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Local Editor Myra Lopez: Also, during tonight's City Council meeting, the official public hearing on the FY2012 budget w ill be held in the Council Chambers. —Tw eeted 25 minutes ago

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University City Schools Superintendent Talks About the Good and the Bad
At a gathering Wednesday night Supterintendent Joylynn Wilson Pruitt gave the community an update on the state of district schools.
By Kareem Johnson | Email the author | March 3, 2011

2 Wednesday Night at the McNair Administration Building, University City School District


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Superintendent Joylynn Wilson Pruitt gave parents a status report on district activities, ranging from school renovations to the status of the district accreditation. This was the second of two Conversations with the Superintendent this academic year. “We are making an avid commitment to start each presentation on something positive, and share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly, and try to end again on a positive note.” Pruitt noted that the district is fully accredited. “Right now the district has 7 points. We have 7 of 14, we are still fully accredited. If our review were right now, we would be provisional.” She also mentioned that the district has two finalists in the 2011 Merit Scholar Program, and two students that were named "Outstanding Participants" by the 2011 National Achievement Scholarship Program.


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There are five goals that are outlined in the Tell Your Neighbors About Patch Comprehensive School Improvement Plan that the District reports to the state on monthly Pruitt said. They are academic achievement; highly qualified staff; facilities, support, and instructional resources; parent and community involvement; and governance and administration. On each of these goals, Pruitt outlined progress and initiatives the District was working on. As part of the Centennial Year celebration, Pruitt mentioned that there will be a Community Schools Fair at Brittany Woods on April 29, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. On April 30, the Barbara C. Jordan

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University City School Board Members Get Tough Love Talk By Myra Lopez

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Elementary ribbon cutting will take place. Pershing Elementary Groundbreaking is scheduled for May 13. Pruitt also gave an update on the renovations throughout the District. As part of her presentation, pictures of construction at Barbara C. Jordan were shown to the about 30 attendees.

By Myra Lopez

All Eyes on the 2011-2012 School Year

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Comments (2)
Holston Black Jr.
3:26pm on Friday, Marc h 4, 2011

School Board Honors Robotics Team; Asks About Future of Online Homework
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Myra, there's one correction to your article about the superintendent, she did not say the two students that participated in the National Achievement test were finalists. They were simply in her words "Outstanding Students" but in reality that is noe an official classification. I can understand wanting to present a beautiful picture after the negative one that is being presented. You tread on thin ice when you try too hard because a pig in a dress is still a pig.
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Myra Lopez
3:50pm on Friday, Marc h 4, 2011

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Thanks Holston I'll send your comments to the freelancer who wrote the story.
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