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President’s notes
Shortly after picking the last tomatoes and basil left by a hard frost and putting the garden to bed, I went to the ASBA annual meeting in Phoenix. The weather there was clear and hot (100+), the vegetation green and lush. Quite a shift … and a representation of the diversity of habitats botanical illustration has recorded over time. The ASBA meeting combined stark reality regarding finances with terrific conversations about art and the activities of other chapters, and the opportunity to draw and paint new, odd and wondrous plants. Although it bordered on sensory overload, the overall effect of the meeting was stimulation, rejuvenation and excitement to get some plants drawn. One of the results of the stark financial reality is the need to raise dues. ASBA will raise its dues by $25 and RMSBA will pass that through our dues and reduce our dues a bit, making the total paid to RMSBA $90. Our next meeting will be our annual end of the year party. Susan Rubin has again offered her house for the party … this year in her new house in northeast Denver. Her former studio provided many ideas for efficiency, light and impeccable tidiness. She says her new space is much smaller, so I’m betting she has developed a whole new set of efficiencies. Make sure you put the December 6th party on your calendar! Every year in December, we hold elections for new officers, if needed and ask members to volunteer for our committees. In particular, we are looking for people interested in exhibits … both identifying and securing venues and helping with the shows. The ability to have several shows in a year really depends on the participation of our members. While exhibits require more committee members, all of the committees will benefit from your involvement … and you will find benefits from participating with other members. I look forward to seeing you all at the December party and at meetings throughout the next year. I’m fired up to do some drawing and hope you are, too! Botanically yours, Terry Ruiter President

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Upcoming Meetings Holiday Party at Susan Rubin’s About RMSBA First Chapter of the ASBA RMSBA’s Meetings Fall Meeting Minutes and Photos 2009 Plant Conservation Awards Letter from Lotus McElfish Beauty and Bounty


6/7 Koelbel Library Exhibit, Jill

Moring accepted in Colorado State Fair and The Pinery Show

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Exhibits Report & Schedule RARE’s Third Stop RMSBA Botanical Illustrator I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator for over 10 years … Mark in your Calendar RMSBA Application Renew your membership now!

Above illustrations courtesy of: Heidi Snyder, Marjorie Leggitt, Susan Rubin, Libby Kyer and Jane Kinsdale

about the RMSBa
The Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists founded in 1997 is the first chapter of the American Society of Botanical Artists and is open to all persons interested in botanical illustration.

upcoming Meetings

Programs Coordinator: Annie Reiser annieandrolf@q.com Hm: 303-772-1721, Cell: 720-841-6296

RMSBA Officers 2009 President ......................................................... Terry Ruiter Vice President ................................................. Susan Olson Secretary ......................................................... Jan Boyd Haring Treasurer .........................................................Vicky MacWilliam Marketing ....................................................... Julie Sprinkle Membership Chairperson ............................... Sharon Garrett Programs Chairperson .................................... Annie Reiser Exhibits Chairperson ...................................... Carol Till Logistics (Refreshment) Chairperson.............. Susan DiMarchi WebMaster ..................................................... Susan Rubin Newsletter Editor ........................................... Katie Nichols

Our final meeting of the year is just around the corner. Come celebrate the close of a successful year for RMSBA, and hear more about our next year’s exciting exhibit possibilities. Susan Rubin generously offered to host the meeting at her new house (2235 Dexter St., Denver, Colorado) on December 6, 2009 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. Visit with the RMSBA colleagues you may not have seen for a while, meet new members, talk about shows and art in general. Bring the latest works you would like to share as well as your favorite hors d’ouvres or sweets for the season. We will hold elections for openings on the RMSBA Board, and invite all members to participate in committee work. Please think about how you might participate! Thanks. Annie

To join the RMSBA, please contact Vicky MacWilliam,Treasurer Tele.: 719.495.2986 E-mail: hgvmacwm@worldnet.att.net 8285 Freeman Drive • Black Forest, CO 80908 ASBA Journal and RMSBA Newsletter $90.00 membership includes regular individual membership in the RMSBA* and American Society of Botancial Artists* and entitles you to receive both the ASBA and RMSBA newsletters, as well as participate in all open exhibits and functions. Membership is for the calendar year. Memberships received after the first of November in any year will be applied to the following calendar year. Newsletter Submission Deadlines January 12th April 12th July 12th Newsletter Published Winter Spring Fall

October 12th


Questions or contributions, please contact Katie Nichols, Editor E-mail: katienichols@comcast.net Tel.: 303.513.5453 7636 Gray Way • Arvada, CO 80003 • Artwork is donated to RMSBA for exclusive use in this newsletter. Any other use is strictly prohibited without written authorization of the artist. • The membership list is printed in whole in the Spring Edition of the newsletter. • Reproduction of this newsletter is prohibited without written permission from RMSBA. • We welcome your articles, calendar events and images. Please submit all text as an electronic file in .DOC (Word), .XLS (Excel), or the body of an e-mail. Please submit images in digital format; .JPG, .TIF, .PDF and at least 300 dpi (resolution; dots per inch) in color.

“Jamesia americana”, Courtesy of Bev Coogan


Minutes held September 13, 2009
Susan DiMarchi kindly hosted the meeting at her home in Boulder. Documented by: Jan Boyd Haring, Secretary Twenty-three RMSBA members attended the 2009 Fall Meeting. The delightful hospitality provided by Susan DiMarchi was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Susan for sharing her beautiful home with the group. President’s Report - Terry Ruiter reminded us that 2010 was fast approaching. If you want to make 2010 more engaging, want to be on a committee, please volunteer. The Exhibit Coordinator position will be available; perhaps three or four people should be in this role. An RMSBA Executive Meeting will be held on Nov.1st. The annual ASBA Conference will be October 15th-18th. This is the last opportunity to mingle with artists from around the globe in the western US for several years. In 2010, the conference will be held in Pittsburgh (location of the Hunt Institute), and the next year in Boston. Treasurer’s Report, Vicky MacWilliam: We currently have 107 RMSBA members. The ASBA has changed enrollment rules; from September 1st onward you will pay for that calendar year, with 50% deduction for the next year. For those enrolling after Nov. 1st, enrollment will cover the next calendar year. Chapter balance is $6,078.24. Exhibit Coordinator, Carol Till: The Koelbel Library show will be titled “Beauty and Bounty”. The call for entries ends Oct. 4th. Carol dropped fees to $10 to encourage members to participate in “Meet the Natives” (fee $40., must be a DBG graduate). If you need help with the list of native plants, contact Mervi for assistance. The RARE show moved from Steamboat Springs and opened in Durango October 10th. Volunteers are needed to transport art to venues. The Culpeper Herbal show will be at the Dairy in Boulder, 2010. Dorothy DiPaulo and Susan DiMarchi volunteered to manage the Culpeper Herb exhibit. Mary Barnes is heading the plant list, which are European herbs with common names. We will be submitting the plant image only, no label, 16x20 inner dimension frame size. Mary’s plan is to have her students write paragraphs on each plant. These works will be due in April 2010. Meeting Subject: “Coptic Binding a Journal” courtesy of Annie Reiser The participants were issued a materials list before session, and were provided with full instructions on creating a journal at the meeting. Even though the activity ran over the timeframe, everyone went away with a very nice journal. The different cover papers made for a wide variety of colors and journal personalities. The stitching was easy for some and challenging for others. All in all, the activity was a rousing success! Thanks to Annie for taking on this interesting workshop. 09/13/09 RMSBA Fall Meeting adjourned

RMSBa Fall Meeting


2009 Plant conservation awards
Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Initiative Presented at the Colorado Native Plant Society Annual Meeting Loveland, Colorado September 12, 2009 The Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Initiative (RPCI) is a diverse partnership of twenty-two federal (RMSBA is a member.) and state agencies, private organizations, and academic institutions working together to conserve Colorado’s most imperiled plant species and their habitats. The partnership recently completed the first-ever statewide Rare Plant Conservation Strategy to direct and coordinate plant conservation efforts in Colorado (see link below). In 2008, annual Plant Conservation Awards were initiated to recognize/honor individuals that are making outstanding contributions towards protecting Colorado’s imperiled plant species and meeting the goals of the RPCI. This year, the RPCI is recognizing three individuals who have made outstanding contributions to rare plant conservation in Colorado: 1. Robert Tointon, Double R Ranch, North Park: • For completing a conservation easement on his ranch to protect the globally imperiled and federally listed North Park phacelia on his ranch along the North Platte River. • This is particularly important because North Park is experiencing rapid expansion of primary and secondary homes and there is high potential for oil and gas development. • Conservation easements are legally binding agreements that protect land for future generations while allowing owners to retain many private property rights. 2. Carla DeYoung, BLM Glenwood Springs Field Office: • For outstanding work to protect the federally listed Colorado hookless cactus, and other globally imperiled species, including Parachute penstemon, Debeque milkvetch, Debeque phacelia, on the Roan Cliffs/Plateau and vicinity. • These species are threatened by oil and gas development and associated activities, as well as invasive species. • Thanks to Carla for leadership in monitoring, restoration, and “watch-dogging” rare plants in the face of insurmountable threats. 3. Steve Kettler, US Fish and Wildlife Service: • For protecting the globally imperiled roundleaf four o’clock, golden blazing star, Pueblo goldenweed, and other imperiled plants of the Arkansas Valley near Pueblo, an area that is experiencing rapid residential development. • Steve has taken on the leadership of the Arkansas Valley Barrens conservation team, developing and implementing a conservation action plan. • Steve has done an excellent job of engaging state agencies, land trusts, land owners, and others in conserving one of Colorado’s highest priority plant areas. The RPCI also recognizes and gives special thanks to Carol Till of the Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists for contributing artwork for the awards. We also thank Carol for her great work in organizing RARE: Imperiled Plants of Colorado traveling art exhibit that has greatly helped with the outreach of the importance of conserving rare and imperiled plants. The exhibit debuted at the Denver Botanic Gardens, then moved to the Steamboat Art Museum, and will be in Durango at the Center of Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College from October 2009 - May 2010. The awards were presented by Susan Panjabi, Colorado Natural Heritage Program, and Betsy Neely, The Nature Conservancy. The Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Strategy and Executive Summary (2009) are available at: http://conserveonline.org/workspaces/corareplantinitiative/ documents/co-rare-plant-conservation-strategy/view.html http://conserveonline.org/workspaces/corareplantinitiative/ documents/rpci-executive-summary/view.html


RaRE Exhibit Photos at center for Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis college

Greetings Carol, I just wanted to Thank You for such a great exhibit of Rare Imperiled Plants of CO. Colorado is my home state which I visited this August/September; we have a cabin we built in the San Luis Valley and we wanted to get out of the Texas heat. Once I found out about the 2 exhibits, my husband and I went out of our way (5 hours) to see it. That weekend the town also had art in the street. So we combined it all plus the touristy thing (stayed at Strawberry Park Hot Springs) since it has been over 10 years since a visit. We almost missed the exhibit because when we arrived we went into the Visitor Center and they said the Museum was closed that day. My heart sank! Later visiting the library, the women there said there was probably a mix up on Museums and that the Art (not historical) Museum was indeed open. Anyway, we did see it and I applaud everyone who took the time to make such a great exhibit and I just wanted to take the time to tell you. Both the Rare and the Wild Bunch exhibit was a treat and a highlight of our trip. Best, Lotus Lotus McElfish www.LotusMcElfish.com Newsletter Editor’s Note: do check out Lotus McElfish’s Web site, it is very interesting!


That’s not all! You can choose an herbal subject in Pencil II, Pen and Ink II, Colored Pencil II or Watercolor II and complete the work in time for submission in April. As always, the range of BI classes grows each term, and with 15 new classes in the first half of 2010, there is sure be a perfect fit for you. To learn all the details of the Winter/Spring 2010 session, please watch the BI Blog at www.botanicalillustration.blogspot.com Here’s a sneak peek at the delicious herbal offerings: Botanical Traditions: The Herbs of Nicholas Culpeper Nicholas Culpeper, the famous Elizabethan herbalist, made herb growing very fashionable in the 17th Century. Culpeper spent the greater part of his life in the English outdoors cataloguing hundreds of beautiful plants that also hold medicinal properties. Culpeper’s Herbal remains a resource for today’s practitioners of herbal medicine. Working in watercolor, create a portrait of an herb plant and its medicinal uses to create a botanical collage with a story to tell. In this Studio class, instruction will focus on composition and refining techniques. For members of the Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists (RMSBA), this is an opportunity to create work for the upcoming juried exhibit, “Culpeper’s Medicinal Herbs”. Friday, January. 15, 22, 29, 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Instructor: Karla Beatty The Illuminated Herbal: An Alphabet from A-Z In medieval Europe, written works began and ended with monastic scribes. Their exquisite illuminations stand as a memorial to the world before the printing press. Begin in the Helen Fowler library to view examples of medieval manuscripts and research the elements of medieval illumination. Apply this knowledge to the skills you learned in earlier Illumination classes. Working with both line and water media, design and paint an ornamental medieval letterform showcasing a miniature painting of a traditional and/or common herb. Your finished piece may be part of a Gardens project to publish an illuminated medieval herbal alphabet. Tuesday, February 16, 23, March 2, 9,16, 6-9 p.m. Also, here is a direct link to more information regarding Culpeper’s Medicinal Herbs, http://www.medherb.com/culpeper_names.html

An exhibition of Botanical Art by the Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists will be held November 2 to November 28, 2009 at the Joan R Duncan Galleries at Koelbel Library in Centennial. This exhibit celebrates the abundance of flowers and garden produce we enjoyed from this unusually wet year. Super realistic paintings and drawings of flowers, fruits and vegetables remind us all of our lovely gardens as winter approaches. An Artist’s reception will be held on Sunday, November 8th from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Koelbel Library 5955 South Holly Street, Centennial, CO 80121 Exhibit Hours: Monday - Thursday: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m., Friday, Saturday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sunday: 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

DBG’s Botanical illustration Program Supports the RMSBa!
The upcoming exhibit of Culpeper’s Medicinal Herbs at the Dairy has prompted Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski to offer a related class in January 2010. In Botanical Traditions: The Herbs of Nicholas Culpeper, Karla Beatty will guide artists to create a watercolor piece suitable for the exhibit in a supportive studio setting. What better way to actually complete your piece to submit to the show! Now that you are excited about herbs, consider following that path with another enticing take on the subject. Renée Jorgensen, teaching The Illuminated Herbal: An Alphabet from A-Z will help you to illuminate a letter in the medieval style, accented with a small portrait of a corresponding herb. This one may even end up in a gardens publication on the same theme.


RMSBA member, Jill Moring had two botanical illustrations accepted into the Fine Art Exhibit at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo. Good Job Jill!

RMSBa member Jill Moring; accepted into the colorado State Fair

the Pinery Show
Hello Members, The Pinery Show was very short (4 hours), and I’m hoping they will extend it at least an hour next year. We could have used two to three more botanical artists in our tent. I sold an original as did Mary Clark, plus cards (6 per box), and a few individual cards. However, Julie Sprinkle won Best of Show and Janice Wright won Third Place, so it seems a good place for our art. Maria J. (“Mary Jo”) Ramsdale (303) 690-1947 http://www.mariaramsdale.com

“Filipendula rubra”, Courtesy of Marjorie Leggitt


Exhibits Report & Schedule

Exhibits Coordinator: Carol Till caroltill@mindspring.com Hm: 303-423-2687

October 2009 Exhibit Report RARE - Third Stop The RARE exhibit moved from the Steamboat Art Museum to the Center for Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College for an October 10th opening. Thanks to Vicky MacWilliam for picking the exhibit up from Steamboat and delivering it to Durango. The exhibit was open on October 10th and 11th for Homecoming weekend. Carol Till was able to attend the Sunday reception and said the gallery is beautiful! CSS is between the Concert Hall and Art Department on the Fort Lewis Campus. They printed a huge poster and postcards featuring Susan Rubin’s cactus. Al and Betty Schneider of Colorado Native Plant Society were at the reception on Sunday helping out. Al is working with the curator on events for this winter and spring. The exhibit will remain there until June 1, 2010. CoNPS members; look for Carol Till’s article on RARE in the next Aquilegia newsletter. RARE Merchandise RMSBA and CSS had 200 more exhibit catalogs printed. Half are for sale at CSS now, RMSBA has the other half. They are living at Carol Till’s house now, but would like someone to take them off my hands (or out of my garage as it were). Echter’s Garden Center: The exhibit sales this fall were our lowest in five years at a net of $1665. No doubt the recession and the really cold weather on the reception day had a negative impact. Beauty and Bounty at Koelbel Library: Mark your calendar for the reception on Sunday, November 8, 2-4 p.m. Many of entries have come in for this exhibit, so come and see the newest art from our members. 2010 Exhibits RMSBA will be exhibiting at The Dairy in Boulder in 2010. Our exhibit, Culpeper’s Medicinal Herbs will be on display in

May and June. Dorothy DePaulo, Susan DiMarchi and Mary Barnes will be running the exhibit, so address all questions to them. Mary is keeping the master list of chosen herbs and a notice of the exhibit is in this newsletter. Exhibit Coordinator needed. I will be ending my term as exhibit coordinator this year. The exhibit coordinator needs to find and plan for exhibits for RMSBA. It seems to work out well to have one person or a team manage each exhibit; Mary Jo Ramsdale manages the Tagawa exhibit, a team is running the Culpeper exhibit. I have agreed to continue to manage the RARE exhibit through its last stop at the Business of Art Center in Manitou Springs. RMSBA have the quality of artwork and membership numbers to continue to have exhibits in more prominent spaces. The RARE exhibit is an example of what our organization is capable of doing and has raised our public visibility considerably. Please consider taking over this position. Elections will be held at the December meeting. Carol Till would like to send out thanks to all and looks forward to seeing you on November 8th at the Koelbel reception!


RMSBa Botanical illustrators - Peggy t urchette from Boulder
How and why did you become interested in Botanical Illustration? When I saw the Shirley Sherwood Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum in 2002. What has been the piece of work that you are most happy about? My two piece series of Apples and Pears. What are your other interests; gardening, etc.? Gardening, Dog-sitting What is the medium that you really enjoy and easily flow with? Watercolor. Do you have your certificate from DBG in Botanical Illustration? Yes, in February 2008. Do you have a challenge to accomplish? I’m working on a new series in watercolor and walnut ink, on colored grounds. I’d like to have a complete collection by 2010. What are the other items in your life that you would like to share? I’ve been working as a freelance illstrator for over 10 years, doing every single kind of illustration that has come my way, from botanical illustration to drawing garbage trucks, and everything in between. Unfortunately, my jobs have dropped off so drastically in the past year that I now supplement my income with dog sitting and doing yard work for other people. Who/what is your inspiration/ muse? To avoid a job where I have to wear panty hose. What is your favorite plant/flower? Sunflowers always make me very happy.

Check out Peggy’s Web site: http://www.peggyturchette.com/index.htm


Oct. 10 - May RARE, Imperiled Plants of Colorado Exhibit, Center of Southwest Studies at Fort 31, 2010
Lewis College, Durango, Colorado

Mark in your calendar

ASBA and RMSBA links to workshops/classes www.amsocbotartists.org www.botanicalartists.org General Links to Events and Workshops/Classes at the Denver Botanic Gardens: DBG www.botanicgardens.org 2009 • Café Botanique Lectures www.cb-lectures-mervi.blogspot.com Time: 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Place: Morrison Center, Denver Botanic Gardens (SE corner of York St & 11th Ave Nov. 5

Nov. 2 - 28 Nov. 18 - 20

Beauty and Bounty Exhibit at Koelbel Library Holiday Miniture Show Benefiting the Botanical Art & Illustration Certificate Program RMSBA winter 2009 meeting, we will celebrate the close of the year by gathering at Susan Rubin’s house (2235 Dexter St., Denver, Colorado) on December 6, 2009, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Dec. 6th

2010 July 1 - Sept.

RARE Exhibit’s last stop at the Business of Art Center, Manitou Springs until September 2010 Meet the Natives Exhibit at DBG Opening reception, Friday, July 2, 2010 Culpeper’s Medicinal Herbs Exhibit at the Dairy Center in Boulder

The Nature of Fibonacci Numbers, By Richard Yeatts, Ph.D., Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO
CALL FOR ENTRIES OUTSIDE OF RMSBA Meet the Natives Exhibit at DBG Please click on the following link for complete information, entry form and species list for the “Meet the Natives” Exhibit April 10 - May 16th 2010.

April 10 May 16 May 14 June 18 July 7 - 18

North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS) Exhibit at DBG
“Maple Leaf ”, Courtesy of Mary Clark

Miniature sale and Show: Reception with pre-sale Wednesday November 18th, 5 – 7 p.m. in the DBG’s Mitchell Hall (light refreshments) November 19-20, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. contact Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski for more information. Horticulture Magazine Call For Entry Garden Art Competition sponsored by Horticulture magazine
“Half the interest of a garden is the constant exercise of the imagination.” Mrs. C.W. Earle, Pot-Pourri from a Surrey Garden, 1897 For over 100 years, Horticulture has been dedicated to celebrating the passion of avid, influential gardeners. But we’re not the only ones – there’s an even longer history of artists inspired by flowers and gardens, from Claude Monet to Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe to Andy Warhol. We’re pleased to combine these twin passions in the new Garden Art Competition. These unique awards will honor new artwork in every medium, from established and up-and-coming artists, celebrating and encouraging a real passion for gardening.


*Note: If you don’t want to tear out this page, please download the form at RMSBA’s Web site www.botanicalartist.org

As mentioned in the President’s Notes on the first page you will notice that the membership dues have increased to $90.00, as the result of ASBA, the parent organization, needing to raise dues because of the challenging financial times. As discussed in our recent Board Meeting, RMSBA had the option to pass through the $25.00 ASBA increase. The RMSBA Board opted to reduce the chapter dues from $20.00 to $15.00 for the benefit of our members. Thank you for your understanding and you will find the RMSBA application below to fill out and mail to Vicky MacWilliam, Treasurer at 8285 Freeman Drive • Black Forest, CO 80908.

Membership Application
Complete this application, mail with a check made out to RMSBA for $90.00 to: Vicky MacWilliam, Treasurer 8285 Freeman Drive Black Forest, CO 80908-2907 719.495.2986 hgvmacwm@att.net ASBA Journal and RMSBA Newsletter $90.00 membership includes regular individual membership in the RMSBA* and the American Society of Botancial Artists*. Membership entitles you to receive both the ASBA Journal and RMSBA newsletter, as well as participate in all exhibits and functions. Membership is for the calendar year. Memberships received after the first of November in any year will be applied to the following calendar year.
*RMSBA and ASBA are not-for-profit organizations

i Jo

To n

ay! d

Be a member of the local chapter AND the National organization

First Chapter oF the asBa

If you have questions, please contact RMSBA: President, Terry Ruiter (303) 798-9452 E-mail: tlruiter@msn.com Membership, Sharon Garrett 303.985.5437 E-mail: sharonzgarrett@comcast.net ASBA: Toll-free: 1-866-691-9080 E-mail: ASBA@aol.com

Name: _________________________________ Address: _______________________________ City: __________________________________ Zip: ___________________________________ Phone: ________________________________ Fax: ___________________________________ E-mail: ________________________________ Web site: ______________________________ 11
updated: 11/02/2009 by Katie Nichols

*NOTE: The contact info for the Horticulture Magazine CFE is by going to the following Web site: http://www.hortmag.com/competitions/

“Cyclamen”, Courtesy of Katie M. Nichols

7636 Gray Way • Arvada, CO 80003

Printed on certified 30% post consumer material

We have been invited to exhibit in 2010 at The Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder. Entries will be due in March or April. Many of the listed herbs are common and easily found growing wild or in herb gardens. We don’t have all of the details set yet, but following are the pertinent ones. Mary Barnes came up with this exhibit concept and will be available to help you with questions about your plant selection. She will also be keeping a Master List of plants chosen to avoid duplication and inappropriate choices. To be sure, contact Mary at msilverspirit@bresnan.net or 719-486-2336. Dorothy DePaulo and Susan DiMarchi will be managing this exhibit.

Notice of 2010 RMSBA Exhibit: “Culpeper’s Medicinal Herbs”

Exhibit Title: Culpeper’s Medicinal Herbs

Exhibit Dates: May 14- June 18, 2010 @ The Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder, Colorado For background, here is our proposal: “We propose to exhibit a collection of botanical illustrations based on medicinal herbs that Nicolas Culpeper described in his publications from the seventeenth century. Culpeper championed the use of cheap and universally available herbal medicines rather than the expensive commercial treatments of his day. He is a man for our current times as health care access and big pharmaceutical are impacting all, rich and poor. His championing of herbal medical cures has had lasting impact on making medicine accessible to common folk. His remedies are still popular among holistic practitioners. -Our exhibit will focus on illustrating herbs described by Culpepper, that are still in medicinal use. They can be the local species, native, naturalized or cultivated, if they share the same medicinal properties. Nothing listed in Culpeper is American; but many herbs in use in the U.S. today came from Europe. We want choices still used today as medicines in America to make the exhibit relevant and educational. -We will provide educational labels that describe each herb’s medical use and application. -A call for entries will go to our members for this exhibit. Entries will be vetted for quality, conformity to theme and space available. The Dairy is requiring that their curator review all submitted work for quality, as our proposal only included a representative sample of member’s work and not an example of each artist’s work. We hope for space for 30-40 medium (16 x 20) size pieces to adequately address the theme. All artwork will be 2D. The majority of the works will be in watercolor, colored pencil and graphite on paper. Work will be realistic, botanically accurate depictions of herbs.” The Rules so far... Eligibility: RMSBA members, dues paid 2010. Eligible Submissions: Only illustrations of herbs that are listed in Culpeper publications. Do not include plants used in Native American or South American native cures. Books are easy obtainable at libraries or used book stores, or find info by a Google search. If it is not a common herb or you aren’t sure, ask Mary Barnes. A suggestion: It would be good to show the plant part used as the essential part of the medicinal cure. For example, if the root is used, than it would be good to include that part of the plant in the illustration. Likewise with leaves, flowers or seeds. Size: Artwork that fits in a 16 x 20 (inner dimension) frame. Vertical or horizontal ok. Subject: Two-dimensional original artwork of botanical subjects. No animals, people, pottery, tools, buildings, props, man-made objects or other non-plant elements allowed. The subject plant must be the prominent feature of the work. Non-botanical elements have been appearing in artwork submitted to RMSBA exhibits lately and their inclusion will result in your work be automatically rejected. Labeling: Do NOT label your artwork with the common or botanical name or include any writing other than your signature. Artwork submittal Deadline: Approximately March or April, 2010 Questions: Dorothy DePaulo, ddpaulo@comcast.net, Susan DiMarchi sdimarchi@gmail.com, or Mary Barnes msilverspirit@bresnan.net.

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