Trans is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning "across", "beyond" or "on the opposite side".



Does not care Exists with or without ME

Human Equal

If you can’t SEE IT you can’t Fact IT

Mother Earth

Mother asserts we need her

We Believe
A clear separation of powers
Feet planted firmly on ME heads above POM Power of Mind

Do not forget to flush

Cannot deceive Reality

Sovereign People Ordained Terrestrial Empire Leverage Democratic Rule of Law Testament Fuck with ME and what was once perceived the Devil mere child’s play in life passing before the I’s I before E – Evil no exceptions of C C aka See PIP Prevention is Predictable It is your Ass not mine that will pay the Fee
Beyond the grasp of the Intelligent Mind - the adeptness to grasp to use for self Long before Satan spiked Jesus to a cross their destruction of ME was underway enslaving the many me to do it blaming we Truth never tried will loosen the constipation when the Shits will come to pass with ecstasy the I’s have it Continuation of Shits empowerment awaiting Jesus to finger is to wait for heaven with intermittent semblance of Christmas never ever land erected on quicksand in financial desperation’s after math Do the math prior – Do not feed the Shits – Call it quits – Sure they will have a fit – Gnaw at the bit with true grit SENSE Self Exposing Nincompoopinal Self Eradications


At 68 my reality obnoxiously eroding at accelerated pace due my fortitude and conviction to it

Know I will never see a poem as lovely as a tree nor a brighter life form How about you?

MOM Mind over Matter One can ignore Reality With fortitude and conviction Loyalty, faith and other means of Persistence to ignorance thereof When all is said and done by one Memories Not yours you dumb fuck
You have acquiesced and succumbed to the Ultimate Fuck

Truth Magnificent User friendly brains ESP Equally Special Preciousness DOA Dead or Alive The moral of the never ending story Without coherency does it matter? MOM ME Osmosis set like rigger mortise STP Satanic Truth Prohibition MUM MY SCIENCES


5/4/11 Each Satanic Terrorists to Holier-than-thou Frog Prince Fantasy is a Humanic slice of life Belief White Out Truths ROP: Reverse Osmosis Psychosis – Truth Black Out costs Yank my doodle it’s a dandy
Brawn Knight takes Pawn Long night taken by dawn REALITY dons on Pawn Something seriously wrong

SUN Satanic United Nations

PRICK Political Religious Intellectual Convoluted Karma

Dark Abyss Yoke

Finally seeing the Night of DAY Why fight to do what’s right? Do right … burden lights Truth not the fright It’s the Satanic blight That bites

CNN Communications Neuter Nuts Bottom Feeder Piranha

Who Knew? Truth enlightenment No longer wonder where money went

“He who is sincere hits what is right and apprehends without the exercise of thought”

Dear Lord of the PRICK: You have time to tell us another one before we lay you down to rest 9/11/01 Ten Years later under Satanic Commandment orchestrating their rendition 10 Commandments narrated by CNN
Bush and fellow war criminal Terrorists CIA created al-Qaeda Osama Bin Ladin murdered own people World Trade Center to illegally invade Iraq for the oil to give to their corporations in continuation of holding the Humanic World hostage 180 degrees adverse to the USA constitution and the SUN – Satanic United Nations charter with 10 years nearing we fearing the UN an expensive rendition to nothingness anxiously await CNN to fade Osama bringing on Obama for a new term to finish us off finally bringing peace to the world. Our concern is they already have the might to ignite many flights of 33 times the demolition power of Hiroshima fright that could do us today and insist they cut the crap and get immediately underway as we refuse to pay anymore for a simple SHA – Satanic Humanic Achievement combo. It would be insane to delay considering the accumulating expense. Bush feels it inappropriate to join Obama at the 9/11 site. I am thinking best he and the rest go there making first target


A sane individual who wants a headache does not take an Excedrin for it Masochists and Sadists
North to South Poles Do not go When Satanic Government words by rote polls to vote Murder she wrote Tempting fate for ultimate pleasure grope through the DAY Dark Abyss Yoke

Opting their poison for Thy Kingdom come Satanic Achievement Space they travel to assess where their ancestry … had been there done that … truth analyzed frantically 12/21/12 Rapidly approaches their predetermined ETA of ME well fucked determining timing sucked Concluding ETA like a fine wine should not occur before another inhabitable planet is discovered Shelve their Endeavor until the time is ripe when cancer is uniformly spread on ME and another to adopt in sight Having no doubt they were FAD - Fully Asses Dedicated going about it HA - Half Assed Twits to Wit Must have control of all of ME resources: natural and humanic to simultaneously destroy ME the high moment of LO Lift Off SIC MRI Satanic Imperialists Christians Murdering Raping Invaders PRICK Political Religious Intellectual Convoluted Karma To the inflicted appear as Peace Keepers ZODIAC KAYAK Zoo Omens Dinosaur Intellectually Administered Circus Killing All Yanking Accessible Knowledge PITTED T Perforated Illusions Truths Terminal Eventual Destiny Titanic BO Bottoms Out From the mouths of babes POM – Presence of Minds everywhere from seemingly nowhere Mummy gone to thin air “MOMME … I don’t want to go there” A new page was open and Satanic gone with the wind … due their history became it as sure as we are what we eat


CEASE DESIST Christian Era Ate Self Empathetic Democratic Equalization Smothered Intellectual Satanic Terrestrially RESIST Reality Exponential Sanely Improvised Sanitation Toiletry PRAY Psychotic Rant Accumulative Yodels BEG Benign Equilibrium Garble BAGS Be a Good Shit ELO Everyone Likes One Pronounced

ST Satanic Thespian PHASES Please Have A Seat Exquisite Shit

How many pieces of Shit In Pieces of Ate

“Philip V, by the Grace of God, King of the Spains and the Indies"


“There were no dates in this history, but scrawled this way and that across every page were the words BENEVOLENCE, RIGHTEOUSNESS and MORALITY … finally I began to make out what was written between the line; the whole volume filled a single page: EAT PEOPLE” How many people were eaten up and shit away since the Satanic spiked Jesus to a cross? How many since King Shit USA took the stage? In God We Trust To do absolutely nothing that I suspect ETTU Eminence Through Trusting Us Truth The Lord helps those that help themselves the Satanic know well of success beyond all expectations Forgive them Lord … SELF – Scum Earth’s Life Forms – Self to Self So they do of course prerequisite to the course of Satanic horse a hand in hand recourse

PRICK self serving buffet New World Order underway Pot luck today … need to ask farted against until substantial humanic FIBIB – Fickle Inherent Bias that permits the belief People with no indication POM – Power of Mind FIBIB

Dark or white meat entre Where is the soup kitchen please? akin to three sheets to the wind pieces of ate an enslaved trait of Ignorant Bliss with freedom of belief they are free Sovereign thereof indicative of the overdosed on PRICK and

Satanic Godic Take Gold as Rule gives Golden Rule SSS Satanic Sucker Sandwich

The humanic mind a piece of work that measures its worth in pieces of eight
The Satanic mind measure as pieces of ate all good shits no more enjoyed by the Satanic in Humanic passings

There is a connection to Passover and Passiveness, however magnificent brains and minds a fallacy


Amidst the kaleidoscope the vowels of the bowels AEIOU Aggressive Empty Ideological Opinions Unanimous Pin Ball ricochet inevitable collision course overtones Y Absentia HE Humanic Eccentric Immune to PRICK but not SS Satanic Sword Asks Y of all Truths FFF Forthright Forthwith Forthcoming Always was always will Reality is like that needing only to be observed in natural process TECE PNTR Trial Error Cause Effect Progressive Nature Thought Reason RCR Re-calibration Constant Retrospect To worship God and not protect mother as if one’s life depends on it is irrefutable evidence a mind of exponential knowledge of that provided by the Satanic PRICK is two cents worth towards a plugged wooden nickel with its value dependent on its rarity The preciousness of the Truth in the minds of HE is a target of Satanic interest that will use humanic taxpayers money to bribe it and if necessary the infantry the humanic taxpayer finance to blow the HE away converting the preciousness to that of the value of the hole of the nickel with the circumference wood indicating the worthiness Unfortunately the HE need the hole in the head to be on par with they that know they do not need a hole in the head any more than they need cancer, resulting in the HE greater advanced in mind knowing they are dead with the sense to lay down existing in eternal peace, while the humanic suffer the elongated agony and defeat with sensors to feel the pain, adeptness to fuel the Satanic cancerous furnace and the FIBIB to see them through it. Where’s does all the money go … certainly the Lord works in mysterious ways … but God damn it Lord Give us a hint eh?


Vatican USA United Nations World Bank IMF

SLAM DUNK Should be in the slammer, but by majority vote of Normal MRI - Mental Retards Intellect is legal in Satanic rule But, but but goes the butt heads with seemingly no hole

At 5 prior to the first day of SSS know what to do Upon graduation of SSS flogged by the PRICK Not a pot to piss in gets by smoking it
Often meeting at the water hole to put their minds to it

A meeting of the MRI minds Who ya gonna vote for? Ha Ha Ha All hell breaks loose Each their own preference as to a party that will decently ransack them Burn the Quran … Torch the Pope … no soap I subscribe to a higher dope Where’s the rope … mope and grope … with FIBIB manage to cope 8

Creatures of habits of up bringing puke and undertakings of violence Satanic underground and Godic shit MOI Multitudes Of Idiosyncrasies HYPPO Hypnosis Yoke Prognosis Psychosis Oppulentia Pin Ball Ricochet Inevitable Collision Course Natural insanity in Rule of Law enforcement absentia enhanced by Satanic PRICK An erect your own weapon of intercourse able to swing like a pendulum as the world spins time the grandfather clock in a semblance of harmonious rhythm three mice run out the clock V for Vatican so many Victories Jesus most prized

The clock strikes I … the Pope I hope … but no soap yet The clock strikes II – USA Bush and illegal Iraq war executive The clock strikes III – World War that is The bastards bankrupt the Humanic world with starvation on the menu will first nibble at each other But then why quibble over nothing when the Satan bastards got it all

With forked intercourse tongue tell us to tighten up personal budgets as they will need plenty for armaments and armed forces to finish us off


The majority of the armed forces are humanic As Reality is the Truth impervious to perception yet precisely due to perception in Reality surround Any day now Humanic lights will be switched on Satanic lights switched off Signaling ASP Abrogated Satanic Perpetuity In Truth HE ROW Human Equality Sovereign People Ordained Terrestrial Empire Leverage Rule Of Law Testament Absolutely nobody on ME is above me an I HE … whosoever harms me may take it up with whomever they believe is their creator with knowing who your deliverer is a matter of choice but transition irreversible An immediate pardon of passed Satanic doings, cooperation and support is a viable undertaking with no recourse for all will be hunted down and appropriately dealt with. Money a foolish thing to use against or attempt to hide behind as a neon light drawing blood sucker gnats Greater than bats about the size of me I HE

Mother Earth

1 ME 1 People (About 7 billion me I HE) 1 Spirit 1 Force 1 Law 1 Sense All relative all HE brother and sisters of 1 ME


Satanic divide to conquer Humanic unite to eradicate Satanic need slaves Humanic need Satanic like a hole in the head Like a hole in the head in nothingness Reality surround is where they will be last seen An adult that needs to be spoon fed humanic realities wears an invisible BIB Babbling Innocent Bullshittery Satanic or Mr – Mental retard when not legally certifiable Humanic is to Satanic as Day is to night Unmistakable with no where to hide White flag repent and keep nose clean or be picked and totally wiped

NHL Natural Humanic Law
To be Humanic is to know a fellow Humanic All the same necessities and vulnerabilities know what is and what is not receptive 1 ME 1 Many HE 1 Spirit 1 Force 1 Law 1 Sense All in One or None S ESS Epitome Simplicity Sanity BCS CCC Benchmark Common Sense Catalyst Consistency Continuity TCUP True Constant Unalterable Perpetuity aka Tranquility Correlative Universal Prerogative FIXED Not Debatable Confucius 551 BC – 479 BC “Do not impose on others what you would not wish for yourself” “Recompense injury with Justice and recompense kindness with kindness” “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” With sane PG – Parental Guidance appropriate attention to due punishment by 5 prior to the first day of SSS – Satanic Sucker School know what it is to be fully human and what is a BBBB Bully Brat Bias Beast aka Satanic with sword back and up front PRICK The obvious remedy it to take away their toys leaving them with Dick

11 2009 2011-Just-May-Go-Down-in-History
The straw that broke the camels back could have been used for a tickle in appropriate place and when no significance observed converted to a whip and when no significance observed converted to a …. Perhaps most significant to mention is the significance of Reality and the many associates The weight of a HE ain’t heavy to a fellow HE that is inherently my brother or sister. A Satanic weight bestowed upon a HE brings out the Beast in HE and rightly so being a natural of undue burden The Satanic BBBB is a natural too precisely why the NHL and the prerequisite to initiate at early stage at first sign nipping the menacing cancer in the bud when most efficiently and effectively dealt with The insignificant straw that broke the camel’s back a significance of humongous proportions far above and beyond the surface observation demanding an all out investigative inquiry to the accumulated underlying factors to the depths of appropriate punishment due to each and everyone who placed a straw or refused to remove that which was made obvious The Satanic are notorious for using humanic as beasts of burden documented throughout history To say history was then and this is now when a HE comes forth with reasonable evidence the Satanic remain uncontested, such words of insignificance magnify the significance of humongous proportions highlighting the obviousness that we observed at 5 prior to the first day of SSS when a BBBB reared its ugly head the teacher noticed as well as we taking appropriate action rather than that was then and this is now Either then or now the BBBB identifies itself in innumerable ways though a package of many evils adverse to many kindnesses each as identifiable now as then when NHL is the Benchmark and in matters of humanic reality why wouldn’t it be? Simply ask a lawyer, a priest or a politician that have yet to assemble the picture of what it is to be fully human At 5 prior to the first day of SSS a humanic knows without the exercise of thought When the Satanic think smell of fires burning into the late hours permeate the air, chainsaws cannot slaughter trees fast enough to feed their mills where sliced paper thin as that of humanic quality of life by a preponderance of words spoken and penned flippant of stuff from the PRICK honed to perfection by the underground authors safe from the fires of hell preamble orchestrating history with outcomes this way or that plans a-z with exponential infinitives with instigators such as CIA al-Qaeda funded by the humanic simply being spoiled BBBB that vie for the spoils of war as their insatiable lusts cannot be stopped by the wag of a tongue, the wave of a pen or spiking down by the tail for they are a slippery lot consistent with SS – Satanic Serpents in semblance of Pythons on the circumference of ME that would appear they have a crush on with love of humanity not of the heart, but solid gold or liquid oil as their love crushes and smothers us along with mother leaving a thin slimy cancerous film that they of course have the antidote as well as they have the anecdote to bury all Truths and many antidotes to eradicate the source with bribery a favorite no skin off Satanic asses as innumerable straws are drawn and carefully distributed, placed on humanic backs so as not to break HEE - Humanic Equality Equilibrium ensure none go ballistic surfacing the obvious SPECULATION Satanic Pilferage Enhancement Clause Unnoticed Legal Apprehension Terminal Inevitable Oppulence Neutered Assuredly a drastic Satanic situation, a slap on the wrist, no longer permitted to legally slip and slide with the insiders needing to distance SELF – Scum Earth’s Life Forms from them dumb enough to get caught.


Such as Strauss Con Kahn caught with his pants down being a PRICK thing CNN will run with, not his major role in bankrupting the Humanic world Of course a rather serious Satanic issue as their stolen coffers will not last forever to nourish the luxurious life style they crave and must get their Humanic slaves back to work to pay off the Satanic’s debts they saddle them with referenced earlier as a mere straw. If the Humanic with FIBIB can believe anything thinking they are attending to self bias should they have retained a semblance to coherency the dumb bastards need only believe in the amassing HE for FS – Fuck Sakes Fair Share Should my choice of words be received as offensive I will make every effort to avoid the word “dumb” when referring to the Stupid Fucks No reason for anyone to take anything personally. Unless of course something personally irritates eh? So we have Swartz in the news with all news good in recognition advertisement But what if the humanic became aware of his part in the PR FE Poor Richard Fine Example Fuck us all connotations, the big, the short and the tall with gay implications that would not bode well of a manly Idol Unless of course gay naturally nothing wrong with that I should mention I use the derogatory sense of the word fuck in connotations Here we have two birds in hand PRICK specialists, poor Richard a Los Angeles county Prosecuting Attorney that makes him guilty as a hell by SAP- Satanic Associated Professional So Richard decides to go for the Gold ring at late age to enhance his retirement expecting a stalemate when he brought 350 judges before the courts bribed by LA county to find for them in continuity It is the way of Bottom Feeder Piranha like Wikileaks that settle in backroom deals paid off by the Humanic taxpayer that persists to eat away at Humanic quality of life and a good time was had by all of the Satanic Race The Humanic Race on an up the down treadmill of Satanic nuances of the Deflation Inflation Hot Air Balloon Orchestrated and choreographed underground delivered by CNN akin with prominent guests chosen for their PRICK adeptness silken forked tongue Swartz California Governor at the time with retroactive cleansing abilities took pen in hand placing a few strokes of the pen legitimized the judges and county maintaining “Learned and Honorables” prerequisite perspective It has often crisscrossed my mind this way and that and the other with the powers of Jesus and or God, the power of Swartz and others akin, why not just PEE


Poof Evil Eradicated

I know I know Not fair to link Jesus and or God with Swartz Is it fair that Swartz has more power than Jesus and or God? Would it be reasonable to presume Jesus will return after more than 2000 years? Perhaps we could get CNN to open the topic In troubled times no more of a wet your pants tears and laughter agitator than good old PR I Political Religion Intellect From non-professional PRICK amateurs that get their stuff from pro cons I strongly suspect none of the amateurs have ventured the higher plains motor mouthing with personal experience eh? If such an occurrence could be initiated I suspect fear of God would wane if any advancing to the lesser, replaced with a nightmarish fear that would beg the question

“Pray tell what in hell is in the earthlings water”
From the mouths of babbling brooks comes whispers “We are human … we are ME’s most intelligent Life Forms” From the chandelier I hang this way and that with finger in socket for the power that may permit me to say with positive results God help me, ME and brother Zeke and sister Petunia and ….

And most of all God … What in the hell were you thinking?
Oh Without the exercise of thought I See I will pass that on to the blind and the visually impaired Trans is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning "across", "beyond" or "on the opposite side" .Transcendental 1. Not experienced but knowable Philosophy independent of human experience of phenomena but within the range of knowledge 2. Mystical Relating to mystical or supernatural experience and therefore beyond the material world Perhaps Swartz could stroke noun and insert verb and then we could Trans venturing the supernatural land of Truth providing a realistic approach to common sanity abandoning the noisy inane KNOCK Kaleidoscopic Nincompoopidinals Ordained Cardinal Knowledge Swartz thwarts Richard that would have been Fine for us US taxpayer fined for Richard’s Fine pay-off … Satanic Richer for it “No more crap” raps the Humanic starving to me “ Just tell us where our money is please”


“Well let me see” says me “Is it bigger than a bread box?” “A needle in a ton of a straw … look near the last straw first hay?


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