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resident’s Notes
Have you all had a memorable summer? Today, as I walked in the autumn air with my dog, I was trying to commit to memory the feelings, the smells, the sounds and sights I experienced about this particular day. I was recently participating in a tour of a vineyard and winery and the old Italian owner said in his broken English, “It’s the wood, the rose and the grape that you must put to your mind”. He was trying to tell us that the elements which make the particular taste of a particular wine must be remembered so they can be reproduced in each new barrel of that wine they want to again produce. I like a good glass of wine but I sincerely doubt I could “put to my mind” what it is I am tasting. Yet, I understood what he was trying to say because I have found myself attempting to do the same with committing to memory the tastes, sounds, sights, and feelings (both touch and emotion type) so I can use those elements when I don’t have them with me as I try to do artwork in the winter in a closed up, studio-like room. The green and liveliness of the spring and summer are indeed leaving us and as botanical artists we are all probably feeling a certain sadness about that. Soon, greenhouses, grocery store flower suppliers, and my own feeble attempts to keep plants alive inside my house, will have to do for “green and lively” subjects. But when I begin needing to work from all
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of the Curator’s Choice for the RMSBA exhibit: Botanical Realism-Science informs Art at The Wildlife Experience. Check out the Common Botanical Illustrator interview with Julie on page 9. to Julie Sprinkle, the winner

Inset photo of Botanical Illustrator and winner of the Curator’s Choice for the RMSBA exhibit: Botanical RealismScience informs Art at The Wildlife Experience Right: Winning entry,“Ecce euphorbiam” Courtsey of Julie Sprinkle

RMSBA Fall 2008

www.botanicalartists.org 1

president’s notes CoNtiNueD
those photos I took during these growing seasons I hope to supplement the stagnant photos by unlocking the memories I have tried to “put to my mind”. If my memory serves me at all, maybe I will be more successful in enjoying my artistic attempts during the coming winter months. And, with any luck, those senses and feelings might make my efforts look better too! May we all be served well this coming winter by memories reemerging with the good feelings we’ve had during the warm growing times of 2008! Botanically yours,

About the RMSBA
The Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists founded in 1997 is the first chapter of the American Society of Botanical Artists and is open to all persons interested in botanical illustration. RMSBA Officers 2008 President ........................................ Patty McAuliffe Vice President ................................ Renee Jorgensen Secretary ....................................... Susi Olson Treasurer ........................................ Vicky MacWilliam Marketing ....................................... vacant Membership Chairperson ............... Sharon Garrett Programs Development ................. Terry Ruiter Exhibits........................................... Carol Till Logistics ......................................... Martha Long Web Coordinator ............................ Susin Rubin Newsletter Editor ............................ Katie Nichols To join the RMSBA, please contact Vicky MacWilliam,Treasurer Tele.: 719.495.2986 E-mail: hgvmacwm@worldnet.att.net 8285 Freeman Drive • Black Forest, CO 80908 Your $75.00 membership includes regular individual membership in the RMSBA* and American Society of Botancial Artists* and entitles you to receive both the ASBA and RMSBA newsletters, as well as participate in all open exhibits and functions. Membership is for the calendar year. Memberships received after the first of December in any year will be applied to the following calendar year. On September 27, 2007 the ASBA Board of Directors voted for an increase in dues for 2008. This increase is only for the ASBA portion of your RMSBA fees and everything else will stay the same. Newsletter Submission Deadlines January 12th April 12th July 12th October 12th Newsletter Published Winter Spring Summer Fall

Upcoming rMsBa MeetiNGs
The December gathering will be at Susan Rubin’s house, 2568 South Columbine, Denver, Colorado, on December 14, 2008, from 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. It will be a time to see the rest of the RMSBA colleagues you may not have seen for a while, meet new members, talk about shows and art in general, and drool over Susan’s beautiful house and, especially, her studio. Bring the latest works you would like to share as well as a favorite hors d’ouvre or sweet for the season. Elections for 2009 officers will also be held, so think about something you might be interested in doing for the group in the coming year. The spring 2009 meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 22, 2009 at Koelbel Library, 5955 South Holly Street, Centennial, Colorado, from 1:30 to 4:00 in the afternoon. Frequently, as botanical artists and illustrators we are so concerned with portraying our subject that we sign the finished work with relief and feel we are done. We put a mat and maybe a frame on the work and consider it good. Not so fast!!! This may not result in the best professional look. Susan Rubin will show us things to consider in the framing process to make the most of our labor … and without spending an arm or other body part to accomplish it. The final date and location will be in the next newsletter, but put a tentative bookmark on March 22. Let Susan show you that your creativity should not stop when you sign your work.

Questions or contributions, please contact Katie Nichols, Editor E-mail: katienichols@comcast.net Tel.: 303.513.5453 7636 Gray Way • Arvada, CO 80003 • Artwork is donated to RMSBA for exclusive use in this newsletter. Any other use is strictly prohibited without written authorization of the artist. • The membership list is printed in whole in the Spring Edition of the newsletter. • Reproduction of this newsletter is prohibited without written permission from RMSBA. • We welcome your articles, calendar events and images. Please submit all text as an electronic file in .DOC (Word), .XML (Excel), or the body of an e-mail. Please submit images in digital format; .JPG, .TIF, .PDF and at least 300 dpi (resolution; dots per inch) in color. RMSBA Fall 2008

2 www.botanicalartists.org

rAre eXHiBit upDate
Entries for the RARE exhibit must be postmarked by October 31, 2008. The entries will be juried in early December to select the forty that will be part of the traveling exhibit. Then the real work of assembling this traveling exhibit begins! • opy for gallery labels, catalog and cards must be C prepared. • Card design, layout and packaging cards. • Artwork must be submitted and framed. • olicit locations to sell our T-shirts, cards S and prints. • Promotional program developed. • Post all entries to an on-line gallery. • Plan receptions, speakers and gallery events. I have volunteers to do some of these tasks, but we still need more help! This exhibit will be showing in four locations, but most of the work needs to be done between this December 6 and March 7 (the opening). This is your opportunity to participate in a really important project to promote botanical art and preserve rare plants. The exhibit will be running from 2009 to 2010, so there will be plenty of opportunities to become involved. Don’t forget to order your “RARE, but really Well Done” T-shirt! Profits will help support exhibit expenses. Guess what my friends will be getting for Christmas?! Contact me if you can help. Carol Till, 303-330-3687 cell or leave a message at 303423-2687. E-mail at: caroltill@mindspring.com

eXHiBits report
Thanks to all of you who participated in the Echter’s and The Wildlife Experience exhibits this fall! The artwork submitted for both shows was outstanding and has received many compliments. W • e had a very well attended reception on September 6 at our Fourth Annual Show at Echter’s. The artwork displayed this year was first rate! We had a decrease in total sales this year from last year, but still sold just under $4000. We did not have the (higher priced) original sales we had in 2007. We had 75 total receipts (up from last year’s 64) and we collected 40 names for our mailing list. • e Botanical Realism exhibit at The Wildlife Experience Th will be on display until November 9th. Our members were treated to a sit-down brunch on Sunday, October 28th. The winner of the Curator’s Choice $100 award was Julie Sprinkle for her graphite/carbon painting “Ecce euphorbiam”. TWE General Manager, Dr. Richard Smartt and Exhibits Manager Connie Mohrman really enjoyed selecting the award winner and expressed their regret at being limited to selecting only one award! If you haven’t been to see the exhibit, don’t miss it and the nationally traveling Blossom exhibit in the main gallery, which contains some fine artwork by nationally recognized botanical artists. * ick up your Botanical Realism artwork on Sunday, P November 16 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Terry Ruiter’s house, (same location as the drop off ) 6260 South Grant Street, Centennial, Colorado 80121, 303-798-9452. W  hoSeesourExhibits? We’ve been working to book RMSBA exhibits in more visible locations. Here is some interesting information about some of our current and future exhibit venues. • n August, the Denver Business Journal ranked I Denver-Area Cultural Attractions in 2007, according to attendance. Koelbel Library ranked 6th (460,284), Denver Botanic Gardens ranked 7th (327,078) and The Wildlife Experience came in 13th (134,812). • rom the Denver Post: “Manitou Springs made a F Yahoo! list of the 10 coolest small towns in the U.S. The Web site noted its unusual mix of galleries, shops and restaurants, all within a short distance of a bigger city- Colorado Springs.” The final location of the RARE
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RMSBA Fall 2008

www.botanicalartists.org 3

WorKsHops oF iNterest
ASBA has an immense list of workshops available online. the richest cultural example of ancient Greece. Click HERE to be directly taken to the web site page. 2. HYDRA: This beautiful island, long known as an artists’ colony, lies in the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. DBG, of course has wonderful courses and workshops Although not much is known about the island’s ancient available for the New Year. Click HERE to be directly taken past, some believe it was the home of Hydra, the monster to the Educational web site page. slain by Hercules. This eco-friendly, car-less island has only one real town GREECE – History, Painting and the Hellenic and no real roads. Besides walking, donkeys and water Mediterranean, May 5-19, 2009 taxis are the main mode of transportation. The pictureA 2-week plein air sketching and watercolor workshop in perfect small harbor is filled with traditional red tile roof the Peloponnese & the island of Hydra shops and tavernas while narrow cobblestone steps lead The INSTRUCTORS: MARJORIE LEGGITT is a up the mountain to white-washed churches, monasteries, nationally recognized scientific lllustrator and instructor. and mountain villages and farms that overlook the sea. (www.science-art.com/leggitt) Late spring offers a botanical palette of red poppies, yellow LEON LOUGHRIDGE, an award-winning painter and margaritas, and camomile. print maker. (www.dcartpress.com) WHAT’S INCLUDED JOAN MAST-LOUGHRIDGE, BA in art history with A an emphasis on Early Christian art in the Roman Empire • ll hotels (double room) in Athens, the Peloponnese and Hydra, breakfasts while in Athens and the Peloponnese, and medieval manuscript illumination. 2 dinners (drinks not included) The ITINERARY: This 2-week sketching and painting • Entrance to the National Archeological Museum in Athens workshop offers a classical tour of some of the better- and • All transfers, 2 hydrofoil trips lesser-known sites of ancient Greece. A The first week includes historical tidbits as we motor • custom painting kit (including paint, brushes, watercolor papers, pencils, case) by private minibus from ancient Athens to Olympia, • ketching and watercolor instruction by Marjorie Leggitt S the Byzantine town of Mystra, Mycenae, Epidaurus and and Leon Loughridge Nafplion. Instruction includes a review of landscape • Oral history by Joan Mast-Loughridge composition, techniques for sketching in the field, “portable” N color theory and color mixing, and the artistic tools to • ot included: Meals (besides those mentioned above), air transportation to and from Greece produce quick watercolor “snapshots”. The emphasis is on painting on the go. The PRICE and REGISTRATION The second week provides a restful stay, free time to $ 4500.00 per person, double occupancy explore, and plenty of hours to paint on the island of (single room supplement of $600)* Hydra. The emphasis is on practicing and developing newly prices subject to change due * acquired skills and working on more complete sketches and to currency fluctuation plein air paintings. The LOCATIONS: • or more information and/or to F 1. PELOPONNESE: Originally an island, this large register, contact Marjorie Leggitt peninsula on the southernmost part of mainland Greece Tel. 303.394.0566 known as Peloponnese, has played an important role in E-mail, mcl@leggittdesign.com history since 2000 B.C. • o reserve a seat, a nonrefundable deposit of $1500.00 is T This rugged land of two mountain ranges, olive trees, and due November 28, 2008. Balance due March 30, 2009. vineyards dates back to the Bronze Age and the Mycenaean • Group size: limited to 14 participants. civilization. Peloponnese was once the cultural center of the Byzantine Empire and did not receive its independence from Turkish rule until the 1840’s. Beautifully preserved examples of the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods grace the region. From ancient ruins to bustling seaside towns, the Peloponnese is
4 www.botanicalartists.org RMSBA Fall 2008

compUter helpFul hiNts
Do you have questions, frustrations, or a learning curve Here is a zoomed in image of where you can type in a with computers? If so, please contact me and I will post members full name and bring up their contact file for contact the questions/answers here, so that everyone may improve information and history their computer skills. Plus, always remember that I am always willing to have a phone chat or e-mail to help you out. You may have to bear with me as I am a Mac head and haven’t recently been refreshing my Windows experience. SALESFORCESHORTTUTORIALS(forRMSBAs users[boardmembers]) Ok, I have to unfortunately admit that I have been awful with training RMSBAs users Salesforce. It is up and running, but I believe Vicky MacWilliam and I have been the only ones using it due to my lack of availability in training all of the users. My apologies to you all! Instead of keeping it on the back burner of my lists, I’m going to try to do short tutorials within the newsletter and see if that helps any of you. Log In: Go to www.salesforce.com and a log in screen will come up. (I have set up accounts for all users and obviously Emailed you regarding your accounts.) Type in your user name and password. The home page of Salesforce.com will come up and it will look like this image below. (I know The next window will be a list of matches to the name that you searched for. It will look like this image below:

Typeinfullname andclickGo!

Click on the name listed and it will bring up all the information you are looking for under that contact. Each user of SF.com is set up with different “rules/allowances”. Some users are able to modify a contacts info, some are not allowed to modify. If you are one of those user that doesn’t have access, please let Vicky MacWilliam or myself know and we will update the info. ADOBE the images are small and not the greatest resolution, but it Here is the link to Adobe Reader. This is the application gives you an idea of what to look for when you log on to you will need to open and read the RMSBA newsletter.

The next newsletter will continue with this tutorial. Any questions, give a holler. Thanks, Katie Nichols

RMSBA Fall 2008

www.botanicalartists.org 5

societY CaleNDar
2008•CaféBotaniqueLectures http://cb-lectures-mervi.blogspot.com/ November6 lexander Viazmensky, St. Petersburg, Russia: A Mushroom Magic (mushroom hunting in Russia) November20 oy Roath, Ph.D., CSU: TBA (Colorado Grasslands and R Range management)

eXHiBits oF iNterest
September6-November2,2008 Denver Botanic Gardens - Student Art Show November7-November28,2008 Colorado Artist Guild Show at Art’s Place 4424 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO 80212. Heidi Snyder is exhibiting at this show.

November14,2008 You are all invited to attend the opening reception for August27-November9,2008 the Denver Plein Air Festival, for which I was fortunate Botanical Realism-Science informs Art enough to have a painting chosen. The reception is at the RMSBA exhibit at The Wildlife Experience main Denver Public Library downtown, Level 7, 6-9 PM. Sept.6-Nov.2  Student Art Show: Highlights of the Botanical Here is a link where you can learn more about the festival Illustration Program: and also preview the artwork: Students of the Gardens’ certificate program display their http://gtmd.org/companyinfo.aspx?companyid=58 best work exploring botanical art and illustration. Many I hope you can come! Kathy of the paintings will be for sale (proceeds benefit the Botanical Art and Illustration program). www.KathyImelGallery.com 303-438-9565 Sept.6-Nov.30,2008 Observing Orchids The Gardens’ Botanical Illustration program exhibits artful renderings of tropical orchids. This exhibition will be complemented by rare books and prints, as well as herbarium sheets of preserved orchids. A living display of orchids will be on view in the Gardens’ Lobby Court. November7 Reception for a show commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Artists of Colorado at the quaint gallery district along Tennyson at Art’s Place at 426 Tennyson. Come, browse, relax, have some wine. See you there! Heidi Snyder (303)989-7577 • www.natures-portraits.com November16 P ick up art from Botanical Realism show at Terry Ruiter’s house 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. October31,2008 RMSBA RARE, but really Well Done!, Imperiled Plants of Colorado Exhibit Entry POSTMARK DEADLINE. GeneralLinkstoEvents DBG http://www.botanicgardens.org/ ASBA http://amsocbotartists.org/

“Texas Blue Bonnet” Courtsey of Peggy Turchette 6 www.botanicalartists.org RMSBA Fall 2008

eXHiBits report
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AardvarkImaging 1400 S. Lipan (near Florida and Santa Fe in Denver) Denver, CO 80223 303-282-6695 www.aardvarkimaging.com Liz Coates, VP CanterburyMediaServices,Inc. For slides of your work 2117 Fourth St, Studio C Berkeley, CA 94710 1-866- 649-3004 www. ArtCompetitionSlides.com Colorline I just found out that Chuck Renstrom recently sold Colorline and started up Double Take. Colorline is basically a print shop now and doesn’t offer the services for giclees and fine art. Double Take is specifically operating for giclees and fine art. Chuck has new hardware and lighting to provide high quality giclees and scans for fine art. I’m not sure of the new address for Colorline, but I’m sure Chuck wouldn’t mind directing you to their location. DoubleTake–ArtisticImages Giclees and Fine Art 303.275.9224 Office • 303.619.3212 830 Kipling Street, Suite 300 Lakewood, CO 80215 Chuck Renstrom

exhibit in 2010 is the Business of Art Center in the officially cool, Manitou Springs! As many of you know, Manitou is known as a busy tourist stop. They have been renovating the town and the rubber tomahawk shops are being replaced by nice restaurants and galleries. Exhibits2009 We will be exhibiting next April 4, 5 and 6 at Tagawa Garden Center in Centennial. It will be a similar event to our show and sale at Echter’s Garden Center. Our thanks to Mary Jo Ramsdale who has been working diligently to get this scheduled. She will be managing this event and will be looking for help from our members in the south Denver area. We will be returning to Echter’s Garden Center for the fifth year in September of next year. These two shows, with an emphasis on sales, give our members an opportunity to show and sell cards, prints and originals to plant lovers. Tagawa and Echter’s are premier garden centers in Colorado and attract a very good clientele whose interest in plants extends to interest in plant artwork. Finally, our annual member’s exhibit will be at Koelbel Library in Centennial in November of 2009. These three events combined with three RARE exhibit openings will make 2009 a very busy and visible year for RMSBA! RAREExhibitLocations2009and2010: 1. March - May, 2009 – at Denver Botanic Gardens.

2. ay - September, 2009 – at Steamboat Art Museum in M FMSDigital Steamboat Springs Marj Leggitt is a fan of Kathy’s and recommends her work 1255 S. Pearl St. 3. ovember 2009 – May 2010 The Center for Southwest N Denver, CO 80210 Studies at Fort Lewis College, Durango 303-744-9800 sales@fmsdigital.com 4. ates TBD 2010 – The Business of Art Center in D Kathy Hadsall Manitou Springs Also: dye sublimation on tiles, coasters, trivets, mouse pads. Deadlines: Rare Entry deadline is October 31, 2008 – Entry forms ReedPhoto-Art Bob Reed has been at the forefront of digital technology may be downloaded from our Web site. for a long time. 888 Federal Blvd Contact me with any questions, Carol Till, Cell-303-330-3687 Denver, CO 80204 or leave a message at 303-423-2687. 303-573-8084 E-mail: caroltill@mindspring.com www.reedphoto.com Bob Reed If you know of another resource, vendor or good info to offer, please let me know and I’ll post it in the next issue.
RMSBA Fall 2008 www.botanicalartists.org 7

“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the
moment. I want to give that world to someone else. Most people in the city whether they want to or not.” rush around so, they have no time to look at a flower. I want them to see it

– Georgia O’Keefe

Earlier this year at the Koelbel Library RMSBA meeting, Carol Till mentioned that you could get the Colorado Rare Plant Field Guide from CSU for free. Here is the contact info to have one sent to you. Note: the guide comes to you packaged without a small 3-ring binder. It is pre-hole punched and you can get a binder at any office supply store. Michael Menefee was great to communicate with and was more than happy to send one out to me. Just be patient to receive it, it takes some time to be processed through the department. Michael Menefee Environmental Review Coordinator Colorado Natural Heritage Program Colorado State University 8002 Campus Delivery Fort Collins, CO 80523-8002 Phone: (970) 491-7331 Michael.Menefee@ColoState.EDU

“Goldenrod” Marj Leggitt

Courtsey of

8 www.botanicalartists.org

RMSBA Fall 2008

common BotaNiCal illustrators
Busy, busy, busy, so often we are so busy that we don’t get a chance to sit down and get to know each other. Put a face with a name and find common ground. So, I had an idea to interview a member with every new issue. Here is an interview with Julie Sprinkle, she lives in Colorado Springs. Howandwhydidyou becomeinterestedin BotanicalIllustration? Stumbled onto the program through a soap-making course with a friend and wanted to work on the formal art instruction that I’d missed in pursuit of my previous degrees. Since then, I’ve found that illuminating overlooked corners of the landscape can lead me to great insight and appreciation of the infinite. Whataretheotheritemsinyourlifethatyouwould liketoshare? My life would be incomplete without a Springer Spaniel or two. I certainly share the tendency to be really creative on many fronts, simultaneously: when I’m producing happily in the studio, I’m also prolific with my knitting. It’s even better, if I can be skiing and/or climbing lots at the same time, too, although my hands start telling me it’s time to slow down! Who/whatisyourinspiration/muse? Inspiration comes from my husband, to a large degree, in that he’s willing to live a much less lavish lifestyle in order to support and encourage me to devote so much to art, just so long as I’m happy. My brother also works at making a living from art (large-format oils of landscapes and Biblical allegory using barn-yard animals) and we spend lots of time encouraging, critiquing and theorizing together. As to muse-ing, I’m finding that the many years I spent in my father’s (black-and-white) darkroom are pushing me in interesting directions I really want to follow. Other than that, I’d really like to be the John Singer Sargent of the botanical world ...

Whathasbeentheonepiecethatyouaremost happyabout? Hard to say — there are so many that represent successful What is your favorite plant/flower? meeting of challenges I’ve set myself, whether or not they’re I’m very partial to my Great-Grandmother’s Amazon really fabulous. I’m happy with my “Easter” series of carbon/ Lily, Eucharis grandiflora. graphite pieces. Whatareyourotherinterests;gardening,etc.? Rock climbing, telemark skiing, ice climbing (occasionally), fly fishing and tying, knitting (especially lace), tatting, baking, gardening, hiking, hunting Whatisthemediumthatyoureallyenjoyandeasily flow with? Graphite, graphite, graphite! Carbon dust is fun, too, and colored pencil works really well for me. I just like to draw. Do you have your certificate from DBG in Botanical Illustration? Yes. Doyouhaveachallengetoaccomplish? Artistically, to feel less like I’m jumping off a cliff (without a rope) when beginning a new, challenging piece. Otherwise, to make my artwork more of a career and less of a Quixotic quest.

Visit Julie’s Web site, www.juliesprinkle.com for more information.

“Trumpet” Courtsey of Julie Sprinkle www.botanicalartists.org 9

RMSBA Fall 2008

Wanted: A few good members of RMSBA
new friends and do your part for something you and this great organization running. You will make Please, members think about helping to keep It’s that time when we look for new blood! I have benefited from being a part of! We are looking of Directors. It is not hard because there is a great

for officers for several vacating positions on the Board force of interested people like yourselves all helping

each other to make it all happen! That actually makes it fun!! The Board of Directors and Officers typically meet 4 to 6 times a year to make plans but nothing meetings and exhibits and what you think is most important to our organization, we want to hear it. me at pattymcauliffe@comcast.net to talk go and how you can help get it there! Please call me at 303-469-6583 or E-mail is written in stone. If you have ideas about member

about where you want to see the organization
“Wild Autumn Rose” Courtsey of Dorothy DePaulo

7636 Gray Way • Arvada, CO 80003

RMSBA Fall 2008


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