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President’s Notes
April! All moved in and I am now living in a sea of mud, but with great expectations of all the things we will be able to plant soon (I hope) Spring is here, sort of. My husband went for a run up on Green Mountain Yesterday. He said there were some purple things and some yellow things blooming. Not real definitive but a definite harbinger of things to come. I finished the non- botanical pictures for my grandchildren. Kylie got the Beanie Babies and Conner got a Turtle, just like he ordered. I finished a quick one of sunflowers it made me feel like sunshine was soon to be all the time, not just a peek between the clouds. Keep me posted on any new “Arty “developments. Did you all see the great article about Carolynn Crawford and her seed packet works? Great news for all of us!! See you all soon. Botanically yours, Susi Olson President

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Above illustrations courtesy of: Heidi Snyder, Marjorie Leggitt, Susan Rubin, Libby Kyer and Jane Kinsdale

about the RMSBa
The Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists founded in 1997 is the first chapter of the American Society of Botanical Artists and is open to all persons interested in botanical illustration.

RMSBA Officers 2009 President ......................................................... Susan Olson Vice President ................................................. Dorothy DePaulo Secretary ......................................................... Jan Boyd Haring Treasurer .........................................................Vicky MacWilliam Marketing ....................................................... Julie Sprinkle Membership Chairperson ............................... Sharon Garrett Programs Chairperson .................................... Annie Reiser Exhibits Chairperson ...................................... Libby Kyer Logistics (Refreshment) Chairperson.............. Susan DiMarchi WebMaster ..................................................... Susan Rubin Newsletter Editor ........................................... Katie Nichols

The summer 2010 meeting will be held at the Denver Botanic Gardens on June 13th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. This meeting’s program is an herbal cooking class held by Susan Evans, www.chrysalisherbs.com. (sampling the results and handouts are included in the class price/ $20.00) The class will be limited to 20. Sign up deadline is June 6. In the fall we will gather at an art supplies warehouse in Denver that Susi Olson discovered. She and Carol Till have met with the owner and worked up an exciting deal for us. We can meet there September 12th or 19th. The date will be coordinated to avoid the annual ASBA meeting. Details will be announced later. At our winter 2010 meeting, we will celebrate the close of the year by gathering at Susi Olson’s new home (address and details will be announced at a later date) on December 12, 2010, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Visit with the RMSBA colleagues you may not have seen for a while, meet new members, talk about shows and art in general. Bring the latest works you would like to share as well as a favorite hors d’ouvres or sweets for the season. We will hold elections for openings on the RMSBA Board, and invite all members to participate in committee work. Please think about how you might participate!

upcoming Meetings

Programs Coordinator: Annie Reiser annieandrolf@q.com Hm: 303-772-1721, Cell: 720-841-6296

To join the RMSBA, please contact Vicky MacWilliam,Treasurer Tele.: 719.495.2986 E-mail: hgvmacwm@worldnet.att.net 8285 Freeman Drive • Black Forest, CO 80908 ASBA Journal and RMSBA Newsletter $90.00 membership includes regular individual membership in the RMSBA* and American Society of Botancial Artists* and entitles you to receive both the ASBA and RMSBA newsletters, as well as participate in all open exhibits and functions. Membership is for the calendar year. Memberships received after the first of November in any year will be applied to the following calendar year. Newsletter Submission Deadlines January 12th April 12th July 12th Newsletter Published Winter Spring Fall

October 12th


Questions or contributions, please contact Katie Nichols, Editor E-mail: katienichols@comcast.net Tel.: 303.513.5453 7636 Gray Way • Arvada, CO 80003 • Artwork is donated to RMSBA for exclusive use in this newsletter. Any other use is strictly prohibited without written authorization of the artist. • The membership list is printed in whole in the Spring Edition of the newsletter. • Reproduction of this newsletter is prohibited without written permission from RMSBA. • We welcome your articles, calendar events and images. Please submit all text as an electronic file in .DOC (Word), .XLS (Excel), or the body of an e-mail. Please submit images in digital format; .JPG, .TIF, .PDF and at least 300 dpi (resolution; dots per inch) in color.


“Paper Whites in an English Gurgling Jug”, Courtesy of Katie M. Nichols

Minutes held February 21, 2010
Location: Brio Tuscan Grill Documented by: Jan Boyd Haring, Secretary The RMSBA executive committee met for a delightful brunch to discuss the group’s activities for 2010. Ten members were in attendance:. Susi Olson, Dorothy DePaulo, Sharon Garrett, Annie Reiser, Katie Nichols, Susan DiMarchi, Heidi Snyder, Vicky MacWilliam, Julie Sprinkle, Jan Boyd Haring. Susi reviewed board members and their positions. Suggested and approved was revising the position of VP to include Salesforce duties. This could improve communication within the group. If a member knows about a show, store sale, or review, it can be written up and submitted to the VP to distribute to all membership via Salesforce. Dorothy volunteered to be VP. Susi discussed how Libby will probably have a separate meeting with members involved with the exhibits. 2014 ASBA Conference: another discussion of the logistics of a conference in Denver, and how many people would be able to contribute their time. Susan Rubin, Kathy Imel and Sharon participated in the 2000 conference. Their feedback and/or guidance would be valuable. Libby Kyer had some exhibit questions for the board: Who chooses what exhibits occur? Need a standard entry form. Suggested a minimum of two weeks exhibit time. Gallery insurance. Discussion on RMSBA insurance and liability for the board. There is insurance for the transport of the Rare exhibit. Insurance is expensive and no decisions were made. Vicky presented the IRS concern of profits from exhibitions vs shows. Entry fees can support a show, and sales could remain private between artist and customer. Actual sales can be handled through a second bank account. Either scenario will answer IRS concerns. Susi and Dorothy will need to put their names on the RMSBA account at Bank of the West. Discussion of juried shows and requirements. Do we need to separate the business artists from the hobby artists? When entering a juried show, the artist needs to do their homework on jurors, venue, and exhibit subject. It helps to have someone else critique your art. Other art organizations have group critiques. It’s difficult to see mistakes in your own art. Self growth is part of the experience. Susi may write an encouraging article in the next newsletter. 02/21/10 RMSBA Executive Board Meeting adjourned Location: DBG Classroom C Documented by: Jan Boyd Haring - Secretary 24 RMSBA members attended the 2010 Spring Meeting. President Susie Olson conveyed information determined during the executive board meeting earlier in the day. Susie encouraged communication within the group. Art shows, store bargains, different types of art we may be doing, or available classes in the area. It was noted that other art organizations share art on a regular basis. Much can be learned from looking at other’s works!

RMSBa Meetings

Announcement: the new Vice President is Dorothy DePaulo. The duties of the VP will be expanded to include SalesForce/email mass mailing: if a member needs to send information to the group, the VP will act as the single point of contact and can push information out to the membership. Susie presented a certificate to Terry Ruiter for her hard work as past president. Terry discussed RMSBA hosting an ASBA Conference in 2014. (Since this meeting, the date has been accepted by ASBA). Keep your minds and eyes open for possible activities, tours, special class ideas, and Colorado specific entertainment. Participants come to these conferences from all over the world. These conferences can not be put together by a few people – many will need to be involved in the festivities. A successful conference sheds a wonderful light on a regional group, which could open doors in the future for some or all involved. Some issues discussed: the need for classes and lodging in a single location – the less commuting the better, and a possible juried/nonjuried show at the DAM. Culpeper Show: Dorothy discussed the Culpeper deadline and the process of selection (the Dairy will jury them). Plus the specifics of matting, and reimbursement of frame costs for those not accepted. Congratulations to Julie Sprinkle, who announced she will be participating in the Colorado Springs Studio Tour in November. Program Speaker was herbalist Mary Barnes, who is also in charge of the master artist/herb list of the Culpeper show. Mary reviewed a brief history of Nicholas Culpeper (b.1616 - d.1654) who was an original thinker and followed a natural philosophy of medicine vs the practices of the times. He catalogued the plants he saw in the English language using common terms, and created two herbal texts. He made medicinal information available to the common man for the first time, and educated the public on maintaining their health. Culpeper collected and categorized herbs and their properties, and how they could be used for health issues. He was a free thinker and created his own system of medicine. Eventually he was accused of witchcraft from the world of organized medicine and forbidden to practice. But his works lived on and are still with us today. We were all presented with a mini-herbal class, as Mary brought in some interesting and healthful teas: Bitter Dandelion Root decoction, simmered and strained. Red Raspberry Leaf infusion, steeped in boiling water, and a Strawberry/ Schizandra Berry long infusion (still containing the herbs). After sampling all three teas and listening to Mary’s explanation of the health benefits, we all felt great. Mary also reviewed some herbal books from her collection, as they could be used as resources on the subject of herbal medicine. Thanks Mary, for a wonderful and enlightening presentation! 02/20/10 RMSBA Meeting adjourned


RARE Exhibit update:

Exhibits Report & Schedule

RMSBa is now a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization!

“RARE, Imperiled Plants of Colorado” exhibit continues through May 31, 2010 at the Center of Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College in Durango. It then moves to its fourth and final venue, the Business of Art Center in Manitou Springs. The exhibit will run at B.A.C. from July 9 to September 28, 2010 at that location. RARE merchandise will be sold in the B.A.C. gift shop. The opening reception will be Friday, July 9 in the evening.


May 31, 2010: Last Day of the RARE exhibit at the Center of Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College in Durango July 9, 2010: Opening Reception, “RARE, Imperiled Plants of Colorado” at the B.A.C. July 9 to September 28, 2010: “RARE, Imperiled Plants of Colorado” exhibit at the Business of Art Center, 515 Manitou Avenue, Manitou Springs

Volunteer needed:

The B.A.C.has an Art Program for Kids planned for Saturday morning, July 10, 2010. They would like one or two of our members to instruct a program related to our RARE exhibit at the Center. Please contact Carol Till, 303-423-2687 if you are interested in leading this program. It is only for a couple of hours, so if you have a fun hands-on program for kids, I’d love to hear about it!

RARE Artist Talk

The Business of Art Center (BAC) is planning events to complement the RARE exhibit. They would be interested in having artists talk about their process in illustrating a plant for this exhibit. Most people don’t have any idea what goes into making a botanical illustration. It would be great to talk about your research and show photos, field sketches, preliminary drawings and tools of the trade. I would be ideal to have both a colored pencil artist and a watercolor artist to show the different approaches to painting their subject. Susi Olson brought all of her sketching and color studies, etc. to a meeting of the Rare Plant Conservation Initiative. People were fascinated by the process and came away with a better understanding and appreciation of everything that goes into a botanical painting. There are plenty of dates available for a talk at the BAC, especially Sundays. Contact Carol Till, 303-423-2687, caroltill@mindspring.com if you can do it. 4

Sign up now to inSure enough folkS to have angela come!
RMSBA Mt. Evans Artists' Retreat 2010

Angela Mirro - The Joy of Orchid Painting
July 22-24, 2010 ngela Mirro loves orchids. Really loves them! She’ll draw them in situ, from collections, from vendors, in the woods, in rainforests. Pretty much wherever orchids go, so goes Angela. Her orchid paintings are recognized by scientists and afficionados as some of the finest watercolors ever created. Angela’s works are in the Shirley Sherwood Collection, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Florilegium Collection, The American Orchid Society collection, many other private and corporate settings and are featured in Today’s Botanical Artist (Schiffer Publishing) among many publicatins. She tells us, “Whenever possible, I try to convey [orchids] in their natural habitat as so much of it is disappearing. Orchids and their interconnection with the natural world needs to be seen, valued and protected...The experience of painting orchids is energizing and magical, they almost seem to exert their will. Their resilience and beauty is a testament to life. I paint orchids to connect with that force and to celebrate it.” (More about Angela at www.angelamirro.com) Angela doesn’t have a lot of time to teach, and this instance is a rare opportunity. Angela will demonstrate her own methods in watercolor and encourage you to find how her techniques might inform your method. Each student will have individual support and critique while painting an orchid that is yours to keep so that you can finish your painting at home. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to study with Angela at the Denver University High Altitude Research Lodge on Mt. Evans. These workshops are held the third week of July to provide you with the maximum Rocky Mountain High Experience. This is the best weekend for seeing wildflowers in full bloom. The mountain is lush this time of year. Your workshop fee includes lunch and dinner on Day 1, three meals on Day 2 and breakfast and lunch on Day 3. A nice selection of entrees and snacks, which includes vegetarian (not vegan) choices at every meal, is provided. All meals are served buffet-style. Lodging is included for 2 nights in dormitory, single or double rooms as available. You may request a single room or your roommate on the registration form. Linens are provided. The lodge is large, well furnished and comfortable, and there'll be time for peer interaction, hiking and hanging out! Classes are held in the Lab, with full-spectrum lighting and drawing boards provided. The workshop is limited to 15 participants. Further information to make your retreat a great 'time-out' from hectic lives is provided on confirmation of your registration. Plan to arrive on the first day of your workshop around 9:00 AM to check in and stow your gear. Classes begin at 10:00 AM on Day One, 9:00 AM on Days 2 and 3. Lunch breaks are 1 hour, and there is ample time and daylight for field sketching or other outdoor activities. Classes end at 5:00 PM Days 1 and 2, and at 4:00 PM on Day 3 of the workshop. Each year the workshop fills up quickly so do plan ahead! We look forward to seeing you! Fee: $395 per RMSBA Member, $455 per non-Member, plus $30 for orchid. You may bring your own orchid if you prefer. Cancellation fee will apply; no refunds if cancellation received 60 days or less prior to workshop. For questions, call us at PH: 303.438.9565; for full information, reservation form and payment options including credit card go to www.pigs-fly.com, contact us at pigsflyworkshops@aol.com, or complete the registration form below and return with your check made out to 'Pigs Fly Workshops'. Our FAX is 303.438.1244; Mail: RMSBA Mt. Evans Retreat - Angela Mirro’s Workshops Orchids, 10374 Julian Court, Westminster, CO 80031. Thank You! Art education above the ordinary Registration Form RMSBA 2010 Artists Retreat with Angela Mirro ~ Orchids


Detach and mail

Name:___________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________________________________ City: ______________________________________________State:_____________ ZIP:________________________ PH:_______________________________________E-mail ________________________________________________ Please register me for Angela Mirro’s Orchids Workshop qRMSBA Member fee: $395 qNon-RMSBA Member fee: $455 q$30 for an orchid if not bringing your own Total Amount Enclosed: $__________________________ qVegetarian qNon-Vegetarian Meals qI have food allergies:________________________________ I prefer Requested Roommate: _____________________________________________________________________________ Roommate's Phone Number: ________________________________________________________________________


RMSBa Botanical illustrators - Lotus McElfish from Spring Branch, t exas
How and why did you become interested in Botanical Illustration?

Five years ago my husband and I were on a road trip to relocate and make a career change. During the trip, as an exercise in finding our new occupations, we were articulating “what are our passions”. I wanted to do more art (I was a wedding coordinator) and then I mentioned that I used to make wreaths with foraged plants, take nature walks, did aromatherapy, etc. and then it hit me that I really like everything relating to botanical. I said out of the blue that I wanted to be a” botanical artist”. So, it has been a journey to get back into art, perfect my skill in watercolor and learn “what does it mean to be a botanical artist?”. Mostly to take that leap and to not take another job.
What has been the piece of work that you are most happy about? Usually what I am currently working on - probably due to the excitement of learning about the new speciman in close examination. Right now it is mosses on a twig. The painting already completed that I am most happy about would be the Texas Snowbell. Painting this speciman allowed me to meet an exceptional man, David Bamberger. If you look on his Web site (http://www.bambergerranch.org/) you will get a look at the scope of what this 80 yr. old man has done. This species is endangered and he has made it his mission to “de-list it”. The specimen was on his ranch and over the 3 years recording the cycles of this plant, we have become friends. What are your other interests; gardening, etc.? Camping with our pick-up camper and dancing. Actually looking at the question I realize I have pretty much been living “the art” just to make a living. What is the medium that you really enjoy and easily flow with? I love graphite and colored pencil. I love the look and feel of line and the challenge of taking a little dot the size of a sharp pencil point and turning it into a full-blown portrait of my subject. Do you have your certificate from DBG in Botanical Illustration? No, I’m self taught. I wish … right now living in Texas, I do not have easy access to to the School so the cost is not something we can afford. Do you have a challenge to accomplish? To do many more Rare and Endangered plants of Texas. Some Texas Parks and Wildlife botanists just came out with a new book

called “Rare and Endangered Plants of Texas” and there are something like 200 species, so I don’t think I will be out of work soon. A big part of that is working with ranch owners, since very little land in Texas is public, unlike Colorado. Victor and I are also excited that we got juried into the “Art and Conservation: Our Hidden Treasures” for 2011.  This is a project that allows artists special access to private land - shows the “hidden treasures” through the eyes of the artist. A wonderful exhibit next spring to hopefully raise awareness and promote conservation of Texas Hill Country land, water, wildlife and native plants. We will do a collaborative work together using his photography (summerfishstudios.com) and my plant portraits. What are the other items in your life that you would like to share? I’m a certified aromatherapist and have my own line of aroma products that I have developed. I do Farmer’s Markets/Festivals with my product but trying to get into more festivals where I can show my artwork. My husband and I built with our two hands (yes, hammer and nail) an off the grid cabin in the San Luis Valley CO mountains when we had our Spa business there, called Mineral Hot Springs. It is still a work in progress and we hope to get the composting toilet and wood burning stove installed this summer. Since Victor builds creative garden structures: I many times need to help him. This physical work is a nice balance.

Who/what is your inspiration/muse? A.R. Valentien. Shortly after I decided to become a botanical artist I was lucky to be in California and saw an exhibit of his work at the San Diego Natural History Museum. I was so impressed with his body of work recording the California wildflowers that I spent hours trying to figure out his technique. Since they were initially for a book, they were all in a similar format and I loved that. Also, I sometimes joke to my husband that I need to channel some of our spectacular ASBA artists (for example Lizzie Sanders when I was painting the twig with moss). I remember her painting of a branch that was incredible. Or, when I was painting the Tobusch Fishhook Cactus, it was Christabel King’s paintings that I studied. How did she do that!? So, I would say most of our current botanical artists. What is your favorite plant/flower? The delicate wildflowers. So beautiful, ethereal, and when I see a field of them like you see in Texas it takes my breath away.


Illustration above “Moss Branch” Courtesy of Lotus McElfish

Exhibits of interest
“Overlooked and Underfoot: Common but Beautiful Plants Ignored on the Way up the Fourteener” Because Colorado is blessed with such an abundance of beautiful, colorful flowers at all elevations, it is often difficult to really look at any of them in detail, especially when you’re hiking through lush meadows of extravagant blooms in a bit of a hurry, trying to make it to the summit of the day’s appointed peak before the afternoon “Castilleja”, Courtesy thunderstorms hit. Even if you of Julie Sprinkle do have time to stop, many of them are in places that could be damaged by too many trampling feet, places that recover slowly, if at all. Photographs might capture the broad array from a distance, but it is in the tiny details that their variety and glory really shine. My aim in presenting this first installment of a longer series of Colorado wildflowers is to isolate them from their busy surroundings, to present them almost as portraits from Vanity Fair as done by Steichen or Avedon or even Liebowitz: in color, to be sure, but alone against a stark backdrop, posed and cropped to display their singularity and drama without competition. Each of them has evolved to fill a particular niche in the landscape in a particular way not duplicated by any other species. They are all unique. Unfortunately, even though they count as common plants, they are almost all also imperiled, in one way or another. Whether from changing climactic conditions, habitat loss at the lower elevations, trampling boots or competition at all elevations from humanintroduced species, any of these could disappear. It is my hope that, by offering these personal and idiosyncratic portraits, hikers and climbers will be inspired to take the time to really look at their surroundings and work for the preservation of our native ecosystems.
“Agastache”, Courtesy of Julie Sprinkle

tagawa Results
Hello artists, After my first run at the accounting, (Vicky will check everything when she returns from vacation), total sales were $2471.50, Slightly less than 09 ($2,614.46) yet close enough to book April 8, 9 and 10 for 2011. We’ll try to shift into the sunlight area next year. Thank you for your beautiful art and for sharing in the work to make this show happen. M.J. Maria J. (“Mary Jo”) Ramsdale (303) 690-1947 http://www.mariaramsdale.com


2010 May 14 June 18

Mark in your calendar
Culpeper’s Medicinal Herbs Exhibit at the Dairy Center in Boulder Last Day of the RARE exhibit at the Center of Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College in Durango Opening Reception, “RARE, Imperiled Plants of Colorado” at the B.A.C. RARE, Imperiled Plants of Colorado exhibit at the Business of Art Center, 515 Manitou Avenue, Manitou Springs

ASBA and RMSBA links to workshops/classes www.amsocbotartists.org www.botanicalartists.org General Links to Events and Workshops/Classes at the Denver Botanic Gardens: DBG www.botanicgardens.org 2010 • Café Botanique Lectures www.cb-lectures-mervi.blogspot.com Time: 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Place: Morrison Center, Denver Botanic Gardens (SE corner of York St & 11th Ave

May 31st

July 9th July 9 - Sept. 28th

• • • • • •

June 12 - 13th Summer Art Market, Art Students League
of Denver, 200 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mary Jo Ramsdale will be exhibiting botanicals and portraits. Carol Till will be exhibiting botanicals and etching of plants and animals. Visit them in booth #124. See www.asld.org for parking information. RMSBA’s Summer Meeting at DBG in the Morrison Center, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Opening reception Friday evening, 9. July Business of Art Center 513 Manitou Avenue Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829 www.thebac.org (719) 685-1861 North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS) Exhibit at DBG RMSBA’s Holiday Party/Meeting at Susi Olsons, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

June 13th July 15 - Aug.

May 20: Lisa Mason, Outreach Forester, Colorado State Forest Service: Pests of Ponderosa - Mountain Pine Beetles (Abstract and further information) September 2: Mark Simmons, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Fort Collins. Getting high with quat in Ethiopia (Abstract and further information) September 16: Bruce McDuffee, Vaisala Inc., Louisville, CO: The Science of Measuring Humidity (Abstract and further information) October 7: Steve Lekson, Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder: TBA (Abstract and further information) October 21: Pigments in Plants to Dye with (Abstract and further information) November 4: Endangered Species in Furniture Industry (Abstract and further information)

July 7 - 18 Dec. 18th


The North American Rock Garden Society will have their 2010 Annual meeting in Salida, CO. Contribute with an exhibit installed in El Pomar gallery at the Denver Botanic Gardens, July 7 – July 18. More information at http://nargs-mhjk.blogspot.com/


As mentioned in the previous newsletter, will notice that the membership dues have increased to $90.00, as the result of ASBA, the parent organization, needing to raise dues because of the challenging financial times. As discussed in our recent Board Meeting, RMSBA had the option to pass through the $25.00 ASBA increase. The RMSBA Board opted to reduce the chapter dues from $20.00 to $15.00 for the benefit of our members. Thank you for your understanding and you will find the RMSBA application below to fill out and mail to Vicky MacWilliam, Treasurer at 8285 Freeman Drive • Black Forest, CO 80908. *Note: If
you don’t want to tear out this page, please download the form at RMSBA’s Web site www.botanicalartist.org

Membership Application
Complete this application, mail with a check made out to RMSBA for $90.00 to: Vicky MacWilliam, Treasurer 8285 Freeman Drive Black Forest, CO 80908-2907 719.495.2986 hgvmacwm@att.net ASBA Journal and RMSBA Newsletter $90.00 membership includes regular individual membership in the RMSBA* and the American Society of Botancial Artists*. For International membership, please add and additional $15 to the $90 for regular membership. Membership entitles you to receive both the ASBA Journal and RMSBA newsletter, as well as participate in all exhibits and functions. Membership is for the calendar year. Memberships received after the first of November in any year will be applied to the following calendar year.
*RMSBA and ASBA are not-for-profit organizations

i Jo

To n

ay! d

Be a member of the local chapter AND the National organization

First Chapter oF the asBa

If you have questions, please contact RMSBA: President, Susi Olson (303) 456-5175 E-mail: susiolson@msn.com Membership, Sharon Garrett 303.985.5437 E-mail: sharonzgarrett@comcast.net ASBA: Toll-free: 1-866-691-9080 E-mail: ASBA@aol.com

Name: _________________________________ Address: _______________________________ City: __________________________________ Zip: ___________________________________ Phone: ________________________________ Fax: ___________________________________ E-mail: ________________________________ Web site: ______________________________
updated: 11/02/2009 by Katie Nichols


“Crocus sativas” , Courtesy of Mary Clark

7636 Gray Way • Arvada, CO 80003

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