your clothes sparkling clean besides keeping the colours bright for long and preventing any colour loss. This means that mothers now have the freedom to let their kids experience life without worrying about stains. 1 brand in the states it is present in.

Using Ariel Front-o-Mat completely eliminates the need to bucket soak and a scrub. acrylics.90 deg C for white cottons. Ariel. This should ideally be used at 25-40 deg C for nylons. which Ariel Front-o-Mat provides.5 kg packs. Ariel Front-O-Mat is available in 1 kg and 1. 40-60 deg C for cotton synthetic blends and 60. The unique tumble wash technology of front-loading machines needs a special chemistry. These temperatures give the best results. polyester. How to use: Use one and a half scoops (scoop provided in the pack) for a normal wash load and two scoops for very dirty clothes.fragrances Superior cleaning in a choice of Two Fragrances Ariel Spring Clean & Ariel Fresh Clean Another Breakthrough Innovation from Ariel for the Indian Family Ever wished that your clothes could smell mesmerizing and fragrant like your perfumes? .From Our Range Surf Excel Quick Wash Detergent Powder Surf Excel Blue Detergent Powder Surf Excel Detergent Bar Surf Excel Gentle Wash Surf Excel Matic Top Load Surf Excel Quick Wash Detergent Powder P&G Ariel Front-o-Mat Ariel Front-o-Mat is introduced in India exclusively for front load washing machines.

It was the first to bring the compact detergent technology in India. and Ariel Fresh Clean with a refreshing fragrance. Ariel contains safe ingredients for normal fabrics and skin under recommended usage conditions for laundry. Introduced in India in 1991. And inspired by the subtle refreshing scent of the jasmine flower. the brand has enjoyed endorsement from celebrities such as actress & social worker Shabana Azmi. Tide Tide is the World s Oldest & Most Trusted Detergent brand and is the Market Leader in 23 Countries around the world. Research conducted by Ariel on the Indian laundry market indicates that fragrance in detergents is an important factor of delight for the home-maker in her daily laundry chore. Ariel is the world s leading detergent and epitomizes stain removal . the proprietary smart eyes technology which helps detect and remove stains better than any other detergent. and now for the first time superior cleaning in a choice of fragrances. 22 for 200gm and Rs. Rs. Ariel Fresh Clean has a fresh fragrance catering to the Indian consumers special fondness for mogra. These Anti-redeposition Agents help keep soils from resettling on clothes after they have been removed during the wash itself. and meets the Company s stringent human and environmental safety standards. due to its anti-redisposition global technology which Tide employs. TV s most popular saas-bahu duo Smriti Iraani and Apara Mehta. Ariel in its choice of two fragrances Spring Clean and Fresh Clean.Procter & Gamble. The two unique fragrances of Ariel now offers Indian consumers an unbeatable combination of superior cleaning and a choice of fragrances with the launch of Ariel Spring Clean and Ariel Fresh Clean. Ariel has continuously led other detergents in product innovation. 99 for 1kg. Begum of Pataudi. with the launch of Ariel in a choice of two exciting fragrances Ariel Spring Clean with a floral fragrance. and lakhs of homemakers in India. Inspired by the roses that bloom in Indian spring time. Tide improves the washing experience through its pleasant "lemon" perfume that lingers on the clothes hours after the washing and leaves clothed bright white and prevents them from . Tide s Fabric Whitening Agents deposit on fabrics during laundering to enhance brightness of light coloured fabrics. Launched in India in mid-2000. the makers of leading international fragrances such as Hugo Boss. Tide provides Outstanding Whiteness on white clothes & excellent cleaning on coloured clothes as well. This is possible. Ariel Spring Clean has a flowery fragrance. 50 for 500gm. 2 for a 20gm sachet. successful actress and homemaker of the Pataudi family Sharmila Tagore. Rs. 145 for 1. is available at all leading general and chemist stores and the price remains unchanged at Rs. Old Spice and Valentino now make your wish come true. Over the years. Lacoste.5kg. Rs. the enzyme technology for superior and safe stainremoving power.

try the New Tide Bar that provides superior whiteness through tough dirt removal. The New Tide Bar is unique as compared to the available detergent bars because of its three unique features: 1) It has green speckles called Whiteons. a P&G proprietary technology to deliver superior whiteness. and is available at Rs. It now combines the goodness of antibacterial neem with oxygen power to give you hygienically clean laundry. which is further enhanced when clothes are being dried under the sun. now not only removes the toughest of stains but also makes your clothes germ free by killing 99. 13 for a 200gm. Tide bar For consumers who craved for Tide s surprising whiteness in the form of a bar. Henkel India Henko Stain Champion Powder No stains. It does not bleach or remove colour from a garment. 2) Its technology also ensures that it lasts longer. touch and smell. Henko Stain Champion Powder. kills germs and cares for your machine . Henko Matic Stain Champion Removes stains. Tide enables the homemaker to spend more time with her family and keeps her family looking their best through clean and 'bright white' clothes. 5 for a 75gm. does not dissolve easily and delivers a good balance between bar-hardness and ease of application on clothes and. bar.9% germs.50 for a 125gm. bar. 1 kg and 2 kg and 20 gm single use sachet. the original stain champion.turning yellow. no germs. 3) It has a lemony & refreshing fragrance that lingers on clothes hours after wash. bar. and Rs. Henko continues to give your laundry cleanliness that you can see. White Stripe Campaign and the recent Bagbhan Commercial have help made Tide a household name. It provides outstanding whiteness on white clothes and provides excellent everyday cleaning for colored clothes too. Rs. 500 gm. as Whiteons release a unique whitening action on reacting with sunlight. Creative Advertising starring Shekhar Suman. 8. It is available in packs of 200 gm.

Exploding the myth that µbetter quality always demands higher price´. As per the ORG-MARG Rural Consumer Panel [December 1998] survey.. This product created a marketing miracle. Due to its unique formulation.The Economic Times. Nirma brand is ranked highest in terms of penetration in washing cakes / bars category [BT Rural Market Watch. 1999]. March 11. Business Today. Henko Stain Champion Bar The only stain champion bar Henko Stain Champion Bar is a detergent bar that even removes tough. 1999]. Nirma Nirma Washing Powder ::. better stability. Owing to its unique environment-friendly. it was a luxury item. Super Nirma Washing Powder ::. AIMS survey ranked Nirma detergent cake as ³The Most widely distributed detergent cake brand´. the consumers became loyal to this brand. As per the ORG-MARG Rural Consumer Panel [December 1998] survey. Deriving inspiration from its success in the Detergent Powder market.. Nirma brand has been ranked as highest in terms of penetration in washing powder category [BT Rural Market Watch.. Nirma introduced a spraydried blue coloured washing powder in the premium segment. Nirma expanded its product portfolio by introducing the ³Nirma detergent cake´ in 1987.. when the detergents were priced so exorbitantly that for most of the Indians. when introduced in the domestic marketplace. 1997]. Here again.. 500g and .Henko Stain Champion Matic is the ultimate detergent for consumers using a washing machine to clean the laundry. This brand had been ranked as the ³Most widely distributed detergent powder brand in India´ as per All India Census of Retail Outlets carried out in 435 urban towns by the AIMS (Asian Information Marketing & Social) Research agency [Brand Equity . this brand has done exceptionally well. Nirma envisioned the vast Fabric Wash market segment and sensed a tremendous potential therein. Available in 25g. in 1996. It contains ³effective foam depressors´ for easy tumbling of laundry and protection for the washing machine. Powered by German technology with 'Oxygen Power'. this product offers benefits like less melting in water. June 22. and therefore lasts longer. This product was priced at almost one third to that of the competitor brands. resulting into instant trial by the consumers. in terms of volumes. Business Today. phosphate-free formulation. dry stains from laundry. helping it to over-take the decades¶ old brands. Nirma Detergent Cake ::. Henko Stain Champion Bar totally removes even deep down tough stains like dried up oil and stubborn dirt on cuffs and collars. Available in 125g and 250g pack sizes. the excellent price-quality equation tempted the consumers to try the product.. In 1969. June 22.

had cornered substantial market share in the premium detergent segment and continues to perform well. Nirma Popular Detergent Cake :: The positioning of Nirma Popular Detergent Cake is similar to that of Nirma Popular Detergent Powder.. within a short span. targeted to first-time detergent cake user segment. Nirma introduced Super Nirma Detergent Cake. This brand. Nirma launched a good quality product at a very affordable price. This product has created a loyal consumer base of its own and has established substantial amount of volumes. The objective is to convert the non-users of detergents into users and also prevent the competitors and local manufacturers to lure away the prospective Nirma consumers by sub-standard products. this product. priced almost 40 % lesser..1000g packs. Super Nirma Detergent Cake was ranked as the fastest Climber for the year 1997-98 in the detergent cake/ bars category. To meet the growing aspirations of consumers and to offer them value-chain product portfolio. To cater to the needs of the specific target audience. Super Nirma Detergent Cake ::. convinced the consumers of competitor brands to switch their loyalty towards Super Nirma detergent cake.. . Available in 125g and 250g pack sizes. thus providing a very attractive µvalue-for-money¶ proposition.. This product is available in 125g and 250g pack sizes. It is available in pack sizes of 500g and 1000g pack sizes. this product out-classed its competitor brands. With a high detergency value. Nirma Popular Detergent Powder ::. in 1992. this product offers quality wash to their consumers. Though. within a short span of two years.

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