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* Erie, Pennsylvania

Volume XV, N o . 4

Liturgy Meaning
j Explained by
| On March 7, Father E. H.
Joyden of Detroit, Michigan, Mr. Frank Sheed
till speak to the student body
|on the subject of "The Liturg- Returns March 6
jjcal Movement in the * United
One of the outstanding speak-
States." 1 ers of the Lecture Series is Mr.
Father Boyden was ordained Frank Sheed, of Sheed and Ward
Jcently to the Holy Priesthood
Publishing House, who will
[on February 24, 1945, at Colum-
ns, Ohio. He will endeavor to speak in the Mercyhurst Audi-
fcreate a lively interest in litur- torium, ^March 6, 1945.
jical studies and to excite a [ Mr. Sheed will develop the
bore active participation in the psubject: "The Church in Eu-
liturgy Movement. Father Boy- rope Today," Tuesday after-
Ben, himself, is at very enthusi- noon. In the evening, he will
lastic worker in this field.
discuss "The Modern Idea of
The Purpose God."

Concerned with learning and Mr. Sheed, one of the out-

Warning, the Liturgical Move- standing Catholic laymen in
ment tells the why and where- the country, is a native English-
fore of the rites and prayers of Music StudentsiPrepare for Concert. Standing from^L. to R.: H. Martin, D. Telerski, B Flemiiur man who has won renown for
pie Church. R. Su.hvan, S. .Hanrahan, E. Fitzgerald, and C. Cavanaugh. Seated at the piano is T. L e n l his work in Ithe Catholic Evi-
The Lit urgyt at iMercy hurst dence Guild as well as in writ-
Save Y Penni
As we know, the Liturgical
Movement at Mercyhurst has a i
Annual Recital Planned i °»- «» Z Z£7Z2??J:
the author of Sidelights on the
The music students of Mercyhurst are anxiously anticipating An Jafternoon of Ifalls and Catholic Revival, and the editor
|chief apostolic work this
j«ar the organization and direc- their annual concert recital to be held March 11 in the college frolic will b e | enjoyed by the of Poetry and Life, An Antho-
p of a student choir. The auditorium. Piano selections by classic and modern composers will student body on Friday, March logy of English Catholic Poet-
Jovement has also studied the be interpreted by Theresa Lennon, Sally Hanrahan, Barbara Flem- 9. On that day, from 4 to 6 ry. His wife land co-partner is
pass intensively under the guid- ing, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Connie Finch and Danusia Telerski. The P. M., the Athletic Association Maisie Ward-Sheed, author of
p of Mother M. Borgia and voice students, Ruth Elaine Sullivan, Catherine Cavanaugh, Helen the late best-seller Gilbert Keith
will sponsor a private skating
fter M. Inez. The students Martin, Mildred Trippe and Elizabeth Fitzgerald, will sing a few
ve operatic arias and other well-known favorites. party at the 12th Street Skat- Chesterton; Mr. Sheed, with his
[ helped to participate in the
•ay by individually presenting Many of usthave been interested in the new technique employed ing Rink. characteristic sense of humor,
P explaining the prayers of in training the voice. The groaning exercises are not meant to Skating is an art at which delights, as well as informs, his
I Mass. I be tones nor are they the singing voice. These merely strengthen many of us are unskilled. But audience in his intellectual dis-
the throat, give good support, and after devlopment, they balance amidst the numerous falls and courses. His manner of presen-
[^ter the study of the Mass the singing tone. The exercises build a foundation for the voice. ensuing aches, much physical tation, subject matter, and per-
f been fully accomplished, a Both the piano and voice stu- good is derived. Thisiparty will sonality lend to the (interest,
N«r study of the Sacraments dents have been!under excellent help to serve as a preparation timeliness, and appropriateness
? he introduced. instructors, Sister M. Inez and QUOTATION for the spring months ahead. of his lectures. .
We Mrs. Giovanna Klopp. "There is no truer truth ob- Miss Loretta Crowley has Those of us who were at Mer-
I will find Father Boyden's
At this time we are eagerly tainable been appointed as general chair- cyhurst two years ago will re-
TOoints and aims will coin-
fc closely with those of our looking forward to next month's By man than comes of music." man for this occasion. She is call his highly, stimulating and
at Mercyhurst. recital. —Charles Avison working with her committees to thought provoking discourses.
make this an enjoyable after- We can all look forward with
noon for all who I attend. pleasure to the 6th of March.|

ew ive nc es
jConcent Player Gala Bazaar Fr. Lyons Speaks A . B . P r o g r a m R e v i e w e d
"Heard Sponsored by To Sodality The Liberal Arts Club began the second semester February 11
Febr SOSi Members under the leadership of Miss Frances Honeck with a lecture by
P uary 12, 1945, Mari- Approximately fifty sodalists
attended the Sodality Institute Sr. M. Eustace on "The Standards of Literary Art." The general
Huron, American Concert The SOS sponsored a College
oph Day); on Sunday, February 18. canons of "criticism given by Sr. Eustace are determined by the
onist, played a well cho- Bazaar on Saturday night, Feb- analysis of artists' pieces themselves. They'include unity, variety,
The program, sponsored by the
i appealing tprogram ruary 10, in place of the annual Erie District Sodality Union, proportion, harmony, rhythm, restraint, and balance. Following
thrilled everyone. card party. The booths featured was conducted by Reverend J. her talk was an informal criticism, based upon these seven norms,
M el were fancy work, snack [bar, Roger Lyons, S. J. of present day plays and movies.
h ta Huron was born in
Bingo, house of fun, darts, pool, The Institute Day was begun
p Ohio, and was grad- by the celebration of Mass by Ju venile'{Delinquency
*ed horse racing, and the Color Clin-
from I Columbus School Bishop John Mark^ Gannon at
r Girl1 8 , ic. Last Sunday Rev. Wilfrid Nash, professor at Gannon College,
Lli^ At Fairmont Junior St. Peter's Cathedral at nine
m The display at the Color Clin- o'clock. The first of the lectures addressed the students in the Blue Room on the topic, "Is Modern y
hi Washington, D. C ,
nioredJJn Harmony. Since .ic was the result of the whole followed immediately in the Psychology the J Answer 3 to Juvenile .Delinquency ?" It was of
semester's planning and work. Cathedral auditorium. great interest, not only to the Sociology students, but to everyone
traveled extensive-
The girls in the Costume Design The afternoon session consist- npresent.
^ *

* • * t p u r s .

Class made charts and posters. ed of two discussions. The first Next Meeting
Xyi ? ^ttle known about From scientific data they learn- showed the meaning of, and
and link, between "The Sodality and On Sunday, March 4, the Liberal Arts Club is planning a dis-
_P8b? ' ' therefore, ed to determine personality
Cti the Home," while the theme of cussion on Catholic Action (Jocist) Movement and Method
Sty ^ °n, as well as the types and the colors best suited
m the second was "Sodalities and This originated in France several years ago. It has been success-
lw! ttsic | written for
ment to the individual in reference Program Planning." After |this
k 8 » is limited. Miss fully followed since 1940 at the University of Notre Dame and
rche the Institute adjourned until the
her ^ d far and wide to her hair, eyes, and skin tone. at many other schools all over-jJ i
evening session. This was held A
k g tK **•'« who ranged, All the prizes were donated,
COttr in the Cathedral atjseven-thirty the United States. The students March 6 - "Lecture by Frank
orch «e of h e r s t u d i e s , as ?• well as the different items
*e t e a - e § t t a leaders to pri- o'clock. wilU illustrate thei real purpose \ Sheed
at the fancy work booth. Each March '7— 'Father E. H . Boy-
mers. I All these discussions were of Catholic Action-"!-'"To re-'
t^r e
\%tf °*»*e ai
/ °n g g z — ^ concert, Miss
of the day hops contributed to-
ward; the refreshments.
The future will tell if the
aimed primarily to remind each integrate ithe sprit' _ of Christ
sodalist of the vital part she into student life," and will show March
11- —Recital
[at Wiuc
* > informal inter- has in all avenues of daily life March 17- -St. Patrick's Day
t h e h she¥explained Home Economics Department how this has been attempted at March 21 — Courtesy Cam-
KX through her membership in the
^ h o n e / ^ ^ i z a t k n y of the will make the bazaar an annual : Sodality. • Mercyhurst. f j paign.
affair* : • "*
Page Two
1U THenclad February 27

I *7£e pfanetod AMONG T H E BEST

If you are a lover of good books, the Catholic Press offers CongratulationIII
/^ttpt\ Assistant Editors something new. "The Scarlet Lily" by Edward T. Murphy is a Although the May D
° r
fT^Me^ J Jeanne
Roepke prose version of i Thompson's "The Hound of Heaven." Both tell elections were too Ub
the story of a quest for faith and happiness. In both, the searchers to,]
Rita Rittenhouse I HhnJiSJ I Dorothy Barry late to meet our deadline, J
tixsy&f* Joan Wadlinger try allfthe pleasures offered by the world, but at last find their
true happiness in the arms of the Lord. "The Scarlet Lily" is a now wish to congratulate'^
Published monthly by the students of Mercyhurst College fictional presentation of Mary of Magdala, fallen from grace, 1945 May Queen, Miss Mar.
News Editor Ruth E. Sullivan groping in darkness, and at last finding the light, white with gay Savage, and her coj
Feature Editor Mary Doyle death and ruby with sacrifice at the pierced! feet of the Lover
Misses D. A. Harrington, J IV
Literary Editor Barbara Fleming Supreme. Berry, M. O'Hara, E. foj
Art Editors N. Hirtle, G. Middleton In'this novel, Mary, the flower of paganism whose petals were
Business Manager | Marie Wolman crushed by Roman and Hebrew alike, becomes the symbol of M. Wolman, R, Hurley, \
transition from the pagan error to the Christian truth. O'Connor, and M. Puchner.
Editorial Staff: M. Savage, L. Crowley, .E. Fitzgerald, P. Sullivan, The Magdalene at the time of Christ's starry jbirth was reach-
I '-|M. O'Connor, M. I. Kinnemey, J. Berry, S. Brigham, P. White, ing the lily bloom of her womanhood. Her mother was killed with
fL. Writer,^ N. Cooper, M. Gould, J. Schanbacher, M. E. Fitz- her baby brother who was a victim of Herod's decree of jealous,
Igerald, J. Wirges, M. J. Masterson, C. Cavanaugh, J. Videtto. mad death against the Inno- Promise ofiPeaceP
Contributors: R. Morey, S. Melisz, S. Conrad, B. Norton, E. Patrick. cents. From this blood of in- u n the spring of 1917, tbi!"
Mail Call nocence, the Lily took color and small shepherd children weJ ^
Business Staff: D. A. Harrington, M. A. Harrison, A. Devine, D.
Donatelli, H. Fabian, P. Ferry, E. Reagle, V. Walsh, D. Lynch, What more welcome cry is there the scarlet hate of that day is tending their parents' sheep I tin
M. J. Masterson. Than the cry of "Mail." the' first flush of her pagan te
a field near the little village J
Men seem to come from every- sins. In the petals of the Lily
unfolded, they revealed a more Patima, Portugal. They had id
scarlet depth. Thus, the Mag- finished reciting the Bosanj
YOUR H O N O R , W E O B J E C T dalene had no cause to look when a vivid flash of lightui r
I've never seen it fail.
The whole school is talking—about the latest "differ- for hope or for a color trans- in a cloudless sky drew tl 1 •

Shove and jostle eagerly formation. In her paganism,

ent 1 movie, "To Have
^ _ _ ^or_ Have
^ ^ ^Not."!
_ It is gratifying to
While a hundred voices shout the materialistic paradox of ev- attention. A second flash
hear that a great many of the college students have sense "Is there any mail for me?" erything in nothing attained its peared soon afterwards, I
enough to recognize it for what it is—a typical Holly- And a hundred hands reach\out. full growth. they became frightened. T on
wood play on the emotions, 1 appealing to our lower na- But as the first tint of scar- ing, they saw, hovering over
ture, a waste of time and money— and a very bad li- They sit in the nearest place let had come from the flush of small green oak a short disti 1UW

terary work. hate at the slaughter; of the away, a most beautiful M la

Where they can read
I This "sultry" type of film shouldn't affect us—but it Innocents, there escaped the surrounded by a brilliant if
And thej happy smiles on every One .at Whom that hate was di-
will affect young girls all over the country. It is an of light. She bade them dm|II r
face rected and Who was alone able
example^of the un-Christian wartime American. The new I s a warming Sight to see. to blanch the lily, take away near in such a sweet, gen8
star did not play the part of a lady—she was said to have the scarlet and leave it a white voice that their fear s ubsid ed! In
been the victim of circumstances, but . . . But when the mail is all passed flower that was. to grow even The holy Mother of God bj
The picture had a small amount of entertainment out, fairer. Mary who had been presented herself to them.
value—the photography was good and there were a Some slowly turn away, bargained for with false Roman f
Mary appeared to these lij
few laughs. However, people go to the movies to| be And I truly pity those without pearls, came to know the pearl
of great value, and though she children twice afterwards, bifcfk
wholesomely entertained, and there wasn't one uplift- Any mail from home today. was tempted with new riches, ing with her a message of ^
ing spot in the entire movie. to

her choice remained true. At to the world. Holding befef!

As college students, we are expected to know enough If the folks hack home knew
the foot of the Cross she com- them in her hands a rosary,
what it meant
to intelligently criticize dramatic productions, instead pletely realized the spiritual
urged the frequent recitation
of "swooning" and trying tof imitate every ^'O-called Those letters to receive character of? Christ's kingdom,
this most powerful prayer! 1
I'm sure those letters would he Her search for faith and hap-
glamour queen that comes along. The^fHayes office sent promised peace and love to
piness ended there.
must have been napping to put this film on the B list
To gladden hearts that grieve. The style of the novel is war-torn world for devotion I
that is, Unobjectionable for Adults. strikingly simple; it is forward it. She also promised to help
The general discussion at Mercyhurst of this "To I can appreciate their hungry and direct; the action is swift the hour of death with the
Have or Have Not" is a small example of how the pic- eyes, I and sure. Yet, -it is grandly es needed for their sahflj
ture-is being talked about all over the country. In in- It's a sight I hate to see, poetic. Wordl pictures and sense
whomever —on the first 81
stances such as these, it is our responsibility to dis- appeals are especially vivid.
For I know how my own hopes The high literary quality coupled urday of five consecutive «*•]
courage such types of entertainment and support all die M
with its religious theme, which shall confess and receive
around Christian movies, such as "Going May |Way," When there's no mail for me. • appeals to a fundamental, uni-
Coram union—."
"Meet Me in St. Louis," or "Till We Meet Again," (which, Mrs. Theo. Rathburn,! versal instinct in man, makes j

incidentally,fis somthing to talk about!) "The Scarlet Lily" truly good. In her great love for «* I
802, W. 11th St., Erie, Pa.
Mother of God deigned to <°
to earth ^to admonish, i» I
ARE YOU IN TRIM? console, and reprove her« |
ACCENTUATE T H E P O S I T I V E Since?the school year started in September, all of us have offered dren, and to call them to r
Lent lis a season foff penance, and, for some reason or many prayers for victory—we have but to think of our daily ance and salvation. As ier 1
other, everyone seems to connect the word "penance" Rosary, offered for a just and lasting peace. During these past dren we should show our H
with a list of "don't" of "I won't." I won't go to months our boys in the fighting forces have made many a sacri-
movies during Lent. I won't eat candy or drink cokes. fice, even the sacrifice of life for that peace and victory for which tude for her loving and b«H
I won't talk in class or write |letters when I should be we5 pray. Months, even years ago, these boys!were inducted into condescension by exhibit^!
taking notes. These•,small,}but difficult, penances tare a fighting service, which called for sacrifice—a sacrifice to last devotion to her on the fl* 1 I
indeed commendable. If they are offered to Gdd in the for the duration of the war. Saturdays and encourag^J 1
correct spirit, they will be ^rewarded richly by Him. Ash Wednesday has come upon us—ushering in the season of practice among others. , P ft

However, the emphasis is on the word "not."—We are Lent and sounding 01m call to service here on the "homefront." and will, be the salvation o j
accentuating the negative side of Lent. | We hear and read about ourselves, 2the smug, complacent home-
times, these war-torn P I
I There is a positive side to this holy season, too. It front. Well, here's our chance to get into action, into service—the
does not necessitate a long jjlist of "I won'ts." On the service of prayer, penance, and sacrifice, to back the efforts of we will it to be. After the 1
contrary, a short list of "I wills" would be justljas ef- our boys throughout the world. The season of Lent offers us a ious promises made ^i
fective, if not more so. In the first place, a short list grand opportunity to go "alljout" in the use of those spiritual Mother of God, cert*!
could more easily be carried out; a few things done to forces placed above command. M would not fall ^ h e % ,
perfection are much more meritorious than many things So, Minnie Mercyhurst, what is your!Lenten Spirit? Does it her ears andjher mer*1
only half accomplished. 1 As for the items on the list prompt you to take basic training and join the ranks of those
itself, why couldn't we planjto do our everyday tasks practicing the DAILY SIX for the durationjof Lent: sympathetic heart
more thoroughly, doing them with perfection for the X. Daily attendance at Mass. -——
II love of God? Why not attend Mass and Communion 2. Daily Holy Communion.
Letter I to the Editor
every day, pay closer attention to the Massfwhenfthere, 3. Daily making the stations.
do our homework more thoroughly, or keep our room 4. Daily visits to the Blessed Dear Editor:
in a neater and cleaner condition than we have been? Sacrament. allStfc
jplow many|of us realize what a pagan and maten
There are so many more "Ijjwills" that can help purge WlWk
5. Daily rosary. we are living in today? Further still, how many are fl
our souls for that great Easter morning. However, 6. Daily acts Of self-denial.
we must remember to-?keep the list short, yet effective. expose it? Catholic .Press is the answer; it is the
There are some things «that„are..,harder A or *r?M Haye_yourthe courage for in- Christian living; it is the guiding post on the road to~.
81 ^
than others. We must? choose those that are the hard- duction into this' special and in- Yet, there are few people who read'Catholic mag* J^ofl
est, those that we will surely carry through, those jthat tensive service of Christ the andfbooks. Why? We, here at Mercyhurst, have an eX* f
will more efficiently help to lighten Christ's burden on King and Mary, Hia Mother, for
portunity to acquaint ourselves with current publ» c
Calvary. In other words, we should accentuate the posi- the 'duration" of Lent? The s
tive side of Lent. It is morel difficult tojobserve than Daily Six will be your real test how many of us do? This is Catholic Press Month. I ^W
to avoid; but, because of]this, it is the superior way, because remember, daily implies all out drive for more and deeper readinp. of £
and Christ will reward it accordingly. sacrifice! magazines and books. How about fit? I ¥ 9 H B
Febni8ry*27, 1945
% THenciad
Page Three
The Bucket and Shovel
\ new semester, a new begin-
ning, but the same old muscular Well, we lived thru exam week
(I don't know
by Heck
how, but we did)
What do you think?
so we're back again with
J aches and pains, according to of which
Some of the Sophomores who
should say th
are now trying their skill at bad- _put her mail
minton. The foils and masks madly to her box e v e r
avejbeen replaced by rackets -^ m x a y day if you don't believe me p *
and tricky little "birdies" who suies that, Dottie Lynch got word the other S ^ L ^ a X ;
Lfuse to remain still long she would see "that certain someone" around Easter. SpeakW of

Enough for a sound whack, so nan 7 r e r e

*°? ^ ^ **™** < * ones th
« h t l |
it seems. C
Huh7 A^VT gm& n)
° ^ ^ Sch0tt haS been
p o r t i n g late y \
1 h0P n n e 0 f 0 U has mi
f Oh yes! Basketball has de- ?u tr , * ° ^ ^ e d Elaine Brown's sword
finitely put in its appearance. Lehman. We're glad|to|have them all
q The Villa seems to be the only me Oh before we forget, as if we could, we want to tell every single
competition at present, but Al- team^mber of our Basket Ball team that we are very proud of the
legheny and Tdanboro are sched- and next time we'll surely show the Villa. We wish
to welcome t o erc hurst
uled for the not too distant fu- M i, T L^ y Jeanne Le Doux, Joan Dobbs,
ture. The Freshmen| on the Mary fciwi, Shirley Hathaway, Cissy Pugh, and Margare
Lehman. We're glad t ohave them all.
team this year are: Betty Rock,
•i Peggy Leicht, Rita Brocke, Mary
Ohhhhh—Is Joan Lutz partial to the Marine Corps! (P S We
got a peek at him, too.) Mary Lou Castanzo had a
Jo Smith, Nancy Smith, Mickey visit from her handsome brother, and Jean Brwin went
James, Mildred! Trippi and Ann home to see hers. And speaking of brothers, we certainly do miss
Nickum. Congratulations! Paul Berry after he practically spent the week-end with us.—
Let's give fifteen, "rahs" for 'Why Doesn't This Happen More Often?"
I the new cheerleaders: Gerry Here's a bit of something interesting that t h e ! porter on the
Baker, Susan Conrad, Joyce El- tram told us—for a price. It seems Barb Brown made a hit with
liott and Danusia Telerski. Their the ^Navy—must be the hair—and Cathie Cavanaugh with "Uncle
pep and vitality are certainly Sam"—could be those eyes! —
m evidenced at the games and pep Our 'HI Nurse Mary Ellen
rallies. Ever notice thlat big Boles has moved I to the practice
commotion; on the stage several
afternoons a week? Well, that's
house now, and J my, she misses
that extra 10 minutes sleep in
*7a4e\ VtYpn&K \76ent 8 7tte V(d Major Minutes
Sociology Seminar
our famous four keeping in trim. the morning. She should 'have I t may be that Mr. D. has made us very "philosophy-conscious," On February 5, Miss Helen
Anf extra cheer g must be given the plaid shirt Johnny sent to or it may be thatjevery man is a philosopher when he takes his J Norton, a personnels director in
for Gerry, the captain. You're Dot Donatelli for her birthday. pen in hand!. . . at any Irate,! we couldn't j help but notice how p the General Electric Plant of
really doing a grand ;fjob,j gals. Speaking of presents, Marilyn many of our service men! arejthinking m l terms {of "whys" land Erie, gave a] discussion on "Per-
1 The big A.| A. news of the Cummiskey had an answer to wherefores." Nor can we help but be impressed, every time f we sonnel Work." In reviewing the
month is ^initiation. This year our favorite theme, 'Send Me read these letters, byI the number who have the ultimate "where- ||5 field of personnel, she empha-
the Athletic; Association wel- One Dozen Roses/' and #her fore" always beforefthem. As an example of what these boys think tg sized the important role of the
comed the; following girls who roomie, Lee Riley^also received of as they fight, there are the following excerpts from letters by g study of sociology in j obtaining
have earned at least twenty gardenias from Bob on Feb. 14 soldiers in England and Belgium, a wounded sailor in the Pacific, m a true understanding of social
I points through participation in —but she isn't the only one— and ':&' Marine, who J re turned from overseas. v f l E R ^ ' B W I problems} which one encounters
various sports: Sally Hanrahan,' Dot Barry and Marie Gould also "Each run is getting J easier, because before I go up, if go to p frequently.
Nancy Smith, Mary Jo Smith, were wearing gardenias from Communion (as almost(every Catholic herefdoes), and I'm ready; lH
J. Foreign Language Club
Ann Nickum, Katherine Griffin, their Allaire's Sally Gunn and I but my insurance man gave me % The Spanish department will
^en Jean Walters, Theresa Peg Sullivan got flowers, too, sixty years, Hand I please don't I conduct the -February meeting
»r -088, Rita Brocke, Susan Con- make a liar out of him." H H |I of the Foreign Language Club.
rad, Gerry Baker, Connie Schnei- we noticed.
I Sgt. Carl Wirges, England. BI A p brief business meeting will
der, Lucille Vitello, ; Mercedes We'd better hangjjour close on
• B

B S v - < ^ H * |
gj be *
I *
in the
* &
then the
^umbeck, and Stephanie Me- this line—wait'for us. ^ ^ ^ Maybemwe * brothers don't members will adjourn to the au-
d asz. 'Bye Now. 1 know how much our sisters miss ditorium for the Sremainder of
B us, but we have come to realize the meeting. There will be Sa
I fully 1 how much we love and Italk given on four outstanding
t THRU THE LOOKING-GLASS I m i s s them.jThis war has made!? La tin-American poets and a
B us appreciate \ a great many skit, "Una Fiesta Mejicana,"
•The reflections ins the looking-glass show . . . I things more J than ever before." presented. Spanish songs will be
One f of the funniest scenes occurred recently when a group of I \ Charles Moody S 2/c, Pacific. also featured throughout the
"bang-up" freshmen solemnly marched down to the cafeteria line *
* *

*t lunch time. What was so funny about that? Well, it seems that L *J> l
j "November 7 will mark four I. R. C. |
these girls had suddenly turned barbers! Definite proof of this te years in the service for me, and At the recent I. R. C. meet-
was given after just one look. Short bangs, fluffy bangs, sleek 1 every minute of it, against all ing, Miss Marjorie Ackerman
bangg are now adorning the countenances of a number of jour my principles. 31 'havejalways gave a talk on "Framework of
freshies. We must admit, too . . . they certainly look snazzy! loved to create':things, and this Peace." Barbara Fleming dis-
only means to destroy . . . It cussed the seven fundamental
To whom it may concern: Our thanks for the happy birthday must be wonderful to be at points of peace according to the
Sheetings that are being placed on the college hall bulletinjboard. school\ knowing everything you Syracuse pattern. Later in the
r 8 B0
nice tolbe remembered—and* reminded. do makes sense /.. . you seem evening, there was a panel dis-
to be part of something that is cussion on the "Negro Prob-
The Kiss in English: A kiss is a noun because it's common and oaay s Date out of this world!. . . 1 would le m.
Proper. It's a verb because it shows action. It's a preposition be- One of the important dates I give anything or everything to Science Seminar
cause it has an object. It's a sentence because it has a complete listed on this month's Calendar •be in some similar'place.? I'm
After a brief business meet-
fought. It's a conjunction because it joins two things. It's an is February 27. This signifii- just a marine with a civilian ing of the Science Seminar on
4 Interjection because it shows strong feeling. (From the "Quaker cant date commemorates the mind."
Challenge/' Quakertown, Pennsylvania.) 1 PI. Sgt. Joe Murphy, February 6, the sophomore
i birthday of one of America's members of the club reviewed
most outstanding poets, Henry .'•. 1. J . Camp Lejeune.
* *
their term papers which per-

Two of Mercyhurst's greater artists will one day leave Mercy- Wadsworth Longfellow. | tained to scientific topics. •
» but their presence will be remembered for many years to In many of the letters there
A come. The painting of two murals by Gloria Middleton and Nat Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is a paragraph similar to the English Club
A was born in New England. He following, which does more to
*urtle are now under way. Watch them grow in the college hall. developed his talent in his youth reassure those at home, than J Following the business meet-
n by writing prose and verse for any presidential message . . .
ing on February 13, Miss Mar-
garet O'Connor, president, read
1 Down and^down it goes, and when it stops nobody knows. It's newspapers and magazines. Lat-
. snow we're speaking of in this case. We can't say when if s er in his carrer, he became a lain on board, but we read the
"We have no Catholic Chap- her term paper on "Emily Dick-
&°tog to stop, but we can offer an explanation as to what causes teacher and in connection with prayers of the Mass and say enson." Natalie Hirtle reviewed
^ According to several scientists' reports, sun spots govern the his work, he did text-book writ- the Rosary together, so it is two recent novels, "Between
^"dness or severeness of the winter. This year the blizzards and ings, translating, and essays on the next;best thing. It is really Heaven and Earth" by Franz j
^wfalls were caused by an unusually large j amount of spots on foreign languages and litera- a beautiful sight to see all the Werfel and "Green Years" by
the 8Un here's something to look forward A. J. Cronin. Mary Elizabeth
n to.jv e
surface. And now ture. When he became tired of fellows at prayer with the sun Powers spoke on the origin and
L thi18 *t year the winter is expected to be at least as severe as the teaching profession, ];he re- shining down and the flame of
> if not worse! the composer of "Intermezzo."
signed and^turned his entire at- the candles blowing in the
She concluded her speech by
tention to poetry. breeze.. ^ ^ v , •.•* .- jplaytng*the*?c0mpMition* om the
j , Speaking^of snowfalls ..brings., badutheJnceasant.echoes ,of. Helen James F. Neal, E. M? 3/c. •* piano. " - ' • - *-•'

| aoian's favorite "joke" during this snowy season. I t seems that Longfellow is still as much E * * *
«; • ^A • - " :

****** in Pittsburgh had quite a bit of trouble getting through read today ' asy any American
e poet. His work is important "In case you were beginning O. G. A.
*»l*ed d rroads.
oads "Fabe"
Fi says that it was so badlthat the drivers, to forget, there's still a war on On February 21, the 0. G. A.
Ha..i - "
on the road had to sing out, "You take the because it extended European
si. . and more than one G. I. held a very interesting and in-
rl H
g * > * one another
n, ,T' -—*• j *
*J **t, and I'll tal
n w»ke the low rut."
ave ****** glass frowned right back on that one, so we'd better
right now!
culture in America and contrib-
uted to the development of thinks the folks at home need tellectual meeting. The program
American literature. (Continued on Page Four) (Continued on Page FourH x\
Tfc TfUnUad February 27, 1945
Page Four

Mile A nd Half Clues for Cuties \

L. Whoops—Big mistake! But for a minute I thought I saw Dina;
The bright lights of Marge's car did little good in thei curtain Shore scribbling away at a theme for Sr. Philippa. Then thj
of fog that shrouded the still country road. She was on her way smoke was cut and there sat one of our UP Freshies trying J
for a week-end visit at her cousin Lucy's farm. Lucy's nineteenth fconvince herself that this Navy is a pretty good outfit. 1
birthday was Saturday, and a surprise party!'was being planned.
Marge was glad that her Aunt Mary was seeing to it that this 2.{"Let's see, shall I accept Schiaparelli'sf or \ Adrian's offer? o,
birthday would be a happy one. Lucy needed a party. She was better still, have them accept my offer!" We'll no doubt J
such a strange girl. People interested her very little. She spent the blonde Junior in the Home Ec. Dept. make the headlines of
f ' •••'•w si: *i»
most of her time reading books. the fashion world reeeeal soon.jOr haven't- you>seen the black
Marge slowed the car as she turned to the right where the road suit she made? P. S. Just look gals!! What lines!
led to the Murray farm. Just as she was passing a large oak tree
near the edge of the road, Marge noticed a young girl standing 3. The grass is green (I can dream, can't I?), love and lilacs are
a short distance away from the tree; brakes screeched as the car
Nature F in Abloom fand the birds are running Harry James competition
came to a sudden halt. Marge turned down the window?and called The fury of Nature for winter Didn't you know? Romance is around the corner. (Chicago,J
to her. To Marge's surprise she discovered that it was her cousin dressed,
be exact,) So sweet and 'demure is this chic Senior. Need J
Lucy, She opened the door and told her to get in. Lucy explained Rolls on with a power that's
that she had missed the lastjbus. Marge asked where she had Heaven blessed; say more?
been. "About one-and-a-half miles from here," Lucy repliedlsimply. It rolls across the earth with a . 4. Hmm! Lucky Peg Ferry. ^Naturally, you've noticed her netj
A mile and a half back! Why nothing was theref exceptIthe old might that's shown cute roomie and our latest addition to the Sophomore class, k
By the fleecy snow in high no time at all she's a regular M. C. gal. And how she can study
cemetery! that Sociology. No fool in'! We're "verieeee" glad you're herd
drifts blown.
Marge discarded the thought and began talking about more
pleasant things—the Murray family, the late fall crop, and the Off in; the country it roars thru 5. Beautiful—gorgeous—super—those dresses 'n' skirts the lid
coming winter. Lucy *answered her inquiries briefly. Every now lady in Room 11 isports around. A-. regular Mademoiselle ami
the fields, Vogue deb. But she must keep the reputation awarded her in
and then Marge glanced* at her and found Lucy's gaze fixed on And down to the house with its
her. A strange smile lighted! up her face. "She actually looks high school—"Best Dressed." On top of all*this, wouldn't yd
oak tree shields; know she'd be underHhe cake when.jthe music stopped at the
happy," thought Marge, Then on to the garden, where
She* talked on busily. About a mile from the farm they came . once there grew bazaar.
to the Adam's home. A light was still on in the parlor so Marge A rose, whose beauty summer 6. Four wheels and no brakes"! Wonder if that's the reason Father
decided to drop in to say hello. Lucy remained in the car as Marge Latimer's car went for a short ride around the boulevard whea
hurried up the path. When she came back, Lucy was gone! Marge knew. a certain Junior tried''moving i t ? ? ?
looked around, and called to her. No answer! Where could she By now, Notre Dame is practically old stuff to Ensign BO i *i
be ?. She rushed to Mrs. Adams who said that she might have Then down to the village and 7.
favorite girl. Speaking of favorites, she's one of ours too. Ha*
decided to walk a^little way up up through the street you noticed how she's been walking about two feet above the
the road. Marge rushed fbacki Where oft times town folk came third cloud? Oh yes, he gets home real soon now. Wonder if
and set the car off with a jerk. to meet; she knows there's a man shortage. By the way, we're glad y«
But these friendly|people meet
Frantically she stepped on the there Ino I more, decided to come back, M. A.
gas feed and speeded the short For winter fhas come with its
distance to the Murray farm. icyfroar.|
At the old white gate she jump-
ed out, ran up the steps, and Even the city with tall sky- T g T H I S YO U T
burst into the house. Mrs. Mur- scrapers (i
ray was sitting in the creaking Cannot escape it nor stop its How's your school spirit ? Are you one of those girls who at
rocking chair. Mr. Murray, in capers; tend the school functions cheerfully and with a non-pre^
his old easy chair, dragged on For ftnan-made structures of outlook? Do you give your support at the college^basket
an unlit pipe. They looked up, iron and steel games ? Are you behind the college in its various activities a
dazed expressions on their faces. Must to. ,it also Sin serfdom enterprises? Perhaps you are, and if so, this article^doe nt j».
kneel. tain to you. This article is meant for the gir who has appea
Marge started to speak, then before as the "griper," the girl who isn't satisfied with the *
^stopped as they looked at her. Yes, nature is greater than all things are going, but who doesn't move her*little finger one
What was the matter? This who try tion of an inch to' do anything about it. J
morning about a mile outside To rule this world with a lusty Success in any field depends upon the whole-hearted c o w
of Carlton a hit-and-run driver cry; : tion of everyone even remotely concerned. Ii you worn ^
had killed Lucy! For grasping powers must come have your college rated "tops," it's up to you to see tha
(This story is based upon an to an end quires that standard. It is your obligation to lend your * v ;
And leave their ways for her _ where it is needed. Your *
incident that is (said to have spirit is needed especially I
happened in southwestern Penn- to I mend. Let to*
sylvania.) M Wa the basketball games,
team and cheerleaders know n
TAKE IT FROM THEM The Color Clinic certainly has really are interested m
me in a dither. I just wrote and efforts. They spend a M^
DON'T STOP ME (Continued fromjPage Three)
told mother;that I look positive- time practicing for the ^
to be reminded. I suppose by ly sick in my old delph blue of you and your college.
v. A habit He chewed his fingernails. now, the states have ^received dress. I; simply must have a
Little Algenon had a bad n ^ taste sweet on his word of the new German break- color that "does something for not show that you .haven
The doctor ^ ^ ^ ^ e beautifully. Little Alger- away all*your pep " J ^
more through. In a way I'm jglad it me •hope this! does Ithe trick! high school diploma. You
K i i I #f^f - happened, because too many
People back ?home figured that
Did you know: That a hat
capable of a few good
"yells," aren't you? I
this whole thing was a picnic
rirls I am dismissing you ten minutes early with an off-the-face brim will
Sister Leona: Girls, a f j ^1 ' ^^ S T t o; ^i iwta koe the other
other classes. for us. They counted it as he- call attention to a large or MAJOR MINUTES
today. Please go out quiexiy so as uvu i n g a s g0 od as over. Well, those jgj
of us who undergo the brunt of turned-up I nose ?
¥, (Continued from Page
she had the battle fknow how wrong That dog collar and choker
&£&£ little Freshmen who wrote home that beads are just the thing for a for the evening consisted »< '
One of our bright litt» ^ g ^ r e t u r n mail, these over-optimistic people are.
three cuts received a fire** Maybe now they'll realize that slender face and neck, but do cussions on " W a s h i n g
we are fighting a stubborn, they ever add the width to a Business Man" by Miss • ,
round or square face!
r v x.o Danusia' "Did you knock 'em cold in the Latin tough, and fanatic enemy." and "A Comparison of* j
I Cpl. Joe Wild, Belgium. That a center hair part gives
Joan Berry [ * * * an appearance of width to your
B u
and Roosevelt's * ?JJ ( p^
quiz • <f ifThe memory of Mercyhurst face? dress" by Misses J- ^
_ "• ~««. Y>s. es zero.
Danuflia: * > ** lives abroad, and Jit's always and D. \ Lynch. G - ^ J V
good to hear it . . . By the way, don't let them for the evening . -. xu p r e #** n,rtl*
were ^
H e , , lie. . » * > * •» « " * " " *
"By this time you should be tease you about "giving up" thy Agresti, * ? f g > {
well acquainted with Mercy- candy and dessert for Lent. We na, and her brother, Mr ,
hurst. As I've told you before, know you're doing it with the Agresti, a lawyer m «*
thatjjused to be an old hunting right spiritual incentive. It's a Erie._ _ ^^
ground of mine and your men- positive fact that fasting | is
tion of places there should bring good for the body as well r as ANSWERS *>Cf*
i A in the semester exams:— back some memories. No doubt the soul, so, of course, you de- £S
Some boners found in ^ thejtapostles. I POR CUTI
you'll find it a bit tough at serve the smooth figure that
j . The epistles were the _ ^ ^ ^ mtetiot a n d ba cterior. first, but I'm sure youll have results from the loss of that 1. Ann James
2. A S * a68h0P r
^ t £ h t I d are a frontal, two sideals, one topal, a |lot of fun during your stay extra five pounds.
2. Roxy Loonus
there. Whenil finally get home, ner
3. Tho vl can see that I'll have to make 3. Margie P * *
and a backal. They tell me it is the newest 4. Cissy P«S v .
a trip to Mercyhurst, and here's
hoping the time will come just fad to wear a tie clasp in your 5. Roberta Hitch*** n
around the time"**of one of the hair as a barette. My problem, Rut* Blaine S ulliv*
Mr. Anthony, is, "Where can I 6.
school's big I dances." Mary Agnes w
. w h o -wrote "Paradise Lost." When find a man with a tie clasp?" 7.
44 B. C Pfc. P. Sendker.
6. ~ r , h c wrote
his wif edied, he wr