Division Heads!


by Pat Weschler
evaluation procedures used, depending on the nature of the 0 course. Equally complex standards were put forward by other division heads. Responses to the allegation that "grade inflation" posed a serious threat to Mercyhurst's academic reputation were quite Varied. Mr. David Shimpeno, of the'Division of Physical Education, asserted that the problem is more theoretical than real"- "In my opinion. Dean Garvey is justified in his concern, as he wants Mercyhurst to be the finest academict institution in the nation; nearly any responsible academic dean would be concerned about this matter. It is merely his way of reminding faculty members that they must challenge, and therefore stimulate the minds of the students." i . tx f. A major common concern of all of the department heads , was that academic standards be kept nigh at a time, such as the present, when graduate and professional schools are being extremely selective. As the head of the Natural Science and Math Division and Chairperson of the Middle|States Self-Study project. Sister Mary Charles put it: "Standards must be maintained, or our graduates will not be recognized as capable." f ^ f Another concern was the fact that despite very high academic averages, Mercyhurst students do very poorly on graduate school admissions exams, which test general knowledge. Sister Mary Charles pointed out that there is "a tendency to 'cram* and to pay attention only to those items which are indicated as very important. This may earn a The Voice of Hie Mercy hurst Community student a good grade in a course, but it won't help him on a MCAT (med. school test), LSAT (law school test), GRE (graduate school test), or on the job.'' **VOne possbile explanation-for grade inflation was put VOL. 47 NO. 5 MERCYHURST COLLEGE OCTOBER 18, 1974 forward by Ms. Sontag and others as being due to "the present attitude which many students hold, i.e. that 2.0 is a poor grade, places pressure on faculty to gives higher grades.. Also, competency-based courses, due to their very "Children's Hour" nature, contribute to high grades under the present grading SPEE system.'' f * ;' i LIMIT Division heads also stressed that grade inflation is a national problem, not limited by any means to Mercyhurst alone. Major articles on the subject were cited in "Newsweek" and the' 'Chronicle of Higher Education". Final^casting has been completed for the.Mercyhurst Statistics made available through the Middle-States SelfDrama Department's falls production, i'The Qiildren's Study program show several interesting trends regarding Hour|| | *•% f * SfSSfJ 3 * " * I P P grade distribution in the last eight years. In 1967, before Leads in the play, which was written by Lillian Hellman, Mercyhurst went co-ed, the total number of A&B grades are to be played by Brigid Cusick, Mari Gardner, Maripat 3.0 or above - represented 58 per cent of all grades given. Rafferty and Marty Miglioretti, all of Mercyhurst. Of these After going co-ed, that figure declined to a low of 45 per cent four players, all but the last are Theatre majors. * in 1971 and 1972. In the following two years, the figure has Other members of the cast, in order of appearance, are: gone up 10 per cent to 55 per cent of all grades given. £ 1 The Krie Police has suddenly become dead serious about Carrie Lund, of Mercyhurst Prep, Beth Wassink, Sue Several factors contribute to this rise in high grades at the enforcing this limit...don't get nabbed - take care on38th St.! Stachowiak and Maryann Rozsas, all of Merdyhurst; Mary college over the last two years, in addition to the idea of Nowak and Jan Cramer, of Mercyhurst Prep; Peggy "grade inflation''. There has been an increase in the number Flocos, Pam Fitzgerald, Ruth Miller, Kathy Atkinson, Delia of students who withdraw from a course, or take it pass-fail. Crack-down Mirarchi, and John Di Gangi, all of Mercyhurst^ rather than receive a low grade. Also, the quality of MercyL ^The-prodQction uffl^ke^Hft^ff tlfe Mercyhurst Little hurst students is on the rise, as a result of such programs as Theater on Oct. 31, Nov. 1, 2 and 3 at 8:30 p.m. There will the Egan Scholars Program. *^ also be a matinee on Nov. 3 at 2:30p.m. h The "grade inflation" problem at Mercyhurst is a relative Ticket prices have been lowered this year, so that Mercy- one, but it is directly related to a lack of uniform grading hurst students, with I.D.s can get in for $1.00. Adult tickets standards at Mercyhhurst and hundreds of colleges in the will be $2.50. 38 -I | | I i f nation today. * During the past week, the Merciad conducted a survey among the division heads at Mercyhurst on the subject of "grade inflation and grading standards". Response to the survey was wide, varied and large. It is clear that the division heads take the issue very seriously and all of their responses indicate a good deal of thought on the issue. , | 1 One of the first conclusions that can be drawn from the responses is 'hat there is no uniform system of grading at Mercyhurst Grading appears to be'a matter which is handled either by division, by department, or by the course instructor. There is no school policy on grading. As a result, grading standards at Mercyhurst are as varied as the courses themselves, % 1" s Illustrating the problem of how the nature of a division can make grading difficult, Dr. Joseph Pizzat of the Creative Arts Division made this point: "how does one put a grading symbol on a report card that reveals the quality of learning in non-cognitive, non-verbal, learning experiences? For example, how do you grade the capacity to imagine?" In answer to the survey question, "In your division, what percentage grade is considered an A, B, C, D, or F ? " only one division. Physical[-Education, could offer a direct response. A more typical response was that of the Home J Economics Division head, Ms. Suzanne Sontag: "Most courses taught within the Division of Home Economics are not graded on a strict percentage basis.-Rather the final grade is often a composite of weighted scores from various



Leading representatives from the city, county, state and Jthe EMTA railhead the Towne Meeting on Erie's future transportation proposals. $ * j Mercyhurst Recital Hall J. will be the location for the Towne Meeting, which will|be held on Tuesday, October 22nd at 7:30 p.m. S .^ f I The main reason for having the Towne Meeting is to inform the residents of Erie county of the transportation proposals made by local government officials. The pros and the proposals plan to SCRIPTURE GROUP FOUNDED cons of Horan will represent be aired at the Towne Meeting. John the city, as Erie's city planner. I A scripture study group is being organized at Mercy- Erie County will be represented by Chris Capotis, county hurst, under the leadership of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Williams. planner. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation The new group is hoping to have its first meeting on and the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority will also be October 27 at 7:30 p.m. Any last minute changes will be represented. Along with the city officials who will be at the posted on the Campus Ministry bulletin board. Towne Meeting, a group of concerned citizens will also be It is hoped that a topical program of study can be present. ?followed, with some aspect of scripture being discussed at One should make a special attempt to attend this meeting. each meeting - The Trinity of God, Faith, Prayer, The Those now living or planning on living in Erie in the near Abundant Life, Judgements, and others. future should come to hear what changes are to be made in All those who are interested in working with Bob ways of building expressways, beltways, and interstate Williams and his wife are urged to contact him at 833-0710. highways and what people of Erie will be involved, t I The Environmental Studies department helped plan this Towne Meeting by way of its environmental course,, which invited city officials and concerned citizens to attend.

Students commuting to school- BEWARE. Thirty-eighth street now has one of the city's highest arrest rates for speeders. As the result of several complaints, the city police have place a special patrol from State Street to Pine Avenue on Thirty-eighth Street, i * ^Motorcycle units have been making a record number of arrests, charging violators ^with driving too fast for conditions. 4. 1 !The recent step-up in patrols came about after several residents complained about the speeders, and two dogs were killed on the stretch of road. $ ?The road between State Street and Pine Avenue is zoned for three schools and one hospital, which allows for a maximum speed of fifteen (15) miles per hour. If caught exceeding the limit, the violator will be charged fifteen ($15) dollars and penalized'five (5) points on his driver's license.? Jj. H | Police say they will continue their special patrols in the area until drivers slow down. So, Mercyhurst drivers SLOWDOWN. «P f



Towne Meeting"

| tby Betsy Steinwedel

P ercenta gi?sof Division: No. of grades Business 763 Creative Arts 1113 Education 685 Home Economics 440 Humanities 1702 Interdisciplinary 400 Natural Science | and Math 867 Physical Education 282 Social Sciences 3249 Overall: Distribution 9501
A.. 14.6 24.3 22.6 8.2 16.1 9.5 ..B..A + B. 36.6 51.2 44.1 68.4 46.6 69.2 44.7 52.9 40.6 56.7 56.7 66.2
• • • V


37.4 23.9 24.7 39.5 34.3 25.7


...F 2.7 2.1 2.3 0.9 3.3 2.5

19.3 36.1 55.4 30.7 4.8 13.5 50.8 64.3 33,0 1.0 9.7 36.8 46.5 40.5 3.6 14.7 40.7 55.4 34.2 3.0



The Student}Activities Commisssion, (SAC), was the sponsor of two big successes on the Mercyhurst* campus this past week & g ^ * J ? *• On Saturday night, Mercyhurst students took to the ice at the Glenwood Ice Rink for the annual Ice Skating Party. In all, about 125 students showed up to try I their luck at staying upright on the ice. Some were pretty successfulsome students half-seriously suggested founding a Mercyhurst hockey team. | % } I On Sunday night, the Marx Brothers knocked a packed Recital Hall full of students out of their seats over and over with their antics. Over 300 students saw the double feature, which was rented for under $100.00. Well done, SAC! I E , ' %

Butts Replaced |
On Tuesday evening, October 15,|Mr| Francis Bignear replaced Mr. David Butts as instructor infthe course in Radio Production. Si| -^ There is a suspicion within the Mercyhurst community that this change of instructors in thekniddle of a term is a direct-result of charges of alleged incompetency lodged against Mr. Butts. These charges are said to have originated fromlmembers of the class, who approached division head Dr«rPalmer with the problem, j | S Due to the; late breaking nature of the story, little more could be learned at press time, v |

Shawna Harrington is coming to Mercyhurst next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night The talented performer will be playing in the CoffeeHouse at 7 and 9, sponsored by SAC. * I \




Dear Concerned Freshmen. $ While I do not agree with everything in your letter I derstand your.concerns. Please come in and talk to either Fr. Pat or myself about your views. t Dave Blanch field 1 I There are many reasons why grade inflation has hty Mercyhurst. Many of these are the same as in other colleges across the U.S. I believe the two major causes at Mercyhurst are: Number One— The College, due to economic fact of life has in the recent past been forced to swell the student Dear Concerned Freshman. , . ^ ranks with bodies, (not minds, mind you, bodies.( When the *In reference to your letter in the last issue of t he Merciad, caliber of students is lowered, the emphasis of instruction I would like to clarify the point you raised, Your unand consequently grading is not on the new, and challenging, derstanding that Mercyhurst is a Christian College is but rather on the remedial. A high grade in a watered-clown correct* however, vour understanding of Christianity itself subject is worth about the same as a low or mediocre grade seems to be limited to a somewhat narrow perspective. * in tougher material. But it looks better—for all concerned. Religion is more than only a quest to know and understand God; it is also a seeking to know the Self. One must look into understand himself before he can hope to Number Two:^Mercyhurst College has^pandered to the his own soul andrelationship with such a profound being as whims of those screaming for "relevance," and have an honest God. Meditation is a means to find oneself, and in that way, "meaningful experiential learning'* to too great an extent it is also a path toward God. -t Our present career curricula engenders in the student a As for your suggestion to root out such abominations of mentality of "A better grade means a better job." Since very little experiential learning can be measured, the the Lord, I think you should reconsider your decision. higher grades are usually distributed. Because it looks Perhaps you have forgotten that the founders of your religion suffered the same sort of censorship that you now better-for all concerned. demand for others. I might add that the man you referred Actually thought, does the Easy A and the Breeze B really to. named Jesus Christ, died for the same sinners that you so harshly characterize as heathens. I am not Aure that the look that good???? 1 think not. | Lord is pleased with your judgement * If you are confused by this letter, I Invite you to seek me --In time the College's academic credibility fwill be out. I will be happy to discuss it with you. ' questionable. > ;, -Sincerely, ** Dennis Anthony Sabatlne —Good students will be "credited with little more than those who do virtually nothing. —Poor students will graduate with a diploma full of promises and heads full of hay. * What can be done? Very little unless the College as a whole and especially the students who realize that by falsely representing our talents, we aren't doing ourselves any justice. * % #

Mercyhurst College is presently suffering from grade inflation. Some students may feel that this is no problem atin fact l i s one of the school's selling factors. Really, though, I wonder how many students are actually cognisant of the far-reaching ramifications of this situation. Grade inflation hurts each and every one of us. The inflation of the dollar makes short change of our funds and the inflation of the grade makes short change of our educations! 1

I. To A Concerned Freshman-

IV. Live And Let Live
Dear Editor, ? *fe I think it's time the students living on this campus became aware of those inconsiderate people living around them f. Consider the incident of last week in Bgan Hall. At ap proximately 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, many students were awakened by the smell of smoke. After some investigation a burning hot pot was found. The students living in that room were asleep and could not understand why everyone was so upset. Whether these students realize it or not, Bgan Hall was not built yesterday, and if their little fire was not found in liuio we would not be here now. I think st udents living In dorms should be aware of safety hazards such as hot pots, popcorn poppers, and burning cigarettes. Hot pots and popcorn poppers are very dangerous! Left unattended, these* little convenience Items ; become fire traps « \ 1 urge ail students: don't take electrical appliances lightly. They are dangerous and should not be left unnt* tended. Have a little consideration for those of us who want to slay alive. W\ .Sincerely, y. Krlstlnn Relohenbach

Ve The| Mercyhurst Mafia
We'd like to make an offer you can't refuse, 4 So put down your pasta and open vour ears. We have been hired to eliminate all those doubts and misconceptions thai are so prevalent at M,C, Our contract Is to respond to the question of our fellow paesanl Your machine guns and shotguns will no longer prevail, but our big mouths and keen noses never will fall. Since we've just hit town our ammunition supply (your questions) is somewaht depleted. Our first assign* nient is to Inform all students of a few Interesting facts, Did you know that SAC Is more than willing to respond to any suggestions that students may have? A suggestion box has been placed near the SAC office in the Student Union for your convenience,. Please feel free to drop off any suggestions, complaints, or helpful hints vou may have. We ; need your help! f ^

lie No Room Service, But...

THE MERCIAD Years of Service
Published weekly during the college year, except Thanksgiving/ infersestlon, Christmas and Batter vacations, and examination periods by the students of Mercyhurst College, Erie/ Pa. 16501, Mailing address; .Mercyhurst Mailroom, Preston Hall/ Box 36.

4< Editor: Editorial Board Newt Feature Sports Business Managi Copy Editor ' Photographer Typist Faculty Advisor
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Pat Wetchlor

Dear Editor, j It may take the threatened resignation of the Director of Housing to have minor repairs made In her suite, however, what can the ordinary student do to have repairs completed in the dor m s of Mereyh urst College ? i vNothing seems to be done about repairs of minor but [Has anyone noticed a few extra hair follicles on a certain essential items such as broken light sockets and defective political science prof's noggin lately?* ' $ locks, which may trap a student in her room for twenty minutes. * Did you know that the student questionnaire has been put Where do all the repair requests go? Has maintenance on reserve in the library for all students to Inspect? Check it moved and not told anyone? The pleas for service seem to out I *I fall on deaf ears. '•'., ** p , With the onset of winter, the highest priority should be Did you know that our RUS President has an unbeatable heat. Where is it? Students in McAuley and Egan freeze as system for beating the odds and winning at the track i He the heat refuses to kick on. Sr. Joseph Mary, this is why you specializes In betting on 14 year old nags. are deluged with so many sick students. We are not polar bears and this is not Alaska. ; .'" All students have muscle In this school. Don't - rubbeId got Anyone who walks through the dorms can easily see their it * Let's show some Interest! Drop off any questions yo out| Let's show some Interest! Drop off any questions you deplorable conditions: hair dryers that have been broken may have information office. since the beginning of September, unlit stairways and toilets Syndicate"in thewell handle the rest. Address them to "The and $ | that flush continuously. K ' Cq Valei ie Valachle I realize that Mercyhurst College Is not a hotel and I don't Dafny Dlllinger™ expect room service, just some service. ^ Carina I ita Capone Terry Scheib Lucy Luciano Norma Mltty Gertrude Genovcse a

r .


Ties Reichenbach
Andy Roth

Jim Mariano Tony Mancuso Joe casfrignano , Olivia Congo Oavt Schmelder

Terry scheib

III* Merciad is "Unjust


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Dear Editor, I am writing in response to the October eleventh Issue of the Merciad I felt the article was particularly unjust to the vast majority of Mercyhurst College students who do study and do not consider their college career a "four-year retreat from reality/' The future of the world rests upon the students ot today. The majority of students who realize this fact do study and do not receive their grades as gifts from glr teachers—they earn them. Thank you. i r, Irnan

OCTOBER 18, 1974



91.3 SoundsOff
THIS WEEK ON YOUR SOUND ALTERNATIVE, 91.3 FM MERCYHURST: Folk V Blues Saturday 5-7 pm Just Jass Saturday 10 pm-iam Inside Rock special on Fleetwood Mac and The Grateful Dead tonight 9-11 pm Big Band Swing Sunday 10 am-l pm ™ * Evening With The Masters Sunday through Friday 11 pmlam Composer's Choice Tues-Thurs Achtung! Now that you've got the potatoes under your belt it's 10-11 pm Bud Brown Northwest Heritage Monday 10-11 time now 10 expand again, your waistline and your knowledge of pm preempted .this wk by various cuisine. H you thought last week's recipe was easy, hold on to your ladle. NPR ¥ This simple recipe, taught tome by my grandmother, transforms Montage" Wednesday 10-U pm bland green beans into a tantilizing dish in a snap. "What is a Feminist?" To begin, take 2 tablespoons of chopped onion and 2 strips of bacon Aquarius Wednesday 7-8 College chopped into small pieces, and place in a frying pan. Brown until of Older Americans 1965. > g Sight and Sound guests Dr, onion is soft. Next, add 1 tablespoon offlourand brown the mixture C Besides his scholastic pursuits William Garvey Sunday 10-11 until the flour is the color of walnut shells. Take one can of green at Cornell, Bud also found time to beans and drain. Save the juice. Add this juice to theflourmixture pm become an accomplished slowly. Stirring constantly with a fork. When this mixture has Your ideas and participation in thickened so it looks like gravy. add the green beans. Heat until hot. musician. He played organ professionally for a year with a any of\ the above programs are Season with salt and pepper. If the sauce begins to thicken before pop-rock band. He also worked encouraged. The FM is located in serving, just add a little water and stir again. for a year as an electronic 308 Main, phone 868-6213; 864See I told you it was easy, didn't I. Just writing this excites my 0681, ext. 239; or contact the taste buds. technician. *; In December,-? 1966. 2 Bud manager, Barbara Ann Hewitt. Now waste no time, dig into it fast. Soon you'll be amazing enlisted in 7;the army where he yourself and everyone else with your fantastic ability. Just keep in attained the rank of Lieutenant. mind all great cooks had to start somewhere and for you It's here. I He remained in the service for 4 Get into it. Happy Eating. ! years spending one year in Viet Art Department Next Week: Stuffed Meatloaf. Nam. After completeing his obligation} to the army. Bud enrolled in graduate school at the University of Buffalo* In his final year at U.B. he worked as a EDITOR'S NOTE: The following pus. student-teacher while > meeting Joe Castrignano was elected article was submitted by Mr. the requirements for his Ph.D. in Edward Gallagher, President of fulfill the unexpired term of Todd Philosophy. *£ ? the College Senate to facilitate Allen from the Executive Today Bud Brown is a faculty A group of Mercyhurst Art communication within the School. Committee of the Senate. Mr. member la t Mercy hurst College majors will spend six weeks of It's the Middle of October and Allen resigned from the comand will soon receive his doc- the Winter term in Venice, Italy. we haven't yet had a meeting of mittee because of the press of On September 9. 1974, Ludlow torate in Philosophy. His wife. They will concentrate on glass the College Senate. You can be obligations and "Bud" Brown instructed his first Candy has her Ph.D. in Sociology, sculpture,! taken at the famous sure that one will be called just as personal responsibilities. Philosophy class at Mercyhurst and also plans on* teaching Murano glass works, and on soon las we have some official professionally. In his spare time history >of Venetian* art. Their business* to transact. When will College. C ? I The Board of Trustees has Mr. Brown is originally from Bud can be found .socializing in program will also include that be? As soon as the standing requested that students and Ithaca, New York, where he the Student'Union playing pool painting the Venetian scenes. or special* committees of the faculty be appointed to serve on completed his undergraduate and pinball, or playing tennis on The art students program^, in Senate have some proposals, a each committee of the Board. work at Cornell University in the new courts. Italy will comprise trips to meeting of the Senate will be Suggestions have been made by Padua, Florence, and Rome. I scheduled. Hopefully, the first the Executive Committee of the At the end of the six weeks, they meeting will be on or before the Senate and RUS. The Board will wi 1 return to the Mercyhurst Art last week in October or the first announce treappointments at a 1 studios to complete the .course in week in November. I later date. painting. • The Executive Committee of A question in the minds of many Departure* is scheduled for the Senate has had two meetings people at the Hurst is whether or by Linda M. Schmidt | Harris burg—Six regional food conferences, aimed at making the Monday, January 6 from Toronto. at this point. The Faculty Policies not we need to change the present public more aware of what is happening to agriculture and our food Canada. The return date is Committee has been elected by Mercyhurst College Senate. Do supplies, will be held in Pennsylvania in September and October in Wednesday, February 19. If the faculty and the other com- we, in fact, need a whole new The preparation of the United Nations World Food Conference to be held anyone is interested in the trip, mittees have been appointed by Senate structure? the Executive Committee as a Executive Committee will be contact Sr. Angelica for details. on November 5 in Rome. ^ k*^id whole] The chairperson and appointing an ad hoc committee Why should Pennsylvania, under the leadership of Governor secretary was elected by each of or constitutional reform very Milton Shapp, be vitally concerned with developing a national food the respected groups. shortly. The committee will policy that would tie in with world wide food demands. f The committees and their consist of two -representatives Last December, the governor convened a National Food Policy chairpersons are Misted as each" for the. student body, Conference at Hershey, bringing together agricultural experts from follows: J faculty, and administration. If the state, federal and private sectors. The failure or success of Faculty Policies I* Edward you have any Ideas about who American agriculture is felt around the world. \ ? should serve on the committee or Lignowsld Manipulation of the commodity exchanges for the disproporStudent Policies Committee !• about reform, let us hear from j tionate profits of the international grain dealers had plunged us into Karen Sen ill tz you, i •] a grain shortage which triggered an inflation of food prices here and As president of the Senate I Academic Policies - Judy abroad. We had an energy shortage which created a fertilizer would encourage all of you to be Bradley shortage around the world. The limits of the Green,Revolution in the Administrative Policies - Kevin sure and vote on "November 5, underdeveloped countries were staring us in the face. ^ 1974. We need to elect people who Koob We had a situation in which the cost of machinery, fertilizer, fuel A'special ad hoc committee are concerned about and inand interest rates were hampering our farmers. The high cost of was appointed last spring to deal terested in education in general.feed grains, induced by scarcity was ruining our livestock and dairy with the matter of affirmative and higher education in parfarmers. It didn't matter that our transportation system, action on the Mercyhurst cam* ticular. deteriorated through long years of neglect, would no longer be adequate to distribute supplies. We were led to believe that somehow everything would turn out all right. \ * ft Nothing much has turned out right and the Rome conference may Bus Trip well be held in the shadow of a world-wide famine The Hershey food conference showed the relationship of all sectors of our economy to agriculture. It showed that a fuel shortage surely protended a food shortage. ; Out of the conference a World Hunger Action Coalition was formed to carry on a public campaign to develop a sane food policy to propose at the Rome conference. How do we produce food at prices by Pat Weschler fair to farmers and consumers? How do we distribute food without Sooner or later, in the life of a don't run too frequently. For that to Mlllcreek Mall which is giving excessive profits to the multi-national food corporations? resident sutdent, it's going to be reason, the student who decides several miles further out from How do we stimulate agricultural production in underdeveloped necessary to venture outside the to make use of the EMTA must downtown than Mercyhurst, 3) If countries? These questions must be answered in Rome. college gates into the* outside plan his or her trip around the bus you head downtown in the The six regional conferences in Pennsylvania are an attempt to world, (better known to some as schedule. Buses run most evening, make sure that you know find some answers before we go to Rome. A Regional conference is Downtown Erie).;> frequently on weekday mornings - when the last bus is going back scheduled at Gannon College. Saturday, October 26, from 10 a.m. to about once every half-hour. On toward Mercyhurst. 4) Make sure The most basic problem to any weekday afternoons, they run that you have exact "change. 4 nm For registration forms,* contact Ms. Linda Schmidt, Department of Food* and Nutrition, office: Zurn 133. You may venture downtown is how to get about once an hour. On Satur- Drivers do not make change, 5) there. This problem is solved by register Saturday if you do not wish to attend the luncheon. days, they run even less When the time comes for you to any one of several ways - by bus, frequently than that, and on return from downtown make sure on foot, by bicycle, by cab, or by Sundays, they don't run at all, that you get on the right bus the goodness of an obliging along the Mercyhurst route. Route 8. 1 % driver. The following pointers will The Merciad has been able to This article will focus on the help, should you decide to make PENNSYLVANIA FALL FOOD CONFERENCE use of the Erie bus system. Using use of the Erie bus system: 1) get about 100 complete bus route "Food and World Hunger" the EMTA has several ad- Find out In advance when the bus guides and schedules. These will Zurn Science Center vantages - it's cheap (only 20c for will come to the Mercyhurst stop be available in the Info Office for Gannon College students - one way, 5c more for a - times are listed on a card that is those wiio need them if you transfer); it's dependable - the posted at the stop. A three-minute should have any immediate buses usually run on time; it's walk t out from the campus to questions, call the EMTA office close - there is a bus stop within check the card may save a much at 452-3515. They will be happy to j fifty feet of the college gate, on longer wait. 2) Make sure that the help you. Registration$2.00 Saturday. October 26 Next week; Walking the far side of 38th St. ft bus that you board at the bus stop includes lunch Using the EMTA also has one is going downtown. Another bus sometimes the quickest way to major disadvantage - the buses stops at the same stop, but it goes get around Erie!


Senate News




Around The Town



OCTOBER 18, 1974

I Women Volleyball

by Mary Siudt inski

Monday night. Oct. 7, 1974 Mercyhurst's Women Varsity Volleyball Team opened its season at Villa Maria College. It was a fight to the very end. With a score of 15-1 favor of Villa, things for us didn't look too promising; but there were two more games and if you were there, you could see that we were only using that first game as a warm-up. MercySPORT NOTES hurst kept alive and moving CONGRATULATIONS are extended to tennis stars John Viokos throughout the rest of the match. and Bill Byron along with the entire tennis team on their recent The second game proved which victories. , f was the better team, Mercyhurst of course! I! (score f Villa 10For those who are wondering about the coverage of the Gover- Hurstl5). V nor's Cup Regatta: an article will appear in next week's issue along We really showed them how to with the inside story on the upcoming victory over the Canadians. hussle, to dig them up, set, and spike. We made every serve Anyone interested in writing for the Meroiad snorts staff or who count. Perhaps if we had played a can contribute to the sports section in any way please contact Jim little more aggressively and used M ar zano. Room 319, McAuley. ^ more offensive plays in the third game, we could have taken them. We only lost the last game by two points, but what really, counts is that Villa won more on lucky breaks and saves rather than skill and performance. A second match was played, to allow those r that On September 23, a Mer cyhurst [J** W ;j w i " * J K E SB! didn't play in the first game iV to get extra practice and -bo ready student, Joe Cook, signed on as a S V!W w ., " -.^ i^L ' r free agent with the Detroit Tigers " * " ^ iiwiwr > B H W « for the next game. baseball club of the American

This past Sunday, the Mother Truckers beat a team which refused to reveal their identitv. Led by Kenny Simons and Charly Jones, they romped over this anonymous team 48-0, Leading the Truckers in scoring was Frank Garwol, who slipped into the open zone for 3 touchdowns. The Mother Truckers razzledazsled their foe to death with Charly Jones rattling the offense and defense of the unknown team. At the end of their road to defeat, all this team had to say was Chuck U. Farlie. • •£ > ~ The Ten Rats seem to be on the road to recovery. Their big game this weekend was against the relatively unknown relatively high, fThe Highs had the Rats stunned leading them by a halftime score of 7-6.* The second half belonged fto Ten Hats as they powered their way to a 25-7 victory. Scoring for the Rats were Mark "Z" Zdancewicz on a fine interception, Brad Laustei on a
sweep, Dan "Fish" Crawford on a

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robin playoft is unknown, although most of the players prefer the round robin system because it adds more dimension to the league.


The signing came as a complete surprise to Joe, who had been playing Glenwood League ball this past summer when the Tiger's scout arrived. When the scout left before the game was over, and did not try to talk to him Joe felt that his chances were gone. '; ** Joe had already played in minor league ball, doing time in the farm system of the Chicago White Sox, playing with Sarasota of the Gulf Coast League and Appleton of the Midwest League. Joe cannot j>lay for the Laker's baseball squad because he lost his amateur status playing in the Sox system. Instead, Joe serves as assistant coach under head baseball coach..Joe Cook, who is In March, spring training will the father of the new Tiger. i As a junior at Mercyhurst, Jbe:-' begin and Joe will report to is majoring in social studies and | Lakeland, Florida, where he will will continue his education here in play with the Lakeland team of the Class A Florida State League. the off-season. Joe feels .Erie has some top The majors are a step away, but, notch ball players, good enough to given time, the next paper you play pro ball. Joe also said that it | pick up may have a story about is a shame that none of the Lakers Joe Cook. Good luck Joe, and may you make it in the majors!! h a ve been s i g ned. '

by Garret Kenilworth Jr. The Mercyhurst College duo of John Viokos and Bill Byron gave the Lakers their first team trophy in the Brandeis Invitational Tennis Tournament this past week-end. This was the netters second attempt at the trophy as they placed second last year. Viokos led the way as he captured the singles honors and then teamed up with Byron to steal the doubles crown. The event attracted 34 players representing 17 colleges including Boston University, Amherst, and M.I.T. which was last years champ. -' To win the singles match Viokos bested John Bates of Amherst in theTsemis and trimmed Larry Nemar of Brandeis 6-2,7-5 in the finals. Bill Byron reached the second round in singles and suffered a 63, 3-6. 6-4 loss to Eric Wilson of T Tufts. M. * T J i Byron then rebounded for the doubles and helped carry a tired Viokos to a 6-2, 6-4 victory over Bates and George McGovern of Amherst in the finale.


tremendous catch, and Jack Baxter added their other tally. Relatively 'High was impressive with Dan Downy, who scored their lone score along with Craig
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October 20, Movie: "The Day of the Jackal" Recital Hall, 7 & 9. October 21, Coffeehouse Circuit: Shawna Harrington, 7 & 10, Mercyhurst Coffeehouse. , p ;^ October 22, Shawna Harrington—Coffeehouse, 7 & 10. October 23, Shawna Harrington -final night—Coffeehouse, 7 & 10. October 24, Coffeehouse: A Gospel Rock Program, 8. * October 25, Stravinsky Festival, 8:15, Little Theater.

A mystery has come to light, namely the playoffs.-Most of the teams still don't;know how it is going to be set up. Whether it will be played between the two top teams in the league or in a round

The Lakers baseball team traveled to St. Bonaventure College in Olean, New York, on Saturday, October 12, and split a twin-bill; the opener 8-3 and dropping the nightcap 2-1, i In the Mercyhurst victory Joe Williams and Dan Hill combined for a three-hitter behind the hitting of Smoke Jones, Butch Hen mann, and Steve Brandon. * In the second game, Bob Weismlller lost a three-hitter by allowing a run-scoring single to Bonnie's John Greco In the fourth inning. Jj g h Mercyhurst's record is now 4 wins and 4 losses.


1922 E. 38th


Mercyhurst 8
AB k H j 32 8 11

1st Game

St. Bonaventure 3
21 3 2 420 100 1 8 011 001 0-3

864-O 715
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Mercyhurst Bonaventure


Mercyhurst 1
AB it II 23 1^ 3

2nd Game

st Bona venture 2 AB It H
25 2 3 001 000 0-1 100 K ) X-2 M

with a minimum purchase of 5».00

Mercyhurst* Bonaventure


TuesdayMovie Night

Wed., h i , & Sat.,Live Band Free Pop corn!

717 French Siromi P h o n e 452*3354


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