Obama Gives Poland Back To Russians

Well today was a first in history, a sitting U.S. president calling for pre 1967 boarders for Israel. The same boarders that Israel got attacked from multiple times and would now shrink Israel to only 8 miles wide! Now I know a little about the military and I can tell you that defending an 8 mile stretch of land from rockets in this modern era is about as impossible as it gets. I’m assuming that the president CAN’T read a map and decided not to read any history as well, when he made this call. But just for kicks let’s roll up our sleeves and war game this a little. You’re Israel and I’ll be radical Islam that hates your guts and wants you dead….fair? My opening attack will come from the protection of the new urban center of Jerusalem that I now own and occupy. I’ll launch a series of rockets from homes and schools and protect religious centers knowing that Israel can’t hit all the civilians. I’ll do this knowing that I’ve done it before and it worked, plus I don’t give a shit about Jewish or Christian religious centers anyway. Second I’ll launch a full scale attack that cuts Israel in two and force you to fight me on three fronts. The middle of your country I’ll cut off, the north from Syria and the south from the Gaza strip our allies will attack. I’ll be deep in your territory and force you to decide where and how to concentrate your forces. Last, I’ll have my friends in Iran send me long range rockets that we can now use to hit every major city and lob them at your civilian centers like we have in the past… Your people we beg for a cease fire and worst case we will kill 100,000’s of Jews. Now your turn…what do you do in this scenario? This is the new reality if we went back to 1967 when Israel was attacked from all sides! But here is where this really gets good. Since the President has decided that redrawing maps is a legitimate form of foreign policy why not give Poland back to Russia to reflect the post 1992 boarders? Or better yet what if Russia decides it wants to re-write some boarders of their own? The President just said we won’t stop Iran from getting a bomb because we see Israel in its pre-attacked 1967 state. He put Israel and millions of civilians at risk now because the Arab world will see this as validation to squeeze Israel from all fronts. Radicals will use this as a battle cry and a call for a new Intifada. Israel just got sold out and will pay a very heavy price in terms of lives, money and it’s weakening standing in the Middle East for what the President said today…..Words have meaning and here they mean: Israel you don’t matter anymore.

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