A: Good morning B, how are you today? B: Oh, I·m fine, thank you.

A: B, why you look so down today? B: I haven·t finish my English essay that given by sir Abdullah. A: Oh I see, let me help you. What is the title of the essay? B: It is about pollution. A: Let me teach you. B: Sure. A: Recently, many news about air pollution been published on newspaper n on television too. The air around us had been seriously polluted. Many people burn away the refuse in the open air. This make the air been polluted. Moreover, the water of the river had also been polluted too. B: Why? Can give me some example or reason? A: Sure, factories discharged chemical substances into the river. Besides, the smoke that gives out by the factories cause air pollution to happening too. B: Should we think some resolvent? A: The government should carry out some plan to decrease the happening of pollution. Government can also punished or fine the people who pollute the environment. B: Wow! We have done the essay. A: Yeah, next time if we can·t do any essay, we can discuss together too, we will done our essay faster by using this method. B: Thank you, A. A: You·re welcome.

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