BRIGHT SMILES ARE SEEK on the faces of,i these nine frosh as they launch on a new career at Mercyhiirst.

Representing the nine states present in the freshmen class, they are from left to right: Mary Hurley, Conn., Shells Morris, Illinois, M. Rachel Shine, North Carolina, Pauline Westlake, Florida, M. Catherine Walsh, Mich., Mary &Ann Cunningham, New Jersey, Barbara Jakubowskl, New York, Catherine Mlsfeldt, {Ohio, and; Anne Sedelmeyer, Penna.

Hurst Throws Open Door For First Open House
Mercyhurst will throw open Its doors tomorrow evening as it holds its first open house in the College gym from eight to twelve. General Chairman of the affair, Joan Clancy, has extended an invitation to the young men of Gannon, G-E co-op, Edinboro, Allegheny, St. Bonaventure, Behrend Center, Alliance, and Canisius. Marking the first of October, the decoration committee, headed by Pat Murphy, is planning to transform the gym into an autumn scene fitting for the gay festivity. The Haener Band will provide the music for the dancing. Proceeds will go to the Student Council for the purchase of a stove for the kitchenette and a television set for the lounge.

Five Changes Faculty

Navy Chaplain

Dockd At Mercyhurstl

Mercyhurst will see a few changes in faculty with the openRefreshments will be servedjby ing of the fall term. Rev. Robert Georgia Lackey. In charge of pub- Goodill will replace Msgr. Latimer licity^ Carol Kelly, Acting in the as professor of. religion. Sister M. Daniel, new instructor capacity of hostesses will be Gerry in social sciences, received *her O'Doherty, Marge Williams, Lor- Bachelor of Arts degree from Merraine Reiohel, Marky Foley, and cyhurst and her M.A. in sociology from Duquesne University. During Mary Kienzle. the summer, Sister Daniel attended the Institute in Industrial Sociology, which is sponsored ; by John, Carroll University and the Industries of the Cleveland;area. The resident students invite the Sisters and lay faculty to She has taught at St. Justin's visit the 2 residence halls on High School in Pittsburgh for the Monday evening, October 4, to past several years. view the results of the interior decorating prowess of the Deloras Fratus. a 1954 Mercystudents. MERCYHURST COLLEGE, ERIEJPA. Vol. XXVI, No. 1 September 30, 1954 hurst graduate, will replace Roxana Downing as art instructor. Miss Downing was awarded a fellowship for study at Cornell University. Replacing Miss Brackett as instructor in physical education is Miss Jane O'Hern of Winthrop, Mass. She received her degree Mercyhurst's familiar antique room has been replaced by a modern A new parish has invaded Mer- from Sargent College of Boston office. Very much at home at a desk in his new post when interviewed^ cyhurst ! Sin ;. a < decree J signed by University. was the econome of St. Luke's Parish and Mercyhurst's new professor • Archbishop Gannon August 28, w i n addition to J these changes. St. Luke's Parish was given tits of religion, Rev. Robert D. Goodill. ^fli^W^^H^HB Sister M. Immaculate will take the formal boundary lines. The $250,place of Sister Denise as resident Father's enthusiasm about his work at both St. Luke's and Mer-9 000 jplantjwill occupy la J part of nurse. Sister Immaculate received cyhurst caused him to speak eagerly about his plans, but a little less 8 the former campus of Mercyhurst, her! B. I s . in nursing education freely about himself. However, Father talked of Erie as his home town,8 2501 feet I west oflthe college on from *Mount Mercy in Pittsburgh. of his college days at St. Charles, Catonsville, Maryland, and the com-S East 38th Boulevard. Ill She } also I studied psychiatry at pletion on his A. B. degree, on scholarship, at the Catholic University, B I However, 1 it is not only I the Seton Institute* in Baltimore and Washington, D. C. Father Goodill followed this up with four years of grounds of the college which will for the past yearvhas been night study at the North American College in Rome. | % ^ *^lHB^^HBS be J affected by I this | innovation. supervisor| at Dubois Hospital. Christ!the King Chapel Shas alRecalling his service days, Faof college teaching in t h e ! 1946 ready been! "taken over" by St. ther traced his naval career summer session at Gannon. J&^^H Luke's. Here the parishioners' first through thirty-two months of the On the day of this interview, Mass was celebrated on September second!World War and seventeen Father Goodill had broken ground 5; landithree additional Masses months of the Korean War. Durfor St. Luke's Church and school. • Mother! M. Eustace has been will| be Isaid each! Sunday} with ing the latter campaign he, along He is anticipaitng much work for named § president off Mercyhurst confessions on Saturdays!at 4:30 with five other chaplains of difthe coming year so that next year College. Her role las President of and!7:00. | | H H ^8 Selected as the outstanding soIf ferent faiths, served as staff chapwill find a completed St. Luke's. the College is ex-officio by reason I AI parochial 1 education program loist at the New Mexico Press Aslain to a flotilla of five ships, Father explained that the girls of her election as Superior of the is now being conducted at*Mer- sociation Convention was Miss making runsjbetween- Japan and and sisters at Mercyhurst tmust Sisters of Mercy of the EriefDio- cyhurst for public school children Marilyn Langniyer, who will reKorea. Father's good work was join him in his period of adjust- cese last June. mBB^MjjWB^BB of 1st.I Luke's. Catechism classes turn to her Alma jMater, October recognized and his record climaxed are being taught by four Sisters 10, for a benefit concert. Only last with his receiving of the citation ment, since all his parish J work "Naval Chaplain of the* Year— will be done through the use of is Mother I M. Eustace has been of Mercy and four lay catechists. winter Miss Langniyer. 1950 Liberthe college and its campus, jg ^ professor of English at Mercyhurst I St. I Luke's! will} embrace three al Arts graduate, entertained at 1954." Asked if he had a few choice forteighteen years, havingItaken thousand persons included in sev- an assembly ghere and was very Outstanding Honor words |jfor the Mercyhurst girls, her Ph.D. at? Catholic University en hundred pioneer Catholic fam- well received by the student body Questioned on this outstanding Father said only that they Sin and done post-graduate Iwork at ilies who were previouslyi mem- and faculty. Her program will in, honor, Father Goodill explained themselves are choice enough. 9 St. John's University in Annapobers of? six other Erie parishes. clude opera arias in several forthe origin and presentation of the lis, Md; She?will continue to con- Two-thirds of the parish lies tin eign {languages. award. The title is given annually duct her reading | seminars I that the ;'4Slty of Erie;| the Jremaining Giovanna D'Onofrio Klopp, oneto one chaplain from each branch have been! so | popular I with the third-of 1 ts area lies in Millcreek time directress of the Mercyhurst v ; of service by the B'nai B'rith in English majors. H ^ l n B ^ ^ S i S Township. M College Glee Club fwill be Miss honor of the Jewish chaplain, The first unit of *the plant will Langmyer's accompanist in this Goode, who gave his life in serbe a combination edifice embrac- concert. Marilyn is now making vice. From nine |hundred chapinitial participation in an official The academic cap and gown, ceremony oflthe college. A senior, ing an eight-classroom school, to her home in ;Albuquerque, New lains of different faiths, after sesymbolizing the jjfinal acceptance representing the student body, will be staffed by the Sisters of Mercy Mexico, where she is continuing lection and approval by his cominto our academic community, will address the freshmen and their and accommodating 450 pupils, her studies at the University of manders, the society giving the be awarded to eighty-four fresh- class president will reply in an and; an ^auditorium-gymnasium New Mexico and is also enrolled award finally narrowed the field men on Sunday, October 24. The acceptance of the responsibilities convertible for Sunday and week- in the Kuasnoff School of Ballet. to one, Father Goodill. ceremony will take%>lace in the of a college student. She will also day Mass purposes.*A rectory and This talented alumna has reLittle Theater with the entire stu- lead her class in the pledge of church will later be constructed. ceived excellent reviews on her During the entire interview, dent body andifaculty attending. recent performance in the Univerallegiance to Mercyhurst and to Father wore a smile which prom- This will be the first time that sity of New Mexico Opera Workher ideals. ises to become his "password" into the parents of the class of 1958 shop's production of "The MarFollowing the investiture, the Mercyhurst activities. He express- will return for a formal ceremony riage of Figaro" in which she porinvolving their daughters. students and guests will assist at ed his anxiety to meet the girls Hyhfaple, DISPATCH Society trayed and sang the part of SusThe ceremony in which the benediction in the chapel. The Editor, will address the MERCIAD anna. Two of her important enin the sophomore, junior, and freshmen will be welcomed by Dr. day's activities will be concluded staff on the subject? of "Worn gagements included Sandia Base .senior religion classes which he Michael J. Relihan, head of the by the traditional formal tea for and a concert in Los Alamos, the in Journalism." will teach. Father has had a taste Education department, marks their the freshmen and their parents. center of atomic research. £

Assumes Role \ 1 As ^President


I New Parish Of Year Mother Eustace

Finds Home



Talented Alumna To*Be Featured

Freshmen Await Investiture Day

*?Q*U$6£ .


P a r t Two



September 30, 1954


Accept The Challenge!
Once again Mercy hurst has extended her arms and gathered into her fold another class of freshmen. To you, the Class of '58, this gesture represents only a part of the warmth and sincerity that is so much a part of Mercyhurst. The sentiments behind the many "Welcomes" that you have received are more than indicative of the cooperation and enthusiasm that will be yours from the faculty and your fellow classmates on your every future endeavor. You are on the brink of a wonderful experience that will be exactly what you make it. And our faith and loyalty in you tell us that you will make it worth your while. Throughout your four years here many opportunities will open^up to you. Some will have to be refused, others accepted. Your decisions at these times will help you grow in wisdom and teach you the art of good judgment. Always remember to take only those paths which will lead you to your final goal. The many qualities that are an integralfpart of Mercyhurst will soon become a part of you. Your exit in '58|will be enhanced by that special glow that radiates round about a "good Christian woman" who not only has acquired but also practices the fundamental principles of Catholic living. And for all this you have accepted a:challenge—"May no one be less pure, less true, less kind, less noble, for having been a fellow traveler in our journey toward eternal life." May your life be that challenge!

Grads Of 1954 1 Shatter World'
By Jody Ryan

For Mary's Sodalists

Mercyhurst Rates \High At National Conference


;The home stretch of my vacation was spent in the windy city of Chicago. I must confess that L a m not qualified* to verify the use of the term "windy" for during my stay in Chicago I hardly set foot outside the Congress Hotel. What was keeping me so occupied? The Student Government Presidents' Conference, sponsored by the NFCCS Commission on Student Government. W After the general sessions, the conference was divided into several panel groups according to size, type of school, co-ed or otherwise. During these sessions we were able to discuss our problems with students who were having and coping with these same problems. What really gave us a great deal of satisfaction was the realization of how attendance, including the large far on top Mercyhurst ranked with universities. Very few had any other schools of her own caliber. more than eight members. The She had a lot to offer, as well panei| suggested a second viceas to take. There were few sug- president who would be the chairgestions brought up that I Mercy- man of a club coordinating comhurst was | not already using to mittee. This second vice-president the best of her advantage or which would meet with representatives she had not incorporated in some from all the clubs and speak in the form or other. It was a great feel- council in their behalf. Our Stuing to see that all the work that dent Council would thus be comhas been done in the past has not posed of | representatives of the classes, dayhop representatives, been done in vain. MBRCIAD and PRAETERITA edBut our job is not nearly finish- itors, NFCCS and NSA delegates, ed. There are still many steps Sodality Prefect and officers of forward to be taken . . •* activity the Council. Such a large Council point system, student activity as we have now is very unwieldy. cards, improvements in the stu- A smaller group could get so much dent board of discipline and mon- more acomplished in much less itor system, handling of* student time, and yet the schoolI would funds, student-faculty relations, still be democratically representv club coordination. The list could ed, be lengthened, &ut for a minute Let us continually keep in mind let us just look at the latter point the best interests of the school and —club coordination. always remember that useful reIt was discovered that Mercy- forms are always to be desired, but hurst has one of the largest stu- not officious and meaningless dent councils of all the schools in changes every few months.

Mercyhurst College, Erie, Pa.
Member off Associate Collegiate Press "All American" Editor Martha McNulty Associate Editor Marge Williams Assistant Editors Carol Kelly, Judy Roseberry Business Editor T^ary Kienzle Contributors to this issue: . Edith Lauler, Lorraine Reichel, Jo Ciancaglini, Margaret Hirsch, Jean Heavey, Barbara Bowen, Roberta imboden. •;-

The noise and ever constant often added a certain spark to Despite the fact that many of hustle and bustle that is second even the most serious subjects. the class of '54 swore after prac- nature to native New Yorkers What about the subject matter? tice teaching that they were gripped Beverly, Marge, and I as A special curriculum was designed through dealing with the impossi- we passed through the gates of primarily for collegians and was ble younger generation, now that Fordham University. We joined based on the Papal Plan for SoSeptember has rolled around the crowd of priests, nuns, col- dality Action. The nucleus of the again, we find that many of them legians, and high school students plan is the concept of the Mystiare back in the classroom, on the hurrying along the drive to the cal Body. All the courses were other side of the desk. chapel for Community Mass which built around this central body and was to begin the twenty-third an- included studies in the Liturgy, Teaching in the elementary nual Summer School of Catholic grades in Erie are Donna Albrycht Action. The Mass served to start Mental Prayer, the Social AposHausman, Terry Gorny, Sis Mc-.j the day with the Sacrifice of Sac- tolate, and Sodality Probation Cabe and Patty Ulrich while Mic- rifices, bringing Christ among us methods. A workshop was prokey O'Donnell, Marge Sueta, Mary and demonstrating how to parti- vided and the needs of the soMullaney, Betty .Seymour, Clare cipate effectively, assist devoutly cial apostolate were discussed and Schamming and Phyllis Klenner and liturgically in the Holy Sac- remedies suggested. are coping with the little darlings rifice. Now where does Mercyhurst fit near their own home towns. into this plan? Mercyhurst is a All attending the SSCA were member of the Mystical Body, and Facing a bigger, if not brighter, bound by one common tie—the challenge are those gals who have desire to learn how to build a So- the Sodality established at Merchosen the high schools in which dality Way of Life in their col- cyhurst is an organism designed to distribute their knowledge. Don- lege, parish, or high school. The for the welfare and growth of the na Byers, Jean Drouhard Lewis staff of the Queen's Work and Mystical Body. Its program is simand Jerry Kingston have returned faculty members of Jesuit Col- ple—personal sanctification and to Erie to teach English in Mc- leges conducted the program and the sanctification of others. The Dowell high school. Ginny Kelly obliged with the information. They sanctification of others, this work of Christ, this social apostolate, is sticking to the education field in home economics near her home also gave us something else—they gives a meaningful purpose to life town. Peggy Grace, besides teach- provided an example of the tre- and is a challenge to us at Mering business courses, is a fresh- mendous energy, vitality, zeal, and cyhurst. Let's accept the chalman class advisor; Barb Klein is determination it requires to be a lenge ! Let's find out about the j teaching art in Niagara Falls, N. social apostle. Then, too, the good Sodality Way of Life! Let's live it and let's work together for "the Y.; and Annf Kennedy is proving Fathers never failed in the wit individual can influence, but only that you can do something with a French major by teaching same department—a touch of humor the community can transform." in Warsaw, N. Y. Deloras Fratus has taken Roxana Downing's place in the Mercyhurst art department and Noreen Preedit is teaching art in Springdale, near Pittsburgh. | While 'Hurst girls have been vacationing during the past three In the soci field, we find Pauline months, the political leaders of the world have been very active in Turner out at Warren State hos- the never-ending struggle of peace versus oppression. Although the pital, working, and Janet Brem- aims and accomplishments of these politicos are questionable and the mer with Catholic charities here thought arises that little more of a constructive nature was accomin Erie. Maryann Cutri, Sophia plished than that by a group of college students on a holiday; noneMazionyte, Vija Odeiko and Judy theless one must give an alert ear and eye to the accomplishments Ellermeyer are waiting to take and defeats of the world's diplomats in order to develop the ability their state exams in medical tech-; to objectively criticize their work and thereby to support or oppose it nology, now that they have finish- when the need arises. ed their year in the lab at St. In the East and in the U. N., Communist China seems an insurVincent's; and Kay Mainzer is mountable threat. While stirring continual unrest in Korea it managed planning to begin her year of a "peace" treaty of sorts with Premier Mendes-France (of France) interning there. Also interning is regarding Indochina. The pact enslaved the most Christian part of Gerry DeFazio, who plans to go Asia, Vietnam, under Red China. This signified the domination, by on I with her home ec career in Communism, of two-thirds of the world. Syngman Rhee has prophesied dietetics. Jean Broscoe is demon- that Thailand, the Malayan Peninsula, Singapore, and the East Indies strating electrical appliances with will be swallowed into the Red Orb. Add to this the recent Red attack Ohio Eastern Electric company in on the Nationalized China forces on Formosa, and the anxiety of Youngstown, O. and Mary Ann Messrs. Eisenhower and Dulles become understandable. Many AmerHayes is learning the retailing icans feel that the United States should withdraw from the TJ. N. if business from the bottom up in Red China is accepted there. a Buffalo department store. Pauline Solida has returned to The appearance of M. Mendes-France on the scene this summer her favorite haunt, Washington, was capped by two of his achievements: the previously mentioned where she is staying at the home Indo-Chinese peace treaty for which he was widely acclaimed in France; of Pat Royer, while Marlene Di- the forestalling of the EDC debates among the Allied powers. The reaMattia and Mary Lou Scalise are soning behind both actions is doubtful, but red. The failure of the over in sunny Italy enjoying the Geneva Conference is evidenced in the concessions made by the West scenery. to the Commies, The arab-Israelian conflict remains unpredictable and Former business student, Dor- tense. Communism suffered one defeat in Guatamala when rebellion othy Zuzula, is teaching in a pri- overcame the totalitarian government and once more set up a real vate school in Cleveland, O., and People's state. i Roseann Andio is continuing her education at Youngstown college On the National Scene—Some outstanding acts passed by the where she plans to pick up some Eighty-third Congress which recently adjourned concerned the St. credits in elementary education. Lawrence Sea Way; the widening of Social Security provisions; an Still trying to decide whether Anti-Subversive Act; and a Tax Cut. It failed to act on many things to work or rest are Ann Downing especially the proposed amendments to the Taft-Hartley Labor Act. and Sally Batchelor, and at the It showed, however, what can be accomplished when some cooperation present time they are about the exists, but sadly enough it also revealed the need for more teamwork most envied in the class. both within the House and Senate and between Congress and the Administration.

Summer Around The World

-ei -lis


The students and faculty of Mercyhurst extend their deepest sympathy to Sister Mary Andre on the death of her brother.

The McCarthy Censure Hearings continue to rage in Washington. The segregation problem is still paramount in the South in fact it is even more pertinent since the Supreme Court Descision of last spring. What is in store for America in the coming year? Only time will tell, but interest and participation in politics and, above all, prayers for this nation's success will be the safeguard for prosperity.


September 30,1954


E R C I A I)

Page Thre*

Alumnae Hold Fall Reunion

JUNIOR! DAYHOPS become acquainted with their LITTLE : SISTERS, at a picnic >heldt be fore the opening of college class- i es. Standing left to fright: Patricia McQuillen, Alberta Hain, J Betsy Schnatter; kneeling Kay Cooper, Catherine Donatelli.

New Freshman Class Shows Varied Interests
Wending itsf way into the|life at Mercyhurst is one of the largest freshman classes In | t h e recent history of the school. Of the 79 students representing 9 states and 3 countries, 52 are residents while 27 are dayhops. Following in their sisters' footsteps are Maureen |Clancy from St. Mary's Pa., and Delphlne Dwyer from Rochester, N. Y. Maureen is a sister of Joan Clancy, present junior, and Delphine's sister is Mary Lou Dwyer Kauffman, 1953 graduate. Faculty relations are found in Mary Adeline Hayes, Dunkirk, N.vY.,£niece of Sr. Suzanne, Mary Rachel Shine, Goldsboro, N. C,I niece of Miss Reilly, and Mary Catherine Donatelli, Erie, Pa., daughter of Dr. Donatelli. | Looking forward to vacationing home together are the five Pittsburgh students. Mary Annt Castor a, Patricia Corrigan, and Lois Whelan|plan to major in Liberal Arts while Joanne Schmalzried is in Business Education and Maureen Kossler in Home Economics. Prom Manati, Puerto! Rico, comes Luz Delia Torres. Kathleen Kurucz, who only four years ago moved \ to the United States from Hungary, is coming to Mercyhurst from Cleveland, Ohio. Promising to lend their talent in voice to the j College Glee Club are these girls: Catherine Murphy, Sharon, Pa.; Millie Saverice, Ashtabula, Ohio; Judith Schwinden, Dunkirk, N. Y.; Julia Simons, Polk, Pa.; Elizabeth Ann Tatu, Buffalo, N. Y.; Elizabeth Wahl, Lancaster, N. Y.; and Sonia Ward, Oil City, Pa., who is also a vocal student. Sharon, Pa., Detroit,|Mich., and Garden City, N. Y., send girls with an eye for jjstudent government in Alice O'Brien, Mary Catherine Walsh, and Barbara Jakubowski. Previous Sodality members are Anne Johnson, Buffalo, N. Y„ Catherine Misfeldt, Cleveland, O.; Dianne Schmidt, Niagara Falls, N. Y.; Elizabeth DeLany, Hornell, N. Y., and Elizabeth Stefani, Detroit, Mich. Potential, Reporters With a flair for writing are Mary Elizabeth Drees from Rochester, N. Y.,?was the editor of her school's yearbook; Kathryn Lavarnway, Rome, N. Y„ was a member of her school paper's staff; Mary Magdalen Marx, Rochester, N. Y„ was also editor of her school's yearbook; Ann Miller, Anne Sedelmeyer, North East, Pa., was yearbook editor; Lucille Turner, Centerville, Pa., a member of her school paper's staff, while Katherine King, Dunkirk, N. Y., received an award for news writ-


* f |


Sport enthusiasts are Mary Alice Burns, Buffalo, N. Y., Helen Clancy, Corning, N. Y., Ruth Friel, Cuba, N. Y., Saranne Durkin, Dunkirk, N. Y., Mary rLillian Hurley, Hartford, Conn., Helen Lutz, Grand Island, N. Y., Patricia Murphy, Kenmore, N. Y. Promising Actors Nancy Stubler and Mary Ann Regan, both from Oil City, Pa., Sheila Morris, Evanston, 111., Maryann Cunningham, Trenton, With the advent of September N. J., are hoping to make the 20, a new class of eager faced Dramatic Society having taken freshmen arrived at Mercyhurst. part in many high school plays. On hand to welcome them to their Prize winner in the national new environment were their "big French contest was Jean' Marie sisters," members of the Junior Criswell ffrom Lockport, N. Y.t Class. Also of a tremendous aid while Mary Ann McDowell was an in j their academic and social adactive member of the Spanish Club justment was the well-planned in the Sharon, Pa., high school. orientation program whichfimLiberal Arts has been chosen mediately went into effect. ? bylMaryanne Buffomante, CornDuring the first three days the ing, N. Y., and Marilyn Chromey, Class of '58 launched into conHornell, N. Y. Ann Burke, Buffalo, ferences with members of the N. Y., and! Sarah Ann Dietz, faculty and faced a battery of Greenville, Pa., are enrolled in the tests. Among the tests given were Home Ec department. an English Placement Test, PerSeminary Gradsf sonality Test, Psychological Test, Making Mercyhurst their Alma and the Otis General Intelligence Mater for the second time are Test. Schedules were arranged and seven Mercyhurst Seminary grad- advice was given in helping the uates: Catherine Cruise, Ann Bow- students select their major field. man, Carole Conrath, Alberta The Faculty-Freshmen Reception Hain, Maureen Jones, Eileen Rawa, in the foyer highlighted the proand Betsy Schnatter. Jeanne Cangram, at which time the freshmen non, Greenville, Pa., Mary Jane were formally introduced to the Hagedish, Corning, N. Y., and faculty after which luncheon was Pauline Westlake of Florida, are enjoyed in the State Dining Room. going to stay in town and be dayAn assembly with a student panel hops. on "Your Adjustment to College" From Academy in Erie come concluded this formal three-day Carole Masiroff, Liberal Arts ma- program. Under the direction of jor, Vivetta Petronio, and Dorothy Sr. Mary Esther, Directress • of Walkiewicz, all Liberal Arts ma- Guidance, Jean Heavey, Margaret jors. East High School is repre- Hirsch, Martha McNulty, and sented by Virginia Flak, Liberal Kathleen Cooper composed the Arts, Joann Goss, Liberal Arts, and student panel. Lois Wiedenhaefer, art major. Throughout the year other topics Linda Collin who was a student will be discussed by a Faculty-Stucouncil representative, Audrey dent committee during the orienHavunen, band musician, Shirlee tation period. The first orientaMarinelli and Sandra Tenace, pre- tion meeting on September 30 is vious high school columnists, are to be "Introducing the Mercyhurst graduates of Strong Vincent. Busi- Library" conducted by Sr. Liguorl; ness Education students Jane and on October 6 "Your Scholastic Sweeney and Constance Settle- Life at Mercyhurst," by the Dean meyer are alumnae of Villa Maria and the Registrar. and Harborcreek High. Elaine Weiner, who just moved was Barbara Sislowski while Lawto Erie from Pittsburgh, is enroll- rence Park's Patricia Payha, Eleed in| the Liberal Arts program. mentary Ed major, was on the

Mercyhurst's first graduation class celebrated their silver anniversary - at | Alumnae Weekend, MfcKCYHURST GIRLS ARE TALKING ABOUT . . . three Deans September 10-12, while ft record of Residence AND "sign out" books on every floor—'so easy to rehigh of twenty-four alumnae were member' . . . DELORAS FRATUS, our newest addition to the art deon hand to celebrate their fifth partment . . . all day town permissions . . . 82 freshmen . . . crowded anniversary. | conditions, triples, triples, and more triples . . . Miss' Fit . . . dayhops Beginning Friday evening, the in Sodality . . . PAT MALEY'S Italian brogue . . . fads around MercyAlumnae returned toltheir Alma hurst, black with white . . . KAY CANADA'S surprise j; proposal. Mater where they visited with B ; MERCYHURST GIRLS ARE TALKING ABOUT mL .NFCCS friends among their classmates convention in Chicago . . . late postcards . • • rings on the third and faculty. A spaghetti dinner in k finger left hands of JOANNE MITRI, MARILYN GENCK, and the real DiMichael style, Satur- j? MARY ANN ROBIE . . . GEORGIA LACKEY'S sequined sneaks day noon, gavefthe weekend that with satin laces . . . PATSY KLEIN seen washing a certain phone "something different" from all booth!. • . the protective juniors . . . NFCCS Ball coming up. others. MERCYHURST GIRLS ARE TALKING, ABOUT . . . the new Most important business of the southern belle, li'l ole RACHEL SHINE (no relation to G. Dave) . . . meeting held previous to the ban- twelve Glee Club concerts . . . "don't let your studies interfere with quet was the election of Alice your fun" . . . new equipment in the kitchenette and the proposed Reeder Lockhart as president of shower . . . Ollie . . . freshmen trying to decide who's got the accent, the Association and Anne Stout who's got the drawl . . . the new theology courses . . . relatives in the Haughney as vice-president. Mrs. freshman class . . . another PAT MURPHY. Lockhart '34, now living in Mount MERCYHURST GIRLS ARE TALKING ABOUT . . . New Lebanon, Pa.,r is very active in theme song—"Lonesome Polecat"?. . . practice teaching—not all education movements in the city Turks ride camels in South India . . . the "elite" of Room 71 . . • of Pittsburgh. In 1953 she was the junior-frosh popcorn fest . . . Edie Lauler—assisting surgeon president of the Pittsburgh Chap. . . poker-faced sophomores • . . talk and more talk about a TV ter of• the Mercyhurst Alumnae • . . knee socks experimental psych: subject—Jean Heavey Association. the deposition of the "five verses" plan. The banquet program featured MERCYHURST GIRLS ARE TALKING ABOUT . . . the "CARE" an interesting tribute |to Mercy- package from Vicki to the seniors . . . freshmen canaries . . . the hurst's first graduates, prepared Mercyhurst Follies . . . Sodalist baby-sitters . . . Benediction is for by the Cleveland? Chapter. Brief freshmen, too . . . "but black ink is more professional" . . . Sister remarks from representatives! of Gabriel's popularity with the * frosh . X t$MARGE CUMMISKEY'6, the other anniversary classes of BEV BUERKLES, and JO CIANCAGLINI'S trip to New York. 1934, 1939, 1944, and 1949 comMERCYHURST GIRLS ARE TALKING ABOUT . . . St. Luke's pleted the evening program, jf Parish . . . initiation, freshmen wasting like baskets . . . new overSunday Mass in Christ the King night permissions . • . Alumnae Weekend • • • the new Phys Ed Chapel was Ifollowed by brunch teacher thought to be a freshman . . . new grass and other changes in students' dining room. in the landscape . . . summer and faU conventions . . . "won't somebody buy?a blazer?" .". . and how can I ever sleep with all

Mercyhurst Girls Are Talking About

Tests Baffle Class Of '581

these' classes?


.""Coke" Is o registered trade mark.


. MeadvUle, Pa., was wt editor;

On st, Benedict's yearbook staff

school's debating team,



Page Four



September 30,1954

Faculty Tourists Get Thrill

Reporter Cites

At Seeing American Shores

Erie Highlights

Soon the proverbial Saturday "God bless America!" were; the emphatic words spoken by two Mercy hurst instructors upon their return,-from an extensive European afternoon will come when someone will say, "I'd like to do something tour. During their fifty-four day trip, sponsored by the NFCCS Miss different this afternoon, but what Kelly and Miss Reilly visited nine European countries; Holland, Belgium, is there to do?" Your writer aims Germany, Switzerland. Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and England. to do away with this too-oftenTraveling by bus, they managed to see all the important places of heard remark. interest, and although they f were able tot spend quite | a bit of time If you like sports, you can go wherever they stopped, both left wishing that they could stay a little horseback riding. There's \ a ridlonger. i While in Holland, both Miss Kel- poor and not as willing to advance ing stable on j Old French Road. f The Peninsula is beautiful for ly and Miss Reilly were impressed as most Europeans. hikingjin the fall. There you may by the cleanliness of the cities and Shrines Impressive see all kinds of wild life—deer, the countryside, and by-the chief means of transportation in that Miss Reilly and Miss Kelly re- racoons, and even an eagle's nest. country—bicycles. M * turned with small statues from If you don't like hiking, you can each of the ten major shrines rent a canoe and go for a ride Poverty Apparent pin Germany, the exciting\drive which they visited; Our Lady of through the lagoon. Often you will along the Rhine and the visit to Walsingham in England, Our Lady see the deer along there coming Heidelberg Castle were marred of Einsiedeln in Switzerland, Lor- to the water's edge for a drink. only by the remaining war! de- eto in* Italy. St. Mary Major in Wintergreen Gorge is a nice place Rome, Notre Dame de la Garde for a picnic and is within walkvastation. Speaking of Switzerland, Miss in Marseilles, Montserrat and Our ing distance of the school.s If you Kelly merely said, "Rain—and Lady of the Pillar in Spain, Our are a golf enthusiast, Erie has cold." In spite of the weather, Lady of the Miraculous Medal in several good courses—Lake Erie the trip through the Alps was Paris, Notre Dame de Paris, Lour- Golf Course, Glenwood. Hills, and, beautiful. Of the fourteen day des and Fatima. Of these shrines, for the miniature. golf addict, stay in Italy, five were \ spent in Miss Kelly found Fatima most im- there is Tracydale.^Those preferRome, which Miss Reilly described pressive for itslbeauty andfvast- ring spectator sports will enjoy as "Magnificent!" Of course, this ness,?and the Miraculous Medal basketball games at Gannon!Auditorium or some of the football trip wouldn't have been '• complete shrine, for its simplicity. without an audience wtih the games at Academy. It is also ruIn regard to the entire tour, mored that .Mercyhurst will have Pope. Miss Reilly considered the drive a .basketball team this year, and Two weeks were spent in Spain along the Mediterranean coast of that is something you won't want and Portugal, where the differ- France and the French Riviera to miss! ence between the beauty of the most beautiful, and Miss Kelly, Almost every 3 weekend you can cities and the J poverty of the the journey along the Spanish count on an informal dance at countryside was very pronounced. coast. Mercyhurst, Gannon, or Cayarie In France, Miss Kelly and Miss r Club. If none of this appeals to It ; was agreed by both instrucReilly found the hotels somewhat small and uncomfortable; but this tors that a European trip is some- you, then there is always the movies. To keep up-to-date ^on did not mar the loveliness of Paris thing every American should exwhat is happening in regardf to and the other French cities visitperience in order to better under- recreation and entertainment, ed. Most impressive among the sights they* saw here were Ver- stand his heritage. However, in you'll find a section of the Sunday spite of the beauty and excite- newspaper devotecUto just that. sailles and the Louvre. Plan to broaden your recreational After spending some time in ment of their travels, their biggest scope this year, and please don't Northern France, the tourists tra- thrill came when they saw again mutter those hopeless words, veled to England for two days be- the shores of the good old U. S. A. "There's nothing to do!" fore returning to the States. Generally speaking, it was agreed the chief difficulty on the trip was that no one could be sure how to plan according to the climate, weather, and so on. For the most part, the European people accepted the Americans as tourMass in honor of the Holy Ghost followed byt a | few encourists, except in Spain and Portugal. aging words by the College chaplain, Rev. Daniel J. Martin, opened the There, they were greeted with sincere friendliness. In the still war- new school year. Father reminded the students of theSnecessity of developing a well balanced character which places work and play in their devastated countries, the people of -%^^^^^Bi northern Germany seemed in good proper perspective. After Mass the College Dean, Mother M. Borgia, at a General Asspirits and most willing Ho progress. The Italians are still very sembly ^in the Little Theatre, enumerated a few essential.intangibles which every student must bring to college. A desire to go to colPatronize Your $*ff§ lege, accompanied by a wholesome COLLEGE BOOKSTORE Intellectual curiosity with ambi11:30 A. M. to 12:45 P. M. 6:30 P.iM. to 7:30 P. M. Edie Lauler, Margaret Hirsch, tion to satisfy "this curiosity, the goal of spiritual betterment, a SNACK BAR MJjM and Bunny Walters will be in Buf3 P. M. to 4|P. M. 9 falo on Saturday, October 2, for proper perspective of time, and 9:30 P. M. to 10 P. M. Hk the NFCCS Regional Council the wisdom to limit and concenmeeting at D'Youville College. trate the amount of extra-curriMembers of the college faculty cular activities, were among these. will convene at Villa Maria from October 14-17 ffor meetings of the Following the Assembly,! the Pennsylvania Catholic Education- students returned to the main al Association. building for classes, where I they Marty McNulty, Carol Kelly, hoped to put into practice the and Judy Rose berry will journey to i the Hotel Statler in Washing- words of wisdom which they had 3| SEE m 1 ton, D. C, for the Associated Press just heard. . Remington Rand Inc.?* Convention on October 21 and 22. 711 French Street W Phone 40-168 Burhenn's Pharmacy Corner 38th St. & Pine Ave. Spencer Place Store No. 3 AND ICEICREAM BAR Erie. Penna.

Seniors Scarce A t College Teaching In Local Schools
"Aren't there any Seniors in this school?" or, "Where do the Seniors hide themselves?" are questions frequently asked;* since school began. To get at the bottom of all this, I hid myself in a laundry case and listened in at the post office. "When does Dr. Relihan come in to observe your class?" and, "Waitfuntil you see what I did today!"—and so went the conversation. Seniors are scattered throughout Erie and its vicinity. Markey Foley is at Gridley Jr. High, Cathy McCarthy is at McDowell; High School in Millcreek.'Darcie Deckard at East High, Katherine Eichenlaub at Lawrence Park, and Mary Agnes Ooetzinger at McKean High. They all have but one remark—"Who threw the overalls in Mrs. Murphy's chowder?" < f | H|'

Mass Of The Holy Ghost Marks College Opening Si

Jane Ann Conrath, the lone art major, is practicing on the stufit seems as though the Hallow- dents of East High. Saysx. Jane, ed Halls of Academy!have many "Art is an elective, so if you don't business teachers this year. Mary intend to work, get out." Kienzle, Gerry O'Doherty, and Taking care of the children of Mary Ann Scirto all have classes Erie are the seven elementary edin typing and shorthand. They ucation majors. At Burton School, really have to mind their "P's and Peggy Kelsey is busy teaching her Q's." In the |bookkeeping room. first-graders to read, Mary Ree Mary Jane'l O'Dell. Joanne HarTheuerkauf's fourth grade is just lovich. and Caroline O'Conner beginning geography and, history, keep their students hopping with and j Polly Zilch thinks her sixth surprise quizzes. grade is tops. Down at Jefferson, The difference between baking Lucy Chang and Pat Eg an are powder and baking soda is aptly teaching the second grade about being explained to the Home Ecers butterflies, while Barb Bowen and by Mary Ann Robie. Marge Cummiskey are struggling Maureen Hammond is kept busy with fifth grade history. supervising her Future Chemists Still in my laundry case, I wonof America, while Mary McCarthy dered why the Seniors still weren't instructs tomorrow's Einsteins seen; after school hours. During with the theory of the square of evening mail. I found the answer the hypotenuse. —there are papers to grade, home2 In the biology lab, Joanne Mitri work to check, and those horrid is busy explaining the difference lesson plans to make. between the dorsal and ventral One more member of the Senior side of the flagella of the euglena. Class is seen as infrequently as Audrey Hannah is struggling with the practice teachers. Edie Lauler afrequired healthi course. » B spends-about eight hours a day The tenth grade English classes at St. Vincent's Hospital, working have as their teachers Ann Rema- with the doctors, practicing on the ley, Bet* Broderick, Mary Ann patients instead of the students of Erie. Nash, and Rainee Reichel. Meanwhile, back in my laundry Two of the Seniors are doing their practice teaching back home. case, things have become strange* Barb Botsaris is teaching in the ly quiet. Oh, dear, what has Sr. Sharon, Pa. High = School, and Jane Francis done J to me! I wonVicky Argana is in the Batavia, der whose mother is going to get the shock off finding me in her N.|Y. Catholic High* School. $. I The rest of the Home Economics daughter's laundry case!

It's Blazer Time Again

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