Q. What are the objectives of the HR department in the organization? Ans.

The objectives of HRD as follows: * Motivation * Conducive and friendly environment for the workforce * To integrate invidual goals with organizational goals. * Efective utilization of human resources * Providing adequate and equitable wages & rewards. * Good & healthy working conditions. * Training and development programs. * Minimization of socio-economic evils such as unemployment, under-employment, inequalities in the distribution of income and wealth and to improve the welfare of the society. * To provide fair, acceptable and efficient leadership. * Providing sense of job-security Q. What are the major activities performed by the HR department? Ans. HR major activities are as follows. 1.General Administration of the employees. 2.Manpower planning 3.Recruitment and selection. 4.Payroll and compensation. 5.Induction and training. 6.Performance appraisal. 7.Designing the Salary structure. 8.Studying the Attrition rate and employee retention. 9.HR - Information system. 10. Preparing HR Budget. 11.Periodical review of the employees and implementing strategies leading to employee satisfaction. 12.Adhering to the statutory compliances like PF, ESI and other beneficiary activities. Q. What roles does HR play at the corporate, individual and social level? Ans. HR roles at corporate level are as follows: 1. Strategic HRM 2. Corporate HQ 3. Commercialization 4. Public sector management Following are the three key areas for Corporate Social Responsibility of HR * Community Relations. * Training and Development.

Global Corporate Social Responsibility policy. KRA of HR Manager are as follows. *A HR manager has to undertake research activities in staff problems. new problems. * Challenges relating to manpower management: A personnel manager has to look after certain functional activities such as promotions and transfers. which allows for distributing a sound corporate responsibility plan. * Challenges relating to execution of personnel policies: It should be acceptable to employees in general. 2. Training and Development programs that explain the connection between the company’s core products or services and the society at large. Central to measuring and communicating these results is the use of a Web-based Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that is available globally to employees and managers with any Web browser. For example. policies. guiding and developing the employees. charitable contributions and encouraging community involvement and practices. How to maintain cordial industrial relations over a long period is one important challenge before a HR manager. centrally managed. their value to the local community and ways in which employees can get involved in appropriate CSR projects would sustain and direct these initiatives. Q: What are some of the challenges faced by HR in the present times and how do they manage these challenges? Ans: Challenges Before The Present Day Human Resource Manager: *The biggest challenge before hr is related to recruitment. procedures and practices. This work is complicated and leads to dissatisfaction among employees. What is the role and responsibilities of the HR Manager ? Ans. To ensure timely recruitment of required level / quality of Management staff. Responsible for mentoring. In order to encourage and maintain a clear and cohesive global workplace. Employee . grievances etc. there are many job seekers but HR manager has to select the most suitable person and effectively train them.* A Cohesive Global Corporate Social Responsibility Platform. Such research is useful for framing staffing policies for the future period. * Challenges relating to trade union activities Q. * A human resource manager has to look after the provision of welfare facilities to employees. How to conduct such research activities within the resources and manpower available in the personnel development is one challenge before a personnel manager. Encouraging Community Relations through HR team includes implementing reward programs. Examples of these programs include sending emails and company newsletters to staff members that highlight employees and managers involved in community relations or creating monthly reward programs to recognize efforts by individuals within the company. selection and development of manpower. 1. it is critical for the entire global workforce of a company to be on a single. 3. disputed and grievances are likely to develop. In the absence of their support. is important to acknowledge successes and measurements according to accepted standards. multi-functioning HR platform. To maintain and develop and to contribute the development of corporate HR policies. He has to provide safety and security at the workplace. *Cordial industrial relations are difficult to maintain due to excessive demands of employees and lack of constructive approach.

Competency Building / Mapping. Q: How is the HR department structured? Find the tentative Layout of HR department. 4. Succession Planning. Units & No of Heads will differ depending on the size if organization . Ensure appropriate communication at all staff levels. 10. To develop the HR plan. Provide active support in the selection of Recruitment agencies which meet the corporate standard. 6. Compensation / Benefit programs. The effective management of people in relation to the following in order to maintain competitive advantage for: Performance Management. Oversee the central HR Administration employee offer letters salary letters and employment contracts. Motivating employees 14. Ensuring that the right people with the desired level of competence are brought into the organization or are promoted. Administer all employee benefit programs in sync with the Finance and Administration department.Retention and key Employee Identification initiatives. Provide counsel and assistance to employees at all levels. 7. 15. 16. Management Development / Career Development. Approve updated organizational charts on a monthly basis and maintain complete/accurate personnel records. Ensure Corporate Branding in recruitment webs and advertisements. Reward and Recognition. 9. Staff Induction. Staff Retention. 5. To facilitate / support the development of the Team members 11.

* Negotiation: Negotiations are undertaken. Samples of the P/S being considered may be examined. or trials undertaken. suggestions and ideas to improve workplace and work culture. Q. Delivery schedules are negotiated. disease or injury or pregnancy. or direct contact may be made with the suppliers. Applause.Q: What is the process of procurement in the organization? Ans. Employee Feedback . * Fulfillment: Supplier preparation. delivery. Installation and training may also be included. based on contract terms. . * Information gathering: If the potential customer does not already have an established relationship with sales/ marketing functions of suppliers of needed products and services (P/S). Presenting them with gifts to mark each major anniversary during their tenure with company. availability. maintenance. it is necessary to search for suppliers who can satisfy the requirements. and payment for the P/S are completed. shipment. Q. Good salary is a great motivation of an employee but below mentioned motivation policy hr follows without raising salary of a employee in a organization to manage their employee. the company evaluates the performance of the P/S and any accompanying service support. or the product or service is to be re-ordered. maintenance. If the P/S is to be re-ordered. Tenure Recognition Program . 1. Medi-claim Insurance Scheme: This scheme insurance provides insurance coverage to employees for expenses related to hospitalization due to illness. * Additional Step .Since employees are the greatest assets. expediting. HR have developed specialized programs to fully recognize individuals for their years of loyalty and service.Tender Notification: Some institutions choose to use a notification service in order to raise the competition for the chosen opportunity.These initiatives focus on constant development of employees at each and every stage of their tenure with the organization. 2. * Consumption. the contract expires. the company determines whether to consider other suppliers or to continue with the same supplier. as they are consumed. and a contract to acquire the P/S is completed. These systems can either be direct from their e-tendering software. Some of the Hr initiative for employee development are as follows. * Background review: References for product/service quality are consulted. How do they maintain and motivate their employees? Ans. Award/Recognition/Attention. requests for proposals. * Supplier contact: When one or more suitable suppliers have been identified. Employee Welfare Schemes / Hr Loan : Organization provide HR loan to the employee for their personal development at affordable EMI basis.Organization ensure to collect employee opinions. What are some of the development initiatives taken by the HR department for its employees? Ans. and customization possibilities are established. Procurement in a organization based upon the following steps. and disposal: During this phase. Training and Development . * Renewal: When the P/S has been consumed and/or disposed of. requests for information or requests for tender may be advertised. and price. or as a re-packaged notification from an external notification company. company experience with the P/S is reviewed. and warranty are investigated. and any requirements for follow-up services including installation. requests for quotation.

In this process an employee and his performance throughout the year is rated by all the levels in the organization. 10. 16. Team Spirit. 18. Job Titles. Leadership Roles. Annual Performance appraisal for payroll employee 2. 9. Executive Recognition. What is the process of performance appraisal followed in the organization? Ans. 14. .days 360 degree performance appraisal is the most effective and acceptable process in corporate. There are various performance appraisal process depend upon the organization type and structure like.a. even out side people of the organization like client / vendors can rated that particular employee. Casual Dress Day. Theme Contests. 17. Now.3. 12. Time Off. Showing growth & Career Path to employee in the organization . Additional Responsibility. 11. Social Gatherings. Outside Seminars. It helps to judge an employee in every aspect and also ensure better growth of a organization with right and productive employee. 13. Conducting various Training & Development 5. 1. Quarterly Performance appraisal for probationary employee. Pizza/Popcorn/Cookie Days. Good Work Environment. 6. 3. 8. One-on-One Coaching/ Care 4. 360 degree Performance appraisal . Q. On-the-Spot Praise. 15. 7.

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