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School of Nursing N.I.C.

H, Karachi
General Nursing, Year –III
Psychiatry Test

Time Granted: 1 hour Total Marks 50

Note: The test consists of two sections. Section A include objective and section B include
subjective questions. Carry out all questions from each section.

Section A "Objectives" 20 Marks

Note: Encircle out correct options for each question from the given options below. All questions
carry equal marks

1) The ability to understanding and share others feeling is called ____________

a. Genuineness
b. Trust
c. Empathy
d. rapport

2) Following are the phases of therapeutic relationship except

a. Resolution
b. Orientation
c. Convencing
d. Preorientation

3) The phase involves preparation for the first encounter with the client is

a. Working phase
b. preorientation
c. Resolution
d. Non of the above

4) The process of interchanging or sharing information.

a. collaboration
b. negation
c. communication
d. all of the above
5) Following are the factors contributing to mental illness.

a. psychological
b. environmental
c. biological and genetics
d. all of the above

6) An individual who does not fulfill his or her roles and responsibilities in societies.

a. mental health
b. mental illness
c. mental hygiene
d. both A and B

7) There are _______ levels of preventions of mental illness

a. 5
b. 2
c. 3
d. 8

8) Following are the characteristics of mentally health person except

a. positive attitude
b. reality perception
c. integration
d. insecurity

9) Goals of psychiatric rehabilitation are

a. Personal growth
b. Quality of life
c. Community reintegration
d. all of the above

10) Psychiatric rehabilitation promotes.

a. recovery
b. improved quality of life
c. non of the above
d. both A and B

11) Helping relationship in which one person assists in the personal growth and improved
well-being of the other.

a. non-therapeutic relationship
b. therapeutic relationship
c. all of the above
d. both of A and B

12) ____ is the science that deals with the rightness and wrongness of actions.

a. psychology
b. psychiatric
c. ethics
d. physiology

13) Patients who present themselves at psychiatric facilities and request for

a. Hospitalization
b. involuntary
c. non of above
d. only A

14) Following are the principals of ethics except.

a) Autonomy
b) Justice
c) Veracity
d) Violence

15) Following are the components of psycho-social assessment except.

a) Identifying data

b) Thinking

c) Chief complaint
d) Culture

16) Mental status examination is a __________to assessment of an individual’s current

psychiatric condition.

a. Organized systematic approach

b. Psycho-social assessment
c. Chief complain
d. General appearance

17) Following are the Appearance in a MSE focuses on physical characteristics

a. Grooming
b. Dress
c. Make-up
d. All of the above
e. Non of the above

18) The individual’s subjective description of his feeling is

a. Affect
b. mood
c. perception
d. illusion

19) It is the capacity of the patient to recognize and understand their own symptoms and

a. judgement
b. fund of knowledge
c. perception
d. insight

20) The liability could be avoided by acting on following

a) Responding to the patient

b) Educating the patient
c) Develop and maintain a good interpersonal relationship
d) Complying with the standard of care

Section B "Subjective" 30 Marks

Note: Carry out all questions.

1. Define any five terms. (15)

a. Therapeutic relationship
b. Involuntary admission
c. Rehabilitation
d. Mental health
e. Mental illness
f. Mood
g. affect

2. List the components of mental status examination. (10)

3. List the components of therapeutic relationship. (5)

Best of Luck…! 