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bylAI Belovarac


O Neil




by Gary Bukowski
< 5th in a series) In just a few months, October. Where O'Neil had disappeared remained a question for some 1932, the ground was broken for time. It was reported that he Mercy hurst's second building. crossed the border many times And! on November 5, 1932 the and hid in San Remo, Italy to cornerstone of the tower was laid avoid being served a summons to with Mrs. O'Neil and her testify in the Teapot Dome case. daughter jMary present. The John StarBand M.H. Werner in tower consisted of four floors. Teapotu Dome stated: "O'Neil First floor was the reception hall. could not be found. His son, Wayne O'Neil, had bought the Villa San Patrizio in Rordighera, Italy, and his wife had been found at Cannes, but neither of| them could be forced to give the whereabouts of the father and husband The government advertised in the Paris edition of the New York Herald with a picture of Mr O'Neil but it got only false alarms in return. Mr O'Neil had a different story. He said that he made no effort to hide but insisted that he had registered under his own name at the Grand Hotel in Cannes. France. | H e said that no effort;was made to serve him with a subpoena, though the Gary Bukowski government agents knew where he was *at|every hour of the the second floor the library, third day. was an assembly hall and the top Another picture of O'Neil, floor, sleeping quarters. In the besides that J of a fugitive, ap- chapel there was room for 50u peared during the trial Mr. W. S. people plustone main altar and Fitzpatrick, chairman of the two side altars, \ § lx>ard off Prairie Oil and Gas The architect was Walter T. Company offered the following Monahan and the Contractor, H. remarks about O'Neil: 'fWe all Piatt Company, both of Erie. loved Mr O'Neil, and love him Since it was the Depression yet, and I would do as much for I *eriod the sisters announced that Mr O'Neil—he made all of us*. they would hire only local help. brought:us up and gave*us the The tower and chapel were expositions we now have, he taught pected to be completed in eight to us the business, and this is the ten months. I only thing that anyone of us ever *l The financial arrangements knew or ever heard of in con- called for Mrs. O'Neil to"give the nection^with him that-might be sisters a total of three payments questioned, and we love him and to pay for the building. The first will do as much for him, all of us. two checks consisted of a total of as we would do for our own $150,000 and a final payment was made for $25.00o which brought family." J In October of 1919 O'Neil openly their gift to $175,o00. The apstated that she had no relevant proximate cost of the building testimony to offer and therefore itself was $10u.000 and the rest saw* no reason for such was" to be used for the organ, surveillance as the U.S. Govern- furnishings, etc .^ ment had provided. O'Neil never The chapel ancl 'towfcri were did testify in the case and con- completed in 1933 but it was then tinued to r e s i d e in Cannes, decided to add a "Queen's France. In 1932 he sent for his two Chapel." This chapel was an sisters. Sister Regis and Mother exact replica *of a chapel that Xavier. both of whom resided at Mrs. O'Neii had seen in England Mercyhurst College. The sisters and which had impressed her received the letter^ in the fearly greatly. Mrs. O'Neil wanted this part of 1932. The letter contained chapel to be a burial vault for a check for $2,u00 and an in- herself and her family. She vitation to visit O'Neil at his stated in her will that if she died French Villa. It was during the in the U.S. she was to be buried at sisters visit that some &men- Mercyhurst in A the "Queen's tionwas made of a chapel: at Chapel'* and her husband's body Mercyhurst .to Mr. O'Neil, who was to be brought from France to replied that he "would t think rest beside hers. '• In addition, about it." Mrs. ()'Neil's? two sisters^ were The sisters later reported that also to be buried in the chapel. f • their brother longed to be back in The four vaults have never the United States but was too sick been used. Mrs. O'Neil died in to make the trip. They told the France and was buried next to story that to celebrate the 4th of her husband in the church "Notre July Mr.*O'Neil fixed up his house Dame des Pins" where she and with American flags and had a her husband|still rest. Sister party toj celebrate' the Regis and Mother Xavier Declaration of Independence. preferred to be buried with the During their visit James O'Neil other Sisters in St. also remarked that he wanted to Catherine's Cemetery in return to the States to die. His Titusville and that is where they wish was never,, granted for two now repose. j months later in August. 1932 he The Queen's Chapel remains died of pneumonia. Before he died silent, the subject of increasing he made it clear to his wife, Mrs. ghost' stories that tell of the ()rva O'Neil, that he would restless soul offMr. O'Neil still finance the building of a chapel seeking to return to America and and tower at Mercy hurst. j Mercyhurst:

Last Wednesday evening, the venerable Representative union of Students was called to order with a number of important and not-so-important issues being decided by its members. On the first item of the agenda, a member of* the security \force requested that R U.S. endorse an attempt by security to convince. the administration to unchain the parking lot near Preston Hall in the morning to permit the office staff and maintenance crew to ark. and in the late afternoon to et them out. He felt such an action would* unclog the Weber parking lot, relieving some of the overall congestion existing on the campus. In the course of the discussion which followed, Mr. Kennedy pointed out that two new lots were in the process of being completed, and appealed to the aesthetic tastes oC R.U.S. representatives in-.noting the absurdity of; .jnaintaining a parking lot as the geometric center of a college campus. He explained that this empty lot will eventually j be converted uo *a quad, completing Hhe natural layout ofi. the campus. R.U.S. voted 2u to 13 not to support security in their efforts.^ $t£ Jim McAndrew next brought up the question of security for the townhouses and the!new apartments near the tennis courts. He felt more was needed, but it was noted that our security iforce makes regular passes as well as the city police, and that the only way to mcreaseHhis^ protection would involve guards entering the apartments themselves. Since most members did not consider the reaction of townhouse residents to be very favorable to that alternative, the question was dec lared a dead issue. ? Next. R.U.S. voted to purchase a bicycle rack capable of holding


fifty-four bikes fat a j cost of 78 veterans attend Mercyhurst, $325.9u. After a number of rather and that a majority responded in humorous suggestions as to its favor of establishing such an placement, the decision was organization, p jt ~ l i | deferred to a later date.£ ,. Roy Feinburg \ introduced a § Gerry Barron then presented a proposal to set up a workshop for report on] the \ newly acquired R.U.S. representatives to further sound! system for the Cof- acquaint them with the workings feehouse. After reviewing a of R.U.S. and the College Senate number tof bids, a system was since he felt many members are purchased at a 25 per{: cent unaware of the various aspects of discount forf $759.43. He was questions they vote on such as granted a request to purchase finances, \ adminstrational two more mikes and a monitoring procedures, and the exact powers system. fThe oldisound system H.II.S.j actually has; % The idea will be kept in the SAC office for was I unanimously I accepted, the use ot SAC, R.U.S., and any followed by ja buzz session to other users that may arise. | gather topics fortthe workshop Treasurer MKaryn Smith and the appointment of a five man presented her report on the state committee toI organize jthe eni j- i of R.U.S. finances. The following deavor, list enumerates where the money 1 Jim Mc Andrew! continued the is being spent; I j B B S S agenda with an explanation of $30,oo0—balance before a 3 B 3 why the election of Mr. Kennedy p| HHf expenditures fmM was considered valid. Kennedy ^g$ 5,o00 — R.U.S. share oMfiBS was elected over Steve Davis by a J S.U. director's salary jgj vote of H to 6. Since 14 is not a | $ 2,UOH—Spring Weekend B voting quorum, the election was w$ SHU — Father-daughter | H called into question by a number of students. Mc Andrew reminded H Weekend ffij them that a quorum was present $ 6fooo — SAC jf I I I |* when it was agreed to hold the $ 1,5*III — Senior Class | 3 election by ballot during the in, $ l ,o0u — ( onvention fund *§| terim between s the ?first jtwo | $ f»o0 — Freshman class R.U.S. meetings, thus validating $ 6IH) — Student Oirectoryi the election. Nobody challenge $ 96:. — j uni or Class i him and the matter was dropped. $ 7-17 — Sophomore class R.U.S. also adopted a proposal $ 25o —PSEA # to be submitted to the College $ 2\ JO — Alpha Phi Omega Senate qualifying I student $ 8iM»— Drama Club alternates to* vote inl Senate $ 56 — UiologyClub meetings if theyfhave a written $ l.2oi' — Hotline phone authorization from the student for $ K.685 — balance remaining whom they are substituting.- | The last item resolved was that The possibility of establishing a veterans organization on campus R.U.S. will;pay!for a security came closer to reality as R.U.S. guard to assist whoever may be ranted a | request by Tom receiving money at R.U.S.iillingsley and Marty Keeney for sponsorea movies? on Sunday $5o to send a delegate to a state nights. I Anyone whoi cannot convention seeking membership produce a fMercyhurst ^College in a state-wide college students' i.D. must pay $l.oo to gain adveterans group. It was noted that mittance. I *ri


< )n the surface, the fact that the Mercyhurst Security force sought the supportf of $11.U.S. in petitioning the administration to open up the Preston lot seems fine enough, in fact, it is rather admirable to see such a rapport between the j| students and the security men that could make such a request feasible. However, if one considers the ramifications of such a move, he cannot help but Kind the entire incident

Who Draws The Line ?
somewhat odd. The security force on the campus is under the supervision of the administration. They directed the security force to keep the Preston lot closed, but security seems to have taken an independent attitude by enlisting the support of the students in undermining the policy that their employeiv has hired them to enforce. -Whether Preston lot should be open or closed is not the topic of discussion here, but the action by our security force on the

matter calls into question the attitude* of the security force towards the administration and whether that attitude is a healthy one. It further causes one to wonder about the ability of the administration in managing their own security force. Hopefully, the speculation raised here* is only that, and that the relations between security and their superiors is not what the action at the last R.U.S. meeting might imply.

Rill McMillen, a drama major at Mercyhurst, is playing the role of conjur man in Dark of the Moon at the Mercyhurst Little Theatre November 9th -l 2th. I Rill has had
1 . 1 J J A O « . • * . • , * • .

Bill McMillen

experience in Guys and Dolls, all other student tickets $1.50 and Crucible, and he was assisant adults $2.oo. For reservations call director and stage manager in K64-0681 ext. 271. * A fe? Black Comedy, Private Ear, Ma me and I Do, I Do. Conjur man, in Dark of the Moon, is an fold, ragged hunch back.• Rills make.up takes approximately 45 minutes to finish. His hands and part of the face are covered with latex which when dry feels like a second skin. The latex is; pulled and stretched to make the skin appear to be old and wrinkled. When the make-up is finished one would hardly recognize Bill. Bill McMillen|As The box office opens October Conjur Han 3oth. Tri-college tickets are $1.00.



OCTOBER 27,11972

V |

According To The Law
by Bob Beck

Women's Volleyball Schedule
Opponents Allegheny Thiel 3 §3 Court Allegheny Time Teams 5:00 A S H I Date October 17 • Tuesday


I hope this .article-will give Behrend fl Mercyhurst 5:454 A&B October 25 - Wednesday By Dario Cipriani | some insight to our local campus Thiel g ! users and open their eyes to the Thiel 4:151 A&B October 31 • Tuesday W£ fSports Editor fi| fact that they are not safe and Edinboro 3 As winter begins to set in on Hie ] intramural football secure behind their locked doors. Edinboro 6:00 J A3.B November l • Wednesday dreary Erie, the sports of tennis, program, under the direction of vma A Maryland police officer was Mercyhurst m 6:15 i A&B P3P5 /&ftgolf, crew, baseball pack their Dave Shimpeno, is rapidly summoned ' to * an apartment November a • Monday *** gear and wait J until the fair moving towards the conclusion of building by a complaint. One of Clarion-^JEs Clarion 4:15 November 9 • Thursday Chatham £% A ^weather arrives again. It will be league play. The season thus far the tenants told the officer that ; f $ a long wait, but with the per- has been a great success and the some strange looking characters Thiel M £$£. formances of each of these teams ibility of a Mercyhurst Super were coming and going at all Behrend 6:00 m A&B . _ I, pitting the league cham- hours of the day and night. Behrend §•} •' rX during their" respective fall November 10 • Friday v! • §$• seasons the spring outlook is very pions against the playoff The officer knocked on the Allegheny m Allegheny *w 12:15 November n . Saturday Edinboro champions, is generating great defendant's door Rl and used ^favorable. During the| hiberinterest around campus. Gary deception to have it opened. When Youngstown . nation of the fair weather sports, eking basketball moves into the liukowski and Bill Vernall should the door was opened the officer Villa * w | 5:00 ^A&B Villa November 13 • Monday £ spotlight. Dick Fox is preparing be' given special 'recognition for smelled marijuana and* a sub§[- his ll-ballers for their opening the fine job they are doing in sequent search led to evidence game against Edinboro on making sure the games are run that convicted the defendant. £ November 28 and the latest smoothly. » They are the* people g The defendant appealed the report from the coach has it that who | do the things that no one conviction on | the grounds of the practice sessions are moving hears about; such as:; keeping Illegal Search and Seizure. The fl. along very well. 1 1§ time, lining the field, serving as Superior Court upheld Hhe conball and down spotters, and viction saying that the search and Jjjgf [.The mustachioed bandits of usually acting as mediators in % baseball. the Oakland A's, should every argument. arrest were valid. It said "The ds$ :%' be commended for their arrest waslvalid on the grounds Your campus radio station f tremendous performance in the No sports editor is worth his that the smell of marijuana gave WQLN-FM needs several catchy members might like to lend to the World Series. They fought salt unless he comes out at some the officer probable cause, which and creative i identification station for an evening of broadtremendous odds, especially time or other and makes a few is ^sufficient t o | validate the slogans! for \broadcasting. In casting. Because of the high quality of the recording equipfearless predictions. I have been search." % | | | i? after the loss of slugger Reggie prose, poetryJrhymelor riddle, ment in use, however, only stereo leaving away from this inherent . J Jackson and defeated the heavily task of any sports writer for fear Mullaney v. State, Maryland the saying may be sung with or records "in mint condition" can favored Reds in thef best of of striking out, but the time has Court of Special Appeals, 10-9-68. without music or simply read, M be considered .S§|g 7 ? seven series. Much of the arrived s here we go. The Miami Such slogans should include the Thus, when a cut from a par. credit for the As championship, Dolphins will defeat the name of the station, WQLN-FM ticular album is needed, these .1^ which is the first ever of its type Washington Redskins in the Super MEKCYI HIRST, its number 91.3, lists can be consulted and the to come to the bay area, should be Bowl. The Boston Celtics are and in some instances! could owner contacted, with fthe given to Charles O. Finley. The going to take the NBA Crown by mention the city of Erie. fjftjfwj material returned most likely the by Al Belovarac m | ? dynamic owner of 4he A's beating the Lakers in six games. Suggestions may be left at Fran next dayj Interesting and varied The Laker oarsmen, keyed-up |>; organization initiated many The Montreal Canadians are once lUngnear's office, third floor Old musical programming will then $8*; changes which fwere anti- again going to rise to the top of after their impressive victory Main, or in the radio box at the be insured | 9m @^[ i .? establishment as far as baseball the NHL. For a long range over Buffalo State, were not able student union snack bar. All 1 »e sure to indicate your name, to subdue a powerful Morris >!-• is concerned and proved that his forecast, the Cleveland Indians Harveyf crew last Sunday on contributions are subject to telephone number and where you i innovations could be worked into are going to win the World Series can be contacted on the list, which revision by the radio staff. Presque Isle Bay. $ $• £ g| | the molding of a championship in 73. And away we go!!! may be |left I at the above Mr 1 lowing only a varsity race, the S Also being accepted at this time locations. jgRgj W^JBBHB : k team.Sr I m £ Mercyhurst shell was manned by are lists of record collections This is your radio, your sound, •lay Marcinowski at bow followed which students ori faculty tell us what you want to hear. J H by Jim Zielinski, Tony Murphy, Al Belovarac, Mike jMurphy, Dave Collins. Joe Dolan, Jack Freidel at stroke, and coxied by By Tom Frank Frank Sands. The rain let up just § Last Wednesday at the Tullio In the final quarter, "Woody" in time for the race and the water Athletic Field, two more games Woodworth barrelled his way couldn't have been better. At the were played at ten and eleven three yards up the middle for the start of the I5u0 meter event the by Marlene Smith o'clock. The ten o'clock)opener, I Hikes th ird score • % I Lakers evenly matched J Morris which could be called the "Cold £j Last Monday at 4:00 p.m., in a Harvey and maintained a close In a recent interview with Mr. athletic competitions«. here at Bowl" ended with the Budmen rescheduled game, the Rebels position thereafter, never being Dave Shimpeno, he disclosed that Mercyhurst ^i # trouncing the Bud Brigade 19-6. shut out the Spartans 21-0. | behind by more than half a the possibility exists "quite A potential coach has been lined Jim Caruso: netted|the Budmen That game netted Jack Riley length. Mercyhurst pounded out a strongly" of the formation off a up but will not be disclosed ofwith two! touchdowns. The one with two touchdown passes from gruelling 35 strokes per minute Women's Intercollegiate tennis ficial ly until a later date. f score Caruso snagged a 22-yard Ralph Sortino with scoring drives throughout the race, winding it up team, fin Spring 1973.| at* the Enthusiasm on the part of our pass in the second quarter and at of ten and 27 yards respectively. to about 38 near the end. Morris 'Hurst. I I i coeds will determine the success halftime the Budmen led by a 6-0 The "double threat" quarterback Harvey crept out ahead with Mr. Shimpeno explained fur- or failure of this future program. edge. \ i ||| | | also passed 15 yards to fKen about 500 meters to go and finally ther that a • 'strong desire** and Rut the time to act is NOW! Sign The third period opened with a Antlak for the Rebels!, third tally beat the Lakers by a length and a not so much the "real talent*' for up this week (Oct. 30th-Nov. 3rd) spectacular 25 yard pass from and confused his defenders of the half.' jfi£ * the game, will*be the key that in Mr* Shimpeno's office. 222 IP 1 * Tom I Multhaner to Rich Guzak "Rebel option". | Jack Baxter Although the records will list opens this new door in women's Preston. £ i- a with only seven seconds lapsing. added the|P.A.T. after Riley's the result as a defeat for our The £ try-for-point was un- second touchdown pass, while crew, f the oarsmen and their successful, thus ending the "Long Island Ed" Childs caught coaches were nonetheless pleased Brigade's scoring! ^threat the Spartans in their end zone for with the results. -Last year. throughout the encounter. | ?%' a safety.S w |§?| |§. © §$ Morris Harvey placed third in the | While the Bud Brigade's Other defensive play came Mid-America Regatta, beating a FOR SALE: AAagnavox portable stereo record player. Four speakers, scoring punch was depleted, the from Roy Feinberg and Dave last-place Laker crew by a lull 22 $35. See Jon De George or ph. 528-3130. } Budmen were not wasting time in Kurht who undoubtedly made the seconds. The winner of that race FOR SALE: General Electric AM-FMclock radio. Wooden cabinet. the second stanza scoring on two Spartans think twice about trying was Marietta, a team which twin speakers, solid state tuning, tone control, alarm and snooz £ bar, $25. See Jon De George or phone 528-3130. j other occasions.?The first touch- to establish a running game. Morris I HarveyI beat just last FOR SALE: 1968 Honda 350 Scrambler. Excellent condition, new rear down of the third quarter netter Saturday, giving them claim to tire, only 2500actual engine miles. Free winter storage. See Jon De Caruso with another six pointer be one of the top small college George or phone 528-3130. | '* 1 Game l coming from a 34-yard run. The clubs in the country. That MercyFOR SALE: 2 winter tires, year old. $15for pair (735-14). Phone 456 other score came in the fourth 1 Bud Brigade - 6 hurst chopped off 12 seconds on 5453. ^ j&j • 4 quarter on a ten-yard pass play to 1 Guzak, 25-Yd. pass their margin I of defeat last EMPLOYMENT: Bob Curtis, who seconds later 1 Budmen -19 Sunday shows a? dramatic im^ I Western Girl f 3£t" added the P. A.T. \ | p | | ^ 1 Caruso, 27-yd. pass provement in the brand of crew 1567 West 38th Street {& 1 Caruso, 34yd. run here at the school. -If the crew Erie, Pa4 The eleven o'clock encounter 1 Curtis, 10-yd. pass team can ^maintain their spirit, Phone 864 4836 I ?. was truly an upset with the Dukes 1 PAT-Curtis (1) Hours: 8:00a.m. - 4:30p.m. dedication, and i*ate of imstunning thejlot Tunas*II by an 1 2 3 4 1 Salary: $2.50 an hour provement into the regular • Bud Brig. 0 0 6 0 1 18-6 margin. .* Type of work: Shipping Department^ 1 Budmen x 0 6 6 7 1 season tnisc spring, they will The Dukes, after a loss by the Contact: Shirley at Western Girl. certainly be a serious threat with Mother Truckers meshed their whomever they compete. Game 2 offense with short passes and an established ground game which Dukes -18 Falbeur, kept I the formerly undefeated Falbeur, 10-yd. pass Tunas confused throughout; the Woodworth, 3-yd. run Hot Tunas • 6 game. M JS v Cherico, 6yd. pass With both teams feeling out 1 %2 $3 4 their opponents throughout; the Hot Tunas 0 0 6 0 L first quarter, the Dukes were the Dukes &° 6 6 1 1 127 1 D V;|28 first to hit paydirt in the second 1 Game 3 I 1 1 ^ To 1 1 quarter on a 15-yard run by Craig • Rebels-21 jfe | Spartans 0 1 1 1 1 v Withdraw I Falbeur ended the half with the 1 Riley, I I I From 1 1 1 Riley, 10-yd. pass? Dukes leading 64). H jfc ii - 1 1 Classes! 1 1 1 Antlak, 15-yd. i The third quarter opened with • Childs, safety pass each team failing to score in five 1 PAT-Baxter(l) MOO Movie | 3 0 Faculty 1 w w Halloween 1 •AT -Getting | Recital 1[ * " downs and being forced to punt. 4 m 2 3 32 I I Costume 1 Straight" I j 1 But then Falbeur, the "golden 1 Rebels 12 K7 0 i 1 } Dance 1 1 8p.m. j c a r l Stout: 1 boy" of the M.F.L. twisted and 1 Spartans 0 0 0 0 19-1:00 in Sutudent 1 r an Re l a l 1 *?Rec Hall 1 ° & f i 11 Union Featuring Ruby 1 turned ten^yards to his second I • 8:15 p.m. at the I1 P o r t £ * I'D. and 1^ ^ ^ ^ T < ^ ^ ^ | - | MIKEl^ 1 touchdown and a 12-0 score < in Standings as of October 24,1972 I 1 Cathedral of St. 1 Costume 5 1 Free 1 I I 1 / l O MORYCJA 1 1 1 Paul * ii 3 1 Admittance; I D . 8. no 1 favor of the Dukes. Team * 1 Won-Lost-Tie-Pts 1 1 1 - in t h e ! I Rebels costume • 50caOthers- 11 Midway v through „ the third Dukes " 1 1 Coffee I I 1 $K Prizes for Best 1 1 1 1 House! I quarter, the Tunas churned out 34 HotjTunas 11 1 Costume. 1 yards in<four plays, and on the IM. Truckers last idown, Dave Cherico scam- Budmen pered six yards to give the Hot Bud Brigade Tunas II their first and only score Spartans Boilermakers of the day $ # -?.
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Slogan] Contest


Crew I


Women's Tennis



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