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Weekly Report 16 May 2011

Vol: May, 15: Issue 3 Monday A Rex Fuels Management Pvt. Ltd. initiative

News updates on Environment issues:
Major firms and project developers to have a corporate environment Policy
All Major Companies and Projects developers will to asked to have a Corporate environmernt policy..The ministry suggesting a system of self regulation to ensure that projects and companies do not violate environmental law and regulation.Unlike corporate social responsibility environmental responsibility is backed by law. The Govt can take action.All central public sector under taking coal based thermal power plants with generation capacities of 500MW.This will be a requirement for consideration of clearance of projects.

Godrej & Boyce receives energy efficient green award
Godrej & Boyce received two green awards .The first was the gold certification in the existing building category awarded by the U S Green Building Council (USGBC) to Godrej Bhavan.The elegant building opposite the Bombay Gym was chosen from among 23 projects in India which had been registered for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The energy saving,it also improved cash flow and employee satisfaction.This triple bottom line approach is part of the LEED green building philosophy. To achieve LEED certification,Godrej Bhavan met strict requirements regarding sustainable sites,water efficiency,energy and atmosphere,materials and resources,indoor environmental quality and innovation in design.

SC issues contempt notice to gutkha firms for plastic ban
Plastic is banned to the gutkha tobacco, pan masalaand other products.The prohibition had come into force from March 1 2011.Such products are easily available in the markets with packaging date of March 2011 and April 2011.One big group of Dharampal Satyapal whose turnover runs into thousands of crores of rupees which manufactures by big brands like rajnigandha and tulsi had still been packing its products in plastic material even after march

Renewable Energy:
India aims to add 17,000 MW renewable power
India aims to add 17,000 megawatts of renewable energy over five years starting 2012.The country's focus to develop clean energy sources. India's greenhouse gas emissions grew more than half between 1994 and 2007, helped up by a largely coal-reliant power sector that nearly doubled its share in emissions, making the country one of the top five carbon pollutors of the world. The country is one of the world's top producers of wind energy, and generates solar energy as well as power from biomass and biogas, such as capturing methane from animal waste. India will need an investment of 1.5 trillion rupees ($33.6 billion) to add the extra capacity in the 12th FiveYear Plan.The country has currently 20 gigawatt of renewable power generation capacity, constituting 11 percent of installed capacity. India offers cheap loans to companies building alternative energy power plants and provides tax breaks and tariff subsidies to encourage development of the renewables industry.

Green Indians, 315, Midas, Sahar Plaza, J.B. Nagar, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400059 Tel. 022-28322118 Telefax. 022-28226722 E-mail:

• Export power to grid if you have any surplus in your captive generation . • Shut off unnecessary computers. It also called for streamlining marketing and distribution of biodiesel in terms of availability. 022-28226722 E-mail: green@greenindians. • Relocate transformers close to main loads.000 solar power systems every . • Check utility electric meter with your own meter. including the hotel industry using DG sets.B. • Stagger start-up times for equipment with large starting currents to minimize load peaking. • Use standby electric generation equipment for on-peak high load periods. 315. 022-28322118 Telefax. J. printers. • Disconnect primary power to transformers that do not serve any active loads. and copiers at night. Nagar.These Panels generate electricity to meet the power requirement in the corridors of the company.Xing Tong claims to be the first company in china to supply DC solar power systems to telecome operators. taxation and statutory regulations and putting in place a realistic pricing of biodiesel for stationery engines (DG sets. There is an immediate need to eradicate road-blocks and create policies such that this sector becomes self-sustaining and creates the desired future for the country.The company intends sell about 2. agricultural-pumps and telecom towers). • Schedule your operations to maintain a high load factor • Shift loads to off-peak times if possible. • Minimise maximum demand by tripping loads through a demand controller. Andheri (East). • Set transformer taps to optimum settings. India has the potential to become a world leader in the biofuels sector. The Biodiesel Association of India has called for immediate steps to be taken to promote usage of biofuels for Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) by captive power producers.Since the deveploment of solar systems are considered to be expensive the company has come out with zero investement plan. Mumbai – 400059 Tel. Bio-Diesel updates: Association Urges Steps to Promote Biodiesel Usage. Midas. • Consider on-site electric generation or cogeneration. Green Indians. JV offer solar solution to the mobile towers Xing tong has come out with DC solar power systems to power telecome towers in India with an assurance to save energy costs and huge diesel consumption of these towers .The photovoltaic application were no longer stand alone solar panels but could be combination of sun and structure that led to opportunities to convert windows exteriors and other intergrated application into solar panels . not only ensuring employment to the rural population but also creating an alternative and clear form of energy for the masses Conservation Tips: Electricity Distribution System • Optimise the tariff structure with utility supplier.Solar Energy : Even Glass window will now generate a solar power Moser Bear solar has installed a solar application that converts glass window. Sahar Plaza. • Correct power factor to at least 0.90 under rated load conditions.

retrofitting of existing power plants.New Products on Conservation: Industrial Model Solar Water Heater (15. J. 022-28226722 E-mail: green@greenindians. Future growth drivers include smart grids and their key components in which Siemens anticipates orders worth €6 billion. Events/ Seminars/ Exhibitions: Event Date Venue Organizer Website Contact Person : RenewCon Solar India 2011 : 19-20 May-2011 : ITC Maratha Hotel Mumbai : The Energy Business : http:// www. We will increase our advantage over our competitors. Always we can get Hot water anytime without electric power. . Products and solutions from the portfolio enabled Siemens' customers worldwide to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by about 270 milion tonnes. The largest individual reductions in CO2 emissions were achieved by highly efficient combined-cycle power plants. Nagar. This year. 315. Hard water also can be use Substantial Savings in Electricity Fastest Payback Industrial models Available in solar system is from 200 LPD to 50000 LPD Government Rules & Regulations: Lanco gets Environment nod for Maharashtra projects Lanco Infratech. 5. energy-efficient lighting systems and eco-friendly trains. Mumbai – 400059 : Mr.” Cut equals mega-cities' emissions. Every division in Industry Energy and Healthcare sectors contributed to the company's green portfolio. Siemens wants to exceed the €40-billion revenue mark globally with green technologies by 2014. Saiprasad Terde Green Indians. Midas. In .. 3.renewconwind-india. in Wardha taluk and district in Maharashtra. Various measures/ actions taken by Industry: Siemens sees green tech powering revenues past €40 billion.000 LPD) Salient features of Eco-Friendly Solar Water Heater are: 1. Life time of solar water heater is minimum 15 years.320 MW coal-based super critical thermal power projects at village Mandva. The original target of generating revenue of €25 billion in 2011 was reached earlier than planned. 7. the latest generation of high-efficiency transformers was included in the company's green portfolio. 6. Green innovations are our lifeblood. 4. 2.B. No possibility of getting electric shock No Maintenance and operating cost. Its environmental portfolio comprises products and solutions that help cut greenhouse gas emissions or — as environmental technologies — combat air and water pollution. We're the largest supplier of environmental technologies in the world. Sahar Plaza. Andheri (East). wind farms. 022-28322118 Telefax. company’s subsidiary Lanco Vidarbha Thermal Power Ltd has got approval for the project from Ministry of Environment & Forests for setting up 1.

00 2890.58 10635.00 2960.36 5324.49 4723.00 Weekly Weather Forecast : PLACE Mumbai Delhi Bangalore Kolkata Chennai Hyderabad Ahmedabad Kanpur Jaipur Lucknow 16.34 17693.54 4970.05. Midas.04.2011 High Low 31 28 41 31 29 22 34 25 37 28 38 29 41 29 41 29 41 31 41 27 19.00 3200. Mumbai – 400059 Tel.05. Sahar Plaza. 315. Andheri (East).00 14798. Nagar.96 UMCV (MWH) 4846. J.68 4853.2011 High Low 32 28 41 32 31 22 38 27 37 28 38 29 42 29 41 29 39 31 41 27 17.00 3000.96 Total Buy (MWH) 4940.05.15 8056.2011 High Low 31 28 41 31 29 22 36 25 37 28 38 29 42 29 40 31 41 31 41 28 18.05. 022-28226722 E-mail: green@greenindians.22 15131.2011 High Low 33 27 39 26 32 21 35 26 3 28 39 26 41 28 36 28 39 27 37 25 Activity Of The Week: Green Indians Team conducted a Plantation drive at a village in Kalyan Green Indians.Weekly Power Exchange Report: Power Exchange Status Period 9/05/2011 10/05/2011 11/05/2011 12/05/2011 13/05/2011 14/5/2011 Total Sell (MWH) 12919.04.2011 High Low 31 28 41 30 31 21 36 26 37 29 38 28 40 30 41 29 41 31 41 27 20.00 2880.B.2011 High Low 33 27 39 26 32 21 35 26 38 28 39 26 41 28 38 29 39 27 39 26 21.31 5124.57 Weighted Average MCP (INR/MWH) 3000.24 16027.24 11171. 022-28322118 Telefax.78 5150.82 .06 5702.

2011 to 14. J.78 617.90 886.98 629.05.30 862. However we will not be responsible for any errors or omission in this report.38 637.38 623.Weekly Price Trend of Energy Products Furnace Oil ($/MT): 09. he/she is hereby notified that any use.2011 919.50 870. In such case.2011 123. 022-28226722 E-mail: green@greenindians. or copying of this communication or any of its content is strictly prohibited.58 634. Mumbai – 400059 Tel.70 837.70 878. Sahar Plaza.58 620.50 9-M ay 10-M ay 11-M ay 12-M ay 13-M ay Coal ($/MT): 09.05.5. or its suitability for any specific purpose whatsoever whether express or implied.15 120.10 894.19 98.05. If the reader of this report is not the intended recipient.B. Green Indians.05.50 911.39 Crude ($/Bbl): 09.05.2011 640. Nagar.18 10-M ay 11-M ay 12-M ay 13-M ay 14-M ay 103.2011 to 14.10 853.79 9-May 10-May 11-May 12-May 13-May Gas ($/MT): 09.2011 to 14.2011 101. No claim is made about the accuracy or validity of the content on this report. dissemination.90 845.98 615. distribution.05.99 96.75 9-May 10-May 11-May 12-May 13-May ACT NOW to save environment!! Please print on paper only when necessary thus save environment! == DISCLAIMER == The information contained in this report is Confidential and Proprietary information and is intended only for the use of the recipient(s). Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the data on this . Andheri (East).78 631. please advise the sender immediately and delete it from your system.95 119.05.18 626. Midas. 315. 022-28322118 Telefax.30 903.35 122.2011 to 14.

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