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Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates

International Inc.
The Global Network of Young Leaders in Healthcare Advocating for the Millennium Development Goals

We, the young nurses and members of the Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders &
Advocates International Inc. fully support the immediate passage of the Reproductive
Health Bill in the Philippines and to have a comprehensive reproductive health program in
the country.
The Philippines showed a slow decline in maternal mortality ratio and thus is
unlikely to meet the Millennium Development Goal Five which is set to be achieved by
2015. In the country, the population is booming more or less 90 million that has galloped
from around 60 million 17 years ago making the country in the 12 th-13th most populous
country in the world. The Filipino women’s fertility rate of 3.05% is at the upper bracket of
206 countries and with more than four babies born every minute, the country’s population
is expected to be enormously around 160 million in 2038. With this at hand, the target of
universal access to reproductive health by 2015 is unlikely to be achieved.
We the nurses, guided by the Philippine Nursing Act (R.A. 9173), stand in support of
the RH Bill as our scope of practice dictates to render individually and collaboratively
nursing services to individuals, families and communities in any healthcare setting which
includes but not limited to care during conception, labor, delivery to childhood, adulthood
and old age – across the entire life span. We are also guided by our scope of practice to
provide health education to individuals, families and communities regarding their health,
which would include their reproductive health.
Guided by our scope of practice and our mandate to educate clients be it individuals,
families and communities on their health, we hereby support the timely passage of the RH
Bill and to have a comprehensive RH Program in the country as it is deemed needed by the
Filipino people. We also support its call to have appropriate population development goals
that include helping couples and parents achieve their desired fertility size in the context of
responsible parenthood; improve reproductive health of individuals and contribute to
decreased maternal mortality rate, infant mortality & early child mortality; reduce
incidence of teenage pregnancy and other reproductive health problem; and contribute to
policies that will assist government to achieve a favorable balance between population and
distribution, economic activities and the environment. We also hereby uphold the signed
support of the Philippine Government during the International Conference on Population &
Development (ICPD) that supports and ensures: (1) responsible parenthood, (2) informed
choice, (3) birth spacing, and (4) respect for life.
Following our solid and full support to the implementation and legislation of the
Reproductive Health Bill and having a comprehensive reproductive health program in the
country, we vouch to continue advocating the importance of this bill to our colleagues and
to enjoin them in this campaign for the betterment of our patients, clients and all the
people we serve and care; promote training of more nurses specializing in reproductive
health education, training and support; educate our patients, clients and those directly and
indirectly under our care about their reproductive health and to provide them options and
informed choices to reproductive health services; and to be an active partner in ensuring
that all provisions in the Reproductive Health Bill be properly implemented and guarded.
Today, we seal this statement with our signatures as proof of our support and
pledge to commit in advocating reproductive health in the country.
Signed this October 15, 2010, in Manila City, Philippines.

(sgd.)Alvin Cloyd H. Dakis, CCM, BScN, RN, MSN(c)

Chairman of the Board
National President

(sgd.)Reigner Jireh D. Antiquera, BScN, RN, CCRN (sgd.)Norman D. Solamo, BScN, RN

Vice Chairman of the Board Corporate Secretary of the Board
Chairman, League of Governors Executive Vice President
Zonal Governor, NCR Zone I

(sgd.)Loribelle M. Cristobal, BScN, RN, MT (sgd.)Czarina Dominique T. Lucila, BScN, RN

Treasurer-in-Trust of the Board Trustee-at-Large
Department Secretary, Budget Management Zonal Governor, NCR Zone II
And Finance

(sgd.)Jonathan D. Monis, BScN, RN, MSPH(c)

Zonal Governor, NCR Zone IV

(sgd.)Maria Kimberly Tan

Secretary-General of the Alliance
Ex-Officio Officer of the Executive Cabinet

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