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April 33 AD Issue No. Seventeen Room 3 New Brighton Catholic School

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-789 FAC
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) 45
by Gabrielle, Mikayla and Miss D
On the 25th of December, a little
boy called Jesus was born in
On Easter Sunday Jesus rose from the dead in Jerusalem. Bethlehem in a stable. Mary made
him a bed out of hay in a manger
At first Mary Magdalene and some other women went to Jesus’ tomb. They discovered that his body was not there and did not understand surrounded by animals. It was an
what had happened to it. Mary went outside, sat down and burst into tears. While she was there she tired to speak to Jesus. Then someone she unlikely start in life for the son of
thought was the gardener appeared and he spoke to her saying, “Why are you crying?” “Sir if you have taken this body can you please tell me God.
where it is so I can go get it,” she replied. Next Jesus stands up and he says Mary’s name. She realised at this moment it was Jesus. Mary then
goes to tell the others the Good News. The Disciples were surprised. They questioned Mary asking her “How do you know this?” Then she Jesus was the son of God and the
explained what she had seen. But they did not believe her. Peter ran to the tomb and found the white cloth Jesus was buried in. son of Mary and Joseph. Jesus was
a very helpful boy. He helped Mary
On the same day, Peter and Cleopas were walking to a village called Emmaus. As they were walking along talking about the events of the past in the house and he helped Joseph
two days, Jesus appeared along side them, but they didn’t recognise him. He asked them what they were talking about. They replied, why are in the carpenter’s shop. Jesus went
you the only one who doesn’t know what has been going on the last few days and explained what had happened. Jesus told them why don’t to Passover every year. But when he
you understand that this has all been foretold. When they got closer to the village, they invited Jesus to have a meal with them. During the was 12 years old, he stayed at the
meal, Jesus broke bread he gave it to them and at that moment they knew it was Him. temple in Jerusalem. Mary and
Joseph thought that he was with
THE LAST SUPPER JESUS ARRESTED relatives or friends. Jesus stayed in
the temple because it was his
On Holy Thursday Jesus asked the Disciples to find a room for the First Jesus got arrested by people with swords, Judas walked father’s house. When Mary and
Passover meal. They thought they were going to celebrate Passover but Jesus was up to Jesus and said “teacher” and kissed him, after that men Joseph found him, he went home
sharing a last meal with them. grabbed Jesus and arrested him . with them.
While at the meal He told them what they needed to do when he was
gone, he asked them to spread the word of God. Next Peter pulled out a Jesus performed many miracles, an
Then Jesus gave out the bread saying “Take this and eat it. This is my sword, he struck the servant example is he walked on water and
body”. He gave out the wine and said “Take this and drink it. This is my blood.” of the high priest and cut his calmed the seas. One day, a few of
ear off. his Disciples got onto a small boat
JESUS PRAYS to go fishing. When the wind blew
Then all of Jesus’ Disciples strongly and the waves got bigger.
Later Jesus went with his Disciples to a place called Gethsemane and told ran away. They had paddled for a very long
them “Sit here while I pray.” time, and were tired. Suddenly they
Then Jesus asked John, Peter and James to stay awake for one hour but Next when the guards came all saw Jesus walking towards the
they kept falling asleep. Jesus wanted to pray to God so He could stay on earth if in, Peter and the other Disciples ran away to hide because boat. He was walking on water.
it was possible. He tried to pray to God three times and when he returned to his they were scared that they were going to be arrested with When they saw him they knew this
Disciples they were sleeping. Jesus. was one of his miracles.
In the end Jesus woke up the Disciples and said “Get up! Let’s go. The
one who betray me is already here”. When Jesus was alone praying, his
by Eve and Liam by Tom and Tommy disciples came to him and Jesus
asked them, “What do my people
JESUS ON TRIAL FOLLOWING ARREST say about me”? They answered,
“Some say that you are John the
On Holy Thursday Jesus was brought in front of the high priest, who asked him about his claim of being the Son of God. Baptist or Eligah or a prophet from
a long time ago who has come back
During Passover the governor of the time would set free a prisoner chosen by the people of Jerusalem. At the time a to life.” Jesus then asked them,
known terrorist known as Jesus Barabbas was imprisoned. So when the crowd come together, Pilate asked, “Which “But who do you say I am?” Peter
prisoner is to be set free, Barabbas or Christ?” Pilate knew the man was there because the priests were highly jealous. While answered, “You are the messiah
Pontius was judging the case, his wife sent him some post. It said ‘Please Pontius don’t have anything to do with that man. sent from God.” Jesus strictly
I have had nightmares and its all his fault.’ warned his Disciples not to tell
anyone about this.
However,the leaders had convinced the crowd to ask for Barabbas to be set free and for Jesus to die. Pilate set Barabbas
free. Then he ordered his soldiers to beat Jesus with a whip and nail him to a cross. We see that Jesus had many
by Dean and Imogen difficulties to deal with.
by Jasmine and Alanta


On Good Friday Jesus died on the cross in Calvary On Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem because it was Passover time and also to fulfill
(also known as the skull.) the scriptures.

First Jesus was made to carry his own cross First Jesus told two Disciples to go get a donkey, “If anyone asks you what you are doing,
through a large crowd then the soldiers picked tell them the Lord needs it.”
Simon from Cyrene to carry the cross for Jesus
because Jesus had fainted. After the two Disciples delivered the donkey to Jesus, he rode
Jesus was also wearing thorns on his head and got into Jerusalem. People were waving palms and laying their
whipped by the soldiers. clothes on the path. They were chanting, “Hosanna, Hosanna
Saint Veronica wiped Jesus’ face. bless our king.” Hosanna means save us now.

Then Jesus got placed on the cross. He got nailed People who were following Jesus were scared because they
on the cross with his palms and his feet. knew the Jewish high priests wanted to arrest Jesus. The
Women cried out for Jesus. When he was up on priests did not like Jesus because he was getting more
the cross the sky turned dark and stayed that way attention then them. They began a plot to kill him.
till mid afternoon.
Then Jesus said “Don’t cry for me cry for your Palm Sunday is the sixth week, and the last Sunday, of Lent.
Then Jesus died on the cross and the soldiers took him down from the cross and put him in By Jessica, Salio and Louie
the tomb. (The soldiers gambled for Jesus clothes.)
by Estelle an Oliver