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September meeting news … I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU … PLEASE!! I am back home from a fun week playing with my grandchildren. Taught knitting to my nine year old, and her twin brother devoured two new books we brought to him. High tech-computer savvy nine year old was engrossed in the “Hardy Boys”. Can you believe they were written about 1927? A good mystery beats a game boy any day! The baby who is almost four kept us all in stitches — he is a hoot and a half ! Now down to business (be prepared for a run on sentences). I visited with the gentleman at the art warehouse about the meeting in September. It is located very near the Denver Air Port. I went there today and talked to him about what art supplies most of us use. It was very informative. Here is what I told him; 140 or 300 lb hot press paper. He told me that even his wholesale business cannot compete with Arches as most art supply stores use this as a hook to get us in there, so he can’t really offer us any real discount. Fabriano on the other hand he can offer in bulk. He will have other paper suppliers available that we cannot easily find locally. Water color paint was limited and sort of a medium grade not really student but a bit less than pro. He stocks some oriental brands, in pans, as well as paper, the sort used for classic Asian style painting. He has brushes, travel brushes, at GOOD prices, but limited selections. He will also provide us with info on what brands he can get us, how much and what discounts he can offer if we buy as a group. For pencil people he has Faber Castel and Derwent, not always in stock, he will just order what is wanted. Not usually any great deals on Prismacolor as they are getting so cheap at places like Michaels. Now for the bargains! He supplies lots of art related “things”; great for gifts etc. Great sketch books, watercolor sketch books, graphite pencils, print making supplies, wood block stuff, sculpture “things (?)” sharpeners, articulated wooden models (some really strange things … ) oil pastels, oil paint, great mini easels, wooden mini easelpaint box combinations, small palettes, portable easels, art bags, large sketch books. Wow!, I could go on and on. Most of these items are in small amounts, sort of bits and pieces of all sorts of “art stuff ”. Brands are both familiar and unfamiliar to most of us. As they are really a showroom and warehouse shipping center to art schools, artists, galleries etc., they are not organized like a regular art supply store. Sort of a bargain basement/art garage sale/normal and goofy. But, some really great finds! Now, we want to do this on a Sunday afternoon in September. They are normally closed but will open for us. How about 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.? He is going to get back to me this week with a date that works for them. I need your feed back DESPERATELY!!! Are you interested? If so I need to give him a number of how many want to come. We will have samples, and a few goodies available for everyone and a COOL mini-easel paint box, wholesale value $50.00 (and I do mean cool), as a door prize. Great for the plein aire people among us. The date will be set soon — Sept 12th or maybe the 19th? I NEED TO KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, AND IF YOU ARE HOW MANY WILL BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE. Sounds like a fun day. Botanically yours, Susi Olson President

SuMMER 2010

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Above illustrations courtesy of: Susan Rubin, Libby Kyer and Jane Kinsdale

about the RMSBa
The Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists founded in 1997 is the first chapter of the American Society of Botanical Artists and is open to all persons interested in botanical illustration.

RMSBA Officers 2009 President ......................................................... Susan Olson Vice President ................................................. Dorothy DePaulo Secretary ......................................................... Jan Boyd Haring Treasurer .........................................................Vicky MacWilliam Marketing ....................................................... Julie Sprinkle Membership Chairperson ............................... Sharon Garrett Programs Chairperson .................................... Annie Reiser Exhibits Chairperson ...................................... Libby Kyer Logistics (Refreshment) Chairperson.............. Susan DiMarchi WebMaster ..................................................... Susan Rubin Newsletter Editor ........................................... Katie Nichols

In the fall we will gather at an art supplies warehouse in Denver that Susi Olson discovered. She and Carol Till have met with the owner and worked up an exciting deal for us. We can meet there September 12th or 19th. The date will be coordinated to avoid the annual ASBA meeting. Details will be announced later. At our winter 2010 meeting, we will celebrate the close of the year by gathering at Susi Olson’s new home (address and details will be announced at a later date) on December 12, 2010, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Visit with the RMSBA colleagues you may not have seen for a while, meet new members, talk about shows and art in general. Bring the latest works you would like to share as well as a favorite hors d’ouvres or sweets for the season. We will hold elections for openings on the RMSBA Board, and invite all members to participate in committee work. Please think about how you might participate!

upcoming Meetings

Programs Coordinator: Annie Reiser annieandrolf@q.com Hm: 303-772-1721, Cell: 720-841-6296

To join the RMSBA, please contact Vicky MacWilliam,Treasurer Tele.: 719.495.2986 E-mail: hgvmacwm@worldnet.att.net 8285 Freeman Drive • Black Forest, CO 80908 ASBA Journal and RMSBA Newsletter $90.00 membership includes regular individual membership in the RMSBA* and American Society of Botancial Artists* and entitles you to receive both the ASBA and RMSBA newsletters, as well as participate in all open exhibits and functions. Membership is for the calendar year. Memberships received after the first of November in any year will be applied to the following calendar year. Newsletter Submission Deadlines January 12th April 12th July 12th Newsletter Published Winter Spring Fall

“The Earth laughs in flowers.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

October 12th


Questions or contributions, please contact Katie Nichols, Editor E-mail: katienichols@comcast.net Tel.: 303.513.5453 7636 Gray Way • Arvada, CO 80003 • Artwork is donated to RMSBA for exclusive use in this newsletter. Any other use is strictly prohibited without written authorization of the artist. • The membership list is printed in whole in the Spring Edition of the newsletter. • Reproduction of this newsletter is prohibited without written permission from RMSBA. • We welcome your articles, calendar events and images. Please submit all text as an electronic file in .DOC (Word), .XLS (Excel), or the body of an e-mail. Please submit images in digital format; .JPG, .TIF, .PDF and at least 300 dpi (resolution; dots per inch) in color.


Minutes held February 21, 2010
RMSBA Executive Board Meeting Minutes, held June 21, 2010 Location: Brio Tuscan Grill Documented by: Jan Boyd Haring, Secretary The RMSBA executive committee met for a another delightful brunch and discussion. Ten members were in attendance: Susi Olson Libby Kyer Dorothy DePaulo Sharon Garrett Annie Reiser Katie Nichols Vicky MacWilliam Julie Sprinkle Jan Boyd Haring Susi started out the meeting by presenting Vicky with a Visa gift card for her excellent work on the 501c status. Thanks again Vicky! ASBA Conference 2014 Notes: The group should prepare for 170 attendees, and a banquet facility for 200 plus. Instructors would need 14 months notice, big name artists 18 month notice. Need one year notice for hotel usage. Need one year plus notice for show venues. (Terry Ruiter did confirm the DAM request. They should decide by August 2010 to announce participants for 2014.) Extra money made off the courses goes to ASBA. Instructors require $65-$70 per hr. for teaching. We need to learn of any expectations and guidelines from ASBA. Treasurer’s report from Vicky: Bank account: $5365.64 >with expected tax refunds of $243.00 CO and $787.66 IRS, totaling $6396.30 Projected cost of BAC Rare $1100.00. - sales TBD. Culpeper totaled $1356.61 after frame costs and fees/sales. Other topics: Jan had submitted a memo outlining thoughts on classes provided to the members at no cost to them. After a bit of discussion it was decided to be too expensive considering travel, meals and transportation. However, the group could take one regular meeting and turn it into a class with a guest instructor. Susi suggested regular critique sessions per Denver area region. The group had another discussion on juried shows, guidelines, use of mock juries. Not only would these sessions be a learning experience, but would assist in confidence building and what works and what doesn’t. Note on Koebel Library show: Susi thought the venue was too crowded. Perhaps limit entries to one per artist next time.
“Convallaria majalis (Lily of the Valley)” , Courtesy of Annie Reiser

RMSBa Meetings

Libby presented the group with a superb draft outline of RMSBA Creation and Exhibition Management. An RMSBA exhibit mission was stated. Procedures included selection of works (juried or not juried), standardized submissions and entry forms, regularly scheduled exhibits (one general, one themed), and requirements of the exhibit itself such as lighting, framing, and advertising. Libby was going to review a few items on her document and turn it over to the group. 06/21/10 RMSBA Executive Board Meeting adjourned


RARE Fourth and Final Reception The final RARE exhibit attracted 400 people to a public reception Friday evening July 9th at the Business of Art Center (BAC) in Manitou Springs. Over two dozen RMSBA artists were in attendance with a surprise appearance of exhibit juror, Susan Fisher, Director of the Art Institute at the ArizonaSonora Desert Museum. Members of the Southeast Chapter of the Colorado Native Plant Society were on hand to offer information about some of the rare plants from the region. Betsy Neely and Frogard Ryan of The Nature Conservancy; Steve Olson, botanist, U.S. Forest Service and Jill Handwerk, Colorado Natural Heritage Foundation, were our special guests at the reception. In brief comments, exhibit curator Carol Till and Dr. Tass Kelso, botanist from Colorado Collage, exhorted the reception crowd to support efforts to list and protect Colorado’s rare plants. Exhibit merchandise sales were brisk and the BAC gift shop will carry the cards, tees, catalogs and prints for the duration of the exhibit. Julie Sprinkle’s exhibit “Overlooked and Underfoot, Common but Beautiful Plants of Colorado”; designed to complement the RARE exhibit, is showing at the BAC only through July 15th. The RARE exhibit will be on display until September 28th, when its 18 month tour will end. Sharon Garrett graciously agreed to teach a kids and adults botanical drawing class the morning after the reception. Sharon and husband Gordon would have made it to the the Friday night reception if it hadn’t been for that flat tire at the Hwy. 24 exit! Special thanks are due Sharon who is always cheerfully willing to help! Complementary programs at the BAC: July 14th, 6 - 8:30 p.m. Artist’s Talk Jan Boyd Haring and Julie Sprinkle Jan will offer a brief history of botanical illustration and review of a some of the RARE exhibit works including plants growing in the Pikes Peak region. Julie will be talking about the steps and materials required to create a botanical illustration. She will also discuss native plant habitat loss and other endangerment/ preservation. September 9th, Time TBD, Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Program Betsy Neely, The Nature Conservancy

Exhibits Report & Schedule

Betsy presents a photo filled presentation about the Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Initiative’s efforts to protect rare plants. Check the BAC website for exhibit times and other programs. www.thebac.org or phone them at 719-865-1861


colorado native Plant Society Hikes information
Artists, there is still time to see, sketch and photograph Colorado wildflowers. Listed below are upcoming CoNPS Summer Hikes. CoNPS membership is only $20. (Note that the CoNPS website has not been maintained since April, so contact chapter officers for current information.) Denver Chapter (metrodenverconps@gmail.com) August 2 Wildflower Hike, Loveland Lakes, 7:30 am to 3 pm Loveland Lakes (just west of Loveland Pass) an alpine flower experience wildflower hike led by Vickey Trammel. A plant list will be provided to participants for the hike. Will return after lunch. Very easy walking. Meet at the 6th and Union RTD Park and Ride to form a carpool. Register by contacting Vickey Trammel, 303-795-5843, jrtrambo@q.com Southeast Chapter: to register, go to: www.conps.org/southeast.html August 8 Horsethief Park Wetlands, Highway 24, Horsethief Park Trailhead We will hike a moderately strenuous 4 to 6 miles to see the montane beaver ponds, wetlands, and meadows at 10,000 ft. We may find Calochortus, Aconitum, and several varieties of Gentiana, among many others. Go to the following web address for additional information about this trail: www.localhikes.com/hikes/HorsethiefFalls_0000.asp August 15 West Spanish Peak, West Spanish Peak via Cordova Pass, approximately 11 miles southwest of La Veta If we are lucky this will be the perfect time of year to catch the departure of summer wildflowers and the arrival of fall wildflowers, and what better place to witness the mix of seasons than West Spanish Peak, a special area to view both the famed geological dikes, and of course, some beautiful alpine species! Go to:
www.summitpost.org/mountain/rock/150802/west-spanish-peak.html for additional information.

our chances of viewing certain species. SEPTEMBER 10-12, CoNPS ANNUAL MEETING, Denver, CO Field trips on Sunday, September 12th include Roxborough State Park, Rocky Flats Grasses and Mt Giliath Alpine Plant Communities. See their special Annual Meeting newsletter mailed on July 15th or Contact Jannett Wesley at Denver Metro CoNPS, denverconps@gmail.com

August 22 The Fens of Greenhorn, Greenhorn Peak, approximately forty miles west of Pueblo If you doubt there are Fens in Colorado then you must go on this trip. On this trip to the fens we should see find many species in the huge Carex family, including a number that are considered to be quite rare. We will also see numerous riparian grasses and other interesting wetland species in this extensive, high altitude fen. Go to: www.sangres.com/mountains/greenhorntour.htm . Note that this trip could be changed to Sunday, August 29 to improve

“Centranthus ( Jupiter’s Beard)”, Courtesy of Marj Leggit


2010 July 9 - Sept. 28th

Mark in your calendar
RARE, Imperiled Plants of Colorado exhibit at the Business of Art Center, 515 Manitou Avenue, Manitou Springs

ASBA and RMSBA links to workshops/classes www.amsocbotartists.org www.botanicalartists.org General Links to Events and Workshops/Classes at the Denver Botanic Gardens: DBG www.botanicgardens.org 2010 • Café Botanique Lectures www.cb-lectures-mervi.blogspot.com Time: 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Place: Morrison Center, Denver Botanic Gardens (SE corner of York St & 11th Ave

July 15 - Aug. Opening reception Friday evening, July 9th
Business of Art Center 513 Manitou Avenue Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829 www.thebac.org (719) 685-1861

July 7 - 18 Aug. 14th Dec. 18th

North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS) Exhibit at DBG The Pinery Art Show

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RMSBA’s Holiday Party/Meeting at Susi Olsons, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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September 2: Mark Simmons, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Fort Collins. Getting high with quat in Ethiopia (Abstract and further information) September 16: Bruce McDuffee, Vaisala Inc., Louisville, CO: The Science of Measuring Humidity (Abstract and further information) October 7: Steve Lekson, Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder: TBA (Abstract and further information) October 21: Pigments in Plants to Dye with (Abstract and further information) November 4: Endangered Species in Furniture Industry (Abstract and further information)

Newsletter Submission Deadlines January 12th April 12th July 12th

Newsletter Published Winter Spring Fall

“Columbine” , Courtesy of Ann Fleming

October 12th



As mentioned in the previous newsletter, will notice that the membership dues have increased to $90.00, as the result of ASBA, the parent organization, needing to raise dues because of the challenging financial times. As discussed in our recent Board Meeting, RMSBA had the option to pass through the $25.00 ASBA increase. The RMSBA Board opted to reduce the chapter dues from $20.00 to $15.00 for the benefit of our members. Thank you for your understanding and you will find the RMSBA application below to fill out and mail to Vicky MacWilliam, Treasurer at 8285 Freeman Drive • Black Forest, CO 80908. *Note: If
you don’t want to tear out this page, please download the form at RMSBA’s Web site www.botanicalartist.org

Membership Application
Complete this application, mail with a check made out to RMSBA for $90.00 to: Vicky MacWilliam, Treasurer 8285 Freeman Drive Black Forest, CO 80908-2907 719.495.2986 hgvmacwm@att.net ASBA Journal and RMSBA Newsletter $90.00 membership includes regular individual membership in the RMSBA* and the American Society of Botancial Artists*. For International membership, please add and additional $15 to the $90 for regular membership. Membership entitles you to receive both the ASBA Journal and RMSBA newsletter, as well as participate in all exhibits and functions. Membership is for the calendar year. Memberships received after the first of November in any year will be applied to the following calendar year.
*RMSBA and ASBA are not-for-profit organizations


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