Press Release Kuwait City, Kuwait – February 23, 2011

Zain Kuwait customers to get full impact of individual communications experience
Operator successfully implements range of Nokia Siemens Networks’ customer experience management applications Kuwait’s largest mobile operator, Zain will soon be able to offer its customers new and personalized services more rapidly. The operator has unified its customer data that was previously distributed across the network into a single database based on Nokia Siemens Networks’ One-NDS platform*. The deployment promises better insights into customer preferences, savings in capital and operating costs, and up to a six-month reduction in time to launch new services. “A rapid increase in traffic necessitated a better understanding of customer behavior,” said Fahad Al-Ali, network director, Zain Kuwait. “With our network simplified and customer data consolidated, we are equipped to accurately predict usage and capacity requirements, and offer new services such as fair use policy and tailored marketing services. We would like to thank the Nokia Siemens Networks’ team for its hard work and commitment on the successful and timely completion of this project.” “The extent to which network operators can enhance customer experience is emerging as their key market differentiator,” said Jaafar Al-Shraideh, head of customer insight and experience in Nokia Siemens Networks’ Middle East and Africa operations. “We expect this project, which marks the first global launch of our multi-application services on the one-NDS 8 platform, to help Zain Kuwait deliver better pricing, customer care and network quality, ensuring improved customer loyalty and an overall improved end-user experience.” Nokia Siemens Networks has upgraded the customer’s legacy Home Location Register (HLR) system with a next generation platform, and replaced the operator’s existing authentication, authorization and accounting system with the company’s One-AAA server to manage access to new, customized services. Both applications are connected to the centralized data base One-NDS. The deployment also includes Serve atOnce Activation Manager (SAAM), which will help Zain unify and automate access to the centralized data base independent of the application used. This will speed up the provisioning process of the multi-application data base and hence reduce the time-to-market for service launches.

About Zain Zain is a leading telecommunications operator across the Middle East providing mobile voice and data services to over 35.3 million active customers as of 30 September 2010 with a commercial presence in 8 countries. Zain operates in the following countries: Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. In Lebanon, the company manages ‘mtc-touch’ on behalf of the government. In Morocco, Zain has a 15.5% stake in Wana Telecom, now branded ‘INWI’, through a joint venture. Zain is listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (stock

Nokia Siemens Networks Media Relations PO Box 1 FI-02022 Nokia Siemens Networks


com Zain Kuwait Sarah I. maintenance and managed Media Relations Phone: +358 7180 31451 E-mail: Talk about Nokia Siemens Networks’ news at http://blogs. Nasrullah Corporate Communications & Relations Mobile: +965 99006239 E-mail: Sarah. It has been deployed by over 109 operators serving over 1.Nasraullah@zain. Operating in 150 or email: info@zain. based on an open. This helps operators support end-user demands at the right time and the right place. Nokia Siemens Networks Media Relations PO Box 1 FI-02022 Nokia Siemens Networks 2/2 .zain. It aids data collection and consolidation to improve the user experience. For more please visit www. real-time platform puts operators in control of their most valuable asset – customer Note to editors: * Nokia Siemens Networks’ industry leading One-NDS subscriber database solution. It is one of the largest telecommunications hardware.connectivityscorecard. act on and monetize the wealth of customer data available to them across their organization.5 billion) as at December About Nokia Siemens Networks Nokia Siemens Networks is a leading global enabler of telecommunications services. deployment. software and professional services companies in the world. in short. With its focus on innovation and sustainability. increasing the individual communications experience for every Media Enquiries Nokia Siemens Networks Jozefa Terloo PR and Media Relations Middle East and Africa Phone: + 971 444 60213 Mobile: + 971 50 455 2510 E-mail: jozefa. The solution is a key element of Nokia Siemens Networks’ Customer Experience Management Framework – an end-to-end offering that helps operators analyze.terloo@nsn. fixed and converged network technology.nokiasiemensnetworks.9 billion subscribers worldwide. the company provides a complete portfolio of mobile.ticker: ZAIN) with a current market capitalization of KWD 6. 2010. as well as professional services including consultancy and systems and find out if your country is exploiting the full potential of connectivity at www. Finland. its headquarters are in Espoo. www.nokiasiemensnetworks.5 billion (US $22.

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