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The Advantages Of An Electric Bike
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Pedal for Electricity www.econvergence.net/electro.htm The Pedal-A-Watt generator allows you to pedal and create electricity Motorcycle Riding Gear www.GQindia.com/Latest-Biker-Gear Learn about Coolest Biker Gear - Helmets,Gloves,Boots. Trendy & Safe Ford Fiesta - Test Drive India.Ford.com/Fiesta-Limited Save upto Rs.35000 w/ Loyality Bonus, Free Insurance & More. Hurry Rent-Cycle Japan Nagoya www.jtb.co.jp Welcome to Raku-Chin Ketta ! For site seeing Japan Nagoya. Have you ever thought about a way of getting around that is economical & leaves funds in your pocket? Electric bikes are ideal to get you from A-B without hassle of congestion charges & traffic. They have lots of advantages which will benefit yourself & the environment. 1. Hill Climbing - Lots of people find the strain of hills hard to overcome however an electric bicycle can help you through this. A nice electric bicycle helps flatten hills & increase your average speed. They can help you eliminate the "groan" factor when a sizable hill comes in to view. Electric bikes help give you that extra hard work up hills & you can expect to climb hills of 10% & clear a maximum gradient of 14%. When going for a bicycle ride it helps give you that extra push or save energy. 2. Fitness - Riding a bicycle is a great way to get fit & is fun! Lots of people own a bicycle however refuse to use it because of the hard work. In a survey, 81% of people with an electric bicycle use it at least four time a week. Compared to the 46% of push bikes . It is proven people use their electric bicycle over their push bicycle therefore its beneficial for your health as you are more likely to use it. Riding a bicycle is a lot more enjoyable in hilly country in to strong winds & an electric bicycle is ideal for this. The motor provides up to half the hard work, but more regular use means more exercise for the rider. 3. Walking Costs - Purchasing an electric bicycle is a bit more expensive than a regular push bicycle however the long term benefits are sizable. When comparing an electric bicycle to the cost of a moped or cat then there is a sizable difference. Cars can cost between 50 - 80 pence per mile & an electric bicycle can save you a sizable amount of funds.

4. Sweat - If you are riding a bicycle to work the last thing you require to do is to be all sweaty. Electric bikes can take away that added hard work making the sweat go away! Not all employers have showers & other jogging facilities or have the purpose to do so. Electric bikes help eliminate this problem. 5. Safety - It is proven that electric bikes are safer than standard push bikes. This seems unlikely at first however think of a steep & busy road with cars climbing at 30 mph. On a push bicycle it would take about 6mph but you can double this with an electric bicycle. You will see 33% less fewer cars & they will pass you at 18mph than 24mph. The same principal applies where there's road junctions you can accelerate faster away from danger. 6. Tidy & green - Only a small amount of energy is consumed with an electric bicycle than a moped, motorbike or automobile. The only energy being consumed is electricity which is much cheaper than petrol or diesel. There are no other commercial vehicles which can match the figures of an electric bicycle. A 100 watt electric light bulb burning for an evening is energy to propel an electrically assisted bicycle for 20-40 miles. 7. Travel fast - In theory a automobile can travel at a higher speed than an electric bicycle however speed can fall to below 10mph in cities. Congestion is a sizable problem in cities & an electric bicycle can help you dramatically. They can take advantage of cycle facilities where no other automobile or motorbike can go. By taking advantage of the uncongested cycle network electric bikes are the most consistent mode of travel. 8. No Hassle - When you have an automobile the MOT is due, logbook missing, insurance costs rising. Why bother when you can have an electric bicycle. They are treated like ordinary bicycles for legislative purposes. There's is no registration or legislation to worry about.

Execute your day-to-day errands faster: In modern times it is not uncommon to spend three quarters of an hour for a menial task like withdrawing cash from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) with all the traffic around and the lack of parking space. Under normal conditions, the task should not take more than 10 minutes. In peak hours, the light weight and highly maneuverable Rahee, can cut through congested traffic like a hot knife through butter. Save valuable time by executing your basic errands using Rahee. You can always savor the pleasure of using your car for longer trips or your leisure trips.


Cost Effective Option: Rahee is the best option when you are serious about not wasting your hard earned money on fuel and maintenance costs. A full charge can take you upto 40 Km and consumes just 1.5 units of electric power. The E-bike is virtually maintenance free.

The Bike itself cost as much as the insurance and registration fee required for a car.

The Feel Good Factor: Rahee is like an electrically driven Bicycle. Fell the ecstasy of a bicycle ride while riding Rahee ± Simple and stress free. The environment friendly bike: The electric bike runs on electricity. It does not burn any fuel and thus produces no harmful emissions like Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). So it does not add to the immense pollution produced by millions of petrol or diesel driven cars or bikes. It also reduces the never ending demand on the limited natural resources of the planet. With global warming already pretty much on the cards, Rahee can help you fulfill your duty as a responsible citizen Ride the Rahee and help save the environment.



Ease of use ± No RTO registration or License required: Rahee is the best option for all the wannabe bike riding teenagers who till now were having to make do with the traditional Bicycle. It is their ³Dream come true´ bike. The light weight vehicle is also ideal for all the ladies in the house. As for the adults, the advantage comes across as ³Just buy the vehicle & start riding.´ Attractive gift: Parents can now bring a world of happiness for their kids who keep demanding for bicycles or motor bikes. The moderate power of the vehicle makes it safe for teenagers. The attractive design at low cost will please their desires.


Greater distance for the same effort This is the main advantage. A quality electric bike effectively flattens hills, increasing your average speed and eliminating the stress factor when a hill aproaches. So long as you supply a reasonable amount of effort, you can expect to climb hills of up to 14% on an Urban Mover electric bike with ease and more. 2. Safety Pulling away from a busy intersection in heavy traffic on a normal bike can be extremely daunting. But with the extra assistance that you get from an Urban Mover electric bike, you can zoom ahead with little effort and increased safety by keeping up with the average car speed in a busy urban environment. 3. Fitness Of course a conventional bike will generally keep you much fitter, but that of course depends on how much ± if at all ± it is used. Research form the Transport Research Laboratory in the UK (Davis and Hartley 1998) has shown that 46% of conventional bikes are only used twice a week, with a further 30% of bikes used for only once a fortnight or less. However, a report from Leeds University (Neil Guthrie 2001) reveals that in a survey of electric bike owners ± a third of

respondents used their bikes typically at least once a day and 81% used their electric bikes at least once a week. Therefore an electric bike typically gets used at least twice as often as a conventional bicycle. Moreover, riding an electric bicycle is more enjoyable in mountainous terrain and in windy conditions and users tend to make better use of them because the motor can provide half the normal effort of cycling taking the sting out of long runs. Therefore more regular use equals the same amount of physical effort required for a conventional bike due to more regular 4. A to B - No Sweat! Persperation may not be a serious issue when you're out for a leisurely ride, but it's more important if you're cycling to work. Although some businesses are providing showers and other facilities for cyclists under duress, the great majority have little intention of doing so. An Urban Mover electric bike eliminates the problem at source. In hot weather, it's possible to maintain a steady ride as if cycling a convetional bicycle on level ground, by letting the electric power stystem take the strain. If you feel in need of exercise or in colder weather - our bikes are so light that you can just pedal without battery assistance. 5. Clean & Green The amount of energy used by one of our bikes is very small compared to a petrol motorcycle or car. Aside from the obvious need for electricity to charge the battery, the only consumables are the batteries, and these can all be recycled when they come to the end of their life. As for energy use, electric bikes typically consume fuel at an average rate of 100 to 150 watts of electrical energy, against 15,000 or more for a car (albeit travelling much faster). Regarding fuel consumption, an Urban Mover electric bike achieves about 1000mpg. There is no other commercially available vehicle that can match this all round performance. 6. Sustainable There's a lot of hype surrounding sustainability in transport, but an Urban Mover electric bicycle can be made wholly sustainableif you generate your own power with a wind generator or solar panels or buy your electricity from a 'green' supplier. Of course a normal bicycle already does that, but only if you grow the food you consume whilst riding it. However, most modern food production and distribution is so carbon-intensive that the consumption of a typical cyclist is not terribly good. 7. Speedier travel The average speed in most urban city environments averages about 8mph. Congestion is the main problem. An electric bike can maintain a higher average speed than a traditional bicycle whilst taking advantage of the same network of cycle facilities (that a motorcycle can't do),

gaining access to routes that cars and motorcycles cannot reach. The result is usually a faster door-to-door journey time than any other mode and by taking advantage of the uncongested cycle network - eliminating hills and headwinds - electric bikes are normally the most consistent mode of travel. 8. Great residuals Electric bikes are in the evolving new technology sector at the moment, but all the evidence points to a much better resale value (residual) than say a conventional bike. Although a quality electric bike generally costs more to buy, at £700-£1,200, you should get most of that back if you sell the electric bike on. 9. Powered motoring - without the hassle No MOT, no log book, no Tax disc, no congestion charges, no parking charges (normally) no compulsory insurance (although we strongly recommend it) and no rising carbon fuel costs. Urban Mover Electric bikes are classed as a normal bike by law (although power assisted) therefore there's absolutely no registration or paperwork to worry about. Long term cost savings Electricity to power an electric bike costs roughly 4% of the fuel costs for a car. maintenance and repair costs are also much less. So every mile you ride saves money. If you combine an Urban Mover with public transport, you can go almost anywhere.

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Electric scooters and bicycles are the first affordable electric vehicles. They are immensely practical. In addition to helping ease traffic congestion, riding an electric bike enables you to glide past traffic jams with the greatest of ease. Fast4ward to the future

Drive Trains and Motors

As you might expect, Urban Mover drive trains and motors are highly specified state of the art integrated brushless hub motors on all the e-bikes and belt or chain driven high torque motors on the lifestyle range of products. Our new Fast ForwardΠrange of retrofit propulsion systems will be showcased in the first quarter of 2011.

All drive trains, batteries and motors require minimal maintenance, but every vehicle needs maintaining from time to time and your local Urban Mover dealer can expertly carry this out at regular intervals according to individual use.

Our lifestyle and e-bike road range of products all use deep discharge battery packs, that are specially designed for high current drain applications. All of the e-bike range and the UM70 have detachable batteries for ease of charging. One of the decisions you make when you buy an electric bike or electric powered motorcycle is what kind of battery you should opt for. Different kinds of batteries have different performance characteristics and costs to own and operate. How far can an electric bike go on one charge? Similar to conventionally fuelled cars, EV range depends on a lot of factors: model, weather, terrain and road conditions, and driving style. The range in Urban Mover¶s electric bikes can vary from 20 ± 60 km from each charge dependant on the model. Do I have to worry about a battery 'memory' loss? No. The "memory loss" that you've noticed with batteries for some consumer electronics (laptops, cellular phones, etc.) is usually associated with nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries. Electric bike batteries don't have this problem, whether they're lead-acid, nickel-metal-hydride, or lithium-based. You can recharge an EV whenever you want, for however long you want, and it generally won't affect the batteries storage capacity - no matter what charge level they're at when you start. Urban MoverŒ - Battery Comparison Chart

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