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1. ANIIDCO invites proposals from appropriate Architectural

Firms/Consultancy Firms for undertaking Civil Works.

1.1 ANIIDCO is a Government undertaking of A&N Administration

registered as a company under the Companies Act; having a annual
turnover of Rs. 100 Crores.

The major responsibilities assigned to the Corporation are (a) To

undertake infrastructure Development Projects. (b) Sale of various
essential commodities like Milk, Fruits & Vegetables, IMFL, Steel etc. (c)
To act as State Financial Corporation for grant & disbursement of loans
under various schemes (d) Promote Tourism and to operate Megapode Nest
Hotel & other hospitality related units.

2. Name of the civil works to be executed:-

2. 1 Providing Master Plan for Corporate Office, Vikas Bhawan, Port Blair
including construction of an R.C.C. building block, parking facilities,
landscaping, additional floor in the existing RCC building etc.

2.2 Providing Master Plan for Hotel Megapode Nest, Port Blair including
face lifting of the Hotel by improving the existing lobby, reception,
bar and restaurant, landscaping, construction of swimming pool,
construction of new building/cottages, setting up of affluent
treatment plant, water storage facility etc.

2.3 Construction of a budget Hotel at Havelock Island (Approximately 40

KMs away from Port Blair separated by sea).

3. The scope of work :-

3.1 Preparation of conceptual Design, Schematic Drawing and layout

plan and preliminary estimate. All design shall conform to Port Blair
Municipal Council Building Bye-Laws.

3.2 Supplying of pre-final drawings and discussions with the client at

Port Blair for finalizing the drawings.

3.3 Supplying of detailed working drawings (drawings good for

construction), structural drawing, drawing for services, site plans
etc for technical bid and execution for the works mentioned in
Para 2 above.

3.4 Supplying of details of quantities of works and detailed estimate as

per Delhi Schedule of Rates 2002 for preparation of Tender
Documents by the client.

3.5 Visit of architects in stages to assist the client in executing the

project in accordance with the drawing or for any suitable
modification/alteration required during the progress of work.

4. Eligibility Criteria
Only those Firms/Consultants who fulfills the following minimum criteria
are eligible to apply :-

4.1 The firm should have satisfactorily completed at least two similar
nature of work within past five years. Proof of having executed
similar work shall be enclosed.
4.2 The Firm should have minimum three well-qualified and
experienced Architects/Engineers associated with them. They shall
submit proof of qualifications/experience of the persons associated
with the project.
4.3 The minimum average turnover of the firm in last 3 years should be
Rs. 25 lakhs for which audited Annual Balance sheet should be

5. The interested firm shall submit their bids in two covers,

viz. Cover No. 1 – Technical Bid and Cover No. 2 – Price Bid.

The first Cover (Technical Bid) shall contain the following :-

i) Proof of similar work executed during last 2 years.
ii) Details of technical persons involved.

Bids not submitted in two covers as stated above will be summarily


6. Method of Application
6.1 Letters of transmittal is attached at Page No. 07 .
6.2 The application should be type written. The applicants name should
appear on each page of the application.

6.3 Over writing should be avoided. Correction, if any, shall be made

neatly crossing out, initialed, dating and re-writing.

6.4 References, information and certificates from the respective clients

suitably, technical Know-how or capability of the applicant should
be signed by an officer not below the rank of Executive
Engineer/Chief Project Manager or equivalent in case of Private

6.5 The applicant is advised to attach any additional information, which

he thinks necessary in regard to his capabilities to establish that the
applicant is, however, advised not to attach superfluous

6.6 If the application is made by the individual, it shall be signed by the

individual above his full type written name and current address.

6.7 If the application is made by the proprietary firm, it shall be signed

by the proprietor above his full type written name and the full name
of his firm with a current address.

6.8 If the application is made by a firm in partnership, it shall be signed

by all the partners of the firm above their full type written names
and current address or alternatively by a partner holding power of
attorney for the firm in which case a certified copy of the Power of
Attorney shall accompany the application. A certified copy of the
partnership deed and current address of all the partners of the firm
shall also accompany the application.

6.9 If the application is made by a limited company or a corporation, it

shall be signed by a duly authorized person holding Power of
Attorney for signing the applications, in which case a certified copy
of Power of Attorney shall accompany the application. Such limited
company or corporation may be required to furnish satisfactory
evidence of its existence before the qualifications application is filled.

6.10 All the proposals with full details should reach the General Manager,
ANIIDCO, Vikas Bhawan, Port Blair by 3 PM on 6th August, 2007
and it will be opened at 3.30 PM on the same day.

6.11 EMD amounting to Rs. 12,000/- in the form of call deposit from any
scheduled bank issued in favour of the General Manager, ANIIDCO
payable at Port Blair should be enclosed. The tender document
without EMD will be rejected.

7. Final Decision Making Authority

General Manager, ANIIDCO reserves the right to accept or reject any
application and to annul the qualification process and reject all
applications at any time; without thereby incurring any liability to the
affected applicants or specifying the grounds for the employers action.

8. Rate
The rate to be quoted shall include the following items of work :-
8.1 Preparation and supplying of Conceptual Design, Schematic
Drawing and layout plan for Technical Bid/Evaluation, pre-final
drawing, detailed working drawings, abstract of quantities of items
with sub-heads, field survey and revision of drawing due to any
necessary modification/alteration during the progress of work.

8.2 The rate will be exclusive of cost of civil structure, which shall be
constructed by the department based on the drawing submitted by
the firm.

8.3 The rate will also be exclusive of return air fare (from
Chennai/Kolkata) boarding, lodging and local transportation at Port
Blair, for two visits of Architect, which shall be reimbursed
separately as per actual for two persons on award of work upto the
level of submission of detailed estimate and working drawing.

8.4 Payment towards all service charges, tax if any.

8.5 All unforeseen works required to complete the work.

8.6 The rate shall be expressed in terms of percentage of cost of the


8.7 Different rates may be quoted for each of the five works mentioned
in Para 2.

8.8 The cost of work is defined as the cost of civil construction for items
as per DSR 2002 plus cost indices approved by the Chief Engineer,
Andaman Public Works Department. Cost Indices as on today over
DSR 2002 with base as 100 are 114 and 249 for Port Blair and
Havelock respectively. For non DSR 2002 items the prevailing
market rate at Port Blair/Havelock be arrived at for calculating the
total cost.

8.9 The Corporation shall pay Professional Fees of Rs. 2,000/- (two
thousand only) per person per day plus air fare, boarding, lodging
and local transportation for the additional visit of Architect/
Landscaper/ Engineer during implementation stage.



1. Pre-final Drawing with
preliminary estimate 20% 20%

2. Working Drawing with detailed

estimate 70% 90%

3. After completion of the project.

10% 100%

9. Additional Information

9.1 All sites are in Port Blair town except the one in Havelock island.
The Havelock is at a distance of four hrs by boat and there is daily
boats service available.

General Manager


The General Manager

Port Blair.

Sub : Providing consultancy services including Architectural Design, Structural

Design and details of all services for the proposed work – reg.


Having examined the details given for qualifications in Press Notice for the
above work, we hereby submit the relevant documents including cover 1 & cover

1. We hereby certify that all the statements made and information supplied in
the cove 1 are true and correct.

2. We have furnished all information and detailed necessaries for qualifications

and have no further pertinent information to supply.

3. Certify that we have not been black listed or debarred for tendering by any
organization during the last five years.

4. We submit the following certificates in support of having successfully

completed the following works.

Name of Work: Certified from


Seal of Applicant
Date of Submission