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R o C k y M o u N ta I N
Society of Botanical Artists
President’s Notes
Hello Everyone! Here is what we want to do on our next time together. May th 29 at Koelbel Library from 1 to 5 p.m. come and enjoy a day of art and fun! No costs to you (except, if you have forgotten to pay your dues bring a check!) It would be a great time to bring in new member too. No charge to them, well, they have to join, but look what a great introductory meeting this will be! Here is the program. Libby Kyer will demonstrate Caran d’Ache colored pencils, wet and dry. These pigment-rich tools will kickstart color in brilliant ways that might be new to you. You’ll have samples of substrates and pencils to work with, and she’ll guide you through a neat trick or two to make colored pencils even more fun. All materials are provided. Don’t miss this fun, informative time with your peers. Then we will break for refreshments and the second part will be: Heidi Snyder and Dorothy DePaulo are going to tell you everything they know about working on drafting film (commonly known as Mylar)! We’ll color with pencils, paint with acrylic, splash with inks, wash with watercolors and dabble in collage. You can try your hand at this very versatile film and perhaps come up with techniques we never thought about. Come and dabble in something new. We’ll have fun and learn something too! I need a head count so we can organize food so let me know as soon as you mark those calendars. susiolson@msn.com or 303-456-5175 Just to let those painters out there know I haven’t forgotten them. I am working on a similar day for you. More to come later.


“Lily of the Valley” Courtsey of Annie Reiser

About RMSBA Founded in 1997 ................................... 2 From the Maine Girl ............................... 2 2010 RMSBA Tagawa Show .................3 RMSBA Calendar & Events February, March and April .................... 4 RMSBA Board Meeting Minutes .............. 5 2011 Published Membership List ......... 6, 7 Letter to the Board ............................... 8 Rocky Mountain Garden Call For Entry The Colorado Garden ........................ 9, 10 2014 ASBA Annual Conference What can we do to impress? .............. 11 RMSBA Position Vacancies New Treasurer needed ...................... BC

about the RMSBa
The Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists founded in 1997 is the first chapter of the American Society of Botanical Artists and is open to all persons interested in botanical illustration. RMSBA Officers of 2011 President .............................................. Susan Olson Vice President ....................................... Dorothy DePaulo Secretary .............................................. Jan Boyd Haring Treasurer .............................................. Vicky MacWilliam Marketing Chair .................................. TBD Membership Chair ................................ Sharon Garrett Programs Chair .................................... Julie Terry Exhibits Chair ....................................... Libby Kyer Exhibits Coordinator .......................... TBD Logistics (Refreshment) Chair ............... Heidi Schnyder Newsletter Editor .................................. Katie Nichols To join the RMSBA, please contact Vicky MacWilliam,Treasurer Tele.: 719.495.2986 E-mail: hgvmacwm@worldnet.att.net 8285 Freeman Drive • Black Forest, CO 80908 ASBA Journal and RMSBA Newsletter $90.00 membership includes regular individual membership in the RMSBA and American Society of Botancial Artists and entitles you to receive both the ASBA Journal and the RMSBA newsletter, as well as participate in all open exhibits and functions. Membership is for one calendar year. Memberships received after the first of November in any year will be applied to the following calendar year. Questions or contributions, please contact Katie Nichols, Editor E-mail: plantmanagerstudio@me.com Tel.: 207.798.2677 325 Five Islands Road • Georgetown, ME 04548 • Artwork is donated to RMSBA for exclusive use in this newsletter. Any other use is strictly prohibited without written authorization of the artist. • The membership list is printed in whole in the Spring Edition of the newsletter. • Reproduction of this newsletter is prohibited without written permission from RMSBA. • We welcome your articles, calendar events and images. Please submit all text as an electronic file in .DOC (Word), .XLS (Excel), or the body of an e-mail. Please submit images in digital format; .JPG, .TIF, .PDF and at least 300 dpi (resolution; dots per inch) in color.

From the Maine Girl
I am happy to say that I finally managed to sit down and draw! Of course it helped that the drawing was a commission and I had a deadline. The illustration was of Texas Blue Bonnets and I did it with colored pencil.

The Mayflowers are budding here and that is a for sure sign of Spring. The other night I participated in the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens “Input” meeting. The Gardens have been open for five years and they are going through a re-discovering phase to see what visitors and/ or members like, dislike and would like to see happen. I of course inquired whether the Gardens were considering any Botanical Illustration courses since they are building an education building. My question was noted with enthusiasm, so we shall see what the Gardens procures and I’ll keep you posted. Have a wonderful Spring!


taGaWa 2011 aRt SHoW
Hello Artists, We had a light-filled and well traveled-location within the Tagawa greenhouses this year, giving us a steadier visitor rate and better art viewing for customers. The expanded “Back to Nature” theme was very well received. Sales were right at $2000. We are revisiting the idea of linking up with Tagawa’s special events, and the various societies such as the Rose Society, African Violet Society, the Daylily Society and the edible plant group for additional opportunities to exhibit and sell on a smaller scale throughout the year. Thank you for your gorgeous art and for participating in the processes that keep this show happening. We are scheduled for a Fourth Annual Show in mid April, 2012. Mary Jo Ramsdale


2011 May 29 May 26June 19
RMSBA’s Spring Meeting at Koelbel Library, 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
FIVE : Sensory Garden, Opening Reception Friday, May 27, 2011 6-9 pm First Friday June 3, 2011 6-9 pm Last Look: coffee with the artist Sunday, June 19, 2011 1-4 pm

• The Rocky Mountain Garden A show open to all RMSBA members At the Center for the Arts in Evergreen Coming in September through October 2011 • ASBA and RMSBA links to workshops/classes www.amsocbotartists.org www.botanicalartists.org General Links to Events and Workshops/Classes at the Denver Botanic Gardens: • DBG www.botanicgardens.org • 2011 • Café Botanique Lectures www.cb-lectures-mervi.blogspot.com Time: 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Place: Morrison Center, Denver Botanic Gardens (SE corner of York Street & 11th Avenue) June 2: Marja Eloheimo, University of Washington, Olympia WA: [Issues of Access to Traditional Materials for Indigenous Basket Makers] (Abstract and more information)

“Tillgentianth”, Courtsey of Carol Till


RMSBa December 2010 Executive Board Meeting
RMSBA Executive Board Meeting Minutes, held March 27 2011 Location: Brios, Cherry Creek Documented by: Jan Boyd Haring, Secretary Eight members were in attendance: Susi Olson -President Libby Kyer -Exhibit Coordinator Dorothy DePaulo - VP Sharon Garrett - Membership Julie Terry - Events Vicky MacWilliam - Treasurer Heidi Snyder - Refreshments Jan Boyd Haring - Secretary Treasurer’s report from Vicky: Bank account: 5145.66. Credit Card Fees: We still have our First America card/$23. per month fee without additional sales. Susi is going to investigate “Go Payment on Smart Phone” with lower rate. May need to open a coverage account with the bank. Discussion of receiving membership dues via Paypal. Membership is down to 59, which is normal for the season. Newsletter: Are members reading the newsletter? Katie is going to continue her post until the end of the year. Motion passed to add the newsletter to the blog. Dorothy mentioned Carol might be interested in updating the newsletter items. RMSBA Blog: Libby has created a blog: rmsbartists@blogspot.com. Function: for specific entry forms, membership forms, and other org-wide notifications. Decision made to have the membership application in print and mail format instead of fill-in pdf. Vicky had corrections to make to the form. Contact info for each officer will not be displayed. Open to all: followers are ok, can also subscribe. To add information: the contact can be Libby with a copy to Dorothy to email the group. Links: Standard – DBG, ASBA, GNSI Possible link of the week: informational with comment section Encourage input from readers, including info on classes, supplies, and books. Create a gallery function for members, can link to their website. Members would be responsible for their own updates. Shows Dorothy has succeeded in getting the Evergreen venue for a show theme “Colorado Garden”. It would be a self juried, “first come first served” entry process for 35 digital entries. Timeframe 9/11. Heidi suggested the Brighton Armory as a possible venue. Julie is in contact with the Astor House in Golden. Possible theme of the “Language of Flowers” (Florigraphy, was a 5 Victorian era of communication). Could group flowers per meaning and create card packages. Timeframe: 2012. Another theme suggestion: Western Pioneer Flowers used in everyday life. Venue: Pioneer Museum in Golden. Could include plants brought with them from home: cuttings of fruit trees, peonies, daisies, iris. Dorothy updated on the Rare 2.0 exhibit. Selection from 120 plants on the endangered list within the Rocky Mountain area. First meeting April 2, 2011. Goal is the ASBA Conference in 2014. Possible future venue for shows: Museum of Nature and Science, Denver. Discussion on the no charge shows, Tagawas and Echters. Will try this method this year and see how it goes. Would only need $50. for food and $100 for cards. Motion passed: if people can’t sit at the venue for a minimum of two hours, they must pay $20. Heidi says the inventory sheets weren’t used at Echters, and it should be mandatory. It’s difficult to make sales without them. RMSBA will have two sales shows and two exhibit shows per year. Future RMSBA Meeting Event ideas Susi: Graham Paints – honey based watercolor workshop Critiques – continuing in other parts of the metro area – next one at Julie’s house. Try different days of the week or evenings. Julie: Alyson B. Stanfield and her book “I’d Rather Be in the Studio”, business of art topic. No fee meeting but Alyson would like to sell her books and cds. Or, a fee to attend the meeting and you get a book to take home. An all day instructional event with Libby/Caran D’ache and Dorothy/Mylar and a snack break in the middle. Could be at Koebel Library. Timeframe: Spring 2011. Another meeting place could be Susi’s clubhouse. Discussion on guests being welcome to meetings and events if they join RMSBA. ASBA 2014 Notes Ideas for the convention are starting to take shape. Jan is doing the catalog, Sharon some of the activity ideas, Susi is handling the totebag, Three shows: Rare 2.0, a miniature show, and an ASBA show. 03/27/11 RMSBA Executive Board Meeting adjourned

Letter to the Board: I was sorry to see in the last newsletter that the new RMSBA Exhibit Requisites include imposing a sales commission on member’s artwork. “Works for sale may have a commission charged by the venue, and will have a 10% commission withheld by the RMSBA to support Chapter activities, including the exhibition expenses.” RMSBA’s cash on hand has increased from approximately $2000 in 2007 to over $5300 now. I’m going to assume that some of that income came from our members from dues, exhibit entry fees and RARE products. Remember that our members donated the use of RARE images for the cards and catalogs and did the packaging and retailing too. How about looking for ways to use our cash excess for members activities instead adding on more fees for our members? Sincerely, Carol Till

Susan Rubin

2235 Dexter St. Denver, CO 80207 303-698-2355 susan@susanrubinstudio.com susanrubinstudio.com Exhibit at SPARK Gallery 900 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO 80204 720-889-2200 www.sparkgallery.com TITLE: FIVE : Sensory Garden May 26 – June 19, 2011 Opening Reception Friday, May 27, 2011 6-9 pm First Friday June 3, 2011 6-9 pm Last Look: coffee with the artist Sunday, June 19, 2011 1-4 pm ARTIST STATEMENT In an ongoing exploration of the relationship between people and plants, this group of drawings takes a closer look at the five senses, sight touch, taste, sound and smell, and the way we experience the environment. There is no question that beautiful, delicious, fragrant plants delight our senses, but it is not their job. Their scents and colors and tastes are all geared toward one thing: species survival – theirs, not ours. . It is coincidence that the sensory output of plants affects us at all, but they do affect us, and we count on plants for survival and pleasure – ours not theirs.

“Woven by Nature”, Courtsey of Lotus McElfish


Call for Entries
“The Colorado Garden” This will be an RMSBA show at the Rotary Gallery at Center Stage in Evergreen.
Date: September- October 2011 (exact dates will be announced) Location: Rotary Gallery at Center Stage in Evergreen, Colorado. Eligibility: This show is open to all members of RMSBA who have paid dues for 2011. Eligible Submissions: Artwork must be (inner dimension) frame size 16”x20” or smaller. It must realistically depict, with botanical accuracy, any plant that commonly grows in a Colorado garden. (This includes both the flower and vegetable garden.) Artwork must have been completed within the past four years and can not have been previously hung in an RMSBA show. The subject plant must be the predominant feature of the work. Media: Entries should be original art. (Watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, pen and ink, artist prints such as etchings, oil, egg-tempra, pastel, are all acceptable.) The artwork can be either a horizontal or vertical format. Jury: Entries will be vetted for quality, conformity to theme, and space available. The curator of Evergreen Center for the Arts will review all submitted work for quality. Frame Label: Each item must be labeled on back of frame with the artist’s name, title, medium, contact information and price. Exhibit information: Space is limited, and entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve, basis. Entries will be limited to one submission per artist.
continued on page 10


Thirty five submissions will be selected in total. Drop off and pick-up dates will be announced as soon as Evergreen Center for the Arts provides them. T0 Enter: E-mail a jpeg. image of your work(not larger than 2 MB) to Dorothy DePaulo at ddepaulo@gmail.com by August 15, 2011 and include: Name____________________________________________________ Address__________________________________________________ Phone #___________________E-mail address__________________ Title of work______________________________________________ Media___________________________________________________ Frame size__________________ Price_________________________ Fees: There will be a $5.00 fee to cover the cost of labels, cards, and hanging materials. This will be collected at time of delivery of artwork. At this point in time, we’re waiting to hear if Evergreen charges a commission. There will be no RMBSA commission. It is also not known at this point in time, whether or not Evergreen requires that artwork be for sale. As soon as this information is available, it will be passed on to the membership.


2014 aSBa annual Conference
American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA) 2014 Annual Meeting Denver, Colorado Hosted by Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists (RMSBA) The 2014 annual meeting of ASBA will be held in Denver, Colorado. Although still 3 years away, it is time to make arrangements for the meeting to be one of the best possible. The annual meeting is held in the autumn each year at a location proposed by a local sponsor. After discussions between several RMSBA members, it was decided to begin with downtown Denver as a potential meeting location because of the number of hotels with meeting facilities, variety of restaurants, and proximity to the Denver Art Museum, Contemporary Art Museum, downtown galleries and other points of interest to visitors. The Denver Visitors Bureau was contacted to see what might be available for October or November 2014. The week of 8-11 October was identified as unavailable. The Visitors Bureau offered to handle contacting hotels. As a result, a request for proposals for meeting space for 15-18 October 2014 was sent to several downtown hotels, with proposals due by 21 January 2011. In addition to accommodations, classes and meetings, the ASBA meetings frequently have a concurrent show of botanical art. A proposal was submitted to the Denver Art Museum (DAM) for such a show. While interested in botanical art, the DAM is not setting up small shows for 2014. Other potential venues have been suggested for the ASBA show. Putting on a successful annual meeting requires considerable up-front work by the host chapter. The following help is needed for the Denver meeting: Conference co-chairs Local logistics committee (ensures all activities are completed!) Develop conference title Registration packets and conference gift Develop conference PowerPoint for 2013 meeting Keep conference records Follow-up reports Hotel/site liaison and transportation coordinators Show committee Local registration committee Education committee (identify Colorado-based courses and field trips) Local silent auction support Graphic design (including development of meeting logo) Keynote speaker committee Public relations There is a great deal of work to be done and plenty to go around! If you are interested in joining the initial activities, please send an e-mail to Terry Ruiter (tlruiter@msn.com) and Dorothy DePaulo (ddepaulo@comcast.net). If you have thoughts on any of the topics listed, please pass them along. Your involvement will be a terrific way to highlight the botanical art being done in the Rocky Mountain region....and will be a lot of fun!


RMSBa Postion Vacancies
RMSBA is in need of the following positions within the society to be filled:
New Treasurer Needed Please consider taking on this function for RMSBA beginning next year. Vicky is looking for a willing individual who will work with her as an assistant over a period of time until the new person is confident in performing this task. After the transfer, Vicky will remain as an assistant if needed and will help in any way. The job is neither difficult nor time consuming -- it just takes attention to detail. A calendar has been set up to make sure nothing is missed and involves approximately three items per month. Most of the activities are computerized and simple to perform. Please contact Vicky (719-495-2986 or hgvmacwm@att.net) for more information. This job is a great way to participate while still having full control over your own schedule. “Tulip Tango” Courtsey of Dorothy DePaulo

325 Five Islands Road Georgetown, ME 04548 www.botanicalartists.org

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