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Not Everything $ That is faced can be changed; But Nothing p | p Can be changed until it is faced." James Baldwin


MARCH 9, 1973

by Mary Daly, Director of Public Relations
school numbered 108, in-service and pre-service law enforcement students. Within one year, law enforcement at the Hurst has become a) degree program, enrolling 67 local! law enforcement personnel and 150 preservice majors. The enrollment figures of thejpolice school this year represent the largest number of students in any major at Mercyhurst College. I President Shane attributes the success of Mercy hurst's Law Enforcement School to the active participation of fdedicated men such as Chief Gemelli and Karl Boyes. | Mayor Louis]J. Tullio (Erie) expressed great pleasure over the selection of Karl Boyes and Chief*Sam Gemelli as recipients of ;the first year Law Enforcement Award oi Mercyhurst College. "Both oi these men are outstanding leaders in the field of lawl enforcement! and crime protection," Tullio said, "and it is a great personal satisfaction to me to see precognition of their many fine accomplishments.* j&Karli&oyes and SamjJGemelli have worked hand in hand with the city of Erie and thejCommonwealth Hoi Pennsylvania! to provide a better, safer, and finer place in which we may live and in which we may raise our children. I'As mayor of Erie, I extend my best wishes to these men and I Karl W. Boyes ceremonies to be held a & Mer- program Jthat "the college has compliment Mercyhurst College cyhurst Collegef in conjunction chosen to honor the co-rceipienU on its line selection."! with the meeting infErie of the in recognition oi their outstanding Sam Gemelli, a native of Erie Pennsylvania mayors, safety contributions to the: field oi has been involved in Erie law directors, and chiefs oi police criminal justice | and the enforcement since 1950 when he involved in the \*Saie Streets development oi the tMercyhurst began his police career at age 25.18 Impact! P r o g r a m S of|# the law enforcement program.'' W ,:f A 23-year veteran of the city's Governor's Justice Commission. Mercyhurst opened its Law police force, he was patrolman The college will host the city Enforcement School in Sep- for five years, street sergeant for officials from Eric,| Scranton, tember 1971, with l. James $ V. 13, and served as lieutenant for York, llarrisburg, Lancaster, Kinnane, former special agent lor three years. t \ Norristown, Chester, Bristol the FBI, as program director. '* E Gemelli held the rank* of inTwp., and Altoona at the honors First year participants in the spector for 3a year and a half Mercyhurst will honor| Erie Chief of Police Samuel J. Gemelli and Karl W. Boyes, director ol operations and assistant director of the P a l Governor's Justice Commission, at the college's Law Enforcement School Honors Convocation. Gemelli and Boyes will receive the school's first annual Law Eniorcement Award March 29, at ceremony scheduled to precede the morning sessions at J Mercyhurst. The afternoon meetings will be held at Gannon College, where the group will convene to continue the* discussion and review of various strategies used to reduce street crimes. iMarion L. Shane, President oi Mercyhurst, ^stated in hisf announcement oi the awards before his appointment as chief of police by Mayor Tullio in April 1972. i He was the city's first$liaison officer with the Black community, i founder and first " president of the Police Athletic League (PALs) Youth Program, and is credited with the development of crime prevention programs such as|the Family sponsored by the United States Justice Department. Karl Boyes, also an Erie native, has been associated with the Pa. Governor's Justice Commission for the past four years. He was director of its Northwest Regional Office from 196971 and Bureau Director of State and Regional Services the following year. He has held his


i h * A E D K D n W * " ! w W X wSWI

^ X v ^ v . ^ » ^

Samuel J. Gemelli
Crisis Intervention Unit, now in operation in the Erie!Department. Chief Gemelli is a member of the Northwest Regional Planning Council of the Governor's Justice Commission, the Pa. Chiefs of Police Association, and the Law Enforcement Advisory Board at Mercyhurst College, m | He recently |participa ted in a national conference on criminal justice in Washington, D.C.. current position as director oi opera tionsjand assistant director of the Commission since 1972. Boyes holds a bachelor of science fdegree from Edinboro State College and did graduate studies at Allegheny and Union Colleges. | i In 1967, he § attended the President's Crime Commission Conference in (Washington, D.C.
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William JP. Garvey,4Dean of Mercyhurstl College, {announces the creation of a Challenge Exam Program. % % Effective fMarch 1, a student can earn up to one full year (10 courses) of college level credit at Mercyhurst through the Challenge Examination Procedures. Thegtwo procedures through which such credit will be awarded fare the; College Level Examination| Program (CLEP) and Mercyhurst College Department exams.« | Js The new form of exam credit is available to any person no fusing the regular instructional services of the Hurst faculty | £ g M ft The |program will be administered by the college's testing] center, headed by Mr. David A. DeSante, who will be responsible for the registration, administration, evaluation and reporting- of the challenge examinations and test results. According to the|guidelines of subject. If successful, the failure the new {program, any course grade would be replaced on the listed in the current^ Mercyhurst students' transcripts with the College catalogue is | open to Pass or Low Pass grade. Tuition challenge -examination regard- costs fjn such cases will be $50 less of the student's previous aca- even though the regularj| tuition demic or personal experience had been paid for thej failed uhe testing lee 1 or challenging course? It a course is $15 lor exams con- p Dean Garvey explained that structed by departments, at the under the challenge exams, f the college and $15 - $30 (depending minimal passing score*.for the on the numberfof tests taken) for awarding of credit through CLEP CLEP examinations. fTuition isi placement in |the top half costs for all! challenge exam (above the 50th percentile) of the credit is $50 forgeaeh course (3 general examinations and a score credits) successfully passed .| J equivalent I to C in the subject p Failures will not be recorded on examinations." The ^minimal a student's transcript, however? i passing standards tor credit all! credit received through through Mercyhurst departments challenge testing will appear^ on will be the same as is required tor the collegians transcript as Pass the successful completion^ of or Low Pass and marked fas courses taken in the traditional examination credit. || manner. £| The gnew program will also '1 Persons interested in following benefit students who have tailed a the challenge exam program course in the regular system but should I contact Mr. David) who wish to challenge the tailed DeSante at 864-0681, ext;289.


Todky's Students, Tomorrows Directors
Mr. foldings' Fundamentals of Directing Class | will offer the 'Hurst community a | rare experience March 11th and 12th at 7:30 in the Little Theatre * FREE ENTERTAINMENT!!! .The class has spent the term dealings with mechanics of directing a* play, and have produced fitwo unannounced showings! However J meirf final projects will be on display to the public.J Sunday's offerings will be: Calm Down Mother by Megan Terry, and White Liars by Peter Schaeffer. Christi War nick is directing the|former, whil Mike Weiss is? directing the latter. Featured in Calm Down Mother are Mary Grace Ciotoli, Barb Wells, and Laura Montpctite. In 1 White Liars fare CynthiafWejJ zikowski, Tom Jaworek, and Jerry Brace, Monday's offerings will be Motherlove, b>§ Auguste Strindburgh, and* directed by Kathleen Zangrilli; Too ISolrilink for her SpiriCfby William^lnge, directed by Pat Cleary; and l a cutting from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woli? by Edward Albee, and directed by Bill McMillen. Included in the cast of Motherlove are Candy] Vanker, fTheresa Caldwell, Andrea Kupetz, and Marijane |McWilliamsM Too Boliilink for her Spirit features Jane Bassett, Rhonda Hood, Margot LaStrange, MikejWciss,' Brigid Cusick, i and Marty Keeney. The cast of Virginia Wolf is at this time not definite. | * |f, At the end of each evening, there will be a|briei Seminar to which the audience will be invited.



MARCH 9, 1973

From The Tower:

The Financial Rape Of
byiAl Belovarac
RUS certainly had its share of ups and downs this year, and if the two were in a race, the downs would surely hold a commanding lead. £ . A! budding political scientist researching the difficulties and frustrations of student/governments would have a field day with RUS, which in the past six months has gone through a collage of moods, being active, inactive, reactive and deactive. ip The latest crisis to make its hooded prescence known concerns budget appropriations which thus far have been doled out with a generous though sometimes indiscriminate hand. Suddenly last meeting, however, a shocking realization struck the members like a bolt of lightning. Only $4,500 remain in the coffer and this amid cries of assistance comingffrom all areas of the campus which served only to make matters worse. The swiftly diminishing treasury was assaulted by requests of funds for entertainment, ponds, art shows busses, CEC conventions, and pre-school equipment, all totalling close to $4,300. fWe hope RUS will wake up and realize its treasury is not a pot of gold readily available for anyone who needs some extra cash. | Students pay a $25 activities fee which should be used for and only for student activities. As it stands, their government deprives the students of the full benefits of their own money. As an example, a $550 request to contract "We the People" for a show in the Union was slashed in half, the rest to come from the student union's regular fund, thus cheating the students out of some other activity.
:• * * * | \' H

*We think it ridiculous and absurd for RUS to be approached for money for the pond, senior art exhibit, and the pre-school. The idea of a pond on the back campus is fantastic, but is it the responsibility of RUS to furnish funds for an improvement that should be funded by the administration? If such a precedent were set, we can see the day when RUS is asked to pay for parking lots, outdoor lighting, and whatever other campus improvement might arise. The senior art exhibit is required by the art department, but why should RUS flip the bill? Is the purpose of RUS to fund academic departments? I I f # * * While the pre-school is indeed a noble and praiseworthy undertaking, there is little reason why RUS must supply the school with equipment when it's the responsibility of the college and the department sponsoring it to fulfill its financial needs. If they can't do it, then it shouldn't be done. % The impression that|RUS is serving the function of a rich uncle willing to give hand outs to eager individuals and groups must be dispelled. Presently,jher treasury is being financially raped for causes that have only the remotest relation to what RUS is supposed to be about. RUS should not be an alternative source of funds for academic departments and numerous groups who can'tffind money elsewhere. $ V
• * *

P.O.W.'s: Are They Really America's Heroes
by T. Daniel Heberle
fet Nixon claims that thetUnited of democracy and that every States has won peace with honor. country should be democratic, The POW's are the factors by whether they like it or not. The which Nixon claims the U.S. has North Vietnamese just couldn't won an honorable peace. In other understandfthis. All they underwords, an honorable peace could stood was that the U.S. was not have been achieved until the bombing their cities, villages, P.O.W.'s were released. This hospitals, orphanages, and kind of Nixonian logic shoots harbors. Thousands oi civilians down the reason why we went were being killed by these saviors there in the first place. Which of democracy. was as everybody knows, to stop communism. Of course it is easy lYet we are honoring | these to forget. Even though we did not people as heroes Jrepresentative stop communist domination, we of American society. These still achieved a peace with honor. people are being exonerated, The P.O.W.'s are returning to the while conscientous objectors and U.S. after long periods of in- draft resisters'are being jailed or carceration by the North Viet- hunted down. These draft namese and or the N.L.F. The resisters are being condemned as P.O.W.'s are being warmly being un-American. The^ people received by the United States and who felt it was wrong to kill President Nixon as heroes. They people *with jwhom they aperare suppossed to represent the sonally had no disagreement with U.S. commitment of democracy are being repressed. The people to a democratic South Vietnam. who were mass produced as war Consequently, they should be machines are considered as looked upon as heroes or savior of heroes. The fact of the matter is that ^American society! has democracy. degenerated to barbarism in that But let us look at this issue a to kill is to prove your patriotism. little closer. Why were these men Look neat and trim, have a taken prisoners in the first place? snappy salute, a short haircut and The reason is that they were shot you're an American. But down or captured by! ground remember never try to think troops in Vietnam. But why? aboutl what you are doing. Didn't ? the Northf. Vietnamese Because thinking is the initial know that the U.S. was the center stage of rebellion and even moral rebellion can be dangerous. In contrast to this, ii you had doubtb about your country, 71 you questioned its motives, and linally decided that killing women and children to make the world safel i or democracy is morally wrong, you are un-American and you are shirking your patriotic duties. You just don't understand what America stands ior. Don't you know that it is right and commendable to get in a B-52 lor the sole purpose of strafing and bombing civilian areas and possibly military installations. I feel that the U.S. should welcome the P.O.W.'s back home because the U.S. is their home. But as many people feel, itfis not bringing the different tactions in American society | closer together. Conservatism is on the upsurge in [this country, and exonerating people for mass bombing will only accelerate the trend. Unfortunately, the peoples heroes are not the Berrigan brothers, jDaniel Ellsberg, or William Kunstler. Their heroes are a Captain John Brown, or a Major Bill Smith who | were captured while saving the world from communism. But nobody told the children.!

* * *



* * *

| j !

The thousands of dollars under RUS's control must not be squandered with reckless abandon. RUS must learn to say "No!" to money requests which should be directed to another source. Money put into the treasury by the students should be spent only on the students and for the students. Other worthy causes must take a back seat, no matter how important they may be. It's a tragedy that activities musst be curtailed because the money is being used to support causes which should by all rights be taken care of by the administration or academic departments.

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march 1973
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MARCH 9, 1973



Plau You
by Cathy Stevenson
Once upon a time, when Mercyhurst was a small, fall-girl, totally Catholic college, I doubt if the word "dope" was ever mentioned in the school's hallowed halls, but Mercyhurst has finally reached puberty and in the process has also lost her virginity. h i It's no secret that drugs are used on, near, by, to *the left, right, east, west, south, and north of Mercyhurst campus so let us talk about it. V Exactly what rights does a resident student possessing drugs in his room have? Remember the room contract you signed? Your rights as afstudent are {listed in each and as far as drug possession and privacy go- you have no rights. pfcjj Article 2 of the^room contract rea ds as follows: ;'


Saturday/March 17 10:00 p.m. - midnight Off the Record with Linday Mazzotta. Find out what Herbie Hancokc, Joni Mit chell, and David Bowie have in .common. Sundayf March 18 8:00p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Opera: Dalibor by Bedrich Smetana. The story of aknight in trouble and the competitive cooperation of two beautiful women/ one high-born, one common/ who would save him. Performed by the National Theatre Company of Prague. 10:00 p.m. Promenade Concert. The BBC J Symphony Orchestra per forsm Schubert's Overture to "Roosamunde", Davoraks' Romance for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 11 and Elgar's Enigma Variations. 11.00p.m. First Hearing. Monday, March 19 11:00 a.m. Stillbreath's Warp with Stillbreath featuring a series of environmental lectures. 4:00 p.m. Off the Record with Pat Newbold 10:00 p.m. Off the Record with P.J. Lovett 11:00 p. m. Nocturne

f 2) The college reserves the right to enter any student's room for any serious reason. (I would say that the school would feel the illegal possession of narcotics is serious.) ?A J Article 6 reads as 1 ollows: 6) The student agrees to fill in a room inventory report form when he arrives on campus. The room will be checked on a monthly basis and any damage paid for ^immediately. Roommates are equally responsible for a room. (Once a month, whether you are present or not, your room can be searched.) Rooms may also be entered for the reason of probable cause at any time. (If you are suspected ol drug possession it is probable that your room may have uninvited visitors.) Resident Assistants may enter

rooms to answer noise complaints Our programming for the next two or for a variety of other reasons. weeks will include... IP*£ Whatever is seen by an R.A. may Friday March9 * give the school probable cause, so 11:00 a.mf Stillbreath's Warp if you get busted, for God's sake j^P Stillbreath £ featuring with two don't be noisy about it. documentaries/ Klondike and Drugs are still i 1 legal and cause Titanic Controversy unfavorable publicity lor the 4:00 p.m. Off the Record with host P . Louett \ I J l school. What may seem back- 10:00 Jp.m. Off the Record with host dated to the student is really Gary Dudenhoefer protection for J the school, but 11:00 p.m. Keyboard Immortals students also have the right to i^js featuring a Recital by Russian piano great Wassily Sapellnikoff protect themselves. Know your friends as well as your enemies Saturday/ March 10 and avoid the hassle of your life. & 10:00 p.m. - midnight Linda Mazzotta takes you Off the Record for two Once upon a time drinking on hours of the best in folk, blues, campus! was considered taboo rock, and iazz.,; and not very nice on Mercyhurst Sunday, March 11 campus. Eventually drugs may j£ p.m. p.m. From Beethoven replace 3 drinking as | the % all- 8:00Zelinski 10Host J.L. takes you on to a American sport. \ \ g tour through the orchestral classics. \ Know your friends as well as your enemies. The bust you at- 10:00 p.m. Promenade Concert with Pat Newbold The Halle Orchestra, tend may be your own. Sir Jon Barbirell conducting,
performs Partita for Orchestra by Walton and Symphony No. 3 in C Major op. 52 by Sibelious. 11:00 p.m. First Heating with critics Martin Bookspan, Edward Downes, and Irving Kolodin.

Letters iTo The


Take Pride Iii The Uniform
Words alone cannot express the feelings I have for Mercyhurst's soon-to-be-initiated ROTC Program. 'Envision the| young men parading to and lro in Zurn parking lot on warm! Spring afternoons in their olficial United States oi America Army uniforms. And what a symbolic piece ol clothing that uniiorm is to us all. During these hard times when our country's leaders are being badgered b> a? few spineless peaceniks every time they attempt to send our country's mighty forces into action, it is certainly reassuring|to see that our good boys still realize the need to thwart Communism at all In the name of napalm. . . costs. And do not fear donning the "Mother" bombs. . .^protective uniform of the mightiest army in reaction strikes, i. Kent State. . . history. carpet bombing*.. My Lai... and "Peace isjat hand" (until after il think the reason we don't see the election), I thank you who are more ROTC units on campuses trying *to establish this woracross our nation is that we fail to thwhile program on another comprehend their absolute campus. Lord knows when we'll necessity. At any time, in any have to call on these brave young place (except the U.S., of course > men to defend our democracy and another domino ,might start to everything else American. (He la 11. Our boys must be there to knows because Dick told him last prevent this; or the next thing we week at Camp David). ;£§ know, the Reds will be across the Your regressive thinking lake in Ontario. The importance of manufacturing good military saddens me. minds to command the "just' war Timothy M. Welsh cannot be over-emphasized. Conscientious Objector

Monday/ March 12 11:00 a.m. Still breath's Warp with Stillbreath j featuring environmental lectures. 4:00 p.m. Off 'the Record with Denny '\-\ Woyteck £& 10:00 p.m. Off the Record with G.T. Barronj | 11:00 p.m. Concert Hall. The London •;. Symphony Orchestra performing Music for His Majesty's Sackbutts and Cornetts by Locke. Fantasia on a Theme by ThomaslTallis by Vaughn Williams Concert for Double Bass and|Orchestra by Dittersdorf. ' . S Wednesday, March 14J 11:00 a.m. Stillbreath's Warpjwith g Stillbreath featuring a series of §? environmental lectures. 4iOO Off the v Record with Gary Dudenhoeffer 10:00 Woody's Children $? 11:00p.m. Nocturne with Barb Hewitt Thursday/March 15 I 11:00 a.m. Stillbreath's Warp'"(with Stillbreath featuring a series of environmental lectures. 4:00 p.m. Off the Record with Pat Newbold 10:00 p.m. Off the Record with Gene Shaw 11:00 p.m. The Vocal Scene featuring a "Host's Choice" % Friday/March 16 11:00 a.m. Stillbreath's Warp*with Stillbreath featuring a series of p environmental lectures. 4:00 p.m. Off the Record with P.J. LovettJ \ 10:00 p.m. Off the Record with Gary Dudenhoefer^ * 11:00|p.m. Keyboard I m m o r t a l s featuring a Laura Danzinger Recital. % iS

Mercyhurst To Honor..
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We The

People I
Tonight, there will be a MiniConcert featuring a unique comedy act We The People from New York City. There will be only one performance which is scheduled for 9:00 p.m.|in the Union. The show is freef to Mercyhurst students with I.D., others will be charged $2.00. The show will give! students a chance to take a break from their studies to enjoy one of| the finest comedy groups in the country. The stand up comedy of We The People is similar to that of other groups like Ace Trucking Co. and The Committee. .? *

and since then he has attended numerous other seminars and conferences focusing on the areas of police administration, organized crime, correctional systems, and drug controls. $ The 37-year old former Erieite was named "Young Man of the Year" by the Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1965 and received the American Legion "Citizen of the Year Award" in 1971. That same year, he was cited by the Governor's Justice Commision for his "excellent leadership and dedication in the criminal justice system as director of the Northwest " Regional Planning Council." ? I


Enforcement Major To Run}For Sheriff





The Security Office has filed a report on two paintings stolen from 2nd floor Zurn art lab. The works were done by students Walter Phillips and* Donna Hildebrand. Both are landscapes, unframed, and described as platte knifel paintings. Sizes are 46" x 38" and *36" x 44". Missing Painting by Walt Discovered missing February 20. The incident is being investigated Phillips (unsigned) by* the Security Department. Contact Jim Fisher, director of 36" x 42" Palette Knife Painsecurity, with information. ting, sky-swirling clouds with

Missing Painting by Donna blues and greens and yellow, ground-! red brown. Lower left Hildebrand. corner was.warped out slightly. 46" x 38" a palatte knife The painting \was last \ seen painting sky-oranges, yellows, Monday evening 10:00 p.m. and reds, ochres sunset reflection in p|was noticed missing 9:30 a.m. 1 water below, dark jsillouetted Tuesday morning. foilage area forming strong diagonal across canvasfwith gray, blues, blacks and purples with a few tall spindly trees stretching above the foilage bandupward to the top otfthe canvas. The lower left corner was slightly warped outward. The painting was last seen Monday night 2-1973 about 10:00 p.m. and was noticed missing 10 a.m. Tuesday morning

Robert Beck, Candidate for Sheriff

. .A Mercyhursti Law Enforcement student, Robert Beck has filed petitions in the Erie County court house for the office of Sheriff. Bob is seeking the Democratic nomination this May. He feels the race will be an uphill fight all the sway.»Support is coming in every day and the results look -promising. But of course some skepticism exists. Bob hopes to overcome this skepticism by enlightning people of Erie County on his campaign platform.. His campaign will include door to door visits, and distribution of his platform views and speaking engagements. He will appreciate any support that can be given to him.

L.R.C. Hours For Exams
Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday March 8 March 9 March 10 March 11 March 12 March 13 March 14 March 15 March 16 March 17 March 18 March 19 March 20 March 21 regular hours 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m. 10:00a.m.-12 p.m. 1:00 p.m|- 12 p.m. 8:30a.ml-12p.m. 8:30a.m.-8p.m. 1:00 p.m.-4 p.m. l:00p.m|-4p.mj closed ^ closed closed 1:00p.m.-4:00 p.m 8:30a.m.-4p.m. regular hours

* *»



MARCH 9, 1973

Lakers Finish Record Season
by Dario Cipriani
Wow!! Down by a seemingly then hung on to record the insurmountable n points with stunning upset victory. I j only 3:12 remaining in the game, As a result of this victory the Mercyhurst Lakers pulled off Mercyhurst advanced into the Done of the most] amazing 18 finals Wednesday night against Slippery Rock at Morrow Field House. The outcome of this game is now history. If the Lakers won they'll tip it off Monday in Kansas City inquest of the NAIA National —Slippery Kock defeated Championship. If they lost, the the Lakers 70-68 in overtime agony sof defeat will be only in the NAIA District 18 Finals. Ihe Lakers ended temporary. Mercyhurst has their season with a record 1 ih already made history. No second 6 seasoa year team has ever played in a district play-off, let alone winning their first game and* advancing into the finals. So no matter what comebacks in college Basketball the outcome I would like to say on Monday night and defeated no. 1 behalf of the entire "Mercyhurst seeded Clarion 56-55 in the first round of the D-1.8^ playoffs. community; were proud of you Playing a clinging man to man Lakers, you're no. 1 in our hearts^ As this writer viewed Monday defense, the hustling! Lakers zipped the nets for 14 consecutive night's events from the pressbox I points and bolted into a 56-53 lead noticed many incidents f which with eight seconds remaining. typify the spirit of Mercyhurst. Little things such as.J the entire Mercyhurst cheering section standing during; the last five minutes of the game and rooting the Lakers *to victory; these lovely cheerleaders, yelling their hearts out, leading the fans in cheers; Marianne Jacobs and Mary Needham praying during the second half, Dean Garvey, Jim La nanan, Dave DeSanti, Bill Kennedy, Tom fMonaghan, Tom Billingsley. Phil Herring, Joe Cook and Barry McAndrew^ sitting in the midst of the Mercyhurst cheering section cheering right a long with the ^students; Buzz and Wiz hugging each other and roaring their approval from the bench even though neither oi them saw* any action; Jim McAndrew almost jumping out ol the Press box as Albert sank the go ahead bucket; Dick Fox cackling like a baby ini the dressing room after the iiasco; a good number oi thel sisters of Mercy quitely jpraying for the Lakers amidst the uproar. Yes, this is Mercyhurst, and anyone at that game Monday night felt that same pride that I felt witin myself. Deep down in our heart, Monday night, we had the jibest damn basketball team in the country ^ ^ ^ g f








Jesse Campbell goeslup for an easy basket.



Tourney Finishes Post-Season
by Tom Frank
At this point, when the second round ended only four teams were lelt. They were:Original Over the Hill Gang, Guess What, Losers, and the Foxes. The iinal game ol the winners bracket netted the Original Over the Hillers versus the Losers with the*; Losers winning by a 71-63score. fa In that game, Joe Cook and Clifi Root ol the Losers combined lor an amazing m points while Gene Fahey starred for the Over the Hillers with 31 solo markers. Those teams eliminated in the deficit. ilill winner's bracket and dropped to Other action in the iirst annual the floser's bracket were;sTpost-season playoll tournament ballers, Knicks, £ Speed § Boys, was as follows. $fo Nosmo's Kings, Vet SeU. Guess The tournament opened with What, Foxes, and the Original * £ the following teams advancing to Over the Hill Gang. Second ground action amongst the round of the winner's bracket. Knicks, Original Over the {Hill the losers went as iollows^ Gang, Guess What, Losers, Vet Nosmo's Kings lorfeited to the T Set, Foxes. ThefMerevhurst Intramural Basketball season ends with!the Losers crushing the Foxes 79-56 in the Championship Game oi the Season. 1 % Bill Wagner and Clill Hoot each had 19 points to pace the Tourney champion, Losers. Other double figure scorers included Joe Cook (14) and Ken Harris (12). The League champion Foxes with Charlie Jones (19J Bob "Ox'* Ochsenreiter (17) and Bill "Montour" Vernal (10) couldn't come back irom a 41-32 halftime bailers 2-U and Guess What lost to the Foxes by a score oi 91-71. In % t h a t W game, Bob Ochsenreiter the consistent high scorer for the Foxes again paced his team with 12 baskets and lour fouls for an outstanding 21 > point total. Bill ."Montour" Vernal and Charlie Jones also damaged the Guess What team by popping in23 and 22 points respectively. Tod Allan paced Guess What with 32 points. $ i & In the iimil game oi the Losers bracket played on Sunay evening, the Foxes again paced by the trio of Jones, Vernal and Ochsenreiter and also with the help oi John Ball turned back the T-ballers by a 16 point margin 82-66. In that contest, Bill Vernanled the?Foxes with 18 points, |'followed by Charlei Jones with 17, John Ball (16) and Bob Ochsenreiter 113)..





Senior J.C.Carter, drives in for a basket against Delaware State.


ACK Roundi
T-Ballers Nimrodsj£B Nosmo's Kings Tulsa County Four Rats Speed Boys Foxes $ 47 40 29 37 2 T-Ballers Kinnanes Cadets Four Rats Family {§?-

The Apple Tree
Nimrods Tulsa (Forfeit) Speed Boys 'M, Over the Hill (B)

Losers Bracket

72 2 41 71

Knicks Original Over the Hfll Gang 455 Kinnane's Cadets 69 Guess What| 129 Losers $38 Vet Set 0 Family (Forfeit) (bye) Over the Hill B

54 0 76

The Theatre Arts Program will be holding auditions for The Apple Tree, the spring musical, on Saturday, March 24, at 7:00 p.m. and on Sunday, March 25, at 1:00 p.m. ^ £s g 'Ihe Apple Tree is a combination of&three one-act musical plays: The Diaryoi Adam and Ever, The|Lad.v and The Tiger.

and I'assionella. To give more students-* the opportunity to perform, itfcis hoped| that from auditions each one-act will have a separate cast. Jg I If you J are interested in preparing an audition for one of the major|roles, please contact Larry Glaister, the director, in the Little Theatre or call B38-4606.

Round2 Knicks Kinnanes Losers Foxes Jfl 64 58 98 2 Oothg I Guess What vet Set 1 Over the Hill 78 68 68 0 T-Ballers Speed Boys Vet Set Foxes 58 57 0 2

Round2 Knicks Nosmo's Kings Guess What Original Over the Hill Gang

Attention Seniors

Round3 Oothg Losers


Guess What 1 Foxes*

52 55

T-Ballers Guess What

Rounds Nosmo's King 2 71 Foxes, Round4

Round 4 Oothg 63 Losers 71 T-Ballers 66


BSf ^ K Losers (Winner's Bracket

£ Foxesj Champions) ( Losers

B r a c k e t |champions)

The Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission will be on campus on March 22, 1973 to talk with Seniors about career opportunities in State Government. Please Note: Changes have been made in |the original arrangements for their campus visit. The informational programs will be scheduled at 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m. and 1:00

p.m. Jin addition, the|representatives have consented to administer r the Civil i Service Examination on campus, and this will be givenat 2:00 p.m. Ju | Any Seniors interested in taking the Examination or attending any of the informative presentations are asked * to I contact the Placement jOifice as soon as possible.

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