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7m MERCIAD Fall Motif To Be Used

At Open House Tonight

Vol. XXVII, No. 1 MERCYHURST COLLEGE, ERIELfPA. September 30, 1955 Bouncy r h y t h m , set*to t h e tempo of Fred Haner's or-
chestra, will ring out from the College gym September 30 as
the Home Ec Club sponsorsfthe first Open House from 9 to
Talk] By Dean 12. Barbara f Cavanaugh, general* chairman, has announced
her committees who promise their best as connoisseurs of
refreshments, decorations, and entertainment.
Opens College When [the
the doors swing open,
Pat Murphy, chairman of gym de-
Following Mass in honor of the
Holy Ghost on September 22, Rev.
corations, says, "The guests will
see festive autumn shades that
Cadet Teachers
Daniel J. Martin addressed the will put all in the mood for singin*,
largest student body ever to be
enrolled at Mercyhurst. This mark-
dancin', and romancin'." By the
side of chairman Priscilla Prenatt,
OP en ew an
ed the official opening of the new the lounge committee will carry Following; the example of col-
college year. out the same harvest hues. leges in other dioceses, Mercy-
Father Martin's advice was cen- Headed by Julie Kelly, invita- hurst has inauguarated! a Cadet
tered about the makings of a suc- tions have been sent J to Gannon, Teaching Program.
cessful year. Students should come Canisius, St. Bonaventure, Edin-
to college, he explained, not only boro, Behrend Center, and G-E The purpose of this program,
with the idea of getting out of it Co-op. which went into effect during the
all they can, but also with the past summer; is to provide teach-
Other committee chairmen are ers for the elementary parochial
idea of giving to it. Only in that Ann Johnson, refreshments; Beth schools as well as to give an op-
way will they achieve the full Coleman, orchestra;! Carol Eiga- portunity to girls of intelligence
satisfaction they seek. broadt, publicity; Mary Rachel andjj character, who could not
Officially opening: the school year{forgthe new freshman class, a
freshman-faculty reception was held on Tuesday, September 20. In the Little Theatre immediate- Shine, |tickets; land Elizabeth otherwise go to college, to receive
Above are Pat Foley, Auburn, N. Y., and Nancy Sturtevant, Erie, ly following Mass, Mother M. Wahl, clean-up. Overseer of the a degree.
Pa., being introduced to Miss Reilly, home economics! instructor, Borgia, dean, interpreted the affair, as chairman! of all com-
and Miss Garrison, new physical education! teacher. meaning of the college motto, mittees, is Marjorie Mack. The Cadet Program is a coop-
"Carpe Diem." The students should erative one, half of the cadets at-
seize every opportunity offered tending classes the first semester
Noted CatholicLecturer them at Mercyhurst. They should
participate in at least one campus
Three Changes and the rest teaching in the pa-
rochial schools. In the second se-

To Give Address Here

organization and lend themselves
wherever they are needed. Unlike n '55 mester the teaching cadets will
exchange places with the student
Jack, their work should be bal- College faculty ranks show very cadets. Then, inlthe summer the
Commencing this year's Lecture Series will be a noted anced with some play; but, Mother little change in personnel this entire group will follow special
Catholic scholar, Dr. Erik Kuehnelt—Leddihn. His discussion added, " . . . first comes the work year, with! only three new j names courses at the college. In this way
of t h e contraversial countries of Spain and Yugoslavia will and then, the play." on the teaching? staff. the girls are able to earn a Bache-
be held October 26 a t 8:15 p. m. in the\.Little Theater. Sister Mary Charles is return- lor of Science degree in elementary
Dr. Leddihn came to America ing to the chemistry department education in a period of four years
from the European Continent in
1937 and has since toured the Testi nq ervice Music! Program after spending two years sin resi- and five summers.
dence at Carnegie Tech to com- At the present time, eight ca-
forty-eight states and Alaska. His
aim is to explain Europe to Ameri- Chooses ros By Mr. Arcan^ plete the requirements for the dets are attending classes while
doctorate irif physical chemistry?
ca and America to Europe, feel- the others are takings their places
ing that effective Western action
for world peace is being deterred
Starts Concerts
To Try xams The best of Chopin, Bach, and
Joining the? art staff is Sister
Mary Joachim who has studied asI teachers in the elementary
at the Terry Institute tin Miami, grades in various parochial schools
by the misunderstanding between Fla., and at Carnegie Tech. Sis- in Erie, i
these two continents. Mercyhurst's freshman class has Beethoven I will be heard in the .?
opening presentation of ?the Con- ster Joachim will teach the art
To establish better relations been selected to take part iii a courses for the underclassmenJW
among the leading minds of lead- special testing program to pretest cert Series, featuring Henri Ar-
cand. The f pianist will give a re- Miss Collette Garrison, as phys-
ing nations, Dr. Leddihn has tra- ical education instructor, replaces
veled extensively, lecturing all materials for ftwo new series of cital in the Little Theatre, Thurs-
day I evening, October| 13, at 8:15 Miss O'Hern who is {studying for *)ttve&Utcvie . i *
over America and Europe, and has tests in Communication land Sci- her Master's at/Michigan State.
written books J in different Slang- ence. p. m.
Miss Garrison, a resident .of Erie, of the freshman class to cap and
uages dealing with world affairs. Formerly from the West Coast, received her degree in health edu- gown is tentatively scheduled 1 for
The Educational Testing Service
In his lecture at Mercyhurst, Dr. Mr. Arcand is now an Erie resi- cation at State! Teachers* CoUege
Leddihn will reflect the Spanish of Princeton, N. J. wiU provide the dent. He beganfhis studylin Lon- in Slippery Rock, Pa. For the past Sunday, October 23, at 3:80 p. m.
past and J speak of Yugoslavia, Ian college guidance department with don and! continued in Portland, two years she has taught at Beau- Following the ceremony, a tea will
"impossible country." This lecture all the test materials for the test- Oregon, with the well-known or- mont School* for Girls in Cleve- be held for ft he visiting mothers
wiU be based on personal exper- ing period, October 3-7. The tests ganist Lucien Becker. It was with land and?, during £ the summer she and a smorgasborg for the fathers.
ience. the Portland Symphony inf their took graduate work at Penn State.
are designed to provide for co-
ordinated measurement in the four Silver Jubilee Season that Mr.
NFCCS Ballot j basic areas of the curriculum from
the fourth grade through the
Arcand made his formal orchestral
bow. It was Justitwo years ago '(Zombi |&t*6' t6el%ye I * /
that Mr. Arcand camelto Erie as
Chooses Senior sophomore year in ^college.
manager of the Erie PhUharmonic.
V" *

For High Office j Class of '56

Margaret Hirsch,?senior sociolo-
gy student, was unanimously voted
national administrator of CURA.
W e Never Had It So Good!'
The nomination was made at the It's tour time again! Latest spot the only sinks in the world that
annual convention of NFCCS held on the agenda for the Mercyhurst get dusty and the only stoves that
in Pittsburgh from August 30 to Tour Association is S over the hill shelter shoes and books.
September 4. and through thelrye to McAuley Step right down here here folks
The College and University Re- Hall. J i f f I and see the greatest little utility
lief Administration is a commis- Aptly named for Mother Cath- room this side of the Pecos. Here
sion of? NFCCS. The funds col- erine McAuley, foundress of the are!the "gilded" cages, from the
lected by CURA are used for Sisters of Mercy, McAuley Hall song "I'm Only a Bird in a . . .".
scholarships for needy students in is a unit of the Baldwin apart- Commonly used for storage, they
foreign colleges. Among the duties ments. Arranged in the way of no occasionally encase the victim of
of Miss Hirsch's position are the other apartment, this new senior a practical joke.
direction of the fund-raising ac- dorm houses 32 girls. A quiet and restful appearance
tivities for these scholarships, dis- Typical tour . . . is given the lounge by the pale
tribution of books and clothing Welcome to McAuley Hall, the green walls. Quiet is only paint
to students abroad, and the or- Rockefeller Center of Erie. Here's deep. Coffee or tea and crumpets
ganization of a scholarship pro- something new in the line of mail- are served every minute on the
gram in the South. The purpose boxes, calculated to madden mail- minute from the snappy red and
of this! program is to stimulate men, six names per box. yellow kitchen.
Catholic Action in those areas. Here's where our Future Teach- Park Avenue penthouse minus
Most of Margaret's work will ers of America hang their hats, mink coats and poodle dogs, that's
be conducted from Mercyhurst, N. B. blonde birch wood furniture McAuley Hall. Comparing their
but she will keep in close contact and Hollywood beds. Perfect for lives to the fantastic "Weekend at on their way across the field from McAuley Hall to the college are,
with the national office in Wash- after a hard day behind the desk! the Waldorf," the seniors all agree, le'ft to right—Bobbie Imboden, Georgia Lackey, Dot Rudge, and
ington, D. C. Tfrese kitchens possess probably "We never had it so good!" Millie * Yoka wonls,
Page Two THE MERCIA September 30,195! >

Welcome Freshmen Young Alumnae We an

As Mercyhurst opens its portals at the be-
ginning of another school year, we welcome
you, the Class of 1959, to your Alma#Mater.
Out To Shatter Your Editors Commend • •
Dear Freshmen:
J You have a vocation! So do I.
The administration, for the new vocation! A startling way to begin a letter? A student
Amid the rush and bustle of the first few
weeks, youf will find yourselves becoming
acquainted with your school and the sisters
Business World student proctoring system«. , . Not when you realize howl important this
The freshmen for their good statement is to both of us.
andf students who? make it what it is. You While looking through our re- sportsmanship during initiation...
will see the wonderful spirit of cooperation, You and I have set the development
The senior YCS, for their re- intellects as our goal. We have assumed a of our
good will, and fun that pervades Mercyhurst, cords, we decided to trace the vision of the orientation pro- four-year vocation, a I student vocation, in
and the ideals and goals for which every paths of the Class of '55 and see grams. . .
girl must strive in order to fulfill! her duty what our youngest alumnae are order to reach this goal. Though it is transi-
as a student. Above all, you will have the The major officers, for their tory, it is equal in responsibility; to the vo-
doing. So far, we've managed to excellent and speedy organization cation of mother, teacher, or secretary.
oportunity to witness and live, to its fullest track down most of them and find
extent,|the Christian student's life, a factor of school affairs . . .
that the I majority are fulfilling r The story is told of the little
I Father Goodill, for the wonder- stopped studying and started praying when boy who
of the utmost importance in today's world.
their desire to be "Future Teach- ful work he has done and on the his approaching death was revealed to him
We welcome you, as you embark upon your opening of St. Luke's School .
college career and become a part of this if ers of America." •
in a vision. His cause for canonization was

spirit, and we wish you all the joys and hap-fj We findlthat two of last year's Your Editors Recommend . . . dropped whenfthis was discovered.
piness that abound in the halls of your Alma Now is perhaps the one time in our lives
Mater, 1 m M f
- % I Seniors are rooming together in That a weekly schedule of events
Washington. Gerry O'Donerty, be posted . . . whon we can really devote ourselves fully
teaching in the secretarial depart- to the pursuit of truth about God, man, and
That more girls show an active the world. When we began-ithis pursuit, we

Get DkakEJH ment of Georgetown Visitation

Junior CoUege, is rooming with
Edie Lauler, secretary to the well-
interest in the Student Council begin?to live our student vocation.
by attending the open meetings . . .
That there be more assemblies I am looking forward to working with you
controlled by Student Council for as a fellow member of our academic commun-
I An idea is not unlike a serve in a tennis known Dr. Schriner. Marge Wil- !
liams, also in Washington, is at- the purpose of informing the stu- ity. ' $
game. The ball may^be started with all the dents -j on Student Council activi- Sincerely,
vigor possible, but, if there is no follow- tending Georgetown M e d i c a l ties and discussing vital issues . . . A senior YCS member
through, it has no aim or purpose. School. Mary Kienzle is teaching
Last year in our editorials we asked for
decisive action on three problems:! the
in nearby Baltimore. Your Editors Thank . . .
The adminstration, for their
Make This Year
Christmas party, the day-hop organization,
and the overcrowded spring schedule because
of glee club rehearsals and the major pro-
Behind the desk
School bells are still ringing for
wonderful generosity in giving the
seniors McAuley Hall . . . Your Best Year
grade school * teachers. Bet Brod- Sister Teresita, Sister Geraldine, Start the new year right is the way
duction. I the old adage goes. Let's put it into practice
erick is teaching in Savannah, and the staff, for their cooperation
Good suggestions were made last yearlby with the hunger pains of ^begin- in the Sodality.\ To have the best year yet
the Student Council for solutions to two of Marge Cummiskey in Jamestown, | f or Mary is our goal.
and Peggy Kelsey in Erie. Pat ning practice teachers . . .
these.I Now a solution *must be found to What are some of the expectations of a
lighten the spring load. Egan is busy teaching in Con- The maintainence men, for their
neautville, Pa., and planning an constant assistance to the girls true soldier of Mary? Let's quote Rule 33.
It is for us this year to follow through October wedding. Summer brides in McAuley Hall. . . . "Good Sodalists ought to be first and fore-
and keep the ?ballf rolling. who are teaching thee little ones | most exemplary Catholics, conforming their
The members of TKE, for their
are Rainee Reichel Candela, 'Ree' cooperation with the Senior Open faith and life entirely to the faith and morals
Theuerkauf -i Travers S j and Pauline House . . . Swhich the Catholic Churchateaches, praising
Jt 2>,epen Zilch Kalish. Wedding bells j also Beth Coleman, for using her
rang this summer for Donna talents to drape the windows of
: where she praises, disapproving what she
disapproves of, having the same sentiments
in everything with her, and never being
Cutrona, Caroline O'Connor, and McAuley Hall . . .
§For every! right or privilege there is a Mary Ann Robie.| ashamed to act in private and public life as
corresponding duty. Your Editors Congratulate . . . faithful and obedient children of this their
This year, the administration has grant- In the business world we find fMother Eustace and Mother holy Mother. This should be expected of
ed the privilege to the seniors of proctoring Pat Eisert secretary at the Erie Borgia, on the occasion of their every Catholic. But a Sodalist is to be an
during the evening study hour. Dispatch. Maureen Hammond and feast days . . . exemplary Catholic, therefore more aware
The seniors must shoulder the responsibil- Joanne Harlovichlare working in The new deans of residence, of her duties as af "better" Catholic.
ity that th ey 'iSogwillingly accepted. They the atomic department of West- Sister Carolyn, SisterjRegina, and The Sodality Way of Life was a voluntary
must be at their stations at the appointed inghouse in Pittsburgh. Sister Gabriel . . . choice for all of us.f Although we are not
time and must be just in their dealings with Mary Rachel Shine on her sum- bound tofit by painlof ssin, through \accept-
the students. i H II In the High Schools mer debut . . . ing itfwe did make a solemnjpromise to our
Blessed Lady. Would we
Margaret Hirsch, 3 on a her elec- ewe madefto our mortal mother? Yet, how break a promise
The underclassmen, on the other hand, StiU busy with high school les-
must respect It he obligations of the seniors son plans are Cathy McCarthy and tion to CUR A administrator f. . . Soften are we fhurting Mary by notfsticking
by cooperating with them. ; '^j f Ann Remaley at Erie's fAcademy Those who entered the convent, i t o l o u r promisefto her? Think it over. Are
Because the juniors have the seniority in High, Kathy Eichenlaub, also in Rita Shanahan, Maryl Ann Cutri 1 you al Sodalist, or do youf just claim to be
the dorm this year, they possess added re- Erie, Audrey Hannah and Jane and Pauline Westlake . . . Sister one? I- k 1 1 I m
sponsibilities. They must set the tone of Ann Conrath in Middleport, N. Y.; John Charles (Judy Ellermeyer)
dorm life; they must be the models. If every- Vicki Argana ?in New Caledonia, who received the Mercy habit . . .
thing goes as it should in the dorms it can N. Y.; Mary Ann Scirto in Sala- Sister Marie Bemarde J (Barney Did You Know? jaSJanlk
only be concludedfthat the juniors are doing manca, N. Y.; Markey Foley, Ge- BeU) who took her first vows . JL
their job.
Student^proctoring?is a probationary step
neseo, N. Y.; and Mary McCarthy,
Parish, N. YJ $ * Mercyhurst Belongs
to stronger Student Government. Jits out- USNSA is not a new wonder ingredient in
come Is up to us! Mary: Ann Nash is busy plan-
ning her wedding J Still studying toothpaste ;5neither is it a disease orfa mys-
are I'Digger" O'Dell, taking grad- tery slogan. If it is^none of these, then what
The faculty! and students is it? Simply stated, the United States Na-
uate courses at St. Bonaventure,
Wko Dk a and Kitty Kelly, who received a
sociology fellowship to do her case
work-in Niagara falls while con-
extend their sympathy
prayers to Sister M. Susanne
on the death of her sister,
and tional Student Association is a confederation
of college bodies represented through their
student governments. With some 300 mem-
bers representing 600,000 students, the as-
This is your| paper, not ours. Every year tinuing her studies at the Uni- Miss Eleanor Dargan, and
versity of Buffalo. Barbara Bowen sociation is the largest representative na-
the same old cry about Ithe Merciad being to Mary Jane Odell on the tional student organization in the world.
the "voice of the editors instead of the stu- plans to do some substitute teach-
ing when she isn't busy with five- death of her mother. j The NSA focusesfpublic attention on the
dent body" is heard J J | Vf
month-old Ricky. 1 views of American students. Through the
Two excellent ways of making your voice National Student Congress and through re-
heard are by joining the staff or by making gional assemblies, non-partisan policy posi-
suggestions to the editors. | | tions are taken on issues which affect stu-
To join the staff, one must attend the
journalism workshop! to be held once each
IM THE MERCIAD dents in their role as students.
The NSA provides a voice for students na-
week during the month of October. The &/m^& l Mercyhurst College, Erie, Pa. tionally and internationally. It facilitates the
"How and Why Of Newspapers" will be the ftV^T^Twfc Member of exchange of ideas, operations, and programs ;
theme ofIthe course. Requirements are few: ^^Sfls^ Associate Collegiate Press it plans and promotes intercollegiate pro-
a certain amount of ability, a sincere desire Editor • fi hMf Carol Kelly jects such as the student discount service,
to write, and a definite sense ofiresponsibil- Judy R the travel Iprogram, and leadership training
ity. Associate Editor iM.~I oseberry
Assistant Editors £&£. Kay King, Betsy Schnatter workshops.! $ |
Of small use is the person who criticizes Business Editor . -mil--- Helen
Kennedy Here at Mercyhurst, few of us are aware
but never offers a remedy to the problems. Contributors tp this Issue Martha McNulty, Jean Heavey, of the tremendous advantages to be gained
Any of the editors would be fonly too glad • Mary McCarthy, Beverly Buerkle, Mary Gene Pyne, Bobbie from being a member school of NSA. There-
to hear suggestions, or, why not write a let- i Imboden, Joan Czernicky, Noel Jaeger, jjJosephine Ciancag- fore, there is a vital meed for a vital reac-
ter to the editor? tivation and rejuvenation of the NSA dele-
Make it your paper, not ours. Business Staff Joan Clancy, Jean Lee, gate and the student^government. Your in-
* iojajne Enrlght, Pat Murphy! terest mjjNSA and/ your opinions will be ai
The Editor great help. How about it?
i (
September 30, 195* THE ERCIAD Page Three

Students Attend fGrowing Area &***«<£?<*#-. Alumnae Gather

National Meets Finds School For Festivities
On June fifth, the night before Sizzling coffee and crisply
graduation, preparations were al-
ready underway for the coming Fulfills Need glazed doughnuts were on hand
in the College Snack Bar as more
year. YCS delegates, Joan Coyle, Dateline: Suburia Mercyhurst than one-hundred alumnae flock-
Cathy Cruise, Mary Ann Skelly, Back in the days before Davy ed back to their Alma Mater the
Bobbie Imboden and Jean Heavey, Crockett was a national craze, be- evening of;September 9. Heading
left that night to attend the Cath- fore 38th Street was a thriving the early autumn social calendar,
olic Action^ Study Week in the metropolis, Mercyhurst had erect- the occasion was Alumnae Week-
Catskills. The opening question, ed a college and high school. end, which ended! September 11.
"What is the Church?" brought It lived peacefully for many
them to the realization that the Under the presidency of Alice
years with neighbors far flung. Reeder Lockhart, several points of
week would be spent dealing with Then World War II ended J and vital interest were covered at the
fundamentals. Working in small the encompassment of Mercyhurst business meeting. Sr. M. Eymard
discussion groups,'the Mercy hurst with houses, people, and stores will take over the role of treasurer
delegation found tthat they had began. while Sr. M. Regina will continue
much to offer the other schools Soon she opened {her chapel to to act as corresponding secretary.
in fthe techniques of YCS and accommodate Ithe influx and a Replacing the traditional stipula-
much to gain by hearing the rem- new parish, St. Luke's, was born. tion! of dues will be a five-year
edies that other schools had found September 26 saw another addi- trial Gift Fund. To be inaugu-
for campus problems. was the most popular cry at the Big-Little Sister Picnic held by
tion completed when the parish the dayhops at the peninsula. Toasting hot dogs around the fire- ratedfin the fall, it will be made
I Vote Defeated grade school opened its classrooms up of voluntary contributions
Ten day of the National Student place are, standing, Lyn\Fischer and Joyce Baker; kneeling,\Lois
to 500 noisy, enthusiastic children. Yosmus, Joan Czernyicky. from the members of the Alumnae
Association Convention, at the Uni- Hopeful of making up for their Association.
versity of Minneapolis, were shared late start will be the new teachers
by Jo Ciancaglini and Pat Murphy. under the direction of Sr. Mary Hearty appetites 'accompanied
At the Student Government Presi-
dents Conference, Jo learned that
there is a definite f philosophy to
Timothy, an instructor in the
Home Economics Jj Department at
Frosh Feted At Picnic; the senior class to an old favorite
—a spicily-seasoned spaghetti din-
ner—when they were noon guests
the college before entering the re-
Studentf Government, which in a of the group. In a friendly turn-
Catholic College is the develop-
ment of the Christian Intellectual.
ligious life.
A dual purpose will be served
by the school. In its classes will
Games, Song Highlights about, the class of '56 served their
genial ^hostesses at the Saturday
As a voting delegate, Murph help- banquet. Following the sumptuous
visit the college students who are "Cotton candy! Hot dogs! F u n and entertainment! Come evening feast was a program hon-
ed defeat the motion tin favor of majoring in elementary education. and get it," called t h e junior dayhops as they feted the area
the eighteen year old vote. oring the Silver Anniversary Class.
There they will observe teaching Guest speakers were Dr. M. J.
Attending the twenty-fifth an- methods demonstrated that they freshmen. £
nual Summer School of Catholic Relihan, Professor of Education
have discussed in class. A traditional get-together for t h e big and little sisters, at Mercyhurst, and Rev. D.f Mar-
Action, at Fordham, were Beverly Within its boundaries, Mercy- tin, College chaplain.
Buerkle and Mary Bacon. Their hurst now contains the education- it was held this year at the peninsula on Tuesday, September
days were divided ^between! the al and religious needs of the com- 13. A blazing fire and gaily-decorated cabin set the scene for Concluding the round of events
theory and practice of the Sodali- munity that surroundsidt. t h e festivities and the first introduction of the frosh to col- was Mass in Christ the King Chap-
ty.! Special interest was paid by lege life. el, followed by an informal brunch.
the Mercyhurst Sodalists to the Coming soonfwill be the Prac-
discussion on running > a probation tice Teachers' Convention in Pitts- Attired in bermudas and knee
period. burgh. This will be attended by socks, jeans, and pedal pushers,
Constitution Revised Sister M. Elizabeth, Sister M. forty frosh arrived with their jun-
The University of New Mexico Suzanne, Carol Donovan, and ior "sisters" to engage in an eve-
Beverly Buerkle.
was Mary Gene Pyle's destination
for the week of August twelfth.
ning of songs and games. Each
The press, not to be neglected, girl introduced herself to the group
i s 50 million times a day
All Kappa Omicron Phi business is will Etravel to Thiel College Sep-
secret, but we did manage to find
out that the National Home Eco-
tember 29, for a Newspaper Edi- and name tags were provided to
tors Workshop. Carol Kelly and make names easier to {remember.
at home, at work or on tbdtvay
nomic^ Constitution was revised Judy Roseberry will spend a week- Games enjoyed
and model initiations and meet- end studying the techniques of \

journalism, (or journalists?) Matching and then singing song

ings were held.
titles!proved to be a good mixer.
But how to sing "Put Away the
Mercyhurst Girls Mustach Cup" stumped the whole
group. nothing
"What's the blindfold for?" ask-
I Are Talking lAboutl ed Lyn Fischer. She, Emma New-
by, Barbara DeSantis, and Elaine
MERCYHURST GIRLS ARE TALKING ABOUT . . . GEORGIA' Schwab soon found out it was
LACKEY in the revolving \ door, or water on 10th Ave. .!. .practice the answer to "What don't you
teaching .f. . bedlam* in the dining room . . . our second Colombian
girl . . . transfer students, or who to initiate now . . . Cadet teachers wear to bed?"
. . . wedding bells MARTHA STRAHSMEIER, PAT EGAN, KATHLEEN As for writing your name on
paper while sitting balancing one-
pfERCYHURST GIRLS ARE TALKING ABOUT . Wi the self on a jug—"It's just impossi-
new apartments . . . the large Freshman class . . . Fridays . . .
ten-thirty permissions for teachers . . . a successful open house. ble," said Barbara* Dibble, '(I tried
it." Finding this stunt difficult
QUILLAN'S engagement | l | .I PAULINE WESTLAKE entering the also were Gerry Smith, Kay Auer,
convent . . . lounge songs, or who's Joe . . . Sophomores in room 71 Carol s McCorm ack.
. . . Freshmen diligently getting in the swing by going to morning Mass
. . . The flood in apartment 4, or "Who threw the peach^pits in MISS Cotton Candy Served
MURPHY'S garbage disposal ' . . . a new big Sister class . A. a new The cotton candy made by frosh
Little Sister class . . . student proctors . . .
Marilyn Callahan delighted every-
MERCYHURST GIRLS ARE TALKING ABOUT . . . RUTH one, as did Jo Unger's accordian
FRIEL'S first campus . . . or the Sophomores jumping the gun playing. Many favorite party songs
. . . the new gym teacher, MISS GARRISON . . . the freshman
entertainment and Liberace jj PAT FAULS . . . BOBBIE IM- were sung as well as "Mercyhurst,
BODEN teaching in f Blackboard Jungle" . . . a new way to O Mercyhurst" and other tradi- 1. Bright, bracing taste • •
wear long hair, see EVELYN PRENATT . . . Freshmen wiping tional school songs, to acquaint ever-fresh and sparkling.
smiles off their faces . . . Sophomores providing|entertainment the freshmeni with their Alma
in the lounge*. . . Notes in Senior rooms and mail|boxes |. , . 2. A welcome bit
Mater. of quick energy.,
Joyce Baker, junior class vice- brings you
RACHEL'S debut or the Belle of the Governor's Ball . . . Hyde Park back refreshed.
Inn gone to farm . . . MARGARET HIRSCH elected to a National president, chairmaned the party
office in NFCCS , . . Mary Bacon's Who's Who pin . . . PAT MURPHY while Noel Jaeger supervised the
and PAT CORRIGAN moving in with triple pink . . . Prefect not so BOTT10D UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY
decorations. The picnic supper was
perfect . . . Baby wandering behind McAuley Hall? . . . Front Hall planned by Joan Czernicky with ERIE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY
not rear windows . . . BUERKLE reading news flashes to all on State "Coke" is a registered trade-mark © 1955, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY
Street . . . delayed dressers or what happened to Jean Lee's drawers Nancy Harter and Jo Unger lead-
, . .-progressive party* for Mother Eustace, ing the games.
Page Pour T H E M E R C I A D September 30,1&55

Practice Teachers Discover OCTOBER Soci Students Banish fear;

Green Grass On Other Side CALENDAR 'All's Right With The World'
The tide has turned! Yawning face, slouching spine, tap- § This is to verify the current rumor t h a t henceforth there
ping pencils and over-active tongues! Has this been the story Oct. 3—Freshmen National Tests shall be no problems in the world. All trials, troubles, and
of the past fifteen years of your life? If these symptoms of Oct. 10—Mother Borgia's Feast tribulations have been duly abolished by five Sociology Majors
the nine-o'clock-in-September-to-three-o'clock-in-June disease Day who went out for their three-weeks field case work this sum-
have made you their complete victim, you are now probably Oot. 12—Columbus Day mer. J|
in the midst of a shock treatment which will give you a per-
manent cure. Oct. 13—Henri Arcand, Pianist Rural areas thanked God for more than rain this season,
Oot. 17—Practice Teachers Re- for M a r t h a McNulty was connected with the Ashtabula County
Fifteen years you sat languidly upon a slab of wood turn Office of the Department of Public * Welfare. Thisfagency
wondering why the teacher was on the verge of frustration Oct. 26- Dr. Eric Kuehnelt—Led- does relief work primarily in carrying out the Aid to De-
every time you gazed at*the clouds as they floated past the dihn pendent children, Aid for the Disabled and Aid for the Aged
windows. Fifteen years you longed to be in the shoes of the Oct. 30- Forty Hours Opens Provisions of the Social Security Act. Marty accompanied
teacher standing before you, so various workers on their home calls to cases.
that you could know everything
there was to know about every- 'fi/en Venida Gladys Ferro Although a client threw a cat
thing. Now the shoes are blistering
rosns Vilew at Margaret Hirsch, she remained
undaunted and went on to allevi-
your feet, and for the first time
In fifteen years, there comes a From South Of The Border ate the local situation. Margaret,
with assistance from the Erie
sudden longing desire to be that
student who merely has to sit
Sporting the latest watch-plaid college attire and a smile Of Campus Life County Institution District, treat-
quietly and answer the questions
with a life-time guarantee to carry her far, Gladys Ferro ed people In public and private
of the "omniscient" teacher.
Ramirez, Bogota, Colombia, is a welcome addition to the jun- A car pulls around the drive- institutions and the indigent aged.
ior class. Curly, jet-black hair gives her that distinctive south- way and lunges to a stop. Three She also spent her time accom-
Suddenly you find yourself of-the-border beauty that puts the seniors, especially, in mind panying the workers on their calls.
standing before a grammar class people alight. Yep, it's the usual!
of their good \friend and one-time fellow classmate, "Rosie" A brand new Frosh come to spend Most of the visits she made were
wishing desperately that you knew Moreno. to homes In which foster children
as much as the class did about a ; four years of her life at hard work.
Bogota's Catholic Xaverian University sent her off with Poppa gets the baggage and Mom- had been placed.
compound sentence. Bookkeeping an outstanding record in bacteriology. Here she'll be haunting
class finds you defining a debit ma gives the last-minute instruc- Barbara Barnes and Mary Mc-
the labs of St. Vincent's Hospital as a medical tech intern. tions. "Now dear, write out those Carthy, Intent on ridding cosmo-
as a credit; foods class sees you
forgetting the cinnamon in the Illustrating the adage "it's a checks carefully, and try to re- politan \ life of all Its social evils,
cinnamon rolls; Latin students small world"—Gladys heard about member .the vitamin pills. And did their field work In New York
find Chris wondering the where- PORT and came to Mercyhurst because
of a Colombian friend. He was
dear, be a good sport during Initia-
tion." f ; :
City. Affiliated with the Family
abouts of the Gaul that used to Division*of Catholic Charities in
have three parts; and literature COOP none other than GuiUermo Nan-
netti, Director of Education for Goodbyes! are made and there's Manhattan, they toured aU the
class witnesses Calpurnia and our Frosh—inflicted with the first Municipal institutions, spent a
King Arthur enjoying T-bone the Pan American Union, located day at Children's Court, jwent on
Time to get out the grass-stain- in Washington, D. C! Through pangs of lonely-itis. But, she's a
steak ; in the White; House, j home visits with their social work-
ed sneaks again for another sport- his negotiations, her two-year brave little soul.f and diligently ers, attended!; psychiatric consul-
In spite of the burning feet and ing year J Miss Garrison, the new starts the task of unpacking three
the head which realizes that its credits were translated and trans- tations and were each given a case
physical education instructor, will ferred from the University. suitcases, a I garment I bag, land of their own in?their third week.
cubic foot of space is not yet filled soon have an active sports calen- fourteen insignificant boxes. 9 H
to capacity, you know that some- Eagerly waiting back home for a • Angel of Mercy-hurst in Syra-
dar posted for aU girl athletes. cuse! was Lorraine Enright. After
where within you, even if it is letter postmarked!Erie, Pa., from When at last the closet is closed
imbedded beneath a chalk-en- On the back campus the sound (well, almost closed), she starts out working two summers as a secre-
of bouncing tennis balls can be their twenty-one year old sister
crusted nail, is a little ounce of will be Gladys* two younger gingerly to see her new home. She tary for Catholic Charities, Fam-
satisfaction and happiness. For the heard as the girls try feverishly never realized that shoes could ily Division, she gave up typing
brothers and two younger sisters.
first time in your life, you are to get in the last few sets of the make such a racket, and she peers case histories for making history.
And from her winsome ways, they Lorraine spent her three weeks
sending instead of receiving!!! season. "30-love" Is an oft-heard will be packed with many gay anxiously over her shoulder for
cry through the classroom win- experiences In her new college life. disapproving frowns. Catching establishing rapport and cham-
dows. none, she clatters merrily on, past pioning the cause of Sociology
Mo er Eustace In a few weeks\ the Academy
High School pool will be alive with
So, good luck Gladys! Welcome
to the junior class! Living and
learning together—again come to
tastefully decorated parlors, lovely
paintings, and intriguing* statues.
while accompanying workers on
their home visits.
future Florence Chadwicks. As Nope! she doesn't see them.|Her
Guest of H onor some advance from the doggie-
paddle, others will work toward
the front as a sound basis for good
international relations. ^ ^ K 9 H
eyes are J onl a mura 11 down the
hall. She makes her way to It and
B So, you see, social problems and
evils' have met their nemesis and
case work has been firmly estab-
AtS emor Fete their senior life-saving badges. A
splashing good time will be had ! $ | 'Ideas' jff jKI
gaps in amazement at each facet
of I perfection. I Suddenly a f din
clangs in her ears, one she doesn't
lished as a profession by the Mary
Richmonds of the Senior Class.
Honoring Mother Eustace on by all. IHE STUDENTS'Bra
recognize asp her own. A seal of
the occasion of her feast day, the Field hockey will be Hhe first
sports competition sponsored by
T VOICE $£8111! smiling faces engulfs her. A bar-
HNo more pangs of self-conscious-
ness! No more qualms about being
seniors held a supper party in You write it! rage of questions buffets her, and
McAuley Hall on September 25. the Athletic Association. With she is hopelessly lost In a flurry accepted. She's a Mercyhurst girl!
Differing from all other feast Miss Garrison's help the girls will We'll print it! And, you know, she's going to
day parties, this was a progressive polish their offensive and de- YCS of new names.^ESIHatinimuBt have fun! s"
supper. In a turnabout after-din- fensive tactics. Shin guards, sticks,
ner speech, Pat Murphy opened well, just plain hocke-e-e.'
the evening by extending a turn- There is a new addition In the BfJLA HARDWARE H
about welcome to the landlady, physical education department.
JSth and Pine Ave. 8 H
thanking Mother Eustace for her
kindness to the seniors and pro-
Besides the regular team sports to
be offered, Miss Garrison will give Phene S-74S4 M
It's Blazer Time Again
mising her that they will make instructions in the dance. Folk Erie, Pa. iflH^B
her as proud of McAuley Hall as dancing and modern dancing have
she is of Mercyhurst. been added to the program. The READ THIS j AD FOR YOUR
Serving everything from soup girls have their choice of which
to nuts, each apartment played course they desire to follow. Leo- B m Bj A J DEGREE!
hostess for one course. Escorted
by the major officers in their trip
tards and dancing slippers will
s o o n replace chlorophyll-green
I Your school insignia will be embroidered in-
around the supper tables, were gym suits a n d grass-stained to the breast pocket of your non-shrinking, 100%
Mother Eustace, Mother Borgia, sneaks. wool, Brooks-All en 3lazer. However, a plain
Mother Leona, Mother Celine, Sis- ERIE'S BEST MILK
ter Victorine, Sister Gabriel and pocket isffurnished so that, at a later date, your
Sister Regina. 1 blazer may be easily turned into a smart sports
BnrheM'sjPharnaoy jacket!!! IE
A few well-chosen words by 3005 Pine Avenue
Carncr SSth St. A Mne Ave.
Mother Eustace brought to a fit- Finest Quality - • Personalized Service
ting ending the first of many Spencer Plate Stare Ma. t
Erie. Penna. .'if Complete Selections.! .,-
McAuley Hall parties.
I Our representative will visit your] campus
with a f II range of sample sizes
Wednesday. October 12 - 3 to 1
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