Winston Brown - Level 3 Tech

Sylvia Hatchell - Quick Break Concepts/Thoughts: • “More games are won during practice then during the game” • “you prepare for war during times of peace” • “You work on your roof when the sun is shining” Carolina Basketball • Fast Break Points • Second Chance Points • Points off turnovers “Fastbreaking is a mentality” Primary Break Situation “Teach your players to read the situation” 3 on 2 --> 2 on 1 3 on 2 situation • Only people who can stay behind the 3pt line are 3pt shooters. • On the first pass, weʼre looking for: • Jumpshot (off the glass). • Touch pass for the layup. 3rd thing we look for is the shot fake: • If the defense raises (at all) drive baseline (force the help). • If he does not react, he kicks back to the point guard, who is ball side behind the 3pt. 2 on 1 - situation • Lead person should always have the ball. • Make the defender pick you up. • Easier passing angle to the trailer.

NCCP Level 3 Technical - Sylvia Hatchell - Quick Break - 1

Fast Break Everything starts with a good outlet. • Get the outlet beyond the free throw line extended (closer to center). On the outlet: • 2 and 3 fill the wings • 5 fills the block • 4 trails * The goal is to get the ball inside as quickly as possible. * In the first 8 - 10 seconds we want to get fouled or get a good shot.

First Read - Defense on the high side. • 2 drives hard baseline (no real help). • 5 slides up the lane, forcing the post defender to decide. • 4 dives to the weak side of the hoop. • 1 circles in behind.

Second Read - Defense Fronting • 5 seals their defender and calls for the skip. • 2 skips the ball to the filling 4, who immediately (a) passes to 5 or (b) drives the open lane.

NCCP Level 3 Technical - Sylvia Hatchell - Quick Break - 2

Third Read - Defense denying the pass back to the point guard. • 2 drives the lane to the junction area. • 4 dives to the weak side of the hoop. • 5 clears to short corner area. • 1 circles in behind.

Point Guard - Free throw line Point needs to attack and “create as much havoc as possible.” Decision making: “If you can pass it to an open teammate before you get to half court, then weʼre fast breaking.” Entry Pass - “Whichever side you want to take the ball to, take (at least) two dribbles the other way” • On the cross, the defense will (usually) drop step, which opens up the passing lane.

Quick Offense: Rules: (Post follows first pass) 1. Guard to guard pass (spots), we downscreen. • There are four options off the down screen: Pop, curl, backcut, re-screen flare. 2. Guard to wing pass - cut and fill.

NCCP Level 3 Technical - Sylvia Hatchell - Quick Break - 3

Hatchellʼs favorite movement: Guard to guard pass, followed by guard to wing pass. * If you go away from your premier player, youʼre screening away for her, as well as clearing out for her.

Slice Run if the defense is challenging the headman pass. • Changes strong side to weak side, which forces the defense to change things out. • Driving holes open up. * You can double slice

Secondary Break - Shooter • 1 passes the ball to the wing. • 4 and 1 set a double staggered screen away for 3 to get a 3pt shot at the top of the key. • 5 posts up hard. • 2 can: • read the post defender and drive. • pass to the cutting 3 * we can add a flare screen for 1 on this option.
NCCP Level 3 Technical - Sylvia Hatchell - Quick Break - 4

Secondary Break - Shooter cont Reverse the ball and double screen the other side.

Secondary Break - Inside • 1 reverses the ball to 4 (who passes to 2) • 5 flashes across the key.

Secondary Break - Inside cont. On the pass from 4 to 2: • 3 sets the back screen for 4. • 2 looks to lob the ball to 4 at the hoop.

NCCP Level 3 Technical - Sylvia Hatchell - Quick Break - 5

Secondary Break - Inside cont. • 3 pops up to the top to receive a pass from 2. • 4 cross screens for 5.

Secondary Break - Captain To open up your point guard for a 3pt shot. • 1 passes to 3, then fakes a cut away. • 4 moves to down screen for 2.

Secondary Break - Captain cont. • 5 steps up to set a ball screen for 3. • 3 immediately rejects the screen and drives towards the short corner (unless she has a wide open layup).

NCCP Level 3 Technical - Sylvia Hatchell - Quick Break - 6

Secondary Break - Captain cont. • 5 immediately turns and sets a cross screen for 1 to free her up for a 3pt shot at the wing.

Baseline Inbounds Plays
Alignment • 5/4 line up just outside the lane at the low block (4 should be the most athletic player). • 2 lines up in front of the hoop. • 1 lines up at the junction. BOB Play #1 • 4 steps towards the baseline (looking for the quick entry). • 2 sets a screen on 4s check. • 5 sets a second screen for 4 at the hoop line. • 4 cuts to the corner off the two screens. BOB Play #1 - cont. After 4 clears to the corner: • 5 sets a second screen for 2. • 2 pivots off the screen to the hoop.

NCCP Level 3 Technical - Sylvia Hatchell - Quick Break - 7

BOB Play #1 - cont. If we pass the ball to 4 in the corner: • 4 passes the ball to 1, then cross screens for 2 to get a 3pt shot in the corner. • 3 clears to the weak side off the screen by 5. 1 can pass to: • 2 or 3 at either side. • 4 or 5 opening after their screens.

BOB Play #2 - Counter This is a counter to the previous play. • 4 sets a screen for 2 to cut to the weak side corner. • 5 sets a screen for 4 to come to the strong side corner, then opens under the hoop.

NCCP Level 3 Technical - Sylvia Hatchell - Quick Break - 8

Drills and Thoughts
Rebound/Fill Race Drill • everyone on the weakside is racing to get to the block first. Have the team do 2/4/8 consecutive trips. • If a wing player is there first, she has to fill the post (post will fill the weak side wing). Variation: • Post has to touch the ball • On the post entry, we have diagonal skip • Add 2/3/4 defenders on each end. Coaching: • Look to run our options vs. the different defensive alignments.

Passing Faster than dribble example Have your best ball handler race

NCCP Level 3 Technical - Sylvia Hatchell - Quick Break - 9

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