Seniors and Youth Task Force Meeting Discussion Centers on Surveys Karen Robards gave report on survey test

, date for survey distribution established

Thursday evening¶s Seniors and Youth Task Force spent the bulk of the meeting discussing the surveys, in particular the senior survey. The task force met in the conference room on the fourth floor of City Hall in the Planning Department, and Zach Greatens of the department said that the task force would meet there from now on, instead of the EOC room. Chair Abbie Carter summarized the purpose of the task force at the beginning of the meeting before making a motion to approve the agenda and minutes from the April 7 meeting. Both motions were passed by voice vote. The meeting had three visitors, Nova Felton, who also serves on the Plan Commission, Niki Goldstein, director of the Crown Center for Senior Living, and a University City Resident. Felton said that she would like to provide feedback on the task force as it goes along. Goldstein said that she would like to help the senior committee however possible. In old business not covered in the April 7 meeting, committee members were to choose to work on two subcommittees, seniors or youth, respectively. Kelly Lachajczyk nominated Victor Pinchon for the youth subcommittee, and Pinchon agreed. The group then submitted their preferences to participate in the youth or senior committees. The senior subcommittee has Abby Carter, Shirley Soule, Maxine Harris, Karen Robards, and Niki Goldstein, and Nova Felton volunteered to help with survey. The youth subcommittee has Clay Ware, Victor Pinchon, Jen Jensen, Genice Self, and Kelly Lachajczyk. Co-Chair Shirley Soule asked for an update on the proposed test survey from the April 7 meeting. The survey test was to be run at the Senior Resource Expo at Centennial Commons on April 28. Karen Robards then gave an update on the test survey that she and Maxine Harris conducted at the community center. In her report, Robards said that they did not distribute the surveys at Senior Resource Expo, but conducted the surveys at the Heman Park Community Center. She said that she and Harris completed around 15 surveys, which took about 20 minutes to complete, with the longest one taking nearly 40 minutes. Felton expressed concern about the length of the survey. The senior and youth surveys are both three pages long. She said that modeling it after the census forms, of which there are short and long forms would possibly reduce the length. Soule concurred that she had recently finished a Medicare survey that was eight pages. The committee then took to reviewing the surveys, and adjusting wording and further trimming it for length. Carter said that the survey for youth would further edited later on. The last order of business was to propose dates for distribution, summarizing results and how the results would be used.

The timetable proposed was distribution on June 9, collection of surveys on August 4, and summarize results on September 1. More discussion on survey distribution will happen at the June 9 meeting. The meeting adjourned at 8:15pm. The Seniors and Youth Task Force will meet on Thursday, June 9 at 6:30pm in the Department of Planning conference room on the fourth floor of City Hall.

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