The Mee of the MefCfhurst Community

DECEMBER 13. 1974



The money-raisers at Mercyhurst have set themselves to the massive task of raising the sum of $1,000,000 for the construction of the Mercyhurst y ''Campus Center". £ . j ;Jj i The fund raising drive, which started on November «,13,-and will run through January 27, 1975, was announced at a press conference held on the kick-off day by President Shane. | 1 ~i> Speaking on the Campus Center Project and its importance to both Mercyhurst and the community, Dr. Shane noted that '"The construction of this building is critical to|future well-being of?' Mercyhurst. This building is essential if we are to meet the total needs—academic, social, cultural, spiritual, and ?physical—of more than 1400 Mercyhurst students. It is essential if we are to become more of a cultural center for the citizens of the* Erie community/' I & m * ™ Dr* Shane went on to'mention that the Campus Center would bea necessity if the college wished to attract new students and retain those already enrolled. He pointed out that *'Students are aware, as are educators, that much of the learning which takes place during the college years takes place outside of the classroom. This building will provide a physical | site where that part of the learning process will be encouraged".^ '^5f I | * | 4 The new campus center will be located in the northwest sector of the campus. In the open space between the Sesler Apartments and the main part of othe campus. Among the facilities of themew center will be an open classroom and multi-purpose area; space for physical education, recreation, and intra murals; office space; a student lounge; a food service area; a concourse; and an outdoor activity area. -SP ^ The design of the building is such that it will encourage'greater involvement by the citizens of the Erie area i n the cultural and social life of the college. Artist rendering of the new Mercyhurst Campus Center, as seen from (he outside. There will be rooms available' for meetings of various groups in the community, facilities for the campaign is the culmination ofjover jtwo years of olds attending one of the three pre-schools on the presentation of plays, ballets, and concerts, a con study and planning by task forces consisting of campus to the 80-year-olds attending the College Of course for art [ displays, and room for com- students, faculty, administrators, and others from Older A merleans." $BR. I I mencement, major lectures and other events which the Erie community, g? P l s s i I 3 S » R Owing to a number of important factors-that are draw large crowds.-In the past, there has been a "It willfbeFcalled a Campus!Center", said Dr. not yet certain, a completion^, date for the new great need on the campus for facilities that can ac- Shane, "because it will act as a -magnet to draw Campus Center has not been projected. It is hoped, commodate a group of more than 250 people at one Students, faculty, land I visitors fctogether from however, that the Center te?f be completed by the ..ill ? time. jj f f throughout the campus and the community. It will beginning of the 1976-77 school year, which is also the :?Dr. Shane mentioned that the launching of the benefit students ranging in age from the three-year- fiftieth anniversary of the college's founding in 1926,
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400,000fDOWN;i 600,000iTO GO


l W ho is this man? Turn to page two to find out!

In order to more fully reach the $1,000,000 goal, the With the fund-raising drive for the new Mercyhurst Campus Center nearing the end of its first month, the closing date of the Campus Center Fund Drive has Merciad sought out Mr.'Robert Prather, Director of been extendedfromDecember 19 to January 27,1975. Development, for a progress report on the drive, ygj I f sufficient pledges have been gathered by that time, jAccording to Mr. Prather, the sum of $400,000, or and other factors permit, ground-breaking j would forty per cent of the drive's $1,000,000 goal had been become a possibility in the Spring of next year. fl^H pledged by December 9. This was only slightly behind the schedule set for the drive at its beginning. One of the more gratifying aspects of the drive thus far has been the tremendous faculty staff response. The donations of faculty and I staff are 1 fast \ap- ftjrai WINTER TEHM REGISTRATION f J r a j proaching their $20,000 goal. M i l m KoB Seniors * • ^ Among the large gifts to the drive is a pledge of $100,000 by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. 1 Tuesday morning, December 17, 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Registrar's Office. §S f M*#ffi» Mr. Prather also mentioned another pledge of $25,000 f& Juniors ! | m J by an individual donor. 2 | | K jff& £ K ffi Iff afternoon, December 17,1:30 p.m. to When asked if the present economic depression was \g TuesdayRegistrar's Office. 3:30 p.m., • J * #jj|| having any effect on the success"of the drive, Mr? % ** 9 Sophomores fix. Prattler responded that he did not feel so, as the i Wednesday morning, December 18, 0:30 a.m. donors realize that the Campus ^Center Is a vital to 11:30 a.m., Registrar's Office. jj i necessity. He added that inflation would i make the * ** Freshmen & Center even more expensive if it were postponed, and I Wednesday afternoon, December 18,1:30 p.m. that donors are aware that the least expensive time to Si30 p.m.. Registrar's Office. * to build is the present. | f ^ All Students Thursday and Friday, December 19 and 20, 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Registrar's Office;? i :30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., Registrars Office STUDENTS MUST REGISTER iBY DECEMBER 20 TO AVOID AF$10 LATE REGISTRATION FEE.





Hypnotist Performs

| Mercyhurst
«fTfce Wwst of t U Hw^gt>
Master Hypnotist, Mr. Edwin L. Baron, will appear Having played the education game for eons, I have at Mercyhurst tonight at 8:00 p.m. in the Student m in my antiquity become a bit squirrely. This serious tlnioa 1 1 > Mr. Baron, who has a Ph.B. in psychology from condition at times, hurtles me into extended periods Loyola University will be at Mercyhurst through the of ramblings. The following is a sample collection: sponsorship of the Student Activities Committee I've often wondered why God didn't supply me with a collection of 3x5 index cards along with my eyes, Featured in Mr. Baron's show will be the hypnosis ears, legs, 12 toes and a tail. In every class I've ever of several volunteers from the audience, as taken, the entire first week is wasted while we, the * demonstration of the remarkable range of the field of students, labor to fill out: hypnosis. I Line 1: Name Major From a scientific standpoint, Mr. Baron is best Line 2: Address * known for his "Reduce by Hypnosis" methods Line 3: Reason in Course $ a M which have enabled thousands of people to lose as Line 4 is a killer: What are your hobbies" Why much as thirty pounds in four weeks. His weight does it matter to my remedial math teacher that my reduction program is based at his Hypnotism hobbies are restricted to squashing and eating Institute of Chicago. * y> lightning bugs?? Is nothing sacred????? * According to Mr. Baron, effectiveness of hypnosis treatment is dependcnron three factors—First, the Some of my most enjoyable moments at Mercyindividual must respond to hypnosis. Second, hurst have been spent sitting in class in Old Main on a physiological make-up of the individual must be blustery Winter day and watching cars sliding avorable; Third, the patient must persistently sideways up and down the main driveway. pursue the treatment/ I * The best day of any term is undoubtedly the day on Tonight's hypnotism program is absolutely free! Everyone is encouraged to attend, and witness for which SIR tests are administered. Teachers smile themselves this field which inhabits the frontiers of for one solid hour and then try, as nonchalantly as possible to pass out the test. It's poetic justice- one science. < ? dav a term students are allowed to smile sweetly and say, "I don't give you grades. You earn your own!!!
( S A C ) . :• h r * 1


The Senior Class has elected a committee of five students to\ organize » and plan for their graduation. These five students are; Maureen Flaherty, Ann Howard, Char Kolupski, Mark McCullough and Sharon Ryan. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please see one of these people. T$ I Beginning in Winter term, all students must present their I.D.'s to be admitted to the movies shown on Sunday night in the Recital Hall. NO STUDENTS WILL BE ADMITTED WITHOUT THEIR I.D. CARD.

Another laughter is Free Wednesday. If Wednesday is free-how much does Monday cost???

How about the stupendous mural on Second Floor Old Main. You arise at 8 a.m. on a Monday morning, drag yourself to class, crawl up the stairs, (that by the way are made for midget feet) and are greeted by a smiling typical Mercyhurst girl. She's plastered to the wall in her long green WAC uniform and is surrounded by all ? the wonderful professions of . women. Relevance, at its peak!! .MERRY CHRISTMAS! 1!!!!!!!


Lots To D o During Intersession
Who says that nothing is happening at Mercyhurst during Intersession? Certainly not anyone who has opened their eyes and, looked around!- The Intersession is full^of things to do, to experience, to see, and to hear. f . I Film buffs have had a chance to take advantage of the abundant film fare being offered at the Hurst during Intersession. Three* or four films have-been shown on the campus every week, and in past weeks, students have had the chance to see the likes of Humphrey Bogart in "Sahara" and WillianvHolden in"Stalagl7." u \ WM § j * { The great Aides continue—next Monday, "The War Game will be shown and on Tuesday afternoon, "To Die* In Munich" will be screened. Tuesday night, comedy fans can stand up and cheer the antics of comedy king (Charlie Chaplin at his best, in "An Evening of Chaplin." fr tftii fii * Jk With the Lakers off to a roaring start, basketball fans have had the chance to sample college roundball at its best. On December 21 and 22, the Lakers will travel to Wheeling, W.Va. for the Golden Valley Tourney, where they will meet Wheeling, Bluffton,

Awareness Weekend Starts Tonight



Starting tonight at 6:30 and running through Sunday and Mansfield Colleges. g H Special attractions coming to the Hurst include morning, the Mercyhurst Campus Ministry is tonight's show, featuring Mr. Edwin L. Baron, sponsoring a weekend for fifty members of the 3 Master Hypnotist, at 8 p.m. Tomorrow night, the Mercyhurst community at an estate near Corry. Students, faculty, staff, administration and their Student Activities Committee;.(SAC) will sponsor another ice skating party at the Glenwood Ice Rink. families are invited to take part in a human weekend aimed at putting you in touch with those around you Vans will leave from in front of Baldwin Hall at 8:48 pn. Skating wiB run from 9-l», and door prizes may through discussions, songs, laughter and sharing. The weekend will also be a religious one, with •e raffled off. i Arts and ^Crafts creators and watchers—take moments of prayer, reflection, solitude and a comnotice! The Basement Gallery has opened in?the munal celebration of the Eucharist. Cost for the weekend is $5.00. This fee is all basement of Zurn Hall, rnear the Student* Union. Artists will display and sell their handmade wares inclusive, and it covers transportation to and from Maple Crest, food for two days, and lodging for two throughout the final week of> Intersession. Come*on nights. Although Campus Ministry has supplied the down and ha ve a look! i food, both Fr. PatricK and Dave Blanchfield have With the cold weather and snow fast descending on promised not to do any of the cooking. ;> Mercyhurst, the snow freaks can take part in the There is still room for a few more people—so if you activities of the Mercyhurst Ski Club, which heads for Peek 'n Peak whenever the snow permits. Also, feel like doing something worthwhile this weekendsthe Mercyhurst skating pond is located in the rear of get involved! Drop by the Campus Ministry office and sign up. the campus, and it will soon be ready for skating (the campus' hills beckon fsledding and tobogganing The 1974 75 Mercyhurst College Student enthusiasts). Directory is now out! Copies of the directory will The secret to finding what's going on during be distributed in the near future. Intersession lies in getting invol ved. So, get in on the fun!

Years of Service
Published weekly (luring the college year, except Thanksgiving, intersession, Christmas and Easter vacations, and examination periods by the students of Mercyhurst College, Erie, Pa. 1*901. Mailing address: Mercyhurst Mailroom. Preston Mall, Box 3*. « .

Word has it from the North Pole that Santa Claus is going to make a special stop at Mercyhurst this December 25. Santa's bag for Mercyhurst folks this | year features: For President Shane—a six pack of "significant learning' % * For Dean Garvey— A "Whip Grade Inflation Now" kit complete with 1400 "I GOT AN "F" BUTTONS* For Cam pus Ministry— a believer * For Mr. Kennedy—a 248 page issue of the ; Merciad (with 244 blank pages). *' * For ithe Merciad-—a typewriter that works, a photographer, and a group of more interesting ghosts. j .;•.' . For the Home Economics Department—
> *v
* t e


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E qua 10 pport unity For Media ^Services a jprojector that works For SAGA a cookbook For {Mercyhurst students A long vacation and sanity For the Education Dept. a school district that doesn't go on strike. i For Political Science— a revolution For R.U.S. — a loud speaker ^^ For the Development ^Department-— $1,000,000 and a game of "Easy Money" For McAuley Hall—'lifeboats and a fire extinguisher—plus classes in disaster response. | For Terry Scheib and readers of "Reasonable Recipes" a ton of Alka Seltzer

DECEMBER 13, 1974



Jay KM: "Sunshine to melt the snow."


Pat Hood: "A field house."

Gary Klaas; "Food".


Sue Schmidt: "A party."

It's that time of year again. Just whenyou thii* you have solved all your money problems for 1974-75, you have to think ahead for 1875-76. We all know how hard money is to come by, these days. Miss Windy McCabe, the Financial Aid Director, and Mrs. Jacque MazanowsH, her assistant, want to make sure we take advantage of every opportunity for receiving financial aid, either federal,state, orfrom MercyLori Weaver: "Cleaner hurst, i t showers inEgan."«4 Stop in the Financial Aid Office in 215 Old Main and pick up a financial aid packet. It might take a little extra time to fill out the forms, but isn't it worth it? A college education is a fine thing, but It is also expensive. There are agencies willing to help the "poor college student." You never know if you are eligible for financial aid until you apply. The most common application is the Parents' Confidential Statement, better known as the PCS. Tlie PCS is to be completed by parent(s) of the applicants. Information and instructions are attached to the form. The PCS has to be sent to Princeton, N.J. by March 1,1975. Pennsylvania students should also be familiar with the Tom George 'Clean showers Pennsylvania Higher Education. Assistance Agency, or PHEAA. The application for this grant is due in Harrisburg in McAuley." by May 1,1975. All students applying for financial aid should apply for the Basic Educational Opportunity Grant (BEOG), with the exception of those who will enter their senior year in September, 1975. The BgOG applications are to befiledby June 1,1975. "Remember: unless you apply, you won't know if you qualify. PCS, PHEAA, BEOGr-th^y all spell MONEY. Record Review

Max llayden: "A new boys* dornir"

Ed Daniel: "I hope more Israeli students at Mercy hurst next fall,?and a special Hi as a representative from Galilee."

Procol Harum Quest
by Dale Patterson ) At a time when glitz and The third cut, a lyrical ballad, glitter j music by; such considers the inner strength dehumanized units as Alice that is inherent in each human Cooper, The N.Y. Dolls and T- being. Finally, the last cut, Rex promote the philosophy "The Idol", examines our that western society is at its secular gods and discovers nadir—"so, ivhat the hell you that they are made of clay. desperate people, you might Side two develops the as well abandon your lives to ithemes of side one. It begins fc ^decadence and despair 'cause w|th a real horror song, 'The this life is one big septic tank Thin End of $ the Wedge". any way'—in such a dark time Then, via a hard rock numit is encouraging that Procol ber—"Monsieur R. Monde", Harum is still on a quest for the listener arrives at "Fresh truth, j i * Fruit" i a light spot to stop and In their latest album, bop, although the' message is Exotic Birds and Fruit* that fresh fruit can be garProcol Harum wonders what bage, too. With "Butterfly happend to the enlightenment Boys (guess who* this one's Why have so many given up about), Procol * Harum inlooking, when; inside they dulges in the same bad musk know that there is something that earns big bucks for. those marvelous to find? people. * 'New Lamps for Old" Side One: "Nothing but the concludes the album with a Truth", "Beyond the Pale", warning: Don't tirade in the 1 "As Strong as 5Sampson ', magic of the old lamp for a "TheMol". * new lamp which merely Yes, the title of the first cut glitters. .^ explains itself, and as a good hard rock number, it starts Truth is hard to discover, this search off at an ap- and Procol Harum doesn't propriate^ pace. Cut two is pretend to- know what the musically reminiscent of*the truth is. Instead, they invite cabaret music of pre-war us listeners to join a quest. Germany. 'Ironically, its The point of departure is the words explore the purpose of knowledge we already a quest for something other possess about the true and than decadence and despair. noble nature of our humanity.


$ & & • • & * ,

Ed Inscho: "A hockey rink."

National Teacher Exam
Less than two weeks remain for prospective teachers planning to take the National Teacher Examinations at Mercy hurst College on January 25, 1975 to submit their registrations for these tests to Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey David De Sante, Director of Testing announced today. Registrations for the examinations must be forwarded so as to reach the Princeton Office nofclater than January 2, De Sante advised. f > Bulletins of Information. describing registration procedures and Registration Forms may be obtained from Mercy hurst College Testing 'Center*or directly from the National Teacher Examinations, Educational Testing Service, Box 911, Princeton, New Jersey 08540. At the one-day test: session a candidate may take the > Common Examinations, which include tests in Professional Education and General Education, and one of the twenty* four Area Examinations which are designed to evaluate his* understanding of the subject matter and methods applicable^ to the areas he may be assigned to teach.

f. by Olivia Longo I wantjto*write a crazy absolutely insane , can't you hear the vou buzzer that $ goes off in my % brain? connected to neutrons jumped across synapses provoked J by* happy jangles. g Voices? No, not voices. Screams, shrieks. giggles * ungrateful!and uncaring k mirth: i gnawing at my brain cells every time that buzzer sounds forth. ?. I want to J write a d mad poem absolutely furious ^ with the whole wrath of God coming from me, injurious. I Whip in my right hand in my left two lashes The entire!*!'' world deserves fbrty^even thrashes^ I I for standing me up * for letting me down for letting the buzzer go off in my brain for making me mad and ' insane.
poem t I

Search For Miss Po.
Applications are now being accepted from all over the Keystone State for the annual -MISS PENNSYLVANIA PAGEANT to be Staged for the 5th consecutive year at Washington, Pa., in the Grand Concourse of the Franklin Mall in early March. The MISS PENNSYLVANIA PAGEANT is an Official Miss USA-Miss Universe Contest There is no "Talent" requirement, all judging is on tne basis of poise, personality and beauty of face and figure. Applicants must be between 18 and 28, never married and at least six month residents of Pennsylvania-thus college dorm students are eligible. All girls interested in competing for the Title must apply to MISS PENNSYLVANIA PAGEANT HEADQUARTERS 35 WEST CHESTNUTJWASHINGTQN. PA. 15301 BY DECEMBER 31st Applications should include a recent photo, a brief biography and phone number. The girl chosen as MISS PENNSYLVANIA, will represent the Keystone State in the Miss USA Pageant, nationally televised on CBS-TV from Niagara Falls, N.Y. in May. The new winner win be awarded a host of prises including an exciting 11 day stay in Niagara Falls,

Cinema 18 - life of Xaviera Hollander AM a i&fea _ Cinema I. II. HI * (Millcreek Mall) - Airport, Odessa File, Law Clrema World (15th and Pittsburgh) - The Trial of BUly Jack, The Dove, French Connection - The Seven Ups, Phase IV * Ptoza (West Erie Plaza) - The Longest Yard j* Warner (8th and State)-Shaft, Five on the Black Side S S S ^ i J S T S " - W f t l of Billy Jack. Devil's Wangle, UFO's Snoopy Come Home Regent Adolt Theater (Parade) - Memoirs of a Madam, Double






With basketball?season upon us the Lakers have come through with a 3 and 1 record and a tournament win under their belts. Mercyhurst looked quite highly impressive in their victories over Western New England and West Georgia. The St Vincent and Slippery Rock games were another story. The Lakers, although defeating St. Vincent, played a poor game, being outshot and out rebounded by the opposition. They lost to Slippery Rock whom they could have and should have beaten. Don't get me wrong, Slippery Rock is no pushover but the Lakers should have won. The Lakers are a tough team and have the potential* to go somewhere (Kansas City?) but they are going to have to prove their ability with consistency. The Merctad wishes Coach Dick Fox a speedy recovery. Sports Editor's Note: The following is a copy of a letter sent to Jack Polancy of the Erie Morning News concerning admission costs to Laker games. Sir: i Your December 2nd headline appears: Erie Classic: Where have all the people gone?* May I give you some insight as to why my entire family did not appear.^ ** 1 i My husband^and myself and two young children would enjoy very much attending all Hurst games. But the Erie County Field House and whoever else deems it necessary to charge a five and six year old child full admission price has ruined that. | 1. At $2. $3, or $4 for admission for all seats—The four of us at best, could get by 'with $8 (not, to mention J $1 for the parking) and with a box of popcorn and Pepsi, we are now at approximately $11 for a fun night, at the Field House. 'Cour§eJf4we want the better seats—$12 plus.$l, plus $2, equals $14. t >. Sr J % I know everything's expensive, but please at least half price for the kids. ; | Dick Fox, If read about your boys in the paper: Congratulations, we're proud of Mercyhurst. f Respectftdly, \ Mrs. John P. Howard

The Mercyhurst Lakers ran into a hot Slippery Rock on Saturday night and dropped their first game of the season, 81-70 but bounced back the next afternoon to top St Vincent 70-65, and move their season record to 3-1. i * The Lakers, playing under Assistant Coach Dave Markey, as head mentor Dick Fox was bed-ridden with theflu,fell to a victim to the Rockets' hot second half shooting (18 of 27 from the floor) after trailing by just four at the intermission. Slippery Rock also forced Mercyhurst into 22 turnovers their tough jnan-to-man defense, which has been a characteristic of Rocket teams the past several years. .Jesse Campbell again led the bakers with 18 points and The Mercyhurst Hockey hauled down 20 rebounds,1- and both Carl Jones and Jeff team which* plays in the in- Davern added 12 markers to the Hurst attack. •' dustrial league at the GlenSt. Vincent led by two at the half on Sunday and upped that wood skating rink is currently margin at the outset of the second canto. But the Lakers occupying first mace. The fought back, took the lead late in the game, and hit some team is undefeated after their clutch-free throws in the final minutes to seal the victory. first ffour games with every Again Campbell, the Lakers' 6-9 junior All-American, had win coming as a solid victory. game highs of 24 points and 18 rebounds despite spending The team is playing well much time on the bench with personal foul problems. Mike due to the ability to get a goal Molnar canned 18 markers, including eight of eight from the when they neetf one which is charity stripe and Curtis Hixon dumped in 12 points and valuable for any team. The pulled off eight rebounds. ^ ^ team, which missed several It was a pleasing victory for the Lakers, who won despite games, due to the a cold 32 per cent shooting chart from the floor and who Thanksgiving break,, will be playing their next few games were outrebounded by the? visiting Bearcats by a 55-47 margin. * * j *j| for double point value in order Editor's Note: Release* prepared by Sports Information to make up for missed games. Department. *f I > | The team will now be able to get fin more skating practice when the pond behind Zurn freezes. The support! for the team is increasing, but even greater fan turnouts are hoped-for. For those who are interested in attending an exciting game of hockey come outrand watch the team^and give them your support. ;The games are usually I scheduled* "for Tuesday and Thursday nights at 11 p.m. * •

Hockey team Undefeated

The Mercyhurst Lakers captured, the -Erie Classic Cage Tournament with a "touch ,1 of class" on November § 29th and 30th. They accomplished; this by defeating Western New England and highly rated West' Georgia. The 'Lakers

easily romped over Western New England, by a 114-67 score. J Going into the locker room with a 52-23 half-time lead, Coach Dick Fox came out using all the players on the bench and every player r wound jup "chipping in' a couple of points. This was an impressive win for the Lakers but their next game was even 'more impressive with an upset victory over West Georgia; The Hurst led all the way thanks to the fine outside shooting of Smoke Jones and the inside power ot Jesse Campbell who combined for 48 points. West Georgiaattempted a final comeback, but the Lakers held them off and went on to score a 7 point victory and capture the tournament. Jesse Campbell and * Smoke Jones 1 received 1 1 "all tournament ! team * honors and Smoke went on to } receive the award as the tournament's top player.

197W75 WJC1RDR3T BASKETBALL 3HTI3TIC3 flour O B H S (Hon 3 , Lost 1 ) FGH-KH PCT.i r m « R A 23-50 0*0 8- 13

.615 % 10


iS3t Ira


10-0 12-1 11-O

SO* l& .1108 13- 28 .h6k

i*- k 1*000 12- 12 fe6 1.000 .500


25- 2$ .520

1922; E. 38th St.


2 - h2 1.000



H A Xoong

6-17 6- 13 5-16 li- 6

.3*3 .l& #313 .667

2- 3 .667 1- 2 .500
o- o o- o
2* 2

7-0 1-0 5-0

864-0715 *
with a minimum purchase of 5.00

.oca .000
• . • : •


3-0 1-0

2 - SU .5oo

3 - | 3 1. Q-t 0 0o


0- 0



3 .667 3 .333
t I•




1-0 3-0

0- 5

0- 0 .000 5 T « a Rab'onnds 27 .1*2 Ii9-6U .766 200


W-78 f.628 177

Hboaat Percentage LE4DIN0

77 A&-U y}9 9k.* BO 76- k an 72.6 VSnalm Ihrcla 412.0 mtfwV. 7.6, Af o O 9 la x

Scholarships For Medical Students
Current undergraduate Pre-Medlcal Students may now compete for over 250 Air Force scholarships. These scholarships are to be awarded to students entering Medical Schools as freshman or 1st year students in the fall of 1975. The scholarship provides for tuition, books, lab fees, equipment, plus a $400 monthly allowance. You are eligible if you have been accepted into Medical School. Why not investigate this financial alternative to the high cost of Medical Education?! J *f For further Information Write or Call:

e5 tfCfi 0.z(•••:",;> % I 70 Slippery* l'.oM:4'/&i} 70 r S t . $MWutfH SIHQLU CAKE KXO'i)

• « B


Cmpbell 2 7 , Joatoe 2 1 C«ipbell IB, J o o M / D m r o J * Cmpbell 2k, Holuar 16


Field Goalo:

Free Throus Rebounds: lasistoi TOCOMIgO OMttS J5J ibesar.'x iv 1/ Sfitanday, Dsca:bci' 21 AC-1 % t fc Fiioouv tft..5j ! r/t UllG COX.!'/ 5TEME0USE r

Air; Fores Medical Personnel Representative
f Suite 200,3520 - 5th Ave. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15213 » Phones 412-687-5114 or 412-664-5875 ; '

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